Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 933

Zhao Hai although gave conquer Central Continent Demon Scorpion Continent and Cancer Continent, but he has not dealt with the Sea Race people of these three clans, he wants these Sea Race to pass on information to other God Race, must make Jin Ben they know matter that he handled. Jin Ben they are compelling him to exit with them to fight a decisive battle now, if Zhao Hai appears , they only cannot cope with Thunder Clan and Barbarian have Pegasus Clan, but if Zhao Hai continually extinguished to God Race, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, Jin Ben they can also be able to calm down, now Zhao Hai with God Race several big Patriarch ratios is, looked that who cannot calm down first, who cannot sink the first air/Qi, who lost. Has tidied up Cancer clan all strengths of resistance, remaining caught in their all people Space, Zhao Hai will not let off this opportunity. But does not leave Zhao Hai to anticipate that now God Realm other races also knew matter different God Race and major vassal races that Zhao Hai makes now knew. Hears this information, different God Race with the major vassal races, immediately[ is popular] has exerted, God Race and major vassal races were also to tie the enmity of not being able to untie now, but enmity of different God Race and God Race, had been through repeatedly for tens of thousands years, even if were they want to solve, was impossible to solve, therefore hears God Race now tidying up this appearance by Zhao Hai, most happy was they. Was calling various God Race flustered times, these vassal race immediately have made, they start to have full attack to various God Race. But different God Race also decided that sends out army to attack God Race various clans, but their Supreme Elder to has not accompanied, because the different God Race person feared that Ding Xin they know their leave, will begin to their Lair. But Zhao Hai after coping with the Cancer clan, immediately started to another race, this Zhao Hai target is in God Race fights the race, Sagittarius Clan. Sagittarius Clan is in God Race quite alternative existence, the Sagittarius Clan person, is almost born with today is Sagittarius, accepts the Sagittarius training their archery since childhood is in God Race is therefore strongest. Meanwhile their weapon, is in God Race is most special, their weapon are in hand bow and arrow, the bow and arrow that but they use are not on the bow that the ordinary bow and arrow they use inscribe Magic Formation, on their arrows also inscribes Magic Formation. Magic Formation that on their bows carves, to let the Sagittarius Clan person, possibly Magic Formation on use bow, condensed the energy arrow, with energy arrow wound enemy, but on their arrows carved formation, to increase the lethality of arrow. The energy arrow that Sagittarius Clan shoots is not Magic Formation that they most formidable attack method they bend to carve, is needs them to use own strength to guide, your energy very formidable shoot out arrow, the lethality also meets very big, if your energy is very weak, your shoot out arrow, possibly simply cannot injure the person. But arrow that they use, above is actually carving many Magic Formation, can let the arrow for farther Wind element Magic Formation, can make the arrow have the explosion Fire element Magic Formation to make the arrow on only have toxin Wood element Magic Formation, can make the flight trajectory of arrow Water element Magic Formation that cannot be pondered over, can let arrow penetrating power formidable Metal element Magic Formation, can let Light Element Magic Formation that the shoot out arrow more hidden evades, these Magic Formation can carve to the arrow on. This to did not mean that the Sagittarius Clan person, has success how regarding Magic Formation research, in fact, the Sagittarius Clan person, these Magic Formation are almost generations of according to legend, does not have specially what, moreover these Magic Formation have almost not carried on the modification of duty.

