Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 919

you can't always do as you like, one has to compromise in this world! This is Zhao Hai now[ really] solid idea, his very clear, he was in the undead continuous situation with God Race now, even if will be he wants to give up ” the God Race person not letting off his. To be honest, murder Zhao Hai has not cared, but sees now the appearance of God Race person, Zhao Hai did not have means confident place it. Laura they also know that Zhao Hai idea at heart, must say, Zhao Hai was also not a cruel-hearted person, although said that he in opposing the enemy, was not forgiving absolutely, moreover nothing which is not used it, but he when treating these average people, actually appeared very tenderhearted. Therefore Zhao Hai is now sad, Laura they can also understand that Laura they have not said anything, but static sitting is accompanying Zhao Hai in there, letting Zhao Hai can feel their pass/test, the heart. At this time Meg has put out several small side dish to put on the table from Gu Fangli, after liquor in Zhao Hai cup drank light, this deep voice said : Ding Xin they came back, it seems like Central big lao here can calm get down quickly, moreover can look from this point, they have established a plan, prepared to cope with us, but before , we guess that their in hand having something will possibly let their Teleportation equipment, this point guesses that ” this arrived at mistakenly is felt some odd by me, what they were actually want to use method to cope with us. ” Laura their also gently knitting the brows head, to be honestDing Xin they now appears this is big stemmed from their anticipation, this expressed that Ding Xin they truly must cope with Zhao Hai ”, but will use any method, now they return do not understand. Lizzy turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, we do not go to attack Leo Continent? Went to attack not to know suddenly? Do I want to pass through this matter Leo Continent there to prepare? What method no matter they use to cope with us, will certainly use in Leo Continent there, when the time comes didn't we know? ” Zhao Hai nodded said : looks like also can only” be like this good, knows that Ding Xin they arrived at herewe also to movewalked, go to Leo Continent. ” Lizzy they have selected the point, Head. Next quarter, they already appears in Leo Continent biggest rivers Leo River. Zhao Hai they arrive at here through Space, previous time they to Leo Continent time Enters through Leo River to Leo Continent, thus knows one have gone astray the situation, Space naturally also recorded to seek these maps. After Leo River, Zhao Hai does not have immediately to carry on attack to the Leo God Race person, his target being clear, must attack attacks the place that Leo God Race must rescue, only then this can transfer God Race these Supreme Elder, he has opportunity to defeat these Supreme Elder.

Zhao Hai they have walked toward inside along Leo River, walks while observes the Leo Continent here situationto stem from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai thinks now God Realm here noisily, only then Central Continent thereafter all their attack will be only Central Continentother places will not have anything to affect. But those who make Zhao Hai not think, Leo Continent here now unexpectedly also in noisy, but their here situation was much better compared with Central Continent there, although had some people to cause trouble, but true the words, the aspect can control result. However saw this situation, Zhao Hai actually don’t know should move ”, because his very clear ”, if he moves now, that might is lights Leo Continent this that Spark of fire, ” powder cask that now the Leo Continent here situation looks like a blasting fuse put awaywanted a little Spark, this powder cask will explode. Zhao Hai frowns the look at screen, Lizzy their look at screenthis scene they have not experienced, several people cannot help but has aimed at Zhao Hai the vision. Zhao Hai also felt that several people of vision, he clenched teethdeep voice said : to be abundant!” Said that turn around walks outward, to outside deck inhis immediately/on horseback deep voice said : Bingya Comes out. ” Xiao Bingya their several people of this several days also stay in their in the room, once for a while relatesthey also to know that with own clan in now the God Race allied armies retreated, this let Xiao Bingya their also feel relieved. Xiao Bingya they may unable to see outside situation, what don’t know Central Continent here turn into, but they have also been used to Zhao Hai such way, therefore several people slowly is used to be all right stay in their in the room do not exit. Now Zhao Hai calls him, Xiao Bingya their immediately ran, they know that Zhao Hai will not call with no reason at all their, several people saw that Zhao Hai stares, Zhao Hai face yin very sinks now, this made Xiao Bingya their hearts also sink, who don’t know was annoys Zhao Hai. Did Zhao Hai look at gingerly three people of one, deep voice said : Bingya, where on Leo Continent is they most settles on? Do we go to attack there?”, Xiao Bingya stares, he has not thought Zhao Hai asked unexpectedly was this, Xiao Bingya careful said :, what matter „did mister live? Now goes to attack Leo Continent, was some too take risks? Ding Xin did they come back? ”, Zhao Hai nodded said : well to come back, said that we on Leo Continentsaid now, must cope with Leo Continent there, in that direction. ” Xiao Bingya thinks that said : Leo Continent here situation, in our clan also carries on had understood that” the Leo Continent here most important place is not their imperial palace, but is Leo Mountain! ”,

