Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 936

Chapter 933 warrant for arrest! although has thought of these, what Fei'er hid said : Patriarch to say to Pegasus Clan and Patriarch, but environment very good in mister Space, my clansman simply does not need me to worry now, this time I came Pegasus Clan here, was wants to urge Patriarch, do not return to our Thunder Clan road.” Patriarch look at Fei'er, coldly snorted said : Guatemala creates a sensation, what? in your opinion, only then entered to Space this one type of method? Your Thunder Clan Patriarch, in time at the point of death, told me, our three clans faced with this type of bureau, are Zhao Hai create completely, initially he attacks God Race time, our three clans have not helped little, when our three clans have difficultly, he has actually not helped, your Fei'er is willing to fawn and obsequious to such person, I actually cannot achieve.” The Fei'er look at Patriarch appearance, sneers said : Patriarch to chat, my Thunder Clan Patriarch, because of clinging to the authority, a person of pulling clan cultivates to bury to him unexpectedly, such person, simply does not match for our Thunder Clan and Patriarch, our Thunder Clan Great Elder gets up to oppose him, but he actually sees including discussing of Elder Assembly turns a deaf ear, is still single-minded by intent, falls to the finally killed situation, whom can this blame to come?” Fei'er look at Patriarch, then said : Patriarch thinks that what method doesn't enter Space also to have other to cope with God Race nine Great Elder? This God Race nine Great Elder, simply does not accept the surrender, does not want the living witness, comes up to exterminate the clan, what means don’t know can Patriarch have to deal?” Patriarch face ugly has not spoken, Fei'er then said : Patriarch said that when with Taurus God Race to war, our three clans have helped busy of Mr. Zhao Hai, I to want to ask Patriarch, if our three clans do not help, Mr. Zhao Hai can eliminate Taurus God Race?” Fei'er one said that Patriarch also really had nothing to say in reply, because of his very clear, initially their three clans, reason that warm-hearted must dispatch troops to help Zhao Hai cope with God Race, was wants one with the authority of Zhao Hai equal dialog, if they did not dispatch troops, Zhao Hai was also absolutely possible to extinguish God Race. Fei'er look at Patriarch face , then said :Patriarch said that has helped busy of Mr. Zhao Hai, has not actually thought that Mr. Zhao Hai also same helped us report the big enmity, said it, Mr. Zhao Hai these time has not helped us, he also in God Race there, attacks God Race each every Continent now, brought the pressure to God Race nine Great Elder, has given back to our three Command Token, enabling our three clans to enter in mister Space to avoid, wasn't this is helping us? The Patriarch speech must speak the conscience. Patriarch face was uglier, waited for Fei'er saying that he made an effort patted table said : sharp tongue, give an exaggerated account of things that no matter what you said that I will not enter Space, your Thunder Clan person himself population were few, cannot be able to compete with God Race nine Great Elder, that was also not strange, my Pegasus Clan the well-trained and equipped army, I vow must fight to the death with God Race.” The Fei'er three people look at idiot same look look at Pegasus Clan Patriarch with one type of, they have not thought that Patriarch actually will say, this doesn't lead toward the blind alley on toward Pegasus Clan? Yes, the Thunder Clan population is in three clans minimum, however Thunder Clan Lightning element Magic, is in three clans is strongest, is Barbarian and Pegasus Clan population are more than Thunder Clan on Pang, if hits, Pegasus Clan and Barbarian may not be victorious Thunder Clan, now Patriarch said that this really quibbled. Fei'er looked at Patriarch one, in saying anything, he was bowing said : Patriarch to say to Patriarch that we did not say anything, the Noble matter, we were not good to meddle, Fei'er can say said that can urge also urged, Patriarch did not listen, Fei'er did not have the means that said goodbye below.” Patriarch one hear of Fei'er said that to stares, he has not thought that Fei'er was so relaxed walked, he suddenly remembered a matter, Fei'er has had a falling out with Patriarch in Thunder Clan there, then after exiting, made their Patriarch instead, finally made the Thunder Clan morale of troops not steady, this has not coped with God Race nine Great Elder, now they must walk, can it be that wants at a rebellion? Thinks of here, Patriarch face cannot help but changes, immediately/on horseback said loudly: what? you where, when here is? You want to come to come, wants to walk walks? Today you came, do not want to walk, comes the person, takes to me them.”