To does not mean the Sagittarius Clan person, regarding Magic Formation not point innate skill, but to Magic Formation reason that because God Race will not allow to carry on more thorough research God Race here like this, will be because this will be on god's order. Because on order therefore Demon Race of god almost gave up to Magic Formation research, Magic Formation that they use, before is, in the clan remains. Lu Wei although does not let their research Magic Formation, Alchemy that but carries on regarding them and builds up such matter, is actually simply these Magic Formation that no matter, keeps before adding on, therefore Sagittarius Clan here archer, absolutely is entire God Race most fearful existence. They can use the energy archery, so long as their own energy do not use up, their arrows have almost not exhausted, but imbue arrow that they use, is actually only then essential time, will cause again efficient instrument. God Race although is called God Race, but they after all are not the genuine gods, God Race Space equipment although be more than Ark Continent there, but is impossible to achieve every situation, imbue arrow that therefore Sagittarius Clan here, first archer can bring is limited, in order to avoid affects their motion. But they rest energy that practices, through Magic Formation blessing/additional support, can actually make them project several hundred even over a thousand arrows continuously, therefore the Sagittarius Clan here person, the body of everyone are most takes pots or two pot arrows, but their here pot arrow also 12. Even if this, in entire God Realm here, does not have that person to be willing to provoke Sagittarius Clan, not only because of their arrows, because also they are in all God Race, race that most can assassinate. Sagittarius, ambushes hidden place, when you most have not guarded, suddenly gives you the most fatal arrow, for absolutely is a very fearful matter. Before Zhao Hai, regarding the Sagittarius Clan here situation is not completely understand, but he after asking Xiao sub them, regarding situation also have some understanding of Sagittarius Clan this city, to be honest, his person to the Sagittarius Clan here to has been real very curious, especially these their ancestor pass down Magic Formation. Must know that Sagittarius Clan these ancestor pass down Magic Formation, is continuously the non- to divulge to an outsider, even if other races in God Race, these Magic Formation that also the don’t know Sagittarius Clan person uses what are. On the Sagittarius Clan bow and arrow although inscribes Magic Formation, but these Magic Formation, almost shoot in bowing, in bowing outside, they can also wrap on other thing, these Magic Formation very good hideaways, moreover in bowing will also carve to explode Magic Formation, if you want their bow destruction, what to see inside Magic Formation are, their bow immediately will explode, but the Sagittarius Clan arrow with the bow also almost, on their arrows has almost to explode Magic Formation, so long as the arrow has used, was waste, was you attains an only useless arrow, the shaft. On you could not notice that any Magic Formation wants to destroy the shaft, arrow immediately will also explode. Is such Zhao Hai regarding this bow and arrow is curious, he wants to know Magic Formation that in Sagittarius Clan these bows and arrows use what is, so long as he knows what on the Sagittarius Clan bow and arrow use is what Magic Formation his these Undead Creature and these netg steed, can wield more formidable fighting strength. Zhao Hai regarding Sagittarius Clan attack, enters line of attacking, because he does not need on hurrying along time hua, therefore he can the attack place, they be more than Jin Ben, has tidied up Cancer clan there, Zhao Hai immediately to Sagittarius Continent, has carried on attack to Sagittarius Clan.

Really like Xiao Bingya said that Zhao Hai just arrived at Sagittarius Continent here, the Sagittarius Clan person they moves to attack responsibilityintermittent arrow rain to shoot to Zhao Hai toward them, the Sagittarius Clan arrow is very strong, their arrows, can injure to these God Race Undead Creature unexpectedly, this arrives is big stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. However Sagittarius Clan wants to block his attack with this is impossible, Zhao Hai although now also not Magic Formation on these arrows, but his in hand also has Magic Cannon and netg steed, in adding on latter strength on his hand ” is Undead Creature, fights the Sagittarius Clan person, does not suffer a loss, even if were these Undead Creature injures a point, will not affect their fighting strength. But the Devil Regiment personhas the Combat Suit protection, this Combat Suit although Devil Regiment person was unable to wield even bigger fighting strength, but kept off the Sagittarius Clan arrow to be enough. When Zhao Hai attack Sagittarius Clan, Zhao Hai extinguished three God Race information also to pass to Jin Ben their ears, heard this information, Jin Ben they have dumbfoundeduntil now, they did not have conquer Thunder Clan, but how Zhao Hai extinguished their three God Racethis to enable Jin Ben they not to be startled. Original Jin Ben they also want to slow down to Thunder Clan attack, looks at the response of Zhao Hai attractively, now looks like, Zhao Hai is the cruel methods of preparation under to them, they naturally cannot in