Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 923
Zhao Hai sits the in the room look at screen, his eye makes Command Token from Magic Staff, has given that two Undead Creature of lead, that two people were famous in God Realm here, but Zhao Hai makes them restore originally in the Cultivation World there name, cool breeze, Mingyue! Now the cool breeze, Mingyue is bringing these Undead Creature, flushed from tomb, Zhao Hai to let increase their attack strength, gave back to turned into weapon their coffins, with the copper coffin and iron coffin, manufactured weapon to these Undead Creature, [gold/metal] Guan and silver coffin actually by Zhao Hai receiving. But Zhao Hai wealth mi, how he possibly such wastes money, therefore these Undead Creature in hand take is the bronze or iron weapon. As the Zhao Hai strength is getting stronger and stronger ” this control ability to metal to be also getting stronger and stronger ” now his match also to be just getting stronger and stronger, this Divergent Technique must use in the actual combat reallyand will play big doing to use not necessarily, because weapon of his match used Battle Qi to cover generally, simply was useless. Zhao Hai look at these Undead Creature are attacking that military compound now, does not count does not know The Zhao Hai unify/unified idea had a scare, in that huge tombaltogether has buried near hundred thousand God Race person, but these people may be Expert, minimum are on God Rank, the cool breeze and understand were extraordinary, their two before this lives, is almost can ascend Expert. In adding on the cool breeze and Mingyue uses Formation, integrated their flesh and blood, in their skeletons, after Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature this them, they also preserved in the strength that originally came, in this hundred thousand other God Rank Undead Creature, that attack strength, but very formidable. Now the cool breeze and Mingyue they arrived under the mountain, immediately must attack the military compound, but in the clear moon/month they must approach military compound momentin camp suddenly has resounded the alarm sound, entire camp is instantaneous. in recent timebecause of the Central Continent there matter, therefore the entire God Realm nerve collapses tight, now this warning looks like must instantaneously cutting off is the same these God Race soldier the nerve that their collapses tightly ”, with oneself quickest jumped, grabs weapon toward outside running clothes anything, simply put on without enough time. These soldier came out dumbfounded from their barracks, now the Magic lamp in entire military compound shines getting upthey to be able all sceneries of clear look outside in three li (0.5km) to camp and camp, but walked appears in their front pictures, made them somewhat surprised! They are the soldiers, moreover Elite, can see quantity therefore they who enemy come out from camp, immediately presently have been surrounded by Undead Creature, general understanding at a glance surrounds their Undead Creature minimum above hundred thousand. In their times, these Undead Creature flushed, but these soldiers in military compoundfelt what is strange, clothes that these Undead Creature wear, was really too strange.

In these Undead Creature has plenty like these Noble in God Race, what puts on is the white formal clothes ”, but some people put on the formal clothes style that also very ancient, but actually very magnificent, looked that is fine exquisitely does, this makes these God Race soldier also feel very strange. When they prepare to meet the enemy, fighting strength that these Undead Creature storms come out makes them be startled, these Undead Creature really have the God Rank strength. Carvallo stands in the camp middle, careful look at these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature clothes looked like have put on for a long time, the style was very old, weapon that but they used was new, this made Carvallo very puzzled. suddenly Carvallo noted these Undead Creature standing in line directions, these Undead Creature although in carried on attack however actually to visitthem from these Undead Creature standing in line directions to them from Leo Mountain. Carvallo knit the brows to look at Leo Mountain one, his face big change, in carefully looked at these Undead Creature suddenly, when seeing wear full body armor Undead CreatureCarvallo two eyes concentrates, then his two eyes flashes through together the ominous light, turns the head to these also under the hand/subordinate that resists laboriouslysaid loudly: „ Brothers, the set to my side, we must immediately/on horseback kill. Carvallo this throat, making his these under the hand/subordinate stare, his these under the hand/subordinate, with Carvallo were not a day or two, their Carvallo very loyal, but this order lets their some rub today the brains. Must know they defend, but Leo Mountain, Leo Mountain hereasked a person to know regarding important xing of Leo clan casually ”, moreover in the Leo clan had an order, specifically aimed at the Leo Mountain garrison troops, this order was, without order, fleeing, executed the nine generations arbitrarily! This orders in other words, if Leo Mountain here had any matter, you can all die in battle in here, but if you escaped, their family all relatives, cannot be inescapable. Because of this order, therefore these soldiers are strange, when seeing these Undead Creature fighting strength, they reported must die the heart, because of their understand, if ran, the family member ended, if after does not run ” , the family member also will possibly be respected. Carvallo looks at their appearances, knows that they are thinking the what friend, Carvallo immediately/on horseback said loudly: Brothers, gather to clash quickly outward, I guarantee not to have the matter, because we can clash, relationship to my Leo Continent life and death, quick, gathers to clash outward. ” Zhao Hai stands in own in the room, the look at Carvallo appearance, knows Carvallo guesses correctly the matter looks like Zhao Hai not to want them to encircle reallyin here, conversely, he must through Carvallo ” the Leo Mountain here fresh matter, spread over entire Leo Continent. Carvallo his these under the hand/subordinate, very listen to his words, therefore other people immediately gathered, flushed away outward.

