Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 925

Lorraine their present although were God Rank Expert, but they were old, the life of person was limited, what they studied was only ordinary Battle Qi and demon ** the law, regarding the increase too many help of life, although because of the great strength of strength, will not have increased the add some life, but with Daoism this special keeping in good health, increased the life compared with Cultivation Method, actually fell far short. Green they are the Zhao Hai family member, before Zhao Hai , on Earth, does not have what family member, he had not felt proficient warmth, but after Ark Continent here, Green they make him feel that the warmth of family, has given the feeling of Zhao Hai one type of. Zhao Hai treasures this feeling very much, no matter has any good deed, his first thinks is own family member, has any advantage, his first thinks is own Clan. Before Zhao Hai was a person eats to the full, family was not hungry, but now they are different, he was Clan Patriarch, in his Space, but also thought on several Continent the person, he must be responsible for these people, therefore Zhao Hai handles the matter now, was more profit-centered, to achieve his point, he can not then method. Zhao Hai sits in the living room, on the calm look at screen, that dust all over the sky Leo Mountain, he knows that the Leo Continent person knows quickly Leo Mountain here lived anything, such big sound, cannot hide the truth from these people. Now Zhao Hai wants to have a look, the response of Leo Continent here such as again, Zhao Hai very clear, the response of Leo Continent here, fears not extremely in the intensity, most at least not like Central Continent. Reason that Central Continent there randomly becomes that appearance , because Zhao Hai gave to butcher the Central Continent Imperial Clan people, Central Continent there could be said as the group dragon does not have, person who cannot be able to suppress the matter, in this case, they will be certainly chaotic. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, Leo Continent here now already completely chaotic, the mood of these days Leo Continent here average person not has been right, they thought that they are God Race, actually making into this appearance really did not have the face by a Ark Continent person. Is adding on Welcoming Heaven Palace these years, has been propagandized the God Race spiritual prop, many God Race people there, when the become a Saint place, how sacred land is destroyed these people able to bear now. But now, sacred land Leo Mountain of Leo clan was destroyed, then spreads, the skeletons of Leo Mountain there all ancestors were turned into Undead Creature, almost in the flash, entire Leo Continent blasted out. Leo Continent this time chaotic, although wants on slightly compared with Central Continent there, but degree of its turmoil also left the imagination of Zhao Hai. Not only left the Zhao Hai looks like to think, left the imagination of Leo Continent here person, in these commoner all kinds of fights, started frequent living, hit the person to set on fire often appears , then in army also chaotic, quick chaotic getting bigger and bigger, getting bigger and bigger, unfolded to the situation that control did not live in finally.

However chaotic of Leo Continent here, with chaotic of some Central Continent there different Central Continent there, was the people completely loses sane one type of to be chaotic, but Leo Continent here was not, chaotic of Leo Continent here, was spiritual long time of people after being suppressed one time to explode. The God Race person extremely left the imagination of Zhao Hai in arrogant their arrogance, in their opinion, had been broken through Welcoming Heaven Palace by Zhao Hai, by Zhao Hai to attack Leo Mountain, this completely is incompetent of person in power, was they could not find Zhao Hai to the God Race biggest insult now, that can only be releases in this way. What is most fearful, not only this mood has in the army many soldier to have in these commoner, therefore then lets Leo Continent here meets one randomly beyond redemption. Zhao Hai arrived at Lion-Drinking City there he to have a look now, Leo Continent these time randomly to any degree, but the Leo Mountain there situation, he has not relaxed, he knows that the Leo Continent upper layer character, will certainly go to there to look at individual outcome. Reason that Zhao Hai such pays attention to this matter , because he wants to obtain Seven Star Locking Heaven primitive formation disk on the bodies of these people, this formation disk can install to Yama Ship on, Zhao Hai must obtain. The Leo Continent present turmoil, some although control do not live, some ambitious family also seize the opportunity jumped, but Royal Family of Leo clan does not have to care, because they told them Supreme Elder of Leo clan this information, they believe that so long as their Supreme Elder come back, this time turmoil, turns the hand to put down. Because of this, therefore Imperial Clan of Leo clan also really sent for Leo Mountain here, but they have not brought Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk, was not they do not want to bring, but was they do not have. Seven Star Locking Heaven eight formation disk, had placed on God Race other eight Continent before separately, but Ding Xin they assume Leo clan here personally, therefore Leo clan here simply does not have Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk, Zhao Hai these time misjudged. But these time comes the Leo Mountain here person, is actually status very special, is the Leo Continent Lion King! Leo Mountain here equal to is the imperial tomb of Leo clan, now the ancestral grave was given to dig, how Lion King can not come to see personally. although now Leo Continent here now is very chaotic, but Leo clan by clan in hand or control quantity many armies, this army is almost being comprised of the Imperial Clan juniors, the population are many , the absolute loyalty, has this army, Leo Imperial Clan had not feared that anybody dares to move them. The Leo city to Leo Mountain here is not very far, very fast that also therefore lion half Imperial Clan comes, Zhao Hai calm look at Leo Mountain there situation.

