Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 926

Does Chapter 923 day need to perish my God Race? However these Personal Guard are not an ability of counter-attack does not have, these Personal Guard weapon and dispositions are in Lion Race all armies are absolutely best, considers Domain Weapon, has about 20 in their teams, this number is not small. But here one makes war, Lion King had been protected is entering the person in his Domain Weapon, he to having the strength and person battles, at the matter Lion King is also in one God Rank Expert, but he after is a king, cannot let him in the danger. But at this time the Personal Guard team of Lion King they have fought with cool breeze Mingyue in together, a side is strength formidable, fierce does not fear, another side although strength was slightly bad a point, but equipment is much better, therefore both sides for a while no one how anyone. At this moment, Yama Ship appears suddenly by War Chariot/Tank of Lion King, War Chariot/Tank of Lion King is also Domain Weapon, known as Leo War Chariot/Tank, entire war was built an appearance of lion, the lion tail is handle, this is Invisible Weapon . However Yama Ship suddenly appears , the Lion Race person is everyone has not actually thought that at this moment, Magic Cannon on Yama Ship, immediately was coming a salvo to Leo War Chariot/Tank, this time, Leo War Chariot/Tank has not actually blocked, one was hit to vaporize, not only Leo War Chariot/Tank, Leo together was killed. Now on Yama Ship the Magic Cannon attack strength, was compared with original much better, could not block Yama Ship to strike like this Domain Weapon originally, do not say that now this situation, a Lion King simply preparation does not have, natural one was given the second by Zhao Hai. Leo War Chariot/Tank one was eliminated, Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback to stop, his immediately/on horseback release large quantities of Undead Creature, have carried on attack to these Personal Guard of Lion King, Undead Creature that Zhao Hai this release comes, is not 1 million 2 million so are few, but was release 5 million Undead Creature, 5.01 million Undead Creature dealt with the person of hundred thousand Personal Guard team . Moreover the people of Personal Guard team encircling in the middle, in this case, Personal Guard team these person almost any hope of escaping, be less than one hour, the fight had not finished, therefore then Lion King the person, not having lived, on Lien Chan lion cannot. Inescapable. The fight ended, reason that Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback information, simultaneously he also has furnished the cool breeze and Mingyue in hand all Domain Weapon, Zhao Hai such does, must builds second Devil Corps the cool breeze and Mingyue. But reason that Zhao Hai will have such big confidence, because of his discover cool breeze and Mingyue their these Undead Creature, before him speed of these Undead Creature practices makes want to be quicker. Undead Creature although fights fierce not to fear, but they have the inborn shortcoming in the practice, speed that they practice does not have the means compared with the person, be slower than the person. But cool breeze Mingyue their these Undead Creature, are different, possibly is because that seals Spirit Formation relationship, their energy complete preservation in skeleton, moreover undergoes many precipitations, their skeleton strengths very formidable, they cannot turn into the Zombie appearance like other Undead Creature in Space, but they no matter in the attack strength on practice speed, compared with these ordinary Undead Creature much stronger.

Zhao Hai because of discover this point, therefore to this corps attendance such, Zhao Hai also gave them equipment these Combat Suit, had a look at their these special Undead Creature, whether equipment Combat Suit. However the result is disappoints Zhao Hai, these Undead Creature not only cannot equipment these Combat Suit, to Combat Suit the strength of repel, want much stronger compared with these ordinary Undead Creature, almost does not have the means to put on Combat Suit, this disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat. Now Zhao Hai looked had not found to suit these Undead Creature weapon, if Zhao Hai can make to suit these Undead Creature uses weapon, these Undead Creature fighting strength minimum can enhance above three layers. Undead Creature was different from the person, the person obtained good weapon, but they actually need to train, moreover to the battlefield above, was easy to come under the influences of various mood, this will also weaken their fighting strength, but Undead Creature not, so long as were good their command(er), their fighting strength, is not only weak compared with the army that the person composed. Processed the clear moon/month and Mingyue their matters, Zhao Hai returned to Lion-Drinking City there, he has wanted to have a look at Lion Race what response after knowing Patriarch was killed can be. Quick, Zhao Hai knows that Leo mainland here is, chaotic, chaos that anything responded, original Leo mainland here, because had Lion King, but can also suppress some people, making them have scruples, does not dare to act unreasonably, but now is different, now Lion King died, pressed the last seal on them also vanished, entire Lion Race was instantaneously chaotic. Zhao Hai discover, chaotic of Leo clan here, is completely is different from central mainland there, the central mainland there mood is extreme, lets person frantic, but Leo mainland here, actually probably was the social contradiction accumulates a certain degree, taking advantage of this matter, but suddenly erupted. Regarding this situation, Zhao Hai also can only shake the head, the Leo mainland here point he has achieved, below is waiting, having a look at Supreme Elder of Leo clan to be able appears , if Supreme Elder of Leo clan came back, but other God Race Supreme Elder did not have come, that Zhao Hai must tidy up them well one. In this place, Laura they several people of room gate sounds, several people also from in the room walked out, the time that they practice be longer than Zhao Hai, who makes energy of their within the body not have energy of Zhao Hai within the body to be many, moreover with was also inferior good that Zhao Hai uses. Zhao Hai look at Laura their several people, several people of temperament occur subtle very change, they now have also put on the home clothing/taking that takes from science and technology plane there, is one type of looks like probably is the gym suit, however prettier clothes of design. Such clothes put in others' body, will only make people feel the one type of lively feeling, but puts on Laura on them, makes people feel that one type of gentle is passing noblly, very elegant temperament.

