Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 927

All person look at Jin Ben, they know that Jin Ben is earliest with the person who Zhao Hai fights, because Jin Ben was almost equal to lost all entire [gold/metal] Ox Clan, therefore he status in several person was also lowest, now his suddenly opens. ” To has caused the curiosity of people. Ding Xin turns the head look at Jin Ben, the Jin Ben unconscious transfer index light, to did not say him to be afraid, because he does not want to see the Ding Xin present face. Because Ding Xin now is too thin, the whole person looks like seems like wrapping the skeleton of one layer skin, to the feeling terror of person, in adding on his eyes that strange ominous light, looks like looks like the fire of spirit soul in the skeleton eye burns, but your standing in front actually obviously is a person, this feeling, lets Jin Ben very uncomfortable, therefore he unconscious avoid Ding Xin vision. Ding Xin has not actually cared, he was only look at Jin Ben said : Elder Jin has anything to say please say. ” Jin Ben nodded said : present Zhao Hai disturbing in all directions in our God Race, but our beforehand plans obviously are the line motionless, with its this slowly by Zhao Hai rubbing, us was inferior other thinks means cope with Zhao Hai, so long as we were a willing worker some sacrifices, Zhao Hai will certainly come out to confront with us.” Ding Xin look at Jin Ben said : what method?” Jin Ben said : we begin now, directly soar Taurus Continent, keeps all the way, no matter any stop, no matter also on our several Continent the accident sentiment, we only come up to Taurus Continent, then we directly soar Thunder Clan, Barbarian, attacks with Pegasus Clan, no matter Continent lived anything, we only attack to these three races, Zhao Hai certainly will strive when the time comes for their.” Ding Xin they, as soon as listened to Jin Ben saying that ” gawked, the idea of Jin Ben, with beforehand Ding Xin idea very similar, but this Jin Ben has traded target, moreover by sacrificing give priority to, they went to attack Thunder Clan three clan that their these Continent, does not garrison on equal to, by that time Zhao Hai has not wanted to be how what kind. Several people somewhat hesitate, Ding Xin look at Jin Ben said : „do you have the several layers assurance?” Jin Ben said :ten layers our Taurus Continent although by Zhao Hai extinguishing, but Zhao Hai was first time cooperated with the Thunder Clan three clans at that time, therefore the first fight, the people of three clans will be involved, this let Zhao Hai strength formidable, but similarly, will incur not the small loss to three clans, but Zhao Hai actually has to such do, because he was first time cooperates with three clans, he must respect the opinions of three clans, but said that the sentence does not calculate big words Zhao Hai extinguished our Taurus God Race, but their impossible loss, possibly not to have had much. Will have very big loss, in this case, three clans meet in returned to their Space to carry on the recuperation, but a Zhao Hai actually person copes with us in here, but he among relationship with three clans is not common, can say , if no coordination of three clans, our Taurus God Race will not extinguish is so quick. Ding Xin several people nodded, they also know what Jin Ben said is right, the Jin Ben although of strength in God Realm is not strongest, but fighting strength of Taurus Continent in various God Realm Continent is actually not weak, Zhao Hai wants to destroy completely Taurus God Race, must say that a loss also if no, will kill them not to believe. Jin Ben looked that several people agree with his wordshis then said : „, therefore we go to the attack three clans, Zhao Hai not no matter he might also disturb on Continent very much, making us turn back in order to help friendly forces, but if we did not turn back in order to help friendly forces that to be one's turn Zhao Hai to feel embarrassed, if he did not seek three clans that his cooperation with the different God Race also to meet the appears issue the vassal races of these rebellions, feared was does not dare wholeheartedly cooperated with Zhao Hai, if lost different God Race and these vassal races, the Zhao Hai strength on will reduce much, moreover we can also tidy up these vassal race independently first., To stand firm different God Race and these vassal racesZhao Hai will certainly rescue Thunder Clan their three clans, when the time comes he can fight a decisive battle with us surely, when the time comes was not we looks for him, should be in turn, he found us. ” Ding