Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 921
Value! Too value! This 1 million hua was really too the value! Now Zhao Hai only then this kind of idea, he never expected, this Analyzer unexpectedly so powerful, met a good suggestion unexpectedly ” , moreover can give the formation arrangement method and break the formation method unexpectedly, this regarding Zhao Hai, was really too important. This formation arrangement method and break the formation method regarding Zhao Hai is very precious, now he regarding the Cultivation World there situation is not completely understand, especially Formation. Zhao Hai from Lu Wei that wisp of Remnants Soul knew that Cultivation World attaches great importance to Formation very Almost to leave Formationdifficult situation, but their here Magic Formation and Cultivation World there Formation, is different, can say that absolutely at two online exhibitions, does not have the what place of occurring together ”, if, Zhao Hai ascend to Cultivation World, that Formation this block, certainly became his shortcoming, was used by the enemy. But now this Formation appears , actually absolutely is a good deed, this can let Zhao Hai better understanding Cultivation World there Formation. Before Zhao Hai also obtained some Cultivation World Item, compared with saying bit Soul Tower, Yama Ship these were Zhao Hai snatch, their bodies were also bringing Cultivation World Formation, but these Formation extremely were profound, Zhao Hai simply did not have the means to use, probably was an elementary student, he just studied could write, you let write the paper same was not realistic. But this time the must be different, this Formation Space depending on deciding level is low, in other words, Cultivation World there, is one type of very ordinary Formation. What most important is, in Space can also give this Formation the detailed layout method and to break method, this regarding research Cultivation World Formation, helped to be too big. In adding on Analyzer also mentioned that this set of Formation has certainly primitive formation disk, makes with the Cultivation World material, moreover is helpful regarding Yama Ship, this regarding Zhao Haiis good information, Yama Ship not to be absolutely more formidable, later he arrived at Cultivation World there, the day more felt better, this was the matter that Zhao Hai most cared about. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : printing, immediately/on horseback printing.”, The prompt sound in Space may, not only a Zhao Hai person can hear, Laura they can hear, their very happy, they have also followed, in the Zhao Hai sidenaturally knows that wraps Formation to mean anything regarding them. Lizzy suddenly turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that this set of Formation can be God Race is used to cope with our thing, above set of formation disk does obviously newly also in other words, they leave behind true primitive formation disk to cope with us, you think that if they can surround our dozens days, even if Ding Xin they in the horizon, can hurry back to strike fully to kill us. ” Zhao Hai has gawked, then he nodded said : „seems like this, but they can such affirm that this set of Formation can surround us? formation disk that this type makes newly-made, feared that is impossible to wield this set of Formation 100% Might?” Young Master is printing in this time Cai'er said :. ” Said that her in hand were many one stack of papers.

Zhao Hai immediately received that stack of papers, carefully looked, when he noticed that on this stack of papers after this set of Formation primitive formation disk can separate the use prompt, Zhao Hai finally affirmed that this set of Formation was God Race is used to cope with his Formation. Zhao Hai turned the head look at Lizzy to show a faint smile said : Lizzy also really to make you say right, this set of Seven Star Locking Heaven, was God Race is certainly used to cope our, what a pity, before attack Welcoming Heaven Palace, we did not have carefully looked, perhaps otherwise can find Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk. ” Was saying Zhao Hai while has given Lizzy the in hand paper, Lizzy carefully lookedto nod said : this to be right, it seems like that this set of Formation possibly was Lu Wei they makes them bring to cope to Ding Xin our. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : „ seems like this, but this set of Formation actually has not used to us now, had the method of break the formation, this set of Formation was one has decorated, sooner or later I must snatch him, installed to Yama Ship on. Laura shows a faint smile said : I to think that Leo Continent here has certainly primitive formation disk, not having primitive formation disk, Seven Star Locking Heaven simply unable to wield his Might, is also useless regarding us, or do we look in here?”, Zhao Hai thinks, shook the head said : considering as finished we main point to make God Race chaotic now, if we are too long in the Leo Continent here time, might they be given to run upon by Ding Xin very much, this will be disadvantageous our motions, Ding Xin in hand will have this thing in any case, sooner or later was usefulthey used primitive formation disk to cope with our timeswe to break his, was good to in hand the formation disk umbrella. ” Laura nodded said : this to be also good, perhaps tonight we can give God Race one pleasantly surprised also perhaps.