Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 920
Zhao Hai said that earlier solves the God Race matter, may save more people, was not meaning plays, proliferation that because of Zhao Hai very clear, Underworld Dark mist kept on the present situation, O'Neal Clan wants to block the Underworld footsteps, feared that is impossible, in this case, Underworld sooner or later one day expands to God Realm comes, moreover believes that on this day will not be too will be far.

From Underworld Dark mist appears in here to the present , about one year, but these days, Dark World Dark mist proliferated to Aksu Empire there, such rate of spread is nothing less than quick, now O'Neal Clan already soon with Underworld Dark mist exchange hands. By Dark mist such, is having more than enough one day, certainly can expand to God Realm here, but the person who when the time comes God Realm here, dying will be certainly more. Zhao Hai does not think that the God Race person can cope with Underworld Dark mist, Underworld the Dark mist expanded, looks like changes Law of the Heaven and Earth to be the same ” all Light Element thing, will receive suppression to Dark mist in ”, but all Darkness energy, have been promoted to Dark mist inin this case, God Race is very difficult to defeat Underworld. If God Race cannot defeat Underworld, that God Race here all people will be killed, turned into this appearancemight as well to let Zhao Hai with it at the appointed time war end as soon as possible, perhaps can also rescue some God Realm commoner to enter to Space, by insurance their safety. Thought through this point, Laura they were not saying anything, Zhao Hai this attack Leo Mountain, truly was a better choiceat this time, punctured ji God Race with such method, may play the effect of not being able to think. Zhao Hai in saying anything, he sat on the sand, the look at screen, Xiao Bingya they returned to their in the room, Xiao Bingya have been relating with their clan in now, having a look at their there to live any matter now, why Zhao Hai looked like the mood probably not good appearance. Xiao Bingya also really obtained the result, he also knows that Central Continent there was chaotic ” the present Central Continent there vassal race, in seize the opportunity has gotten the Central Continent a piece territory, but Central Continent there actually simply nobody organizes any counter-attack. After knowing this resultXiao Bingya was shocked, his ten thousand never expected matters can be thishis immediately Ryder and Hertha welcome to their room, told them information that oneself obtain. Ryder and Hertha one hear of Xiao Bingya said that also has gawked, Ryder muttered said : „saying that now Central Continent there was in great confusion, was why mister not happy?” Leaf Hertha also frownshim to feel now strange is also this matter, normally the situation turns into this appearance, most happy why should be Zhao Haihis not happy.

Xiao Bingya thinks that deep voice said :, I have thought one type of is possible, mister possibly thinks before one somewhat excessively us, when Taurus Continent there and God Race to war, mister has killed generally these rebel people, regarding these commoner, mister will deliver to other place them with Space Magic generally, before I have thought mister kills ” the present them looked like, mister has not killed them, but arranged other places them, but this Central Continent there chaos, aimed, not only the army, many commoner by the volume in, this possible are not. mister wants to see, therefore mister face that ugly. ” Leaf Hertha and Ryder nodded, now also only then this explanation was reasonable, but Ryder presently the brow of Xiao Bingya wrinkled, he cannot help but somewhat puzzled look at Xiao Bingya said : „, Bingya What happened to you? ” Xiao Bingya frowns said : lightly, I always thought that mister these time comes to God Realm, not only wants to revenge that simply, if he must revenge really by their strengths, why now God Realm the chaosshouldn't already be this appearancedon’t know mister this are? ” Leaf Hertha and Ryder also frowned, they followed in the Zhao Hai side are also already sometime, regarding Zhao Hai fighting strength their very clear, Zhao Hai of strength, totally left their imagination, even if with God Race Supreme Elder to the war, he has not sent out fully, this with a style of revenging person complete did not attach, before they have not thought toward this aspect, because Zhao Hai has killed God Race many people now, but by Xiao Bingya their sayingthey was also thought so now Zhao Hai line of matters some strange, was not one revenged likely wholeheartedly the person. Zhao Hai has not actually paid attention to Xiao Bingya their situation, looked at Xiao Bingya they in own in the room, Zhao Hai also moved, his command(er) Yama Ship, toward lion cover mountain under drilled. To drill to Leo Mountain under is not easy, but Zhao Hai thought of means He uses these Magic Cannon on Yama Ship, on Stone to river netg vaporizing, them has naturally been able to pass through. Zhao Hai received Bubble, but Yama Ship has not actually increased, therefore Zhao Hai although makes Heaven and Earth turning upside down in the Leo River river bottom, has not actually brought to the attention of people. Zhao Hai moving forward, slowly penetrated into Leo Mountain has gotten down, Zhao Hai these time was stops Ping to come to be motionless, he, when the darkness his immediately moved. Reason that Zhao Hai lets Yama Ship to Leo Mountain , is not only he wants to carry on attack under Leo Mountain toward Leo Mountain on, because also he wants to have a look at Leo Mountain here to have anything to defend.