Xin they, as soon as listens to Jin Ben, cannot help but nodded, truly is this, now God Race did not have the means with Zhao Hai, if they want to cope with Zhao Hai, erratically can give the trick to be good, Jin Ben this method, although will make several Continent have some losses, but if they such do not do, Zhao Hai such grinding slowly, rubbed them sufficiently, the loss when the time comes they had was heavier. Ding Xin turns the head other look at several long Old Daoist: „The opinion of Elder Jin, I am the agreement don’t know how many have what opinion? Several also saw, my Central Continent was ended, wanted to restore to come, does not have dozens over a hundred years is impossible, said that the sentence was not of pleasant to hear, if we cannot eradicate Zhao Hai, your several Continent feared that is will not compare in his our Central Continent many ”, if waited till your several clans, also turned into the Central Continent appearance, we did not have the means to cope with Zhao Hai, when the time comes the person cooperation of Zhao Hai and different God Race, almost can on give to eat our several large clans, therefore my please several must think twice. ”

Xin Laiya several people silent getting downhas spoken the truth, several people also know right that they said that the best method of such method truly Zhao Hai compelling, but this loss, is actually they do not want to see. ” A suddenly person was running over in this time, this person of Central in the city garrison troops, Central capital city here although is damaged seriously, but some consciousness sober people escaped, this person is one, therefore Ding Xin these refugee An Zhi to the Central capital city time, lets their these consciousness sober people, has composed a patrol leader, for maintains the public security in Central capital city, to prevent the Central capital city to be chaotic. Now this face ugly ran up to Ding Xin nearby their several people, kneel down with one knee said : report all Elders, just received information, Zhao Hai attack Leo Continent, destroyed Leo Mountain, the skeleton of Leo clan fellow ancestors on Leo Mountain turned into Undead Creature, and led Undead Creature to ambush personally, has killed Lion King Your Majesty and war lion Crown Prince ” the Leo Continent Chinese mile invites the Lion Race elder, returned to the Continent stable situation quickly! ” This person of information made Xin Laiya they stay in there at once, Leo Mountain has been representing anything on Leo Continent, people very clear, now Zhao Hai unexpectedly Leo Mountain destroying, but also turned into Undead Creature the skeleton of Leo clan ancestors, what most important was, he has also killed Lion King and war lion ” the present entire Leo clan feared that was the chaos. Xin Laiya face pale look at that person of said :, your can information be accurate?” information that person of immediately/on horseback said :, the Sea Race person sends they said that now Leo Continent there randomly has become a piece, asking elder immediately/on horseback to go back to subside the chaos! ” said : that Xin Laiya clenches jaws houseboy goes too far!” Said that turns the head to Ding Xin and Jin Ben said : 1 two, I also agree with the opinion of Jin Ben elder, when we go back to stabilize the Leo Continent situation, immediately attacks Thunder Clan their three clans!” A Xin Laiya such saying ” several other elders you had a look at me, I had a look at you, agreed the opinion of Jin Ben, the Leo Continent fresh matter can look from Central Continent and, Zhao Hai these time wanted determined coped with them ”, if they such did not do, sooner or later must be rubbed by Zhao Hai, rubbingto might as well spell by Zhao Hai with Zhao Hai with it! Ding Xin looked that several people agreed Jin Ben words, his immediately/on horseback said : that good, the matter is not suitable late Our immediately leaves Leo Continent, was right, before Leo Continent, everyone/Great Clan helps me, Seven Star Locking Heaven main formation disk looks, we go to Taurus Continent time, takes Seven Star Locking Heaven, ” is adding on our several people of strength with Seven Star Locking Heaven, must strike to kill Zhao Hai at the scene. ” Several people nodded, immediately looked in the ruins, Ding Xin grasps a Seven Star Locking Heaven time to be longest, he regarding Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk completely understand ”, therefore he transferred two to find a general position in the ruins ”, several have dug several times with Magic, Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk digging.

