Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 934

Anything rushed to look at that suddenly to have smog mountain valley, the corners of the mouth has hung up one to sneer. He turns the head to Ding Xin said : „the Ding Xin elder, fellow who it seems like these do not know the limitation, but also wants to make final rebel, we did not use politely, made them know directly that what was the extermination of the clan!” Ding Xin clenches teeth said : Zhao Hai to extinguish several God Race, was the time makes him taste the extermination of the clan the taste, several, we did not use politely, began.” And Ding Xin face is equally ugly, is Supreme Elder Jie Yu of Cancer clan, Jie Yu compares several people of face ugly, because he has not thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly after coping with Central Continent and Demon Scorpion Continent, chooses Cancer Continent, moreover directly the Cancer clan exterminating the clan, this is very big to his attack. After knowing a Cancer clan by Zhao Hai to extermination of the clan, Jie Yu is also in several people, starts most ruthless to Thunder Clan, except for dying at the scene these people, the remaining these did not have the Thunder Clan person of strength of too many rebel, almost by Jie Yu killing by mistreatment. Regarding the Jie Yu procedure, Ding Xin they have not said anything, in fact the matter of this killing by mistreatment, they little have not done, after had been tidied up several times this by Zhao Hai maliciously, their feels suffocated at heart, now can only vent anger with Thunder Clan. Several people was saying while has flown the mountain valley sky, they just flew the mountain valley sky, in mountain valley one flies a troop person. These naturally are Zhen Wushuang they, Zhen Wushuang look at flies slowly near Jin Ben they, on the face piece of calm, he is one must die the person, now their sole wish said that is blocks Jin Ben they ten days, they wins the time to Fei'er, therefore Zhen Wushuang regarding Jin Ben they, any mood, had not hated now, is not resentful, he must do now, blocks these people, no matter they are any statusno matter also they have made anything. Jin Ben they have not attacked directly, they stopped, calm look at Zhen Wushuang they, these dayswanted to block their Thunder Clan people too many, but did not have one successfully, therefore Jin Ben they a point worry, they do not want to take a look on these faces now that desperate expression. However they were disappointed, on Zhen Wushuang their faces did not have any expression, Zhen Wushuang also to see Jin Ben, he was only calm has swept Jin Ben one, then turned the head to look at itself behind that hundred thousand Thunder Clan soldierdeep voice said : „the Thunder Clan brave warrior position, in our, was our Thunder Clan final hope we absolutely did not have the escape route, for Thunder Clan, I wanted you to perform your final efforts! ” His behind all Thunder Clan people, simultaneously said : for Thunder Clan!” look at Zhen Wushuang that Jin Ben disdains, but he to was notes, this Thunder Clan army, is not quite only same as the Thunder Clan army that this several days ran into, these Thunder Clan armies that this several days they ran into, although said that was also resisting them, but the bodies of these people have actually been short of imposing manner, but the bodies of these people were many imposing manner, very formidable imposing manner. Jin Ben look at Zhen Wushuang, sneers said : Thunder Clan starting today, in this world did not have Thunder Clan, they waited for death. ” Zhen Wushuang look at Jin Ben, cold sound said : [gold/metal] Ox Clan Supreme Elder, HaHaHa, even if is not having Thunder Clan starting today, but your [gold/metal] Ox Clan not our no was earlier than? You have any good proud. ”

The waste that Zhen Wushuang this saying, is puncturing in the Jin Ben sore spothe has clenched jaws said : that only the knowledge talks, I must extinguish your Thunder Clan today personally!” On the face of Zhen Wushuang suddenly appears very strange smiling face said : that you have tried.” Said that he turns the head look at these Thunder Clan peopledeep voice said : to tie!” These Thunder Clan people already know that waited for what order their is, their anything had not said that has taken up own totem stick, then has composed Great Formation, then all people their strength, injected in their totem stick. As their strengths pour into, their totem stick suddenly has shone, then all Thunder Clan person calm has closed the eye, grasped the totem stick to stand in there, was motionless, Zhen Wushuang was the same, they looked like are the eyelash were being probably same. But those who make Jin Ben they strangeer is, the Continent that this hundred thousand person organizes, does not have a point performance, shone green méngméng radiance besides their in hand totem stick, in not any response. Jin Ben puzzled look at Zhen Wushuang they, are somewhat puzzled, his don’t know these Thunder Clan people make such big move, finally such carelessly finished? Ding Xin looked at Zhen Wushuang one, deep voice said : has played tricks, I did not believe you to have the well the ability.” Said that Ding Xin took out Star Disk, in Star Disk immediately left a white light, they shoots toward Zhen Wushuang, that said that white light not any shape, looks like looks like energy light beam that Magic Cannon of Zhao Hai use shoots is the same. This energy light beam shoots Zhen Wushuang nearby them, suddenly from Zhen Wushuang their in the formation, one departs together the green electricity glow, one strikes, in that said on white light, that said white light immediately vanish from sight. Ding Xin sees this situation, cannot help but slightly stares, just he had not kept the hand, completely is full strikes, but is this perishes to strike, has not actually played any effect, this makes Ding Xin somewhat surprised. Ultimate Weapon of Ding Xin use, is in several Ultimate Weapon best one, Might is biggest, do not look at just that a white light together eye, actually he just that struck, compared with the Jin Ben Taurus Charging Formation difference, a such move, did not cope with Thunder Clan is enough, however did not have any use in Zhen Wushuang here, this was makes him be startled really.