Sees Leo Imperial Clan that ostentation, Zhao Hai knows the person status that these time comes is not simple, now Laura they are practicing, Zhao Hai naturally cannot disturb them, but Zhao Hai has not thought must give up these time coping with Leo Imperial Clan opportunity, therefore he directly their release went to the cool breeze and Mingyue \; first, to cope with Leo Imperial Clan, two must spiritually attack them. Actually Zhao Hai such does is not also cruel, although says the present lion Imperial Clan in name cool breeze and Mingyue descendant, but undergoes many generations of inheritance, this bloodline already desalinated equal to almost did not have, therefore Zhao Hai makes cool breeze Mingyue cope with them, is not any great matter. Lion King face ugly look at Leo Mountain, to be honest, the hosts of their these clans, regarding the Welcoming Heaven Palace there destroyed matter, is not such caring, Welcoming Heaven Palace is not their here, although initially constructs Welcoming Heaven Palace time, ten big God Race strive not to be small, there equal to is the God Race common strength manifests. However regarding Lion King, that was long before matter, destroyed has destroyed, regarding him, could not really be regarded any great important matter, Zhao Hai applied makeup to hit was also the face of Central Continent, did not have no relationship with their Leo clan. But this Leo Mountain was destroyed, that matter had direct relationship with them, this was Zhao Hai is hitting the face of their Leo clan, in this case, Lion King how possible calm to result. What most important is, Lion King very clear Leo Mountain here was destroyed means anything, Leo Mountain here is their ancestral graves, a race, was given to dig including the ancestral graves, this regarding their Leo clan, absolutely is the great shame. Is following wear helmet a person of side Lion King, face ugly, this person of Leo Continent first war only, lion Imperial Clan Crown Prince, Leo new Younger Brother, by Leo Continent on person calls to fight the lion the man. Fights lion present face very difficult to look that he thinks this is his responsibility, he is the Leo Continent most famous war only, imperial palace here defense force is he arranges, but Leo Mountain actually under his eye hides, by Zhao Hai silent destroying, this makes him feel sad. In this time, the suddenly surrounding has been hearing sound of the respect report, fought the lion and Lion King has gawked, looked outward that happen to saw the big piece Undead Creature, flew from the distant place, saw these Undead Creature, fought the face of lion and Lion King changes, their face became very difficult looks. Fights the lion and Lion King, because is the Royal Family person, the matter that therefore they know are more than of other people, but has one to work as a portrait after year generation of Lion King and lion in Leo Palace, at that time they put on is formal clothes, afterward the good body formal clothes also to put in their bodies, has buried along with their together , because of this, therefore fought the clothes of lion and Lion King one on recognizing on the cool breeze and Mingyue, formal clothes after that Lion King and lion, absolutely not wrong. Presently this point, they naturally are very angry, but simultaneously they also headache, because of this attack their, is their ancestor's skeletons, how their don’t know must do, you said hit, even if won, ancestor's skeleton has also destroyed, does not hit, can't the look at opposite party kill people? This lets Lion King and war lion they simultaneously the knitting the brows head.

Fights the lion unable to bear to port king said : Big Brother, what to do?” Lion King also frowns, he cannot make up mind, some little time Lion King sighed said : 1 dozen, sooner or later must hit, cannot Zhao Hai release they, we wait by the type.” Fights the lion also to sigh, to be honest his also really somewhat not being able to get down hand, but this situation, does not hit is not good, agreement that fighting the lion must not bear words of Lion King, but he hated to Zhao Hai. As fights the order of lion, followed also to move in their armies, full they moved forward to meet somebody toward the cool breeze and Mingyue, now follows side Lion King was his Personal Guard teams, fighting strength was greatly strengthened, the population also had hundred thousand. However these Personal Guard teams rush, they presently have made a mistake, these Undead Creature each and every one immediately supported Domain to clash to them. But those who make these Personal Guard teams not think, these Undead Creature strength very formidable, after they support Domain unexpectedly, showed on the God Rank strength unexpectedly, this regarding the Personal Guard team, absolutely was a disaster. Strength although of these Personal Guard teams are not weak, but they are only God Rank Expert, but the opposite party was actually on God Rank Expert, level misses 1st level, the opposite party gives to press them in the pressure completely dies, Death. a.