Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 932

Both sides were unyielding, no one can convince anyone, even almost greatly hit make a move in the hall, Finally Fei'er and shakes incomparably them to go indignantly. After leave here this, Zhen Wushuang immediately called together with his intimate elder, making arrow immediately/on horseback urge clansman, with their together leave , the organization caught up with the dead team, the preparation makes them help with the Sacrificial Offering method coping with God Race. Zhen Wushuang is Thunder Clan Great Elder ” the prestige in clan is very high, is having Fei'er this now younger generation person who in addition most has the prestige, they gather, the prestige is not lower than Patriarchis adding on Fei'er in hand to have the military authority, therefore they must organize the person, is. Previous Fei'er is organizes the person, Fei'er in the younger generation, prestigious although is not low, however in these old person, was bad, but some Thunder Clan here many old person, these old person at home were calculations that said that how many therefore previous Fei'er simply has not convinced person ” the present to enter these person in Space, and total of Thunder Clan person compared with, difference too far. Suicide Squad of hundred thousand person, they prepared quickly ” . Moreover the Thunder Clan people of this time altogether about five hundred thousand households, are willing to go to Zhao Hai Space with them. Five hundred thousand households, this population were many, equivalent to entire Thunder Clan Human Race about one of the 50 spaces. This was also Fei'er they performs the maximum effort, after all in Thunder Clan many people, did not like leave generation living place. But Patriarch there also organizes some people now, prepares to resist God Race nine Great Eldertheir point not to be different from Fei'er, Fei'er they organize Suicide Squad, to constrain God Race nine Great Elder, migrated the population buy time to them. But Patriarch organizes these population to cope with God Race, to let God Race understand, their Thunder Clan is not that affable, like this they look like the God Race surrender time, may successfor them to gain the even bigger benefit. Fei'er they completely have been separated from Patriarch their rule he to organize together the person who these must outmigrate now, to Thunder Clan mountain valley, then opened Space rift in that mountain valley, enabling these Thunder Clan people to enter to Space. Is leading that hundred thousand Suicide Squad in mountain valley outside Fei'er personally, kept off in valley entrance there, to prevent God Race nine Great Elder to come attack. All enters in the Thunder Clan person to Space, immediately liked in Space, but now Thunder Clan other places ” are actually flustered, they knewthis time them to with the God Race nine big Supreme Elder decisive battles , moreover knows that Patriarch was the preparation surrenders in time looks like God Race. These commoner after knowing this information, there are runs up to Fei'er much their here Fei'er is the future does not certainly fear.

These commoner are not the fool, has plenty commoner very clear, they God Race offending miserably, said it, even if were God Race accepts their surrender to be what kind of? They were returned to past, but oneself, simply no big deal, might as well they went to Zhao Hai Space to have a look with Fei'er. As the matter stands, must enter in person more and more Thunder Clan Patriarch to Zhao Hai Space not to have the means control aspect shortly. But at this time, the matter that let his headache came, God Race nine Great Elder already attack in Thunder Clan ”, moreover this time they did not accept the surrender, even a captive did not grasp, therefore with their person to the war, must die. This made Thunder Clan Patriarch realize finally was not wonderful, their immediately/on horseback in one time organized, used the Sacrificial Offering method, prepared to block God Race nine Great Elder attack with this method. However Thunder Clan and Patriarch actually present a very awkward matter, nobody is willing to use Sacrificial Offering in his under the hand/subordinate unexpectedly, this with the Fei'er there situation, has formed very sharp contrast. Thunder Clan Patriarch does not have the means to in a time organization person and God Race nine Great Elder decisive battles, simultaneously he also prepares and God Race nine Great Elder negotiations decision surrender God Race. However Thunder Clan Patriarch has actually forgotten a matter, only then the powerful person, can negotiate with the person, your strength simply is not strong, completely is a side of defeat, what qualifications as the matter stands do you have to negotiate with others? Thunder Clan Patriarch has not thought of this point obviously, in his opinion, God Race does not dare not to have the means to rule these vassal racesotherwise God Race that they exterminate the clan. However he has actually forgotten a point, most from the beginning takes the lead in revolting is they, if at this time, God Race did not give to extinguish them, punishing one as a warning to others, they whose has not managed the legally constituted authority these vassal races. Moreover this Jin Ben they come to Zhao Hai, they must give the extermination of the clan Thunder Clan, then in attack Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, they can Zhao Hai compelling like this. Therefore this Jin Ben their simply has not prepared keeps hand ” they are extinguishes Thunder Clan ”, therefore they regarding these anything surrender, the negotiations, the complete any interest, they do not do walks the attack, attack.

