Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 937

Chapter 934 character decision destiny The Barbarian Patriarch look at Dingshan three people, he from the Dingshan eye, saw deep alert this , after adding on Fei'er and Zhanyue since enters the room, had not spoken to him, such manner has also indicated them to his manner. Patriarch has cannot help but smiled bitterly, why his very clear Fei'er they to his such manner, because of Thunder Clan Patriarch and Pegasus Clan Patriarch, to the matter that Fei'er they handle, making Fei'er they have to be careful. Patriarch shaking the head of gently, forced smile said : Dingshan that before was I am not right, I should not for dead/die of oneself, not agree to enter Mr. Zhao Hai Space, however after knowing the Thunder Clan there fresh matter, I have decided that immediately moved Barbarian to mister Space, therefore my immediately hit you, you actually not.” One hear of Patriarch said that Dingshan they stare, they have not thought that Patriarch must say unexpectedly is this, before Patriarch did not agree to enter Space, has not actually thought that the Thunder Clan there fresh matter, has not let Patriarch unexpectedly like Pegasus Clan Patriarch, firmer does not enter Space, but strengthened him to enter the idea of Space. A same matter, how Barbarian Patriarch with Pegasus Clan way of Patriarch processing complete is different? Perhaps this has relationship with their character. The Pegasus Clan person is very intelligent race, this point can look from the differentiation of their authority, like Thunder Clan and Barbarian, they sets up Elder Assembly, too existence of elder, too elder the status in clan is very high, even if no other elder support, Patriarch does not dare movement easily. But Pegasus Clan there does not have elder position, some of them only then the congressman and Speaker, Speaker although has the authority to limit Patriarch, but actually needs congressmen's support, as the matter stands their authority divisions, were thinner than Thunder Clan and Barbarian. But is the intelligent person, they regarding the hope of authority are bigger, therefore Pegasus Clan Patriarch, wholeheartedly is thinking wants, when his Patriarch, because he clung to the power and influence. But Barbarian Patriarch is different, he is not intelligent like Pegasus Clan Patriarch, can say that character of some of his also Barbarian person same blunt honest firms , because of this character, lets him when essential, has awakened quickly, but makes him awaken, is Thunder Clan Patriarch to shouting curses of Zhao Hai. Fei'er they and don’t know, Thunder Clan Patriarch when has presently polished oneself in hand all signs, but God Race nine big Supreme Elder already attack their outside the city, this Thunder Clan and Patriarch have not felt for own actions ashamed, reason that conversely, he thinks him will arrive at today, completely will be the Zhao Hai mistakes!

He thinks in Taurus God Race to war, their Thunder Clan has helped Zhao Hai very big busy, moreover seriousness that very finally their staff lose, he thinks that this is Zhao Hai is unfair to their Thunder Clan. Moreover because Zhao Hai regarding God Race the characteristics that starts not to be forgiving, made God Race cope with them fully, they will have today this aspect. When God Race nine Great Elder attack them, Zhao Hai has not actually come to help them cope with God Race nine Great Elder, this is incorrect of Zhao Hai, therefore Thunder Clan Patriarch when was compelled the dead end, he had not regretted matter that one handle, he has thought one do does not have the mistake, all mistakes all are Zhao Hai, therefore he through Message Fish to Zhao Hai crack cursed, heard his scolding sound by Pegasus Clan and people of Barbarian person, heard his controlling to Zhao Hai to state! Has saying that controlling of Thunder Clan Patriarch stated or played certain doing to use, most minimum Pegasus Clan Patriarch came under the influence that he controls to state, he has not thought completely, before they and Zhao Hai were only cooperation relationship, moreover they, when coped with God Race, the advantage that obtained were more. After defeating Taurus God Race, Zhao Hai alone kept off the retaliation of come from God Race for them, lets recuperation that they can feel at ease. They have not thought that if Zhao Hai were defeated, waits for their, can only exterminate the clan, in their opinion, Zhao Hai owes them, but they actually do not owe Zhao Hai. Thunder Clan Patriarch and Pegasus Clan Patriarch thinks that therefore they will kill do not enter Space, in their opinion, Zhao Hai should come back to save them, does not save them, is ungrateful, but like the present, not allowing them to enter to his Space, but must listen to his words, this was they cannot accept, therefore they from conflicted to enter in Space at heart. Because has such idea, therefore Thunder Clan and Pegasus Clan Patriarch, chooses to select not to enter Zhao Hai Space, even this became their one type of obsession, because has this obsession, therefore they will become some frantic, will be somewhat impervious. But Barbarian Patriarch is different, Barbarian person temperament blunt honest firm, what their exquisite is, has the graciousness to repay a debt of gratitude, has the revenge enmity, they have their one set of right and wrong view, who will not be appointed influence absolutely. Thunder Clan and Patriarch cursed Zhao Hai time, Barbarian Patriarch also heard, however listens in him, Thunder Clan Patriarch really did not have the conscience, initially they wanted to cope with Taurus God Race, but did not have opportunity, has not prepared. Zhao Hai in Ark Continent there, Taurus God Race tidying up is very miserable, therefore they had opportunity, they should thank Zhao Hai to be right.