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile saying that in the look is actually ice-cold, now Zhao Hai thinks is not God Race copes with his matter, but is the Lu Wei matter. This God Race copes, back also has the Lu Wei shadowlooks like Lu Wei does not send him in the deathtrap, will not give up, after his ascend, feared that was really dangerous. Day bit by bit dark getting downZhao Hai as before, very patient does not have immediately/on horseback to move in there ”, while convenient looks, that armed forces inferior, how evening's situation under Leo Mountain. Quick Zhao Hai on present, the situation that these people in military compound, guard in the evening to is good that very very goodsentry post arranges, daytime they are one hour carry on one time to patrol brightly to Leo Mountain, but in the evening turned into two hours, other all are very normal. Zhao Hai sits in Yama Ship, a room, he actually has not ordered Magic Cannon on Yama Ship, starts to carry on attack toward the Leo Mountain top. This Leo Mountain daytime Zhao Hai also looked, was looks like one to lie in there Leo reallyon mountain has been covered with forest, this made Leo Mountain distant seemed, looked like huge green fur Leo. But with the former Zhao Hai imagination, what tomb of God Race construction is different, Leo Mountain here has not constructed Ren Ran tomb on the mountain, on Leo Mountain all tomb constructs in cavern. This Leo Mountain structure very special, although near water ”, but actually stops in the halfway up the mountainside,

Hole, but this cavern is not likely below ”, but continuously on looks like, in cavern very drypresent this cavern by the people of Leo clan rebuilding, has constructed huge tomb, inside decorates to very luxurious, is one decorates the giant imperial mausoleum in palace in, ” only puts not many several vice- coffinsin that imperial mausoleum coffin uses high grade white made of stone, Zhao Hai knew that ” that is one type of calls radiant stone Stone, that Stone itself has certain increasing spoke to do to use to Light Element Magic. God Realm here is also the one type of very precious material. In the imperial mausoleum that in this palace wantswhat most is putting is two coffins, is made these two coffin big small by radiant stone ” ” one looks like uneven, to the person the one type of very firm feeling, another is the edges and corners is clearthese two coffins places Central of imperial mausoleum to feeling that the person one type of gathers very supply ”, there has a very big platform, the platform is radiant stone completes all over the body, above is carving very attractive hua mark, one looked on is the main coffin in this giant tomb. In the below of these two main coffins, regarding the main coffin, puts many coffinsthese coffins to revolve like parental child, encircled the middle two lord coffins in the middle. Looked that the sea looked at this situation on understand, the two lord coffins in that palace, feared that was in Leo Continent Royal Family most respected Patriarch and his wife ”, but other coffinswere their children. In outside of palace imperial mausoleum, is suspending many coffins, the materials of these coffins were not good, some are yellow golden become, outside is the silver, outside is the bronze ” outside made of iron, finally is wooden, this probably is the symbol of one type of status. Therefore Zhao Hai wants to make a connection that tomb passagewants hua for a long time ”, therefore Zhao Hai makes Magic Cannon on Yama Ship start upward attack, must make a connection together according to leading to passage in tomb. Zhao Hai clears the way this passage not to walk for oneself, he must enter in tomb now, so long as a thought has been OK, he makes a connection with this passage, to use Magic, Zhao Hai wants Underworld Dark mist that he obtains, delivers to tomb through this passage, what result has a look to be. Underworld these Dark mist, can turn into Undead Creature the deceased person, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, these Dark mist must use how long, can turn into Undead Creature these skeletons. Zhao Hai naturally does not dare to let Magic Cannon full opening fire, such words sound was too loud, certainly will alarm the person on mountain, Zhao Hai these time does not want to alarm the person on mountain, he must quietly comes, therefore Magic Cannon on Yama Ship, Might was adjusted by Zhao Hai is very low, will not leave the sound. To around 9 : 00 pm, this passage complete made a connection, this passage be only the fist size, looks like that big Old Mouse digs ” is actually a straight up and down. Zhao Hai immediately has fed in passage Dark mist that obtained from Underworld there, let these Dark mist entry of slowly from passage to tomb. Entry Dark mist of slowly to tomb are getting more and more, are getting more and more, quick, these wooden coffins rocked slowly, then the each and every one skeleton crawled from the wooden coffin, is in the iron coffin, in copper coffin, in silver coffin, [gold/metal] Guanli. However when light Dark mist meets stone coffin that these radiant stone make, had some troublesome, the stone brightly has some resistances to do to use to Dark mist probably, Dark mist meets radiant stone, on that radiant stone emitted white light slowlyseparating that Dark mist outside, making Dark mist not have the means to enter to stone coffin. Zhao Hai has gawked, then the knitting the brows head, he really has not thought that this radiant stone can block Underworld Dark mist unexpectedly, if this is really the case, that God Race also really may defeat Underworld.

