Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 930

Zhao Hai calm has put down Message Fish, face is somewhat ugly, Laura look at Zhao Hai appearance, Comforts said : Elder Brother Hai, do not want to be many, at the worst we sought three clans time, early went to points to walk.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said :, feel relieved, I know in heart.” Lizzy showed a faint smile said : just the performance of Elder Brother Hai very to arrive, if we were not matter Prophet say, but also thinks really Elder Brother Hai was angry.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : considering as finished not to go to think that he ” we have thought that we then must cope with that God Race Continent, now God Race Continent in our eyes, almost on the person who equal to did not garrison, I think before , Ding Xin they went to that several God Race Continent, certainly for that several Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk on that several Continent, they before to cope with us, Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk, divided certainly on God Race each every Continent, they went to God Race each every Continent for beforeon was takes these formation disk to cope with usthey to by. We die ” , will therefore take Seven Star Locking Heaven, now on God Race Continent, feared that was the successive defends our strengths not to have finally. ” Did Laura nodthen deep voice said : that Elder Brother Hai your meaning?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : present to begin, first begins to Central Continent, Central Continent there just stilled, almost does not have any rebel strength, moreover their remaining these old person and children, in this time rebel, we cannot Central Continent, turn into another Taurus Continent. ” Lizzy nodded said : this to be also good, does not cross ocean to marry, Central Continent there also has many vassal races, do we want to contact with them?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : considering as finished these vassal races to give different God Race to relate, we brave the going relation rashly, the opposite party not to trust now our, did not use fee that matter. ” Did Lizzy nod said : that well we to begin now? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to walk, now begins.” Said that in his heart movedYama Ship appears then Yama Ship instantaneously to increase in Central capital city there, stops in the sky of Central capital city. The Central capital city that just calm got downsaw that Yama Shipall people were shockedthen their face big change, regarding Yama Ship, Central capital city here many people are very familiar with, because of appears of this ship, is the start of their nightmare. Zhao Hai actually not polite, immediately release large quantities of Undead Creature, have made an arrest, just as is such that Zhao Hai said that the Central Continent here person, almost lost brave warrior of resistance When they see Yama Ship, has thought Central capital city here fresh these terrors matters, this made their spirits one collapse, completely lost the brave warrior of resistance. Zhao Hai these time makes an arrest very successful, has almost not spent any strength, has caught God Race these people, then Zhao Hai directly soars the next city.

Zhao Hai now at the matter that Central Continent here handles, compared with also want to Taurus Continent there with ease ”, because Taurus Continent there took the city as Serbia at that time, the city resists, but Central Continent here, all can fight the soldier, almost lost negligently completelyin this case, Zhao Hai wanted to catch them, was too relaxed. Central Continent is very big, is bigger than Taurus Continent, however the Zhao Hai movement was not slow, looks like catches up with the sheep to be the same ” to a city, drove in the in the city people Space directly ”, therefore very fastonly has also used three days, has caught the Central Continent remaining people. This process Xiao Bingya they are almost the entire procedure follow, Zhao Hai has not been hiding the truth from them, he also told Xiao Bingya them, now God Race nine Great Elder have attacked Taurus Continent Thunder Clan their three clans, he such did, did not have, for God Race nine Great Elder compelling. Xiao Bingya to did not oppose that Zhao Hai such does, he to is thinks Zhao Hai does is very good, initially Zhao Hai has solved encirclement of their different God Race with this move, therefore Xiao Bingya has not thought that Zhao Hai wants in this way, to plan next three clans, the planned three clans have not thought this point. Solved the Central Continent matter, Zhao Hai had not gone to Leo Continent there, although Leo Continent there also lived the turmoil in the past, but actually the quick draw extinguished, can say that Leo Continent there, has not withstood very huge damage, their Main Force strengths still, in addition Zhao Hai dug others ancestral graves, Leo Continent there entered to hate to the marrow of the bones to him, if Zhao Hai attacks Leo ContinentLeo Continent there all people to take up weapon to come to resist with him, this was not therefore Zhao Hai that Zhao Hai wants to seehas not attacked Leo Continent, the surface was attacks Demon Scorpion Continent. Demon Scorpion Continent there Supreme Elder died, believes that the people in this point Demon Scorpion Continent knew, this regarding their morale is an attack of very enormous, do not look at their there vividly not chaotic, but morale is actually lowest Continent. But Zhao Hai copes with Demon Scorpion Continent time, has found out