Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 929
Fei'er keeps crack defense line here, now they and outside don’t know friendship slippery what kind , the O'Neal Clan military strength adjusted many. However the defense of crack defense line is very good, these Undead Creature use Magic Cannon, use to was very good, O'Neal Clan although carries on several to dodge to probe xing attack, but did not have the function instead. However Fei'er actually does not dare underestimated O'Neal ClanO'Neal Clan this several times attack, has not sent out large quantities of armies, but some probes xing attack, seems like more like scout. However is these is used for the scout soldier, makes their very difficult deal with, they Zhao Hai beyond that time, have not caused anything to injure to these Magic Armor, first time by these Magic Armor calm retreating. They want to send out Cavalry, enters the march war with these Magic Armor, but how these Magic Armor resemble completely understand to deal with them ”, therefore, they want to carry on the attack with the opposite party, simply does not have the means. Fei'er now also for the defense line here matter headache, he is not being a fool, now O'Neal Clan only enters line of such attack to make their very difficult deal with, if attacks on a large scale, they can also be able to block opposite party attack? This lets the Fei'er load 1 heart. In this time, in his Message Fish suddenly has been transmitting speaking sounds: Fei'er, Fei'er, you in? I am Zhao Hai.” Fei'er stares, his immediately takes Message Fish, deep voice said : mister, do I, what mister have to tell?” The Zhao Hai sound conveys said : Fei'er, today I look for you, is an important matter must discuss with you that previous God Race army must cope with different God Race, I to break through to different God Race, goes to God Race Central Continent, their Welcoming Heaven Palace destroying, then Leo Mountain on their Leo Continent destroying, now God Race although from different God Race there retreat, moreover Central Continent Leo Continent here was also chaotic, but God Race actually hated me.” Zhao Hai spoke of here, Fei'er has been shocked, before he has followed side Yun Tianlei, had regarding God Race matter completely understand God Racelooks like Welcoming Heaven Palace and Leo Mountain that these specially important place he was also knows, that was the God Race most famous place, therefore Fei'er naturally was knows these two places regarding God Race important xing. Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that Fei'er vented spleen and was worried, vented spleen that to be needless saying that God Race oppressed their several clan that long time, killed their many people they are hates certainly to the marrow of the bones to God Race, now Zhao Hai Welcoming Heaven Palace and Leo Mountain destroying, this left foul air to Fei'er.

However Fei'er also worry because Fei'er knows that these two places were too important to God Racehave destroyed these two place although venting spleen, but God Race will certainly not give up, he was worried for Zhao Hai very much, therefore his quickly said: mister, are you all right? These two places regarding God Race were really too important, lost these two places they certainly not to give up, mister you may probably be careful that.” Zhao Hai one hear of Fei'er said that cannot help but at heart one warmhe really wants to give up that planning 1 But was finally cruel-hearted clenched teeth said : Fei'er you not to need to be worried that for me my here does not have the matter, God Race wants to cope with me is not that easy, but I feared that now God Race copes with me with another one type of means that God Race that several Supreme Elder, will cope with your three clans to Taurus Continent there. ” Does a Fei'er startled face arrow change said : mister can affirm?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : ** does not leave ten, now that several Supreme Elder, rush to the Taurus Continent direction to go to my extremely worried, you are earliest cope with God Race them to want with coping with your methods with my together, compels me to be fighting a decisive battle with you.” Fei'er startled sound said : mister, can this not know what to do? God Race these Supreme Elder, but very formidable, they use is Ultimate Weapon, we may not have the means to resist them. ” Zhao Hai deep voice said : this point I also know, but I have not been able to fight a decisive battle with them now, therefore my present immediately carries on attack to hope that to God Race various Continent they can return to rescue various Continent, how do you look? ” Fei'er thinks said : mister, if these God Race Supreme Elder, don't go back to rescue? If their attack wholeheartedly we what to do that we should? ” Zhao Hai silent, deep voice said : Fei'er, at this moment, I was also open about the facts you the Ark Continent person and Demon Realm person, had been given to deliver to a safe place by me, but that place ” was actually only belong to us, entered must listen to there completely my, before I to your clansman had not said this matter, was feared that you misunderstood me, but now situation very critical, I could not attend to that many, I hope that you can go to that place to seek asylum. ” Fei'er was silent, these old person in his completely understand clan, these old person very tenacious, they do not want to accept others' control, will therefore oppose God Race, if let enter to that place, but also has accepted Zhao Hai Commander, they will not agree.

