Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 924

But in meaning of although do not understand Carvallo, but he was immediately has complied with one, Handed down to make, reason that but in such believed Carvallo, was because Carvallo in the past with him was an army, and has sought his life, therefore may in be able unconditional trust Carvallo. After telling, but in turned the head to Carvallo said : Carvallo, what matter was your youngster this What happened? Leo Mountain there lived? So to be how serious?” Carvallo looked has been possible, deep voice said : Zhao Hai to come!” But in stares, said : Zhao Hai comes, this has any pass/test with Leo Mountain...... It is not right, did you say Leo Mountain there appears Undead Creature, Zhao Hai also??” Carvallo nodded said : well, I saw these Undead Creature, is they!” But in two eyes instantaneously becomes blood red, his look at Carvallo said : Carvallo, I remember that the your house/family ancestors also do bury in Leo Mountain? They?” Carvallo eye ominous light, nodded said : I to see him, what a pity he does not know me.” The sound sheep that their these time spoke was not small, their people heard, what some people listened was vacant of face, some were actually face of amazement, on the face also has flashed simultaneously through cruel , but Carvallo and may in think own matter has not noted. Just as is such that Zhao Hai said that now the mood of Leo Continent here person looked like has put away the powder cask of blasting fuse, so long as a little Spark must explode, ” the present had had such symptom like very calm soldier, do not say other people. Moreover most from the beginning this information Carvallo wants to keep secret ”, but may in such ask that Carvallo could not bear say, some first people know that some second people know, this matter feared was quick will spread over entire Leo Continent. But at this time, cool breeze Mingyue they have led these Undead Creature to enter to Yama Ship in Yama Ship following the cabin give these Undead Creature to practice specially, before there also has plenty Undead Creature, but Zhao Hai actually shifts these Undead Creature to Space in now, then made cool breeze Mingyue they enter the cabin. Side cool breeze Mingyue their fighting strength are in all Undead Creature strongest a batchZhao Hai naturally must remain, to enhance own fighting strength. Now Zhao Hai cannot use own full strength, cool breeze Mingyue their appears , truly has solved many problems for Zhao Hai. But at this time, Carvallo and may in their direct Leo city go, they want to tell Patriarch of Leo clan Zhao Hai appears at the Leo Continent matter immediately, with the aim of saying that early makes to deal. Zhao Hai this had not finished up his immediately/on horseback command(er) Yama Ship to start in Leo to stop 1 Under destroys, he must destroy entire Leo Mountain, making the entire Leo Continent people know that he Leo Mountain destroying, this has the person on Leo Continent, wants hiding the truth from this information not to be impossible. Must shake the Leo Mountain foundation regarding Zhao Hai, is not the difficult matter, his under the hand/subordinate Undead Creature has plenty, a large number of iron armor lids, want to destroy the Leo Mountain foundation, making Leo Mountain dump is not difficult.

