Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 928

Zhao Hai static listened to the Megan words, although saying that Megan such procedure abdomen was very black, the means that but Zhao Hai actually has to recognize, Megan say, most suited his. Really if Zhao Hai said according to Megan does, that Thunder Clan, Barbarian and Pegasus Clan these three large clans, will receive heavy losses, in adding on outside O'Neal Clan pressure, when the time comes Zhao Hai in acting to lobby, three large clans might enter to Space in very much. Moreover they such do will not have left behind a point flaw, after all before them, such helps different God Race break through, this time he in this way, others will not have any suspicion. However this wants one, Thunder Clan the losses of their three clans are not certainly small, must know that now God Race these Supreme Elder, soon by Zhao Hai compelling crazy, this time they must cope with the Zhao Hai ally, will be certainly impolite, they will regard the undeserved target of anger the Zhao Hai ally, when the time comes three clans will die many people, this has not said. But Megan said Zhao Hai, if can be cruel-hearted, said also this, Zhao Hai is not a feelings specially hard person, although he has the time for the point not, then method, but this time matter, regarding Thunder Clan their three clans, its result possibly is disaster xing, Megan they ten clear this point, they also know Zhao Hai also clear this point, therefore Megan will say. Laura meaning of their understand Megan, look at Zhao Hai that therefore several people decide, looked that what decision Zhao Hai will make. Zhao Hai frowns to sit in there, he works as the meaning in also understand Megan words, naturally also knows, if he in there according to the Megan words does, what the consequence can be , because of the clear awareness consequence, therefore he so will hesitate. Zhao Hai wants to get so far as in Space three large clans, really but if said according to Megan does, the loss of that three large clan was too big, even there is a exterminated the clan danger. Zhao Hai fears in three large clans to have the race to exterminate the clan, he was unfair to them, therefore his at heart contradiction. At this time for a while Elder Brother Hai to Meg suddenly said : of this matter table any comment, don’t know you didn't have to think a matter, if Thunder Clan they have not entered Space, after our ascend, will they be what kind of?” Zhao Hai one hear of Meg said that ” cannot help but has gawked, his do not understand look at Meg, Meg look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do not forget, even if were we have defeated God Race, but this plane was still turns over to Lu Wei to rule, Lu Wei can definitely in supporting another God Race comes out, but Thunder Clan they and God Race did to with near that we walked, offended Lu Wei on equal to, he may cope with Thunder Clan from the Lu Wei that strong retaliation heartvery much their three clans, when the time comes will three clans be what kind of? Can three clans be able to block Lu Wei attack? ”

Zhao Hai and Megan they were shocked, to be honest, they have not considered the issue from this aspect, they have thought has defeated God Race on the ear by, has not actually thought that person who if some day their leave this plane, these had relationship with themLu Wei is will certainly not let off, those who when the time comes are bad luck is they. Zhao Hai stares at Meg some little time, is laughing said : Meg, has not thought that matter that we have not noted you actually noted, good, if we one day of ascend to walk, that Thunder Clan they will certainly have bad luck, when the time comes they will be given the extermination of the clan by Lu Wei, person like Lu Weiwas completely possibly such does, with it when the time comes that might as well now we take in them Space. ” How Megan look at Zhao Hai said : that presses manages us who I said to have a look at God Race these Supreme Elder to do first, if they coped with Thunder Clan their three clanswe first to give to raise a rumpus God Realm Continent, if these God Race Supreme Elder did not come back, we in going back to request reinforcements, believes that three clans certainly will agree when the time comes to enter Space, besides this, we can also send the letter to different God Race, when we requested reinforcements three clans, different God Race can cope with God Race. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, that such manages, we are waiting for these God Race Supreme Elder in here first, then with them, first they do not say this matter to Xiao Bingya, when we need the returned to Taurus Continent rescue time, was telling them.” Meaning of Laura understand Zhao Hai, if this matter premature told Xiao Bingya them, Xiao Bingya they will know Zhao Hai in planning Thunder Clan their three clans, when the time comes Xiao Bingya they, if in a saying to the clan, will affect the cooperation of Zhao Hai and different God Race. Zhao Hai is not one person who is easy to renege on a promise, the matter decided that he fully will do, now the matter has decided that that Zhao Hai does not worry he, he in Leo Continent here static is waiting for God Race that several Supreme Elder. Zhao Hai is too far, he still stays in Leo in the river, in Leo Mountain side, he believes that if God Race that several Supreme Elder returned to Leo Continent here, will certainly come the Leo Mountain here examination, if Supreme of Leo clan grows into on a person comes back, that Zhao Hai is impolite. Zhao Hai they have been used to it, stays in this small Space, Laura they already were also used to it, but they do not have now daily accompanies Zhao Hai to stay on Yama Ship, they went spatially are, must from the cool breeze there study that practice method, taught Green them. Xin Laiya they have not let Zhao Hai , etc. too long time, quick, their forms on appears in Leo Mountain there, but is not his appears , in his side with God Race other Supreme Elder. Zhao Hai looked that this situation knows, he does not have opportunity, therefore he is only static look at these Supreme Elder. Xin Laiya face pale look at Leo Mountain here, Leo Mountain here is their ancestor's imperial mausoleums, now was actually destroyed, their ancestor's skeletons cannot protect.