although these time comes, only then nine people, but these nine people actually compare 90 million people fearful, because their people are few, but attacks the responsibility strength is actually not weak, therefore Thunder Clan can put in an appearance eats one to owe greatly. However Thunder Clan and Patriarch such resistance, to for Fei'er they have striven for many times, Fei'er they must 500,000 households of people shift to Space, 500,000 households, population over 2 million, to shift these many people to Space, is not a day or two can achieve, therefore Fei'er will bring Suicide Squad to defend in valley entrance there. although Fei'er they defend to want valley entrance here, but fights of between Fei'er nine Great Elder regarding Thunder Clan and God Racevery cared that but he receives does not have point good information . Moreover the Thunder Clan person who everyday flees from calamity toward the valley are also getting more and more, this fuller explanation, the front war worsened to a certain degree. Fei'er is means does not have regarding this situation ”, if he in attacks the God Race person, that mountain valley here was dangerous, said it, he walked, Patriarch not necessarily he also will also be cherishing a final fantasy with them ”. The Fei'er also Thunder Clan here situation told Dingshan and Zhanyue, Dingshan and Zhanyue situation is not quite good, they have met ” the people in clan with the Fei'er similar situation is not willing to shift especially their Patriarchopposition very to enter Space toward Space in ”. Therefore now Dingshan and Zhanyue there situation also is not very good, Fei'er to let them moves as soon as possible, told them the Thunder Clan here situation, simultaneously Fei'er also told them, this God Race simply has not left behind any living witness, let them in any event if wants the means to enter by own clansman to Space. However Dingshan and Zhanyue present situation, is similar to Fei'er initially, the people in their clan also gave to close them, if they in want to shift clansman to Space , can only be broke through prison cellthoroughly with the clan in has no consideration for faceby that time, feared that was they have not shifted clansman to Space in ” the civil strife in their clan first starts. Fei'er regarding this situation also very awkward, he cannot urge them to revolt, after all that is Dingshan the matter in their clan, he is not good directly to meddle. But what Fei'er is worried, no matter Barbarian or Pegasus Clan, the population in their clan, are more than Thunder Clan person, in this case ”, if two clansman want to shift clansman to Space, on need more time, but now nine Great Elder were towed in Thunder Clan here, they shift the best opportunity of person, if these days, had feared that in wants to shift also late. However Fei'er does not have better means that he can only tell Dingshan this situation them, told Zhao Hai this situation. But Zhao Hai is attacking the Cancer clan now ” the person of Cancer clan, but is quite difficult to hit, because of their Supreme Elder Jie Yu, in God Race, prestige by long, although said that Ding Xin because of Central Continent relationship, therefore status in several Supreme Elder is highest, but Jie Yu is actually called first Expert in God Race ten Great Elder, therefore Cancer clansmanalso has an own arrogance

In their opinion, they cannot give Jie Yu to lose face. Because has such idea, therefore a resistance of Cancer clan, very intense, but in this case, Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, Undead Creature, Devil Corps, Magic Beast regiment, Yama Ship, the army that can therefore send, he all sends, for must solve the resistance of Cancer clan as soon as possible. The plan of Zhao Hai 1 is very successful, when he in all strengths his gathers, his fighting strength feared that , is not Cancer God Race can resist, a person of Cancer clan has only kept off the Zhao Hai army three days, on army rout. do not blame their strange is so quick, Zhao Hai presently in hand these Undead Creature, the strength does not lower compared with them, cool breeze Mingyue the Commander that only fighting strength strong on God Rank Undead Creature corps, Devil Regiment this false Ultimate Weapon corps, their fighting strength, simply is not person of the clan can resist, let alone in their clan strongest fighting strength Supreme Elder was not, in this type needs he to manage the general situation, he , a rout of Cancer clan is actually not unavoidable. In adding on the Zhao Hai army more hits, in this case, Cancer clan simply does not have the means to resist, after Zhao Hai also received Fei'er information, ” does not have immediately/on horseback to turn back in order to help friendly forces, he wants, when Jin Ben they attack Barbarian or Pegasus Clan time, he. He must compel Barbarian and Pegasus Clan with this method obeys ”, if they are not willing, that Zhao Hai not to worry. Three clans until noware not willing to believe his Zhao Hai, even Patriarch of three clans had their ambition, such person, if received Space, they will be dishonest, therefore Zhao Hai changed own idea, he must make Jin Ben they many teach three clan, making person understand of three clansleave his Zhao Hai, their anything was not, God Race must cope with them, easy as pie. Therefore Zhao Hai not to the Fei'er anything too explicit answer, but said knew. Fei'er does not have blame Zhao Haito speak the truth, he now in these people to clan also really very disappointed ”, therefore he is also only calm accepted this result. a.