In Zhao Hai goes all out to destroy the Leo Mountain foundation, but in these under the hand/subordinate also arrived under Leo Mountain, Leo after encircling, naturally, them not possibly to have encircled them to set up the isolated plot entire Leo Mountain under the Leo Mountain mountain corner/horn, does not permit any nearness. They and in don’t know Leo Mountain lived any matter, because they had not been under the order in this aspect, Zhao Hai comfortable will be impolite, release large quantities of Undead Creature, started to carry on the excavation in Leo Mountain is the preparation entire gives to hollow out Leo Mountain, then digs at one fell swoop collapses. Person many strengths are big, Zhao Hai presently in hand Undead Creature hundreds of millions, these many Undead Creature must dig one is not very big mountain range is not the difficult matter, let alone these Undead Creature strengths are God Rank, they can transform into Earth element Magic their energy, destroys quickly. But Zhao Hai sits on Yama Ship now, he destroys the Leo Mountain foundation besides look at these Undead Creature, only then a matter, research cool breeze told his Cultivator Cultivation Method. What cool breeze and Mingyue although study is simplest Cultivator Cultivation Method, but this Cultivation Method regarding Ark Continent here Battle Qi and Magic much better ”, therefore Zhao Hai wants research well. Laura they also sit in the Zhao Hai side, with research that Cultivation Method, waited for Zhao Hai to look at that Cultivation Method, his then let out a long breath said : really very mysterious, we used must be more exquisite than Battle Qi and Magic that practiced according to this Cultivation Method, we regarding own strength control free, in attack, we can be obtained better wielding by own strength, moreover was used to fight time may also in big increase.” Laura nodded said : truly not to think that reallythis unexpectedly is Cultivator world there simplest Cultivation Method, our present strengths, although compared with practices this Cultivation Method to the top person, energy in body must be many some ”, but if we with using this Cultivation Method person to war, feared that is cheaply cannot occupy. ” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at Laura their said : Laura, your look at pointthese Undead Creature, so long as destroys was similar, immediately Leo Mountain making upside-down, me has practiced this set of Cultivation Method, has a look at the effect.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that look at that cannot help but is worried about his said : Elder Brother Hai, considers as finished, this set of Cultivation Method seems like not good to practice, you waited are saying.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, our sooner or later must enter Cultivation World, the Cultivation World there situation is different from our here Cultivation World theregood Inferior level Cultivation Method, can help you well builds the solid foundation, is very big to the later practice help, I had asked cool breezetheir Sect at that time in Cultivation World very famous, low level Cultivation Method that they practice, in Cultivation World there also very famous, because is the famous family is honest, therefore cultivation level Cultivation Method fair and honest peaceful, what almost will not have danger, this suits us to practice, I practice under one first, gains in some experiences, Then you are practicing, Cai'er with me, feel relieved will not have the matter. ” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that also knows that was saying anything has not used, she must nod said : well, Elder Brother Hai that you carefully.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded, looked at several other female one eyes, turn around returned to own room. Enters the room, Zhao Hai immediately sits cross-legged to sit down, then defers to the start practice that on that Cultivation Method writes, this set of Cultivation Method regarding the Cultivation World there person, possibly is really not very complex, but regarding Zhao Hai is actually somewhat complex, because of this set of Cultivation Method compared with the practice of Battle Qi, don’t know wanting difficultly many times. However reason that Zhao Hai has the confidence to practice his quick Zhao Hai to enter to boundary that the one type of thing I two forget, Zhao Hai can such quickly enter to this boundary , because his strength left for the department Cultivation Method highest level range, he in practicing this Cultivation Methodrather he in oneself[ body] in energy refinement. Before Zhao Hai, Battle Qi Cultivation Method that studies ”, if analogies with special, that is only a thick semifinished product, cannot be a work. But now the Cultivation Method although of Zhao Hai study cannot say that can let him[ body] in energy, complete turns into a handicraft, most at least can let him[ body] in energy, ” turned into the thin semifinished product after a thick semifinished product he[ body] what in energy will turn into, but must look that what Cultivation Method later Zhao Hai can study.