good means that Demon Scorpion Continent that Supreme Elder, but was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai, he lets that Supreme Elder directly, is putting up Demon Scorpion Continent Ultimate Weapon, the great scorpion goes to attack Demon Scorpion Continent there, he is sending out Demon Race there Devil Regiment, believes that the Demon Scorpion Continent there army, saw these many use the Ultimate Weapon person to come attack they, the confidence is certainly destroyed, when the time comes Zhao Hai tidied up to facilitate. Before Zhao Hai, when they transfers with Ding Xin, several Continent he may go, therefore he only meets from Space arrives at Demon Scorpion Continent, time waste on hurrying along. But Ding Xin they may not have such skill, they can only hurrying along bit by bit, but from God Race Continent, rushes to another God Race Continent, even if their these Supreme Elder, must use two days of left time, when Zhao Hai attack to Demon Scorpion Continent, Ding Xin they just arrived at Taurus Continent there. But this several days time, Fei'er their returned to in the clanhas also looked like their Patriarch to rephrase in own words the Zhao Hai words, moreover Fei'er they have reached an agreement, must urge Patriarch, making clansman enter to Zhao Hai Space. Fei'er also knows that this matter is not easy, but he has not actually thought such difficultly, In his return to clan a saying, in clan almost all people opposed that they think this is scheme of Zhao Hai use, God Race nine Great Elder, simply alliance will not cope with them, no matter how Fei'er they urgedthree clans are remain unmovedthis are Fei'er being flustered. The time that Fei'er and Zhao Hai contact is very long, he regarding Zhao Hai completely understand, he knows that Zhao Hai inwith this matter that at this matter will crack a joke will not deceive him, therefore they believe entirely the Zhao Hai words. But Fei'er they in young man of three clans, has the prestige, has not been permitted in Patriarch and elder there, Fei'er cannot, have in the collection entire clan * his person, making them prepare relocation, Fei'er also has related simultaneously Zhao Hai with Message Fish,

Asked his Command Token usage. Three clan there situations, Zhao Hai knew through Command Token, Fei'er such trusts him He naturally is impossible unable the Fei'er face ” the place that therefore his immediately assigns in Fei'er, started Space rift, making these be willing to move to the person in Space, immediately moves to Space. But Fei'er they the prestige in young man are very highin three clans to have king 1 young man, is willing they to follow Fei'er, has the male to have the woman , some old person. Fei'er they could not control that many, because Zhao Hai told them, God Race nine big Supreme Eldersoon arrived in their clan. Fei'er immediately command(er) these are willing to enter the person who he follows to Space , before Fei'er, has not entered Spacehe completely to go out in the trust Zhao Hai, when he enters Space reallyhe one has actually tarried, because the Space here environment is really fantastic, moreover he still saw Dingshan and Zhanyue in here, originally Zhao Hai was the preparation their three clansarrangement in Space. These ordinary background that Zhao Hai afterward bought, has made some choices, in these backgroundhas brought many houses, has planted Bread Tree and Bamboo rice after adding on ”, therefore the people of three clans enter to Space insimply did not worry that does not have the place to live, even if the person are too many, in Space the ready-made house insufficiently lives, that also it doesn't matter, Space good of environment, Fei'er their imagination, likely them young man, on is lives in 1 u Heaven and Earth did not fear that ” opposite, they like living outside, Lies downis making the fragrance of green grass on soft meadow, that feeling ratio lives in the room is comfortable. But three people move like this, ji has actually gotten angry Patriarch and elder in their clan, their Patriarch and eldersare under the strict order, forbidding these people to move, finally for this reason has even sent out the army. But at this time, three clans entered in the person with Space, the total adds also hundred thousand, this digit was not absolutely big, but Fei'er they looked in the clan, for this matter immediately must hitfinally not to have the means that has to close that to say Space rift, but they also by Patriarch and elder closing, have not let them and outside world contact. At this moment, Zhao Hai they have also attacked Demon Scorpion Continent, Zhao Hai have taken Demon Scorpion Clan Supreme Elder as, making Devil Corps help, to dash to Demon Scorpion Continent. Supreme Elder that these garrison troops on Demon Scorpion Continent saw them originally dead, has one to use the Ultimate Weapon person to come attack now in large numbers they, almost in collapsed instantaneously, the Zhao Hai remaining, made an arrest toward Space. When Zhao Hai makes an arrest toward Space, Ding Xin they also arrived at Taurus Continent here, Jin Ben almost did not have any hesitationto bring Ding Xin directly they, threw toward Space rift there of Thunder Clan three clans. Thunder Clan their three clansturned over to the Taurus Continent rule are not a day or two, Space rift of their three clansJin Ben naturally was the knowledge, therefore has not taken any effort, Jin Ben they had found Space rift of three clans. Space rift of three clans in together, are not distanced to return very far, but Jin Ben they found most from the beginning, is Thunder Clan Space rift.