Xin Laiya falling slowly to the ground, has arrived on Leo Mountain, Bang kneels the ground, has knocked, is then straight the body, said loudly: Ancestor hero soul on, unfilial descendants Xin Laiya vowed in this, certainly ten thousand broke the Zhao Hai broken corpse, to offer a sacrifice to soul in heaven.” Other Supreme Elder have not knelt down, they are only face heavy look at Xin Laiya, this hands over the Leo Mountain matter, to Xin Laiya attack is very big. Also did obeisance several to do obeisance, Xin Laiya has then stood, turned the head to several other people of said : everybody, we first stabilized Leo Continent here, was carrying on our plans.” Several other people nodded, has flown away with Xin Laiya. They fly toward Continent, therefore Zhao Hai not with, but he also guesses correctly Xin Laiya they to do, Xin Laiya they must do, is the line lives the Leo Continent present chaotic situation stability, as for their plans small is anything, that Zhao Hai don’t know, but he prepares to use these days, the first Leo Continent coastline there map income to the Space map, then waits for Xin Laiya they to exit, he with the past has a look on knowing. Thinks does, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback makes Bubble lead him, coastline all maps in the lion big border took in Space, monitored. Xin Laiya is very high in the Leo Continent here prestige, he comes back, the Leo Continent here situation has stabilized quickly, moreover this Leo clan Imperial Clan person, not by Zhao Hai complete exterminate, therefore Xin Laiya immediately/on horseback has accepted fate a Lion King, Leo Continent here situation, is thorough receive control. Should Xin Laiya returned to Leo Continent five days later, Zhao Hai Leo Continent southeastern coastline there present Xin Laiya their trails, does not have others, only then nine Supreme Elder, their together flew to the Leo Continent southeast. Zhao Hai immediately let Bubble with, at this time Laura they also came out from Space, their these time entered Space, not only taught Green them that Cultivation Method, they went to also duty, from Gnome clan there, has selected to Magic Formation research best Gnome, led Wild Dragon Island there them, join to Karen Magic Formation Laboratory. Now in Karen that Laboratory, there is Beastman Race, has Dwarf Race, has a Gnome clan, has Elven Race, Human Race, even Zhao Hai also adjusted several Demon Race from Great Demon King there, from mermaid queen there, adjusted several Sea Race people, can say all races in Zhao Hai Space, besides God Race, almost participated in Karen the Magic Formation laboratory. Naturally, Wild Dragon Island there, besides a Gnome clan, other races, almost originally in straight life in Wild Dragon Island there, therefore framework of this laboratory already constructed, but the present was also toward in add people.

Laura they also sit in the there look at screen, decide Yan who on the screen demonstrates they, Ding Xin their flying in the sky, Zhao Hai walks in underwater, is not slower than them. Zhao Hai also looked, Ding Xin they do not go to Taurus Continent now, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, they with not entering the methods of three clans compel them to come? Did they guess mistakenly? However they are doing for a better determination, Zhao Hai is continuously with them, when they enter to that Continent time, immediately received in that Continent coastline Space, when then had a look at their leave, if their long time leavethat Zhao Hai only cannot take risk to attack this Continent, having a look at them to do. Is good they have not disappointed Zhao Hai because of Xin Laiya, they from that Continent leave, Zhao Hai inquired quickly after this Continent situation, knows, before this Continent is, Supreme Elder by his exterminate Demon Scorpion Continent. Then Xin Laiya walking of their Continent Continent, almost Zhao Hai transferring fainted, finally Zhao Hai present, Ding Xin their several, transferred God Race nine Continent , then set out to fly toward Taurus Continent there. Why Zhao Hai although don’t know Xin Laiya they such does, but he can affirm that this time Xin Laiya they go certainly to Taurus Continent there, coped with Thunder Clan and other clans. Thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately has put out Message Fish, but this Message Fish, used with Fei'er hold a conversation! a.