This practice was not difficult regarding Zhao Hai, is quick he to walk these routes that in this Cultivation Method said. When Zhao Hai practices entire Cultivation Method completes, his suddenly was shocked, because this Cultivation Methodlets him unexpectedly[ body] in energy slowly has stabilized, becomes more and more peaceful, mental state is the same. Zhao Hai cannot help but somewhat is startled to know now him[ body] in energy already very formidable, therefore this Space Law is repelling his him[ body] in energy, did not have means complete calm to get down, this regarding the average person is very dangerous, but regarding Zhao Hai, to can the control range ”, moreover he is clearwants his leave this Spacehe[ body] in energy, immediately can calm get down, therefore he was not worried, but cannot cause the complete strength by oneself, moreover momentarily must resist with here Law of the Heaven and Earth. However waits for him to practicehim the Cultivation Method that the cool breeze said to feel one[ body] in strength peaceful, here Law of the Heaven and Earth, lowered regarding his strength of repel was not small, this lets time of relaxing, feeling this Cultivation Method profound place. Zhao Hai opened the eye slowly, let out a long breathhis whole person temperament of lived the obvious change, must say on beforehand Zhao Hai simply not to have no temperament, making people feel that looked like words of invisible man, now Zhao Hai temperament actually already very obvious. The air/Qi of one type of fair and honest peaceful, he stands in there, looks like to the feeling of person wisp of cool breezegentle, warm, making the person unable to live any malice to come to him, is adding on his Magic Robe That long gown although is black , but puts in him, does not have the feeling that yin sinks, instead to person one type of mature steady feeling. sage-like outstanding behavior! If must with a word describe that now Zhao Hai temperamental words, that can only with sage-like outstanding behavior these four characters describe that ” on present Zhao Hai is this temperament. His two eyes looked that very peacefulvery deep is distantprobably brings endless mysteryto look wants mi to lose. His skin looks like probably in dodging the sparkling stone light is being same, the whole person stands in there, probably integrated among this Heaven and Earth to be the same. Zhao Hai and on don’t know the temperamental change, he felt that own heart unprecedented calm, all around Law of the Heaven and Earth, probably was also calm, not repel like before he. Zhao Hai knows that this is because he has not used oneself energy relationship, so long as he in using his energy, that Law of the Heaven and Earth same will repel him, because his strength should not appears in this piece of Space. Zhao Hai although mood calm ”, but this Cultivation Method cannot change his idea, the matter that this he handles he will certainly do, person who he must kill, he same will not be lenient, his temperamental change, completely is because this Cultivation Method creates. Zhao Hai looked at next timeto cross for one hour, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, turn around walked toward the room outside, looked to the room outside that Laura they were staring at the screen, but the Leo Mountain on situation on the screen demonstrating, now Leo there is the dust all over the sky, thoroughly collapses. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : such quickly to handle

Your movements are quick. ” Is staring at Laura of screen they, heard Zhao Hai saying that turned the head, several people saw Zhao Hai time, cannot help but has gawked, look at Zhao Hai that then each and every one face mi was drunk. What wrong? do the Zhao Hai present several people of looks not too What happened? on topuzzled said : me have should not slander?” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but smiled getting upLaura is arrives at side Zhao Hai, carried on the arm his arm said : Elder Brother Hai on you not to have anything not to be right, but was more attractive than before, we looked to stay. ” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but gawkedthen to smile said : „more attractive than before? Before me, is very ugly? Said that I did become more graceful?” Before Megan jiao runs up to with a smile the Zhao Hai sideis carrying on the arm his another arm said : you , is also very attractive you now has not changed a handsome, but was your temperament changed, became the mi person, Elder Brother Hai, after we may probably reach an agreementyou, did not permit in independent saw the woman to outside, otherwise these woman some will entangle you. ” Lizzy they, as soon as listened to Megan saying that ” also has smiled, Zhao Hai was laughs said : „? Did my charm become that big? Good, your also immediately/on horseback practices that Cultivation Method, after practicing, became is the same with me.” Meg smiles said : looks like that Cultivation Method is very mysterious, hasn't the time that Elder Brother Hai, you practice come across the issue? Difficult to practice?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be difficult to practice, this Cultivation Method practices very easily, you also practice here to have me to stare, wait for you practiced, entered to Space, gave Grandpa Green and father-in-law Cultivation Method they, I think that this Cultivation Method to them will be helpful. ” Laura they nodded, several people also took that Cultivation Method to practice, but Zhao Hai just had not said hurriedly, he sinks alone this Cultivation Method they more helpful really regarding Green, because, when Zhao Hai practiced this Cultivation Method, he notesthis Cultivation Method is Daoism Cultivation Method ”, moreover was most under peaceful that one type of. This Cultivation Method practices, will not be quick, however Daoism Cultivation Method generally most major characteristics, not possessed by the Devil, and has very strong increase to do to use to the life. a.