Jin Ben they also know that Ding Xin is impossible to keep the hand, their Central Continent person, was extinguished by Zhao Hai, how decided possibly to keep the hand at this time, but this struck has not actually played any effect, this truly went out of other people's anticipation. Jin Ben calm face said : also really some ways, I thought that you can keep off several to strike.” Said that his immediately has put on Taurus Combat Suit, the double fist wields continually, strikes toward the opposite party, first strikes bull shape Qi Strength they to flush away toward Zhen Wushuang, but in Zhen Wushuang their Great Formation, will always actually depart together the green electricity glow, keeps off that saying that Qi Strength gives to block, disappears in invisible. The Jin Ben first successive about hundred have struck, is so, this cannot help but makes Jin Ben face change, Ding Xin their face also change, must know that ” he puts on to defeat by the Jin Ben present ability, most also leaves more than 100 to strike, are many will have injured to oneself. Before to Thunder Clan person, more than 100 stroked, minimum can eliminate the opposite party about ten thousand people, already the opposite party routing, however was useless in here simply, the opposite party gearing one did not have. Ding Xin they see this situation, face also becomes very heavy, Ding Xin took out Star Disk, white light, strike toward Zhen Wushuang their in ”, but the result is the same with Jin Ben, the electricity glow of green , give to counter-balance white light that Ding Xin shot ”. Jie Yu they see this situation, face sink, their don’t know, why these Thunder Clan people will turn into this appearance. After Ding Xin has shot about hundred white light, stopped, he fully, after all they now in Thunder Clan here, moreover Zhao Hai momentarily can come backThunder Clan these people, momentarily can counter-attack, they must keep some strengths, had the ability of self-preservation by oneself. Jie Yu looked at Ding Xin to stop, his immediately stood came outthis time he not to have attack Zhen Wushuang they, his hand wielded, giant chela shape Qi Strength, struck toward mountain valley, but departed together the electricity glow from Zhen Wushuang their, that said directly Qi Strength counter-balanced. Jie Yu knitting the brows head of slightly, oneself slowly goes toward the forward flight, was quick he to leave Zhen Wushuang they to have about hundred meters, but Zhen Wushuang their Great Formation did not have a point response. On the Jie Yu face cannot help but 1 u left a smiling facehe to Great Formation getting closer and closer, 50 meters30 meters, 20 meters, Zhen Wushuang their Great Formation did not have any response. When Jie Yu they have about ten meters to Zhen Wushuang, Zhen Wushuang their big in the formation, departs together the green electricity glow, strikes toward Jie Yu, Jie Yu stares, just about to resists, but that electricity glow comes was too quick, in Jie Yu has not made any when resists begins, has struck on his body.

Was good has put on Cancer Combat Suit because of Jie Yu now, the Combat Suit defense capability was good, blocked the electricity glow this to strike, was Jie Yu or felt that chest was stuffy, his immediately drew back because of coming, did not dare to proceed. Reason that Jie Yu such does, wants to have a look, can find the way to bypass Zhen Wushuang their this Great Formation, attacks mountain valley directly, but now looks like, is impossible. Ding Xin turns the head to the Great Formation that several other people of said : they use evidently, should be specially Formation that is used to defend, everyone/Great Clan in turn attack, I do not believe us unable to break through their Continent, so long as breaks through their this Continent, the Thunder Clan final enthusiastic point ended, then we can cope with the Barbarian concubine are Pegasus Clan.” Several people selected, immediately/on horseback started each and every one put on Great Formation of Combat Suit their to Zhen Wushuang to carry on attack Zhen Wushuang their each and every one actually like wooden stake same standing in there, nobody moved. A day passed by, Ding Xin they do not have any progress, their several people in turn carries on attack to Thunder Clan the Continent, but that Continent actually still stands in there, stands one's ground steadfastly. Two days passed by, somewhat decide them to worry, but Zhen Wushuang their Great Formation, still stand in there, Zhen Wushuang they probably died were the same, one bottle of motionless, rock-solid. Third day, Ding Xin they have forgotten to worry, now they only then an idea, must break through this Continent, the one who has a look at the Thunder Clan use is what method, why can block their such long time attack. Fourth day, Ding Xin their each and every one two blood red eyes look at still stands in there, has not moved Zhen Wushuang including the finger they, now they they called the zeal with Zhen Wushuang, must extinguish them. In the evening of fourth day, decides spoken parts shooting light to Zhen Wushuang they, from Zhen Wushuang their Great Formation, projects the electricity glow, his attack counter-balance, but then, Zhen Wushuang their in hand totem stick suddenly slowly dark, cyan light on stick disappearance bit by bit. a.