Quick Zhao Hai presently, he such does is right, Leo Mountain here although does not have the army protection of God Race ”, but here actually Mountain Guardian Continent, huge Magic Formation, moreover in the Leo Mountain mountain corner/horn, ten thousand people of God Race army is stationed in there, so long as on Leo Mountain sound a little, their immediately can react. Moreover Zhao Hai presently, every other about one hour, in the military compound will also send out 1000 soldiers, carried on to inspect in Leo Mountain all aroundcan say defense strictness of. Must know here, but Leo Continent deep place, will also arrange such defenseto visit them in the people of here Leo clan to Leo Mountain here is caring how. However as the matter stands strengthened Zhao Hai to destroy the idea of Leo Mountain, the lion halfway up the mountainside is so important regarding the Leo clan, destroys hereto add on the Leo clan present atmosphere, they certainly insanewaited till their crazy, did not need Zhao Hai to begin. One of Leo clan insane, no matter they must cope with different God Race, must cope with Thunder Clan they, regarding Zhao Hai, is very advantageous, if they cope with different God Race, the different God Race situation was dangerous, perhaps such Zhao Hai can also turn different God Race in Space. If they must cope with Thunder Clan theythat Zhao Hai to make Undead Creature tie down them on Taurus Continent, then borrows this to look like Thunder Clan they to exert pressure, can perhaps they also get so far as in Space to go Thunder Clan, no matter what, this account is very cost-effective. Knows after Leo Mountain here defense, Zhao Hai also stopped, he carefully looked at that on Leo Mountain to defend Magic Formation, saw that this defended Magic Formation Zhao Hai to stare, because this defended Magic Formation not to be different from God Race here most defense Magic Formation. Zhao Hai although is not skilled in Magic Formation ”, but these days he and Magic Formation contact, but manyin this case, he to Magic Formation many also have some understanding, moreover defends Magic Formation, is he most commonly used one type of Magic Formation, therefore he regarding defending Magic Formation or very familiar with. although now defense Magic Formation has plenty type on Continent ”, but Zhao Hai actually presently, these Magic Formation, are actually the most basic defense Magic Formation variety versions, is at most more complex, is traceable. However the set of Magic Formation on Leo Mountain, before him has seen defense Magic Formation, does not have a similarity, this is Great Formation comprised of several formation disk, Zhao Hai has counted, this set of Great Formation altogether has eight formation disk.

Zhao Hai careful look at these eight formation disk, he presently these eight formation disk probably very newwere not already the prepares, but arranges newly. Saw here Zhao Hai cannot help but curiously, his immediately made Cai'er record Formation on this set of formation disk, then attained Space, has put in Universal Analyzer. The Formation chart comes out after Universal Analyzer, Universal Analyzer immediately has transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Is higher than Host level because of presently this Formation, such as Host wants to analyze, please pay 1 million gold coins!”, Heard this prompt sound, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, he has not thought that reallyUniversal Analyzer really also had such ability ”, moreover must make a payment. Zhao Hai cannot help but turns the head to Cai'er said : Cai'er, is this returns? How did Universal Analyzer ask for money? If this set of Formation is higher than my level, Universal Analyzer isn't cannot divide the stick? It looks like Combat Suit is the same? ”, Cai'er smiles said : Young Master, you do not certainly have carefully looks at the explanation of Universal Analyzer, Universal Analyzer has been able Level Up, because you are Host, therefore Universal Analyzer can your some convenient, Universal Analyzer recognizes you for eight ten 5th level now, the result that so long as he analyzes is higher than compared with your level is less than five Level 10, you can spend money thing that helps you analyze you to analyze. ” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really can be this, he nodded said :, originally is this, but also let alone, I carefully have not looked at the explanation of Analyzer, good immediately/on horseback analysis. ” Zhao Hai is not short of money now in any case, 1 million gold coins, regarding him, but is a very small digit, he will certainly not let off this time Analyzer meeting. After Analyzer one has been ordered, immediately deducted Zhao Hai 1 million gold coinsthen the prompt sound to transmit said :, this Formation was Cultivation Civilization level defends Trap Formation, Formation altogether person formation disk eight, main formation disk, seven vice- formation disk, if used the Cultivation World high grade material to manufacture formation disk, does not know that the person of Formation, enters rashly will be most by Trap Formation in 56 days, Formation will not have injury to the person directlyHost whether must print this Formation formation arrangement method and to break method, therefore Formation level was higher than Magic Formation that Host usedto suggest that Host found Formation primitive formation disk, join to Yama Ship, may enhance Yama Ship Opposes the enemy the ability! ” a.