Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 922

Undead Creature reverse the positions of the host and the guest, such matter and has to live in Ark Continent, in Ark Continent there, had lived the Undead Creature reverse the positions of the host and the guest case, the Undead Creature strength is stronger than Master, although received the restrictions of some Law ”, but if strength strong many, Undead Creature can hit breaking method, reverse the positions of the host and the guest. Zhao Hai they saw these Undead Creature to that two Undead Creature carry on the worship the time, immediately has thought of the Undead Creature reverse the positions of the host and the guest matter. However Zhao Hai they are somewhat strange, why his understand will not live such matter, Underworld Dark mist can turn into Undead Creature the person, but Undead Creature will not have Spiritual Wisdom, moreover Undead Creature is also divided into several types, most common one type of is likely now that one type of of Zhao Hai use, that was turns into Undead Creature the person of dying directly, the time that because the person died was not long, their flesh and blood can be attracted by the skeleton, therefore made Undead Creature that came out, fighting strength was very strong, naturallythis refers to in the common situation, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature not in this case. Second with died the skeleton of very long person to turn into Undead Creature, the time that because these Undead Creature died grew, only remaining Bone, not having the means to attract flesh and blood, in adding on the time was long, the skeleton changed crisp, therefore this Undead Creature is in all Undead Creature, existence that most sets the base. But Leo Mountain here Undead CreatureZhao Hai prepares to disturb with them, does not care about their strengths, Zhao Hai must on Leo Continent to know that he their ancestral graves digging, when the time comes Leo Continent is not chaotic to be strange. However now this situationmakes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, but Zhao Hai immediately calm getting downhe presently these Undead Creature possibly are not reverse the positions of the host and the guest, because Undead Creature wants reverse the positions of the host and the guest, their Master will receive some injuries ” the most serious performance, their Master possibly because of their reverse the positions of the host and the guest ”, but the spirit and was attacked, may turn directly into the idiot. Zhao Hai presently they now have not received point attack ” to know what this although release is Underworld Dark mist, but these Underworld Dark mistactually release from Space go ”, but all thing in Space have almost his Spiritual Imprint, this Dark mist equal to is Magic that Zhao Hai release goes to is also same, if these Undead Creature real reverse the positions of the host and the guest, that Zhao Hai will certainly receive attacknow he completely has not received attack. Zhao Hai look at these Undead Creature, the personal appearance moves, appears he to has wanted to have a look in tomb, this what's the matter. Laura they also when is startled for such scenesuddenly presently Zhao Hai appears on screen, theythen the face big change, they did not fear that these Undead Creature will come attack Zhao Hai. Then the show of matter actually stemmed from their anticipation, Zhao Hai just appears in tomb, that Undead Creature of two keeping aloof, immediately turned the head look at Zhao Hai, then almost simultaneously knelt in the Zhao Hai front.

A Zhao Hai loosen, waved at heart, that two Undead Creature have then stood, then Zhao Hai tests spiritual force to carry on communicate with that two keeping aloof Undead Creature. This communicate Zhao Hai knows that the status of these two people not so are simple, they are head generation of Patriarch on Leo Continent, moreover they have another statusCultivation World Cultivator. However they are not that strength specially strong Cultivator, they have in Sect the pharmacy looks at the furnace young lad, in Cultivation World there, in each Sect some pharmacies, the pharmacy uses to that Sect Medicine Master Alchemy, ” cannot leave the help of medicine in Cultivation World there, almost every cultivator will take medicine pill ”, but in Cultivation World theremedicine pill type also extremely numerous, medicine that most commonmost of them's medicine is used to promote cultivation level to use. But each Sect will send out very to have the innate skill child to Alchemy, small time teaches them some simple practice method, then makes them help these Medicine Master look at medicine furnaces, and hands over them some simple pharmacology knowledge, when they grew uphave been able to become qualified Medicine Master. These two skeletons do this most from the beginning, when their ten years old, suddenly another Sect Expert comes attack their Sect, two schools of Expert fight in the gate, but they the look at medicine furnace in the pharmacy, actually have not been thinking at that time that Expert has projected finally actually on their there, then several big Expert together left one big movethis big move one to make Space rift unexpectedly, these big Expert were certainly all right, but their these two cultivation level lowest watched the furnace feast sub-, actually under one on falling into Space rift, arrived. God Realm here. After they arrived at God Realm here, fell on Leo Continent, afterward on the old heart person by Leo Continent was rescued, later by a rich merchant adoption, they also present, here with Cultivation World there already completely different, therefore they do not dare to say their life experience. However was a pity that their initially is selected as looks at the furnace young lad , because their Alchemy innate skill are very good, however their practice innate skill are actually not very good. But after having arrived at here, they actually presently, among oneself however are the here rare practice talents, moreover Battle Qi and Magic that the here person practices, compare these most basic Cultivator practice method that they study to comealso to have not the small disparity, they started according to their method practicefinally finally have become Leo Continent this king. However their practice innate skill in this Realm are good, because here Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi is insufficient, their practice innate skill is not good because of Cultivation World in in addition, therefore they, when life completely child, cannot ascend return to Cultivation World, finally passed away in Leo Continent here.

