Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 931
Two fists, only used two fists, Thunder Clan saying that construction that city wall lost any use, stood dozens people on city wall also extinguished, moreover was directly by fist force to meeting a cruel death. Besides destroyed city wall, construction within city wall following hundred meters, was razed completely, prepares to make the support in there about hundred Thunder Clan soldiers , the complete body dies. The prestige of two fist, unexpectedly this in this way! Thunder Clan these people also by these two fists to dozen méng, but leads not to be killed in them well, that lead(er) immediately has been making the adjustment, stood these Thunder Clan person immediately on city wall removed. Thunder Clan the defense line, imitates the crack defense line there construction, this defense line here has a minute of order to install in parts, did not mean, so long as defense line there city wall breaking through, the defense line has not used. Jin Ben naturally also noted the cicada-like insect mentioned in ancient texts situations of Thunder Clan these people, his personal appearance moved directly toward flying, just entered to city wall , the front surface was arrow rain. Jin Ben does not dare to neglect, his very clear, the wild arrows of opposite party can live the explosion, moreover Might does not compare blood Thunder Qiuxiao. Jin Ben has been feeling for this matter strange, the blood thunder ball is their God Race uses first, was afterward Zhao Hai after learn blood thunder ball Magic, actually compared with their God Race performance leaves , this is makes him feel really very puzzled. Jin Ben wields, is the direction that bull shape air/Qi play direct impact wild arrows shoots together strikes, ahead of time struck to explode many wild arrows, then Jin Ben both hands kept bull shape Qi Strength. although said very good that Thunder Clan the defense line constructs, moreover is separated by layers, the Jin Ben strength is very however strong, bull shape Qi Strength clashes, the terrain gave to change, anything arranged ends. After several hundred bull shape Qi Strength, entire crack defense line here had been razed, Jin Ben then received full body armor, took the lead to fly toward Thunder Clan Continent.

In Jin Ben, when attack crack defense line here, the defense line here garrison troops also passed on returned to this information in Thunder Clan, Zhao Hai initially dealt with the God Race person for the aspect, but has given Fei'er their many Message Fish, afterward these Message Fish Zhao Hai naturally had not taken back, became Thunder Clan one type of equipmentcrack defense line here also has naturally provided Message Fish. The although Thunder Clan person does not know God Race Supreme Elder, the strength that but Jin Ben they show, had actually indicated their status, is adding on Zhao Hai to remind them ahead of time, therefore Thunder Clan there has affirmed quickly Jin Ben their status. Had affirmed Jin Ben their status, the Thunder Clan person has cannot help but flustered, Supreme Elder of Taurus clan, that strength, but world-shakingnow they really came, does Thunder Clan resist with what? arrived at this time, the Thunder Clan talented person presentlyoriginally their simply does not have what qualifications to speak the last words with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has defeated the God Race Supreme Elder person, to cope with Zhao Hai, God Race nine big Supreme Elder have to alliance get up, but their entire clan, is actually links Supreme Elder unable to block, if Zhao Hai wants to extinguish them, was really too relaxed. Cannot in the situationThunder Clan Patriarch gives let out Fei'er, said to Fei'er the present situation, Fei'er hears this situation, face is also very difficult looks. His look at Patriarch said : Patriarch, we can only find the way to constrain God Race nine Great Elder now then the clan people in as soon as possible to shift to that Space that in mister said that I thought that we should select the hundred thousand person to come, making them use the Sacrificial Offering way, uses Thunder Gangzhao, blocks God Race nine Great Elder, our here also grasps time motion ” to within the nearest/recent time, shifts clansman. ” Patriarch one hear of Fei'er said that face cannot help but changesThunder Clan really has one type of known as Sacrificial Offering Cultivation Method, this Cultivation Method almost everybody canone, but uses, their abilities will become a geometrical generation of growth, moreover can continue ten days, but ten days of will cross, this person immediately will change into the flying ash dead, moreover this Cultivation Method will be irreversible, the ear saying that will use this Cultivation Method person, that will have dead Unborn. hundred thousand person that hundred thousand person together uses this Cultivation Method, energy that can explode truly is very astonishing, feared that is God Race these Supreme Elder, a short time also how them not to, but ten days later, this hundred thousand person may all end, this regarding present Thunder Clan, absolutely is a huge attack. Patriarch look at Fei'er deep voice didn't said : have other means? Was the hundred thousand person, too many?” Fei'er forced smile said : Patriarch, the hundred thousand person are not many, is this hundred thousand person, my can also don’t know block, later possibly also in pursuing add people, when with the God Race war, mister and Taurus God Race Supreme Elder war time, we have seen, Taurus God Race the Supreme Elder strength very formidable, the attack strength is greatly strengthened, this hundred thousand person, can block [gold/metal] Ox Clan Supreme Elder ten days, but do not forget, God Race also has eight Supreme Elder with Taurus God Race Supreme Elder, nine Supreme Elder attack strengths, compared with Supreme Elder, that but much better, this hundred thousand The people, my real can don’t know block God Race these nine Supreme Elder.”