Waits for formation disk to dig, several people of immediately left Leo Continent, now several people firmly decided that after the draw extinguished the Leo Continent there matter, their immediately went to Taurus Continentthis happen to receive all the way Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk. Zhao Hai sits in the living roomlook at Laura they, now Laura their several people are still that gentle noble appearance ” a point cannot see that charming appearance in Hot Springthis cannot help but make Zhao Hai sigh that the woman is really fickle animal. However thinks that on that day the taste in Hot Spring, Zhao Hai had feeling that one type of fondly remembers ” to recognize, that taste was really fantastic, although finally Zhao Hai pressing out to do by several people, but he believes that ” any men thought such. Laura their several people also noted the Zhao Hai look, several people somewhat were embarrassed, to be honest, they were also temporary impulsionin addition were looking on that day at the Zhao Hai mood are not good, therefore temporary emerging, if made them make one time, they could not handle such matter absolutely. How many person of one Zhao Hai looked, shows a faint smile, he did not have saying that matter, but turned the head to Laura said : Laura, you said that the Elder Assembly person of this Leo clan won't come back? If he is a person comes back, we had opportunity to cope with him.” Laura shook the head said : „” I not to think that Supreme Elder of several other clans will certainly come with him ”, moreover they certainly will also make the adjustment, finding the way to solve the current aspectthey unable such to delay, otherwise sooner or later will be rubbed by us. ” Zhao Hai nodded, look at several people of said : that you believe how they will then do?” Several people frown, some little time Lizzy said : I think that they will possibly go to Taurus Continent there to cope with Thunder Clan their three clans.” Zhao Hai has gawked, then knit the brows said : meeting? If they cope with Thunder Clan they not to fear that I do cope with their several clansman in here? ” Lizzy shook the head said : „, if I am they, I will not be managing you to make anything in here, wholly-absorbed copes with Thunder Clan their three clans, like this we have to rescue that three clans, when the time comes, has to fight a decisive battle with them, this is the result that they want.” Zhao Hai frowns, he to thought Lizzy said to ”, but he actually cannot think now, has any means to be able the method of to break opposite party. The Lizzy look at Zhao Hai appearance, knows that Zhao Hai is thinking anything, Lizzy deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, it seems like that this time we feared can not positive to them to fighting, no matter what, Thunder Clan they must also guarantee, otherwise, different God Race and these vassal races will not be taking us.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to know is this, but I am some am not really willingly, such as wants us to go really with them to the war, feared that will be time-consuming will not be short, after all they will not be good to cope, I could not make a move, as the matter stands, we not have the means to cope with God Race other Continent fully.” How Lizzy showed a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai you forgetting our allies, we God Race nine Great Elder dragging in Taurus Continent there, definitely to make different God Race make a move cope with God Race, God Race here did not have Supreme Elder to assume personal command, different God Race can definitely send out Supreme Elder lead the army, tidying up of Continent Continent, moreover different God Race can also make these vassal race helpwhen the time comes God Race certainly bad luck. ” Zhao Hai one hear of Lizzy said that cannot help but starespats own big tui said : that has then made an effort 1 good means that right, we nine Great Elder dragging in Taurus Continent there, making different God Race dispatch troops to cope with God Race God Race here not to have Supreme Elder to assume personal command ” is impossible to block different God Race, goodfantastic, such manages. ” Laura look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : Elder Brother Hai, first other happy too early, now also don’t know God Race such has done, if God Race such doesn't do? Didn't our plans waste?” Zhao Hai thinks that the Ding Xin appearance, cannot help but shook the head said : not, I think that God Race that several elders such will certainly do, they had been compelled in the dead end, was a pity that we do not have the means as the matter stands, their three clans closing on in Space came Thunder Clan. ” Megan showed a faint smile at this time said : Elder Brother Hai, I to do not think this, this must look that Elder Brother Hai you were cruel enough to start, if your real being cruel enough that we can three clans closing on Space. ” The Zhao Hai look at Megan appearance, deep voice said : „is your meaning?” Megan showed a faint smile said : just Lizzy not saying that God Race coped with three clans, to compel us came, did we do in God Race here, they definitely will not manage, appearance why we did not pretend to be swindled, when these Supreme Elder coped with three clans, we still pounded on various God Race Continent are chaotic a while, when presently they were not swindled, we in rescued, but now God Race nine Great Elder, each one is a lot of fires, they will certainly not be forgiving to three clan under the hand/subordinate, the loss that three clans had certain will not be light, when the time comes we in acting to cope with nine Great Elder, But by an enemy nine, we have not grasped, must therefore invite the place that their leave live, seeks asylum to Space, when they entered Space, we were telling them that O'Neal Clan attacked, the Underworld matter, asking them to settle down in Space, I want in the environment by Space, making them settle down in Space, wasn't the difficult matter? ” a.