Zhao Hai also knows that the Fei'er difficulty, he to Fei'er said : Fei'er, a while I will make Undead Creature deliver three Command Token to you in the past, your immediately is bringing Command Token returned to in your clan, this Command Token can open Space riftto receive in that Space your clansman together, if your clansman agreement, you receive in them Space, if they did not agreeif God Race Supreme Elder Does not draw back to rescue the God Race Continent wordsI to go back really with, but you who God Race these Supreme Elder fight to the death ” must know, if I defeated or died in battle accidentally, that God Race following retaliation, feared that is not you can withstand, was good, time tight, I was not many said that after a while Undead Creature will send to you Command Tokenyou accepted, person who immediately is bringing your, returned to in your clan. ” Said that did not have the sound. Fei'er also listened to an indignation from the Zhao Hai words, but Fei'er actually thinks what Zhao Hai said was rightprevious time, when Ark Continent there and Zhao Hai battled, he thought that Ark Continent there was really somewhat strangeZhao Hai probably was not later worried God Race Continent can break through Ark Continent to be the same, he felt very strange at that time, now the mi group has untied, Ark Continent there already nobody. Afterward Demon Race coped with God Race with their together, this let Fei'er feeling strange, why don’t know Demon Race will listen to Zhao Hai, now he knew, Demon Race already complete submitting to Zhao Hai. Demon Race, can the Ark Continent people submit to Zhao Haithey are not why good? The lane has a liking for one time with the God Race Continent situation, Ark Continent and Demon Race there almost does not have any loss, but their three clans? Actually suffers heavy casualties, strength/Origin Qi damages severely. although said as the matter stands, they had with the authority of Zhao Hai equal dialog, however for an authority of equal dialog, but were sacrifice that many people, worth really? If they also made at that time with Ark Continent with the Demon Realm same choice, can so many not lose? Looks at the Demon Race appearance, Zhao Hai has not treated them like God Race treatment Demon Race, Zhao Hai to Great Demon King continuously very respectful, even if ordering time, with the expression that one type of discussed that this is also why Fei'er wish made Thunder Clan submit to the Zhao Hai reason. But now God Race there making overturned the heavens by Zhao Hai, but their three clan initially are with Zhao Haiwith God Race makes to the race, the armed forces clan will use them to attack Zhao Hai most from the beginning, is completely possible. God Race nine big Supreme Elder together move, such strength, wants much stronger compared with the single God Race strength, in this case, do three clans resist? But God Race simply will not be forgiving to their under the hand/subordinate, the vassal race that they take the lead in revolting, God Race will certainly exterminate the clan them. Before Zhao Hai also knows that they do not want to submit to him, therefore he has given them the authority of equal dialog, but relationship to life and death of their clan, Zhao Hai has saying that proposition now, if they are still not willing to submit to Zhao Hai, Fei'er believed Zhao Hai still to save them and God Race nine Great Elder decisive battles, if when the time comes Zhao Hai has defeated or is killed, their three clans welcomed can be the retaliation of entire God Racewhen the time comes they do not have the means to resist.

Fei'er also knows that now the best means walk to enter to that place that Zhao Hai said that to evade this tribulation, but these will old person in clan agree? Fei'er also knows why Zhao Hai is angry, Zhao Hai regarding three clans, very much has looked, but three clans have had the heart of guarding to Zhao Hai very much, this is the reason that Zhao Hai is angry, you think that you in helping a person, is almost unconditional ”, but opposite party actually like against thief against you, can the name not be angry? Besides these, Fei'er is also worried about a point, is the O'Neal Clan person, if Zhao Hai has defeated, first did not say God Race here will be what kind, even if were he and God Race were mutually woundedthat O'Neal Clan if attacked on a large scale? They who can resist? Must know that now and O'Neal Clan makes war, is these Undead Creature, constrains God Race is also Zhao Hai, a Zhao Hai defeat, God Race did not have the match ”, but these Undead Creature will also vanish, when the time comes God Race and O'Neal Clan together carried on attack to them, they really ended. Thought of here, the Fei'er cold sweat has gotten down, in this time, Undead Creature has been arriving at Fei'er side, this Undead Creature in hand was taking a piece blood red Command Token, this Command Token was drawing making threatening gestures Wild Dragon directly, the back was actually drawing a skeleton, entire Command Token did not have the character, the hua mark that but above has plenty was actually used to decoratelooked like very refined. Fei'er did not have the time to be too manysnatched Command Token from that Undead Creature in hand, immediately/on horseback turn around has looked for Dingshan and Zhanyue, he knows that they had the similar thoughts with him, he must ask them to discuss well this matter, no matter what, cannot in letting the clan now by very huge damage, otherwise, three clans is feared did not have hundred years cannot in regain one's strength, most important was, this time they also had the exterminated the clan danger, they have to attach great importance. a.