Moreover later in Taurus God Race to the process of war , is also they must send the army to help Zhao Hai cope with Taurus God Race, Zhao Hai has not requested them to send the army, is adding on them to have a grudge with Taurus God Race, Zhao Hai also has a grudge with Taurus God Race, both sides should be cooperation relationship, whom simply cannot talk about to have the graciousness issue to whom, said that they do have the graciousness to Zhao Hai? Did this mention from where? Must say that stingy of Zhao Hai under to God Race, Zhao Hai does start not the ruthless line? God Race strength strong, their very clear, like their three clans can break out of the rule of God Race, but steels oneself for revenge, can't God Race? said it, at that time Taurus God Race Supreme Elder, but moved the reinforcement, if under the stingy point to God Race, did not wait for Taurus God Race Supreme Elder to move in the reinforcement, the Taurus God Race person in cause disturbance , Zhao Hai will carry the abdomen to receive the enemy as the matter stands critically, the situation. This Zhao Hai although has not come back to rescue them, but Zhao Hai has actually destroyed completely central Continent, Demon Scorpion Continent and Cancer Continent, have destroyed completely three God Race Continent, has created the tremendous pressure to God Race these Supreme Elder, he has not come back, feels emotion to be possible original. God Race nine big Supreme Elder with, at this time, Zhao Hai, if comes back, spells with nine big Supreme Elder hardly, feared that is the stratagem which ensures success is not big, if Zhao Hai has defeated, that waits for their three clans, only meets the exterminated the clan destiny. said it, Zhao Hai has not helped them, Zhao Hai has given them opportunity, allowing them to enter to Space, so long as enters to Space, they were safe, this equal to suspended a life to ask them to leave, if you do not want to walk this life, must walk toward the blind alley on, that everyone no wonder. You suicide wholeheartedly, why others does Zhao Hai request you? Are others sick? Has big friendship with you, asked your once or twice, but also always rescues not to have? Do others save others to have hidden? Because has such idea, therefore Barbarian Patriarch first decided that moves to Barbarian on Space, therefore , character of person, the decision is he looks at the angle of thing, affected his judgment, character decides destiny these words, but also has not spoken incorrectly. Dingshan somewhat accidental look at Patriarch, before Patriarch, opposition very has entered Space, now was changing the attitude suddenly, this makes Dingshan is not very familiar with, he looked at Patriarch one puzzled, what don’t know Patriarch this saying said is really or fake. Patriarch looks at the Dingshan appearance, was smiling bitterly said : well Dingshan, do not suspect, I Yuan Jiang they have informed clansman, was tidying up thing, wants to come many clansman to tidy up thing now, waited for you to come back to open Space rift, I do not want to spell with God Race nine Great Elder quickly hardly.” Heard Patriarch saying that on the face of Dingshan immediately has hung up the smiling face, the whole person probably light, he complied with one, turn around outward to run refreshedly.

Patriarch then turned the head to look at one, face some not good Fei'er and Zhanyue, Patriarch has patted Fei'er shoulder said : Fei'er, restrained grief, good that your youngster made fortunately, has left behind a root to Thunder Clan, looked after clansman of person well, later in Space, if there is any need, told me, I will help you.” Fei'er one hear of Patriarch said that the tears one dripped, nod said : that he makes an effort thanks Patriarch, I remembered.” Patriarch sighed, in saying anything, but turned the head to look at Zhanyue, deep voice said : I handled the matter in clan, I went Pegasus Clan with you personally, urged your Patriarch personally, hoping him to be able understand.” Zhanyue 1 u left a ratio also ugly smiling face, has not actually made noise, Patriarch looked at their one eyes, sighed, this turn around outward walked. look at Patriarch back, Fei'er and Zhanyue a bitterness and astringency, they hope at heart that their Patriarch can also with the Patriarch same idea of Barbarian, such words their clansman be possible to be saved, what a pity. Fei'er turned the head to look at Zhanyue one, Zhanyue also turned the head just in time look at Fei'er, they looked at each other to smile bitterly, half step walking of outward. although they are jealous Dingshan, but they with Dingshan are the friendship of life, at this time, naturally will help helping of Dingshan. When they come out from Dingshan in the room, saw not far away that [say / way] huge Space rift, hears the voice of many Barbarian person, Dingshan they are organizing the person, enters from that Space rift to Space. Fei'er and Zhanyue have not said anything, immediately helped in the past, they had the experiences of some to settle down clansman, has their join, regarding the Barbarian person is also a good matter. Slowly enters the Space Barbarian person to be getting more and more, day also slowly dark, how now has not needed Dingshan they to organize, Barbarian these time after is the motion of entire race, naturally has the collars of various departments to replace Dingshan they, being better that also even makes compared with them. roa.