Is thinking in Zhao Hai these timesLaura suddenly said :Elder Brother Hai, looked quickly, goes. Zhao Hai onelooks at the situation on screen, he was actually startled, sees these Dark mist on screen, probably got angry by ji was the same, started the tumbling of ji crack, but along with the tumbling of Dark mist, white light on radiant stone was actually become weaker and weakerfinally unexpectedly one vanished, then Dark mist one these stone coffin sphering. Before long, these stone coffin also rocked, then the each and every one these skeletons of skeleton walked outfrom stone coffin is tall, moreover clothes that their bodies wear very has the characteristics, is very magnificent white formal clothes. But outside these skeleton that crawls from other coffinstheir clothes have the difference, some bodies also put on white the formal clothes, some puts on is actually full body armor, looks like God Race civil and military officials is the same. But those who make Zhao Hai accidental is, most that two coffins, actually slowly does not have the sound, probably inside simply does not have thing to be the same. Zhao Hai also thinks that the skeletons in that two coffin already changed into the dust, let appears of Zhao Hai accident, that two coffins also moved, moreover rocked was getting more and more fierce, finally the cover of that two coffin, Bang one shot from the coffin, fell in the smashing that the ground fell. Then four pure white such as jade Bone Hand has extended from the coffin, then two people slowly sat from the coffin, these two people understood at a glance that is male fu, on them wears very magnificent white long gown, on their long gowns, is embroidering two lifelike Leo with the silk thread of [gold/metal] , what the man body embroiders is the lion, what the woman body embroiders is the lioness. Then let situation appears of Zhao Hai accident, that two skeletons sat after the coffin, four size up onethen they simultaneously from the coffin to stand, walking arm in arm slowly in together. Saw this picture, Zhao Hai and Laura they have dumbfounded, how regardless of they have not thought that these two Skull and Bones made such movement. Must know this Zhao Hai, but has not used Magic, but uses Dark mist that Underworld there obtainedthese Dark mist belongs to Zhao Hai nowaccording to the idea of Zhao Hai, this Dark mist although very fierce ”, but actually cannot make Undead Creature produce Spiritual Wisdom, in other words these Undead Creatureshould be right like the machine. However now looks like actually completely is not that a matter, these appears Undead Creature, not only in the strength compared with Zhao Hai imagination wants strongly manybut also do they have Spiritual Wisdom to be the same probably? What's all this about? In Zhao Hai puzzled time, making they more accidental situation live, these just crawled Undead Creature of coffin, unexpectedly simultaneously walked arm in arm to these two in together Undead Creature worships on bended knees getting downhas seemed like seeing own king to be the same! Zhao Hai and Laura they are one startled, then face changes, normally is Zhao Hai turns into Undead Creature with Dark mist them, do these people want to pay respectalso to pay respect to Zhao Hai to pay respect to that two Undead Creature to come totheir suddenly? These Undead Creature, not by Zhao Hai control! a.