Patriarch face one becomes very difficult looked that he did look at Fei'er one, sinking fresh said : Mr. Zhao Hai was unable to come back to rescue?” A Patriarch this saying exit / to speak, Fei'er face also becomes very difficult looks, his look at Patriarch said : Mr. Zhao Hai in attack God Race Continent, is hoping that now these God Race Supreme Elder can turn back in order to help friendly forces, if these Supreme Elder do not turn back in order to help friendly forces, mister will possibly come back to fight a decisive battle with God Race these Supreme Elder, but mister has not grasped can cope with nine God Race Supreme Elder, if mister has also defeated, does the result that we face differently what have with the present? Possibly at that time, our last escape route did not have.” Patriarch is hesitating, quite a while has not spoken, Fei'er look at Patriarch appearance, face ugly, his deep voice said : Patriarch, you think not to have, what duty mister does he currently have dead we? For we go all out with God Race nine Great Elder, is worth? If you, for you will not trust your partner completely, the person who you have not helped completely, person who at times against your, but will go to go all out with a incomparably powerful enemy?” Fei'er this saying said that but very impolite, Patriarch face became was uglier, his coldly snorted said : what? you such affirmed that God Race these Supreme Elder won't let off us? Do we with Zhao Hai, feel better compared with surrender God Race?” A Patriarch such saying, not only Fei'er, even if were God Race elder hears other on the scene, this issue extremely in the idiot, everyone knows that the result was anything. Fei'er look at Patriarch, a disappointment of face, what his deep voice said : „is the meaning of Patriarch? Do you want look at our Thunder Clan to perish you to be willingly really?” Patriarch by a Fei'er such saying, face ugly, his fierce pounds on the table, said loudly: Do not say, our Thunder Clan completely died in battle, will not receive the Zhao Hai slave, comes the person, closes to me Fei'er!” Several in this these elders on the scene do not do, Zhen Wushuang is one that does not do first, he had cooperated with Zhao Hai before, has met with Zhao Hai, he regarding Zhao Hai also have some understanding. Moreover he also present, since they have defeated God Race, Patriarch is becoming rules as a dictatorship more and more, is getting more and more impervious, his wholeheartedly wants to become acting arbitrarily Emperor, but is not one wholeheartedly is Patriarch that clansman considers. At this time Zhen Wushuang looked that Patriarch passed through to grasp Fei'er, could not be sitting still, he one stood got up said : slowly, Patriarch, present situation already very obvious, if such were waiting, can only court death, did you want pulling Thunder Clan to walk the looks like to perish really? If is really such, I thought that your simply does not match, when Thunder Clan Patriarch.” But Zhen Wushuang Thunder Clan Great Elder, the status in Thunder Clan is very high, the component that he spoke but was heavy, because of Thunder Clan Elder Assembly, in the necessary time, had the authority to impeach Patriarch.

Patriarch one hear of Zhen Wushuang said that face ugly, he makes an effort pats table said : Zhen Wushuang, your what meaning? Do you want to revolt inadequately?” The Zhen Wushuang look at Patriarch appearance, coldly snorted said : Patriarch was serious, rebellion? I may be far, do not forget, our Elder Assembly, has to impeach the Patriarch authority, your simply did not have the qualifications to say me to revolt, I supported the Fei'er procedure, we should the immediately/on horseback organization people use Sacrificial Offering now, blocked God Race nine Great Elder, used this to guarantee the expensive time, moved into clansman to Mr. Zhao Hai Space, I and Mr. Zhao Hai will contact the clan, mister will not regard the slave to use the person, his most antislavery.” Patriarch coldly snorted said : who knew is he putting on an act rammer At this time Thunder Clan another elder had also stood, what meaning angry sound said : „is Patriarch this saying? We wait for death in here is right?” Another elder has stood, did he shout angrily said : you to do to the beforehand that elder? Becoming others' dog, so is really good? I told you, I rather died in battle, absolutely does not become others' dog.” Zhen Wushuang look at that elder, shouted angrily said :you to put cleanly the mouth, you said that who was the dog? Our Thunder Clan all dies cleanly, has the performance of courageous spirit? said it, Mr. Zhao Hai not the real slave we, Demon Race and Ark Continent person, has submitted to Master Yu, mister does not have the slave they, why can't you submit to them? ” That elder sneered said : Zhao Hai saying that he did not have slave Demon Race and Ark Continent person, didn't he really have the slave? Did you see? One crowd of timid generations, submit to with it in Zhao Hai, might as well submits to God Race, most at least submits to God Race, we can also live in here, but does not arrive at a completely strange place.” Fei'er one hear of he said that sneers said : to submit to God Race? The people think that you currently also do have this qualifications? Now the entire God Race vassal race gets up to make God Race counter-, but do all these because of us, at this time, you also want to submit to God Race? You work as your treasure, wants to submit to submits, wants to revolt to revolt? When you God Race does result in the good man? Is God Race an idiot?” a.