Fei'er they cannot help but stare, they never expected Patriarch will do such, after Fei'er also really wants, urges Zhanyue makes Patriarch instead, actually not to think that Patriarch started compared with them first. Fei'er look at Patriarch appearance, presently fierce of Patriarch face, two blood red, looked like already complete frantic, but at this time, out of the door had also heard the sound of footsteps, outside Pegasus Clan army also immediately strategic place came. Fei'er turned the head to look at Zhanyue to end his immediately to start own that Command Token with Dingshan said :, Space rift appears , three people of flashes bodies entered in Space together, then the Space rift closure, all probably have not lived have been same. However Patriarch actually dull sitting in there, the face grey defeat, he knows that then has troubled, Zhanyue is very high in their clan the prestige in young man, if Zhanyue exited this matter outward saying, his trouble was big. Thinks of here, Patriarch immediately/on horseback to hand next step that these just flushed: Quick, immediately/on horseback transmitted orders, Zhanyue brings Thunder Clan Fei'er, Barbarian barbarian Dingshan, yu to assassinate me, immediately/on horseback ordered fully seizing they.” His these under the hand/subordinate stare slightly, the saying that to be honest Patriarch spoke, they cannot believe that status originally of Zhanyue in Pegasus Clan is very high, moreover Dingshan and Fei'er that is also the elite in their clan, can they assassinate Patriarch? Is this impossible? Patriarch looked that they have not moved, immediately/on horseback roars said : to stare doing, immediately/on horseback did not transmit orders.” These Pegasus Clan people, look at each other in dismay, do not dare to violate the order of Patriarch finally, turn around walked, but at this time Zhanyue they came out from Space, place that their this going, is Pegasus Clan Speaker, Zhan Fang there. Zhanyue also knows that now he has been at odds with Patriarch completely, that was needless to say other, pressed go ahead that oneself thought directly. Zhanyue they are also the smart people, they know that Patriarch cannot kill them, certainly after will have, move, therefore they come out after Space, immediately went to Zhan Fang there. Zhan Fang these days also very awkward, to be honest, he wants to allow the Pegasus Clan person to enter to Space, after all he and Zhao Hai have contacted, how Zhao Hai treated Demon Race him to look in the eye, he believes that enters Space, Zhao Hai will not treat unjustly their. All is Patriarch actually did not agree that this makes him very awkward, although in Pegasus Clan, the Speaker authority is very big, however his authority in big, is impossible to result in Patriarch to go, reason that in adding on this Patriarch is puissant, completely is because these congressmen in Council. Only then these congressmen support him, he has the ability and Patriarch resists, however Pegasus Clan the Patriarch is a smart person, moreover his craving to authority, is more intense than Thunder Clan Patriarch, therefore he already started to win over these congressmen, reason that previous time he sends Zhan Fang to see Zhao Hai, copes with God Race with Zhao Hai together, wants to borrow this opportunity, making Zhan Fang die in battle, even if were Zhan Fang has not died, because Zhan Fang was not, he also had more time to win over these congressman.

