Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 935

Ding Xin they see this situation, cannot help but heart armor one happy, but they have been also careful, they feared that this is Zhen Wushuang they are playing any hua type. However they did not have to be worried quickly, after they presently Zhen Wushuang in hand cyan light on totem stick vanishes, Zhen Wushuang their body changes bit by bit the flying ash, the wind has also blown, Zhen Wushuang and his under the hand/subordinate that hundred thousand Thunder Clan soldier, their bodies along with wind scattering slowly, vanished finally. Saw this situation, Ding Xin their immediately understand, the opposite party has certainly used any self-destruct Cultivation Method, therefore has blocked they four days of uninterrupted attack, to be honest, they matched to take Zhen Wushuang really very much they, such enemy, being worth them respecting. Original Zhen Wushuang they have used that Sacrificial Offering Cultivation Method, can insist for ten days, but these four days, almost decide them is day and night attacks, moreover attack intensity, extremely in formidable, therefore Zhen Wushuang they cannot support finally for ten days, has only supported for four days, has consumed oneself complete energy. Ding Xin their look at Zhen Wushuang their information place, suddenly feels a fear, if the Thunder Clan person all such goes all out, their present simply are impossible to stand in here, feared is they overran to here time, Zhao Hai has taken the God Race nine Continent pieces. Thinks of here, Ding Xin they cannot bear to the direction that Zhen Wushuang they are vanishing, bowed. However the war is the war, although Zhen Wushuang they looks like in Ding Xin, is a honourable match, but this cannot make them put a Thunder Clan horse, therefore their immediately/on horseback lives that mountain valley to overrun. To that mountain valley sky, on Ding Xin immediately/on horseback on took out Star Disk, has shot several white light to that mountain valley, rumbling several, in mountain valley loud noise, some little time, the sound vanished, white mist in mountain valley also vanished, but makes Ding Xin they be what is surprised, in mountain valley a Thunder Clan person does not have. Ding Xin their falling slowly to mountain valley, in mountain valley some people have occupied the trace, only then the person enters the trace that ” nobody leaves outward toward, is the person in mountain valley, actually strange disappearance. Ding Xin they see this situation, cannot help but face changes, Ding Xin turn the head and take a glance at the surrounding, deep voice said : around careful look, has a look to have any clue, these Thunder Clan people are impossible to disappear with no reason at all.” Jin Ben several people noddedexamination in all directions, they have fought many battles, regarding tracing this matter little has not done ”, therefore very experienced. Several people looked several in mountain valley, immediately had found this mountain valley suspicious place, this mountain valley truly walked many people, moreover nobody has exited, but most made Jin Ben they be what was surprised, the footprint that finally in the valley the person kept, referred to looking like a place, the valley innermost, a piece mountain wall there. Ding Xin several people stood mountain wall there, presently in the final valley the footprints of all people to here, finally also vanish in here.

Ding Xin several people of careful look at that mountain wall, presently that mountain wall does not have what difference with ordinary mountain wall, this makes Ding Xin very puzzled. Jin Ben don't believe italso ran up to that mountain wall there rub rub mountain wall, started is ice-cold Stone, besides Stone, anything did not have. Jin Ben fights with the fists on mountain wall, Stone with a bang sound on mountain wall has blasted out a diameter about ten meters big hole, but mountain wall is mountain wallnot any difference. Jin Ben drew back returned to Ding Xin their side, face ugly look at that mountain wall said : „was this returns? These Thunder Clan did one sneak in mountain wall to vanish is inadequate?” One hear of Jin Ben said that Jie Yu face fierce changes, said loudly: „It is not good, Zhao Hai was Space Divergent Warlock you said that could be Zhao Hai pick the people in mountain valley with Space Divergent Technique? ” One hear of Jie Yu said that Ding Xin their several people are face change, they have not thought of this point, Ding Xin face changes said : has the possibility, our immediately/on horseback walks, goes to the next place, Jin Ben, here leaves Barbarian and Pegasus Clan, is that clan nearer?” Jin Ben deep voice said : is nearer to Pegasus Clan, we walk, can rush to Pegasus Clan there in less than five days, we are the round trip catch up in any case now, hua time are more, might as well attack Pegasus Clan directly.” Ding Xin several people nodded, after receiving Cancer Continent extinguished information, Jin Ben they know that they did not have opportunity, if they cannot in here Zhao Hai compelling, that God Race end. initially they have not thought that meets matter to turn into this appearance unexpectedly, but the matter turned now like this, they want to regret now also late. After several people decide, immediately left, directly soars the Pegasus Clan direction, but at this time, Fei'er, concubine Dingshan and Zhanyue, already together in Space. Fei'er two blood red eyes, these days his simply has not slept, now was finally good to to settle down clansman, but look at these clansman, Fei'er is actually point happy does not get up, now enters the Thunder Clan person in Space, altogether several million, the population is about 1/30 of original clansman total, in other words, the Thunder Clan person, in 30 people lived. Dingshan and Zhanyue they also know the Fei'er situation, their moods also very heavy, Thunder Clan today, what Chang is not tomorrow of their clan, if the person in their clan, shift not as soon as possible to Space , the situation of their clan will not compare Thunder Clan to be good many.

