Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 938
Chapter 935 wins over us to strive Three clan here fresh matters, Zhao Hai all knows that three pieces of Command Token are not person who gives for nothing, besides can make Cai'er momentarily helps Fei'er they open Space, can a situation of better surveillance next three clan. To be honest, when Pegasus Clan Patriarch exhibits does not enter the Space appearance, Zhao Hai the thorough decision was not going back to help them, Pegasus Clan, they strove for fortunately. But response of Barbarian there, same stems from unexpected of Zhao Hai, he has not thought that this Barbarian within such short time, will make the response that this wants unexpectedly, this is makes him be startled really. If at this time, God Race nine Great Elder attacked Barbarian, that Zhao Hai to did not mind that helps Barbarian, after all so believes that his race, he will not treat unjustly their. However God Race nine Great Elder, actually run to attack Pegasus Clan now, Zhao Hai naturally cannot go back to help, now he is still tidying up Sagittarius Clan. But at this time, Cai'er told Zhao Hai another information, O'Neal Clan army arrived at outside God Race Space rift, prepared to have large-scale attack to the Space rift defense line. Heard this information, Zhao Hai has gawked, now regarding Zhao Hai, the time is very important, he was making war with various God Race Continent, God Race the population in first Continent were many, he wanted to cope with them, must leave is fully good, in this case, he really could not muster too many strengths to cope with O'Neal Clan. Zhao Hai has also calculated, he has now destroyed completely Taurus God Race, central God Race, Demon Scorpion God Race, Cancer God Race, is making war with Sagittarius God Race, so long as he is destroying completely Sagittarius God Race, his military strength can come out but actually some, these military strength of but with him pouring, want to cope with O'Neal Clan, probably slightly suspicion is insufficient. Various Magic Armor that O'Neal Clan these time adjusts, the total crosses twenty thousand, does not want underestimated this twenty thousand Magic Armor, if this twenty thousand Magic Armor the full attack, Zhao Hai minimum needs to put out 2 million Undead Creature to block. Besides Magic Armor, O'Neal Clan has also sent out various War Chariot/Tank about 5000, except for Magic Armor and War Chariot/Tank, O'Neal Clan also comes unable Energy Cannon.

These Energy Cannon attack strength are stronger than these War Chariot/Tank, Zhao Hai general has calculated, wants to block O'Neal Clan these weapon attack, his minimum must send out nearly Undead Creature army surely to be good, moreover must benefit using the Space rift defense line there place, can block the attack of O'Neal Clan. This did not mean that Zhao Hai does not have the confidence to own Undead Creature, in fact are getting more and more except his conquer God Race, his in hand Undead Creature, the quality is also getting better and better, Undead Creature that now his main action uses, is almost God Rank . Moreover the quantity has achieved astonishing four about hundred million. However Zhao Hai does not dare underestimated O'Neal Clan similarly, route that O'Neal Clan they take with them route complete is different, O'Neal Clan the route, is similar to the science and technology route, but what they walk is opens the human body potential the route. This two political lines cannot say that who is good who is not good, but stops the situation of coming, O'Neal Clan must profit, weapon that they use, approaches in hot weapon, must add on their good to Magic Formation utilization, therefore their weapon, stronger compared with that ordinary Magic Cannon that Zhao Hai uses, in this case, Zhao Hai equal to lets these Undead Creature, fights handata-titleo-hand with the opposite party with own body, this seems like taking the person of Great Blade lance, in taking the person of machine gun to fighting to be the same, suffering a loss is unavoidable. Therefore when heard Cai'er the information, frowning of Zhao Hai cannot bear, his in hand although has several hundred million military strength, but these military strength with Sagittarius Clan person deal with, the Sagittarius Clan person, are really being very difficult entangle now, their archer are very strong, Zhao Hai wants to end the fight in a short time, can only be tries, as the matter stands, he did not have the unnecessary strength to cope with O'Neal Clan. Laura they follow in the Zhao Hai side, they also know that what Zhao Hai is worried about, several people also frown, some little time Laura said : Elder Brother Hai, or we muster some military strength, keeps off O'Neal Clan in crack defense line there?” Has not waited for Zhao Hai to speak, Lizzy shook the head said : such words, we tidy up Sagittarius Clan on a need longer time, if makes nine Great Elder solve the Pegasus Clan there matter, ran in presently the Barbarian person, they will certainly come back to look our, when the time comes we lost have coped with the God Race best opportunity, lost is too big.” Laura nodded, she knows this result, but now except for this doing, but can also have other means? Laura their cannot help but vision image rotation Zhao Hai. How many person of one Zhao Hai looked, suddenly smiles said : we to block them for who? Let them come and that's the end, now Barbarian there started to shift toward Space, Pegasus Clan there is not willing to enter Space, we do not need to waste the time for them, we then must do, was the person who won over other us to win over.