although said that Thunder Clan Patriarch does not believe God Race nine big Supreme Elder, will come attack they ”, but he has made the protection, in Space rift there arrange the high large army, passed through the reinforcement of several times the defense line, appearance that being ready in full battle array. Jin Ben they arrived at that Space rift there, this that sees is this situation, nine people set up in an array, slowly has pressed toward Thunder Clan Space rift defense line there. Thunder Clan Space rift defense line there also present Jin Ben they, the although defense line there ordinary soldier does not know Jin Ben they, but looks at Jin Ben their appearance, is harbors evil intentions likely, their immediately sounded respected clockthen garrison troops loudly to inform said : „the front person to listen, you entered to the Thunder Clan defense area, please immediately/on horseback fall to the ground, not in the words we will regard you for the enemy, carried on attack to you.” The appearances of Jin Ben look at these Thunder Clan people, the anger instead smiles extremely, he laughs said : „the Thunder Clan lackeys, when makes the beginning, you also dare such unyieldingly to speak, is who gives your courage, making you dare to do unexpectedly right with our God Race, really acts recklessly.” Thunder Clan garrison troops one hear of Jin Ben wordsface changes, because lackey called them to be too familiar, before Taurus Continent God Race person to their names, therefore one hear of Jin Ben said that they know today is unable to be friendly. Thunder Clan garrison troops immediately/on horseback said loudly:, Puts the arrow, attack do not make them approach. ” Sees this situation, Jin Ben turns the head their several people to bow to Ding Xin slightly said : several, these people are my Taurus God Race lackey, although now Taurus God Race did not exist, but please let my well lesson their!” Ding Xin several people nodded, they did not oppose that Jin Ben such does, like the defense line, simply has no need for their together make a move. Jin Ben looked that several people agreed that he then turns the head the look at Thunder Clan person, now they to the Thunder Clan defense line distance, the Thunder Clan netg steed, simply could not have threatened them, therefore Jin Ben put on own Taurus Combat Suitto stand slowly in front of several people, the double fist received the returned to abdomenthen right fist fierce proceeding to strike, simultaneously said loudly: Taurus Charging Formation!” Along with his words, huge Taurus runs out from his fist, directly soars the Thunder Clan defense line of distant place. These Taurus proceeds to clash, while is absorbing all around strength probably, increasing ”, when that Taurus rushed to nearby the Thunder Clan defense line time, Taurus became has about 20 meters to be high, that Taurus hit on Thunder Clan defense line city wall, listened to with a bang sounddefense line that about ten meters wide city wall, probably one became is the same, one under was dashed by Taurus that the photographic paper stuck. But at this time the left fist of Jin Ben had also ejected, is move of Taurus Charging Formation, his positive Thunder Clan city wallby these two fists, had been made a about 60 meters wide large shortfall. Ding Xin stands in Jin Ben, nod said : of gently Jin Ben elder these two fists compared with originalwere also many three points of making an all-out effort, had these three points of making an all-out effort , the lethality of his these two fists, compared with the original minimum person high two. ” Several other people also nodded, they also know that the fist of Jin Ben, was truly fiercer than before, reason that will turn into this, was extinguished because of Taurus Continent, therefore in the fist of Jin Ben, is having the enmity, bringing hateto have the resentment! a.