But Carvallo with these Undead Creature begin the exchange, this present, these Undead Creature do not have them to imagine formidable probably that their although lost about half manpowerfinally actually to clash. Clashes, Carvallo immediately/on horseback flies toward Lion-Drinking City there, Carvallo knows, Lion-Drinking City there not, because is the satellite town of Leo city, therefore these has plenty garrison troops, can certainly block these Undead Creature, moreover he just the signal, has believed Leo city there defended a city quickly can aid them. Thinks of here, the Carvallo mood good child to be also manyhe Undead Creature that turned the head to look at these to retreat slowly, cold. Were many. Follows in his side trusted aide said : general, these do Undead Creature come from there?” Carvallo has smiled bitterly, how now he also real don’t know must reach an agreement, his very clear ”, if the skeletons of Leo Mountain there all ancestors were turned into Undead Creature, if this information passes on, effect on Leo Continent here big , because of very clear, therefore he hesitant must tell his under the hand/subordinate this information. His that trusted aide looks at the Carvallo appearance, what cannot help but said : general has not to say? ” Carvallo sighed, he did not have means to hide the truth from these with the brothers who he lived and died together, his whispered: These Undead Creature come up from Leo Mountain, this matter certainly is the ghost who Zhao Hai does.” His that under the hand/subordinate has gawked, puzzled does said : come up from Leo Mountain? On Leo Mountain will have general, you said that Zhao Hai? Just battled with us was? ” Carvallo look at his under the hand/subordinate appearancesighed said : 80% is this, you have forgotten, clothes that these people wore, our God Race clothes although by long gown give priority to, but these years, the style of clothes also changed much clothes that but these people wore, before obviously, has not improved the appearance, in adding on them dressed up, I can affirm that these Undead Creature, were on Leo Mountain our Leo puts certainly the skeleton of ancestors, Zhao Hai has certainly arrived at Leo Mountain there, turned into Undead Creature the skeletons of our ancestors! ” His that under the hand/subordinate one hear of Carvallo said that two blood red eyes said : hateful, Zhao Hai, was too hateful, goes too far, I must break to pieces corpse to become Duan him.” Carvallo also yin calm face said : this Zhao Hai absolutely is our God Race first archenemy conduct not, then the method, this does not only eliminate, our God Race was dangerous. ” In this time, the front flame is flashing ” the Lion-Drinking City there garrison troops to aid them to come, Carvallo immediately moved forward to meet somebody, far away on said loudly that welcomed: „ What front comes is that general?

Below Leo Mountain military compound garrison troops general, Carvallo, please the opposite general go forward to speak. ” In the opposite crowd sao moves, then a sound conveys said : Carvallo, your youngster does not want to live, how to run from the military compound? Your youngster is not such impulsive person, lived any matter.” Along with transmitting of sound, big form appears in opposite reinforcement front. Carvallo sees the person, cannot help but a facial expression loosen, his immediately/on horseback said : may, your this dead Fatty little say wastes breath, a bit faster comes to protect us, has my important matter to see right in front of one Lion King Your Majestythis matter relationship to my Leo Continent life and death, cannot be careless. ” Opposite aids his person obviously with him is the acquaintance, with knowing him will not crack a joke with this matter, immediately led the person to encircle, and sent for examining that to Leo Mountain camp therethis time has been called may in that general also arrive at the Carvallo side. Carvallo look at may in said : be possible, your to come back, has not used, immediately/on horseback escorts me to go to the Leo city I to see Your Majesty, having the important matter must to Your Majesty say that ” this matter relationship is significant. ” But in trusts Carvallo obviously, looks at his appearance, immediately/on horseback said : well our immediately to walk. ” Said that told under the hand/subordinate went to go to the person calling toward Leo Mountain there. At this time side Carvallo that trusted aide reminded his said : general, this matter cannot too many to know that best was lets be possible in the general, encircled entire Leo Mountain there, do not make anybody approach.” Carvallo one hear of he said that has gawked, then at heart one strict, immediately/on horseback turns the head to be possible in said :right, but, sends for encircling quickly Leo Mountain there, told them, do not make anybody approach, do not climb mountains. a.