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, Laura was the person who puzzled said : won over us to win over? Elder Brother Hai did you say?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : different God Race!” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura their immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, yes the present three big race there situations had been a foregone conclusion, there can say that has not needed them in worrying, now they must do tidies up God Race, with carrying on next, has striven to get so far as in Space three big different God Race. However can make different God Race enter Space? This is a major problem, now different God Race is very sight, God Race by Zhao Hai tidying up unbearable, they seize the opportunity have dispatched troops, fights went cheaply, can say that because of existence of Zhao Hai, the resistance of different God Race and during God Race, the time occupied the winning side, in this case, how can make different God Race enter to Space in? The means only then, causes a more formidable enemy to them! Very obviously, O'Neal Clan is very formidable, God Realm here area is bigger than Ark Continent, wants compared with Demon Realm on a big way many, lets the O'Neal Clan person presently God Race here, will they give up to drop? Answer negative, they will not hate to drop, in this case, they can continue investigates God Realm, when the time comes, they can with different God Race to, if different God Race suffered a loss in O'Neal Clan in hand, when the time comes Zhao Hai in wants to select the means that makes Space them is not the impossible matter. If before, Zhao Hai does not dare to put O'Neal Clan to enter to God Realm comes, because O'Neal Clan enters to God Realm here, on Taurus Continent, when the time comes they first faces, is not other different God Race or God Race, they look first, can be Thunder Clan their three clans. However now this situation is different, now Barbarian is shifting toward Space, because has made the preparation ahead of time, shift work very smooth, was giving them the several days time, the shift can complete. But Jin Ben they, Zhao Hai were not worried that these God Race Supreme Elder, soon entered to Pegasus Clan in now, can say that now was to put O'Neal Clan comes, waits for O'Neal Clan to God Realm here, presently Space of three large clans, at that time the Barbarian there person also completely moved into to Space, but Pegasus Clan there, feared that is also given the extermination of the clan by God Race nine Great Elder, when the time comes with God Race nine Great Elder to, possibly was O'Neal Clan. Because has thought of these, therefore Zhao Hai decided that puts God Realm to come, letting them the God Realm atmospheric conditions just before a rain O'Neal Clan to be muddier, when the time comes his good turbid water rub fish. Zhao Hai own idea with Laura their saying, Laura their immediately agreed with, they also thought that at this time should O'Neal Clan to stir to bother.

Now O'Neal Clan has been divided into three own Clan military strength, is at against Underworld, entered Demon Realm, outside the Space rift defense line, but in the army of Space rift outwire, was the most army that O'Neal Clan sent. If makes the O'Neal Clan person know that Space rift behind, is God Realm such big piece of Space, they will also be interested in Ark Continent? Will they also be interested in condition that wicked qualitative Demon Realm there? They feared that is will transfer the attention to shift to God Realm here slowly, this not only can the God Realm here water stirring is muddier, but can also make Zhao Hai obtain many Magic Armor. Because the reasons in this aspects add, therefore Laura they completely will agree that the Zhao Hai procedure, in their eyes, Zhao Hai puts God Race to come O'Neal Clan, regarding them, did not have what fault. Zhao Hai looked that several people agreed that he showed a faint smile said : O'Neal Clan immediately to attack, we call now these Undead Creature, but cannot make them feel better, used sao to harass the tactic for them.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but shows a faint smile said : well, this is good means that we use sao to harass the tactic for them, will make them know that Ark Continent here and has to use, this instead to lets their feel relieved, instead to be their person many attractions.” Lizzy nodded said : „, moreover can collect to more time, even we can also use this tactic, directs to see God Race nine Great Elder the O'Neal Clan person, did not fear that they did not hit.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that such to settle, I to have a look, the O'Neal Clan person, how must cope with our sao to harass the tactic, although their Magic Armor were not slow, but compared to Space to come, actually must fall far short, this time I must O'Neal Clan to taste sao to harass the tactical the fierce place.” Megan smiles said : I to want to take a look, God Race nine Great Elder, when seeing O'Neal Clan Magic Armor, what expression can be, in the past they after seeing a Gnome clan manufactured Magic Armor, immediately a Gnome clan extinguishing, now compared with a Gnome clan in the past more excellent Magic Armor appears , their expressions certainly very splendid.” roa.