keeping the hand, nine person firepower fully open, have carried on attack to Thunder Clan, used for five days not to be the time that Thunder Clan is almost razed, in that mountain valley that only then Fei'er they protected also had the Thunder Clan person, other places, were not having the Thunder Clan person. But now runs away to the mountain valley here Thunder Clan person, the person who also about 1 million households, have been willing they to follow Fei'er before adding on, Fei'er their this time can shift in the Thunder Clan person to Space, has the 1.5 millions household. That mountain valley is certainly impossible to think of under the person of 1.5 millions household, but that mountain valley is not also small, can think about the next seven hundred thousand households Thunder Clan people, has entry that the Thunder Clan person keeps luckily to Space, otherwise mountain valley there cannot install absolutely. However now Fei'er they are actually come across the difficult problem now in mountain valley about the minimum also six hundred thousand households Thunder Clan people, but Ding Xin they arrived at outside the valley. Jin Ben several people that look at flies slowly, Fei'er has decided that his main point that hundred thousand garrison troops, are using the method of Sacrificial Offering, blocks Jin Ben they, in the person to mountain valley wins the enough much time. Is preparing to use Sacrificial Offering Cultivation Method in Fei'er the time, Zhen Wushuang suddenly appears in the Fei'er side, Zhen Wushuang has prevented Fei'er, Fei'er puzzled look at Zhen Wushuang said : Great Elder, do you prevent me to do? here gives me, you quickly deliver to clansman Space.” Zhen Wushuang shook the head, look at Fei'er said : Fei'er, you go, you deliver to clansman Space, here gives me.” Fei'er stares, then face changes said : not to be good, Great Elder, I come, this idea is I leaves, should have me to come.” Zhen Wushuang calm face said : Fei'er, is obedient, I come, you are young, moreover you are best with Zhao Hai relationship, you can bring clansman to walk the looks like brighter future, I am not good, my old, watches the matter not your, in your returned to clan, I should believe your, but I actually when continuously believes you finally, making you miss shifted in the best opportunity to Space clansman, this matter should be done by me, Fei'er, the people's in clan on handing over give you, you have remembered, entered Space, on. Do not think with the dialog of Mr. Zhao Hai equality, we are only his vassal race.” Said on Zhen Wushuang one to shake, rise that his imposing manner keeps, big left his original extremely.

Saw this situation, Fei'er one was shocked, because he knows that this was uses the performance of Sacrificial Offering Cultivation Method, Fei'er knows, now said anything was late. After Zhen Wushuang has used Sacrificial Offering Cultivation Method, hundred thousand Thunder Clan Suicide Squad member who these were elected, has used Sacrificial Offering Cultivation Method, nobody hesitates that to fear that is a little bit. Fei'er look at these almost equal to died clansman, the tears one has gotten down, he Bang knelt on the ground, was doing obeisance three to do obeisance to clansman, was then straight the body, said loudly: „ Brothers, my Fei'er in here, our Thunder Clan preserve this life force thank you, depended entirely on you, your feel relieved, I will certainly let Thunder Clan getting better and better, my Fei'er oath. Zhen Wushuang laughs, in that laughter is passing the shocking heroic spirit, his said loudly: Fei'er, the people in clan hand over give you, do not let us, sacrifice in vain, here your feel relieved, we, will make God Race these Supreme Elder know that our Thunder Clan person is not good to bully, remembers that helped me say one to Mr. Zhao Hai, said that my Zhen Wushuang was unfair to him, I should not believe him, asking him to revenge to me!” Nod of Fei'er makes an effort, said loudly: Invited Great Elder feel relieved, your words I brought certainly, your names I have all written down, please feel relieved, the Thunder Clan person do not forget your!” Zhen Wushuang laughed, pats Fei'er shoulder said : to go, leading clansman to walk, left behind the hope for our Thunder Clan!” Said that has put out same thing, has given Fei'er. Fei'er looks, this is a Magic Formation plate, this Magic Formation plate, Fei'er knew that this is also a Thunder Clan treasure, what a pity does not have any attack strength, this Magic Formation plate, doing of sole uses, can the release massive smog, a city hiding in the smog, without any attack strength, does not have any defense strength. However Fei'er saw this Magic Formation plate, immediately understand the meaning of Zhen Wushuang, Zhen Wushuang has wanted to make him use this Magic Formation plate, gave to block mountain valley, making in God Race nine Great Elder don’t know mountain valley live anything, if made God Race nine Great Elder know the Thunder Clan person in mountain valley to shift, they not at any cost will certainly go all out to attack, then regarding the Thunder Clan person in book valley was not the good deed. What most important is, Ding Xin they can also with according to the Thunder Clan person's response, after judging the Zhao Hai move, may make the change to their motions, no matter Fei'er or Zhen Wushuang, do not want to make such matter live. a.