Zhao Hai looks at several people of appearances, cannot help but at present one bright, several people of temperamental changed, making several people more attractive, several people of originally were the beautiful women, in adding on received very good education since childhood, temperament originally was very good, now their temperament was better than before, was more noticeable, if before , they looked like the star of space, that now they are Mingyue. Zhao Hai saw several female appearances, the look cannot help but hot, but to Laura of Zhao Hai understanding they, saw the Zhao Hai expression, knows that he must do, several people of cannot help but complexion one red. Laura turns the head to favor Lizzy their eyes, Lizzy they also turns the head look at Laura, then several people simultaneously saw in the opposite party eye teased, then several people turned the head, each and every one charming smile look at Zhao Hai, slowly walked toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai suddenly has the one type of not wonderful feeling, he remembers before , has looked at a joke on Earth, that laughed at saying that the man most wants to hear the words that the woman spoke is, I wanted..., But the man most feared the words that the woman spoke are, I also want..., How he felt that now is not a little wonderful. At this time Laura they have arrived at the Zhao Hai side, Laura said loudly suddenly: Sisters, begin.” Said that several people of gripping devices grasp foot, Zhao Hai lifting. Does Zhao Hai struggle said : you to do? Lets loose me? Help...” Laura sneers said : you to call, calling the broken throat not to have always saves others Zhao Hai then yelled said : broken throat, broken throat, you in that? Saves me quickly Laura they heard Zhao Hai saying that smiled bent the waist, almost lost the ground Zhao Hai, but several people have not dropped, has brought in Hot Spring Chi Li Zhao Hai, then, full pond spring scenery, spring scenery boundless... Leo clan Supreme Elder, Xin Laiya is standing before the Welcoming Heaven Palace ruins, here turned into stretch of ruins completely, does not have including a piece of complete tile, although Xin Laiya is not the person in central mainland, however at this time, his at heart also very heavy. Welcoming Heaven Palace here defense force, even if not use Seven Star Locking Heaven is also very formidable, otherwise has not been regarded by God Race is sacred land, but Zhao Hai actually within the extremely short time here breaking through, Zhao Hai before adding on has evaded five Great Elder to encircle kills, destroys the Taurus mainland base, destroys completely entire [gold/metal] Ox Clan, all these motions, expressed how formidable Zhao Hai fighting strength is.

Zhao Hai strength such formidable, regarding God Race absolutely is not meddlesome, he and God Race have the big enmity, his strength is stronger, the threat to God Race is bigger, but now, their simply did not have the means to find Zhao Hai in there, can say that they completely were the conditions of being in comes under attack, but Zhao Hai can hit them at any time, this feeling, let several people of not being feeling well. What most important is, Xin Laiya somewhat was also worried that who his don’t know Zhao Hai next target is, perhaps they arrived at central mainland here time, Zhao Hai went to other attack places, they were forever slower than Zhao Hai a racket. Thinks of here, Xin Laiya at heart cannot help but heavy, he looked up one to stand in front of him not far away Ding Xin, now Ding Xin is senile, the whole person was thin skin covered bones, the appearance that probably momentarily must fall dead, his situation, must miss compared with entire clan extinguished Jin Ben. UU reads Sees this situation, Xin Laiya also cannot help but sighs, before Ding Xin, is high-spirited and vigorous how, because he is Supreme Elder of central mainland, in several elders, the status is highest one, therefore his normally in the face of several people, although appears very amiable, but Xin Laiya can actually see an arrogance from his body. But a arrogant person, now has made actually into this appearance, how looked has been able to sigh. At this time Ding Xin suddenly said : what method can several elders have to cope with Zhao Hai?” Xin Laiya how many person of knitting the brows heads, they have not coped with the Zhao Hai good means that will therefore get so far as today this situation, now Ding Xin such asked that this doesn't feel embarrassed them? Perhaps is because has not heard the reply, therefore Ding Xin is good long time not to speak, some little time did Ding Xin sigh said : „the day to want undead God Race to be inadequate?” At this time, Jin Ben actually deep voice said : must say copes with Zhao Hai, I to had means that but the sacrifice of this means was actually very big.”.. Are more, address