Dingshan turns the head look at Fei'er said : Fei'er, what means do you currently have? Or clear mister comes back , helping us?” Fei'er smiles bitterly next step: Asked mister to come back to be what kind , the mister strength was very strong, but this God Race nine Great Elder, have prepared completely safe obviously, was special waits for mister, if mister defeated, we were complete, not only we, entire God Race all with doing of God Race to the person, ended.” Dingshan does not make noise, he also knows right that Fei'er said that but in this case, they did not have better means. Zhanyue cannot find way out, this situation they do not have what good means that Fei'er to look at their one eyes, deep voice said : „the present, only then means that I went in your clans with you, can look be able to convince them? If possible, finally urged them, immediately entered to Space, now the mister there pressure was too big, the mister manner, you should also know, if mister had the means that he must come back to ask our.” Dingshan and Zhanyue nodded, they very believe Zhao Hai, they believe that Zhao Hai does not come back, certainly has the reason. Fei'er looked at their one eyes, turns the head to Zhanyue said : Zhanyue, a while I to go with your together with Dingshan, our urging well your Patriarch, hopes he can as soon as possible moves clansman to Space, if he agrees, you open Space rift, then our immediately goes to Barbarian, your clan to our clan nearest/recent, I thinks God Race that several Supreme Elder, if copes, certainly first will cope with your clan, finally copes with Barbarian.” Dingshan and Zhanyue one hear of Fei'er said that they stare, then they also nodded, this is the best means currently speaking. Moreover they also thought right that Fei'er said that Thunder Clan almost equal to was extinguished now, that God Race that several elders, next step certainly between coping with Barbarian and Pegasus Clan will choose one, but Pegasus Clan Space, will be nearer to Thunder Clan Space, they first will certainly cope with Pegasus Clan Space. Thinks does, three people of flashes bodies on appears in Pegasus Clan Space, this Zhanyue room, three people of appears in the Zhanyue room, Zhanyue immediately have gotten them to walk outward, directly soar Patriarch Assembly Hall. The situation of this several days about Thunder Clan there, Pegasus Clan Patriarch also knew, Pegasus Clan Patriarch also has the relation with Thunder Clan and Patriarch, before their together coped with God Race time, used Zhao Hai Message Fish to have the contact, therefore the Thunder Clan there fresh matter, Pegasus Clan Patriarch knows. several days has, Thunder Clan there already not any information, no matter how he presently relates not to relate, but most makes Pegasus Clan Patriarch feel what is disappointed, Thunder Clan when soon was extinguished, Zhao Hai does not have appears , Thunder Clan Patriarch in finally, but also in cursed Zhao Hai. This several days Pegasus Clan here situation also is not very good, Pegasus Clan here many people knew Thunder Clan extinguished information, now Pegasus Clan here is flustered, aspect already soon not by control.

Therefore Pegasus Clan Patriarch this several days also very awkward, he does not want to enter to Space, entered has been under the control of others on equal to to Space, he just tasted the alone palm power the taste, now he does not want to give up. However does not put sufficiently, their results will be same as Thunder Clan, was given the extermination of the clan by God Race hu several Supreme Elder, if did not have including the life, he also takes anything to enjoy the authority the taste. However before Thunder Clan Patriarch at the point of death, to cursing of Zhao Hai, lets Pegasus Clan Patriarch, sets firm resolve, cannot enter to the feast absolutely. In this time, the out of the door external notification, is saying Zhanyue, Dingshan and Fei'er interview, one hear of these three people, the Patriarch cannot help but knitting the brows head of Pegasus Clan, because of his very clear, these three people the nearest/recent person who Zhao Hai follows, moreover is position vigorously enters to the Space person, to be honest, his very does not like three people. However these three people, are actually the people who sounds to counter-attack the Taurus God Race bugle, they in three clan prestigious high, special people in young man, therefore their manner, he have to consider. Patriarch thinks that finally said : makes them come.” The servants have complied with one, turn around walked, before long Zhanyue they walked, salutes to Patriarch. After Patriarch has exempted their ritual, turns the head to Fei'er said : Fei'er, now your Thunder Clan was just bad the disaster, don't you to settle down clansman in the clan, run up to here to do?” Fei'er one hear of Patriarch said that stares slightly, then knitting the brows head of gently, he presently wants to convince Pegasus Clan Patriarch probably is not that easy matter, this Pegasus Clan Patriarch does not have what good impression to him probably. a.