Zhao Hai nodded said : then to say.” Xiao Bingya nodded said : Leo Mountain there is a giant tomb, there is burying Leo Continent upper row generation of Patriarch actually, is the brave warrior who Leo Continent died in battle, there is Leo Continent people energetic reposing, very heavy wants.” Matter that the Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, this robber grave digs up a grave, he has not liked doing, but changes mind thinks that this is actually deceased person minimum, can actually let the Leo Continent chaos the method. Xiao Bingya look at Zhao Hai face then said : except for Leo Mountain there, only then Leo Palace was their there most important place, but the Leo Palace there guard was entire Continent has been best, the army of there guarding were most.” Has Zhao Hai selected collection said : Leo Mountain in that?” Xiao Bingya deep voice said : hundred 50 li(25km) places east Leo Palace, looks like one to lie because of the entire mountain in ground Leo acquires fame, heard that the person in Leo big palace, buries their Patriarch in there, but these arrangements in the there brave warrior to protect Patriarch of Leo clan. ”, Did Zhao Hai nod said : „the Leo Palace specific position in there?” Xiao Bingya deep voice said : Leo Palace east bank of Leo River, he not next to Leo River in Leo River side, there is his satellite town, known as Lion-Drinking City, if we must go to Leo Mountain actually not to use Leo Palace, but can walk shortly after Lion-Drinking City along the Leo river, can see Leo Mountain, that Leo Mountain lion's head position, in the Leo River ashore, looks like seems like lying in Leo that the riverside drinks water. ” In Zhao Hai nod said : good, we also soon to today us Leo Mountain destroying.” Xiao Bingya they actually do not dare saying that anythingregarding the Zhao Hai procedure, they to them who has not opposed with God Race hatred was too deep, they wish one could earlier digging the God Race ancestor's grave. Zhao Hai they and don’t know, previous time they go astray, Ding Xin they on Leo Continent ”, if they attack Leo Continent, possibly directly with Ding Xin they to, luckily Zhao Hai at that time had not begun at that time. Xiao Bingya looked that Zhao Hai face has not improved, to was worse he cannot help but somewhat was instead puzzledfinally he unable to bear said :, „didn't mister, walk to have an accident?” Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Xiao Bingya oneto smile bitterly was shaking the head said : feel relieved, was all right goes out of the matter, was favorable for us, you did not need to be worried.” Xiao Bingya still puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „, but I looked that mister face is very ugly I to think had an accident, was mister, all right really? ”,

Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be all right your feel relieved to be good, the preparation, we soon arrived at Leo Mountain.” Xiao Bingya one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai said :, mister our quickly to Leo Mountain? Quickly?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : naturally to be quick, did not need to be worried, but arrived at Leo Mountain there, we first do not begin, was same as before, was beginning to the evening, this time I must Leo Continent, all beforehand Patriarch Bone turn into Undead Creature!” Xiao Bingya they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but shivered with fright, Zhao Hai the means may really be too ruthless, now before Xiao Bingya they were knewwhy , the people in clan said that offended anyone do not offend Dark MagicianDark Magician not to offend. Quick Yama Ship stopped, Zhao Hai turned the head their said : to be good to Xiao Bingya, rests we to arrive under Leo Mountain, in the evening moved. ” Said turn around returned to own room. Xiao Bingya they somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, how don’t know Zhao Hai today this was, looked like probably is the mood not good appearance. A Zhao Hai returned to room, Laura their immediately welcomed, Laura puzzled said : Elder Brother Hai, can we Leo Mountain the skeletons on these God Race ancestors turn into Undead Creature really? Such lane Undead Creature, fighting strength is not quite strong, simply is not useful, even if after is Space transform, their strengths compare ordinary Undead Creature to be strong.” Zhao Hai clenched teeth, was cruel-hearted said : right, must turn into Undead Creature Leo Mountain there all skeletons, moreover does not use Space transform, lets these Undead Creature attack Leo Continent directly, in any case God Race now is our enemies, receives the heart of these not enduring, first solved them was saying, after having solved God Race, we must face O'Neal Clan and Underworld, perhaps we such did, can ask many God Race people. ”, Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has gawked, then immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Haialso truly looks like the good type that Zhao Hai said that perhaps they such did, can save more people. a.