Therefore waits for in the Zhan Fang returned to clan time, he presently many congressmen in Council, start listens to lengthen, but is not listening to this Speaker, this makes Zhan Fang very passive, makes his strength reduce greatly, in clan spoke did not have the component more and more slowly, Pegasus Clan to enter the time of dictatorship. This Zhao Hai one transmitted information to them, Zhanyue immediately tells him and Patriarch this information, by his meaning, the people in immediately organization clan entered in Space, but Patriarch actually did not agree, Council for this matter, discussed several times, has hit the several times meeting, finally was actually because these own Patriarch congressmen made the stem, the conference also parted on bad terms. The head that Zhan Fang now for this matter, worried soon was white, but has not actually found out any good means to the present. In this time, suddenly person servant incoming telegram, is saying Zhanyue, Fei'er and Dingshan has the urgent matter interview, Zhan Fang one hear of quickly said: Invited quickly.” That servant immediately ran, before long the Zhanyue three people walked. Zhan Fang looked that three people came, immediately/on horseback said : Zhanyue, Fei'er, Dingshan, how your three do come today?” Zhanyue look at Zhan Fang, the tears one flowed, he sobbed said : Uncle Fang, you must take responsibility to us, just we saw Patriarch......” Zhanyue then to see the Patriarch process to say him to Zhan Fang. Zhan Fang one hear of Zhanyue said that face big change, effort pounds on the table, angry sound said : absurd, Patriarch his is crazy inadequate? His is must the people's in clan compelling dead end.” He just spoke, listened to out of the door to transmit sound speaking sounds of servant: Old Master, is not good, outside came many armies, they said that must grasp Zhanyue Young Master, just Patriarch ordered, said Zhanyue Young Master, Fei'er Young Master and Dingshan Young Master wants to assassinate him, now is issuing a warrant for arrest them in the entire clan.” Zhan Fang stares, his face was then uglier, he gets angry sound said : absurd, is really absurd, he wants to do, is means of livelihood is placed in here obviously, he actually must take that blind alley, his crazy, I think him am crazy.” Zhanyue they have not thought that Patriarch will issue a warrant for arrest them unexpectedly, Zhanyue has stood, to Zhan Fang said : Speaker, this, our line enters to mister Space, now Patriarch feared that will not enter Space, I want to invite Speaker, in any event, must the people in clan organize, in the relation these to be willing to enter in Space, wait for you related, I sent for my in the room looking for me, my everyday late before midnight in my in the room , etc., if you related well, on sending for informing me in the evening, where when the time comes I will inform you and I to open Space rift, How do you look?” Zhan Fang one hear of Zhanyue said that also understand the meaning of Zhanyue, he has thought that finally also nodded said : well, such has decided that you are about to walk, has remembered, everyday you must in the evening in your in the room.” Zhanyue nodded, Fei'er immediately/on horseback started Command Token, three people entered in Space, saw this situation, Zhan Fang also feel relieved. After the Zhanyue three people entered in Space, three people were also look at each other in dismay, don’t know said that what was good, some little time Dingshan sighed said : looks like the matter in our clan, will not put smoothly, Fei'er, you said why Patriarch they will turn into this appearance? Before God Race rule time, did not have this matter.”

Fei'er sighed, his also don’t know must say that any was good, he has not tasted the taste of authority, moreover was educated since childhood must serve for Thunder Clan, they also such does to the present, but saw their Patriarch appearance, they were very disappointed. Zhanyue looked at their one eyes, has smiled bitterly, their Patriarch caused such one, he also felt really does not have the face very much, he also can only know now painstakingly. Fei'er looked at their one eyes, forced smile said : has considered as finished, did not say that we walked, go to Barbarian there, no matter what, so long as a little hopes that we cannot give up, this may relationship to life and death of Barbarian clan.” As soon as they listened to Fei'er saying that also nodded, this matter, truly is relationship to the future of three clans, opportunity a little, they must try. The however three people prepared for at heart, then Dingshan then started his Command Token, three people of appears in Dingshan in the room. Three people just appears Dingshan in the room gawked, because Dingshan in the room has the person, three people look, in the Dingshan in the room person, is lengthening of Barbarian. Three people stare, then face changes, they think that Barbarian Patriarch must catch them, but Dingshan thinks that own Command Token on feel relieved, at the worst has also used Command Token to run away to Space, therefore Dingshan does not have immediately to escape, but is deep voice said : Patriarch, you how in this?” Barbarian Patriarch hears the Dingshan sound, this saw that Dingshan they came out, his quickly said: You may be came out, fantastic, Dingshan, just Pegasus Clan Patriarch said that you must assassinate him, this what's the matter?” Dingshan they look at the Patriarch appearance, cannot help but stares, they think Patriarch is grasps their, looks at the present appearance, probably is not, Dingshan puzzled look at Patriarch said : Patriarch, just Pegasus Clan did Patriarch give you to receive a letter?” Patriarch nodded said : „, he said that your three people want to assassinate him, he is issuing a warrant for arrest you in Pegasus Clan there, your three won't want to assassinate him really?” Dingshan has smiled bitterly next step: That is how possible, Patriarch, we want to urge Pegasus Clan Patriarch, making him agree that the Pegasus Clan person, shifts to Space, but he actually did not agree, but must catch us, we give our Command Token using mister, ran away in Space, has not thought that he also received a letter to you unexpectedly, Patriarch what do you mean, must catch us, gave Pegasus Clan Patriarch?” roa.