They at that time when Leo Continent, presently here by the rule of Cultivator, but they actually do not dare expose to leave their status that Cultivator to know, because one, but is known by that Cultivator person, they come from Cultivation World, that will certainly strike to kill them, therefore they have also taken into the grave this secret. However at that time his descendants and he most loyal under the hand/subordinate, have learned some Cultivation World practice method from them, Cultivation World practice method regarding practice also attach great importance to of body, therefore their ** itself are more than general God Race person formidable. In adding on them before dying, but also has arranged Continent in tomb here, this Great Formation does not have any too big moving place, can make the time that fleshly body of person can preserve longer, the general words, fleshly body can maintain the millenniums is not spoiled, even if will pass through millenniumstheir flesh and blood not to be rotten like common corpse there ”, but was under doing of Formation used, slowlyintegrated in energy to the skeleton, their skeletons on can maintain long time. But this Zhao Hai turns into Undead Creature them, although that uses is Underworld Dark mist, but these Dark mist actually improve after Space, can make Undead Creature preserve Spiritual Wisdom. If the ordinary person, died such long time, their Spiritual Wisdom also already dissipated However these people are different, because their ** has merged into one organic wholetheir Spiritual Wisdom with their skeletons, was preserved, therefore these Undead Creature in tomb, when saw that these two Undead Creaturehave knelt on immediately/on horseback, because of these two Undead Creature, is their kings. although said that now they turned into the skeleton, could not see the appearance, but their clothes had actually demonstrated what their statusmost important was, that level division between Undead Creature was also very strict, therefore these Undead Creature were seeing their time, will worship on bended knees. Zhao Hai knows that this situation, this relaxed, now looked like these skeleton although has preserved Spiritual Wisdom, but to him was very loyal. However the matter makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, among Undead Creature should not have the sentiment, therefore turns into the Undead Creature person, what even if standing in front is his parents and sub- leaves

They can also under the pain Assassin, why these two Undead Creature, actually be ableimmediately after waking up to recognize the opposite party, but also hugs in together? Zhao Hai also asked certainly this matter that two Undead Creature, obtains[ answered] case was agricultural Zhao Hai somewhat is actually startled ”, because these two Undead Creature used one type of Spell before one's death oncethis Spell is the known as love knots! This Spell is not God Realm here has, but is Cultivation World there Spell, they were ” were also too young at that time them who Cultivation World there learned, does not know that this Spell represented anythingafterward slowly to grow up, after they became the husbands and wives, understand this love knot Spell was any meaning. This love knot Spell, is one type of continues the life Spell, the user if certainly a man and a woman, moreover they must falling in love, otherwise Spell not have the means to cause, this Spell use timealso characteristics ” is a side of use must be seriously injured, soon diesanother person can use this technique to him, after using this technique, can injured that to restore instantaneously, a that person but who has not been injured, will actually reduce half the life, can be said as uses a life of person, has traded in addition a life of person, is. one type of very overbearing Spell. Actually these two in the past also in opportunity ascend, when one time with the person battle, the woman was seriously injuredman when for woman wound treatment, has used love knot Spell The women restored, but the man is the life reduces greatly, after the violent, they cannot ascend succeed. Spell of this love knotbesides wound treatment, characteristicsis theylife is the same from now, a side dies, another side absolutely impossible live alone, moreover after is they died, spirit soul will still come under the influence of this SpellEternal Life forever not to separate. Zhao Hai after hearing this Spell, very curious, immediately and that person said that he must study, that person of present is his under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature, naturally will not be hiding the truth from him, not only said this Spell and Zhao Hai, some pharmacology knowledge that but also learns in Cultivation World there them among also told Zhao Hai. a.