Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 939

The Chapter 936 thousand armed forces are easy, one will strive for difficultly Standing of Axe calm nearby Space rift, he now compared with former severe Shuduo, after Ark Continent here, the matter that lives, let his understand many thing. His very clear, this Clan to Ark Continent here, has paid many, if this Clan cannot recoup the cost, that O'Neal Clan ended from now. But makes people feel that funny matter, now they most hope what is sees own enemy is, since Ark Continent here, they had not seen a person, that feared that is an enemy, therefore they really hope to see their enemy now. Since present this Space rift, they are hanging heart, has put, in this time, George has been arriving at Axe said : Young Patriarch, before we carried on several times to probe xing attack, however opposite party counterattacked very fierce to be fierce, we cannot overrun, but their there general troop disposition has made clear.” Axe turns the head look at George, nodded said : well, work pretty good, this Clan, if can succeed, when you award a great merit.” Liking flashes in George eyes, salutes said : to thank Young Patriarch to Axe!” Axe nodded said : we just to arrive at here now, recuperation two days, is attacking, over the two days, you inside military deployment, gave me to draw to become chart, to facilitate us to use.” George nodded said : is Young Patriarch, the chart has prepared, a while sends to you.” In the Axe eye flashes through of appreciation, he has patted George's shoulder said : great George, you handle the matter to have the orderliness very much, is very good.” George by a Axe such racket, probably bones becomes two taels(100g) lighter, his immediately/on horseback was thanked thanks Young Master to Axe said :, this is I should do.” Axe nodded said : to be good, you go back to deliver to me the chart, I go back to rest well.” George immediately/on horseback nodded said : Young Patriarch to invite, my immediately goes back to deliver to you chart.” Axe nodded, turns the head returned to on War Chariot/Tank, War Chariot/Tank turns around, is above mundane thoughts to go. Axe sits in War Chariot/Tank, this several days his hurrying along not to stop, somewhat was really tired, their Magic Armor Continent person, the body is in itself not their strong points, this time he is really much more tired. although body very tired, but he actually cannot fall asleep, in his head, there are too many matters, his head not to stop is transferring, making his simply not have the means to go to sleep. Finally Axe has thought of Zhao Hai, that he has met, feels the somewhat silly person, but each Axe thinks of Zhao Hai, cannot bear raise at heart extremely angry air/Qi.

initially by person who he regards the fool, actually gave to play him, therefore his first time thought of Zhao Hai, could not bear feel angry at heart. He has one type of to feel that he believes Zhao Hai certainly after this Space rift, this type felt that ten intensities , because of this feelings, therefore he strongly will request to arrive at here to come, original his father did not agree that he comes to here. In Axe let the imagination run wild time, War Chariot/Tank stopped, War Chariot/Tank pilot said : Young Patriarch, we arrived in a soft voice, you rest to in the room well.” Axe has opened the eye slowly, looked at all around, nodded said : you also to rest.” Said that opened the vehicle door to walk. Axe just entered the room, hears the servant outside said : Young Master, George seeks an interview, he said that he brought that to say the troop disposition chart in Space rift gives Young Master.” Axe nodded said : to make him come.” The servants, has made before long George enter the Axe room, George's in hand is taking Zheng Ditu. Axe waved said : to go to that servant, prepares drinking of eating to me, George, you keep here to eat meal with my together, eats meal while speaks the map to me.” George one happy, but in surface actually motionless sound has complied with one, then has arrived at table there, unfolded the in hand map carefully. This was a very detailed map, on the map the terrains and all kinds of firebases has made the symbol of very detailed, could look, George was really very attentive. Axe look at map, favorable nod said : good, George, your work pretty good, this map picture is very good, you can affirm that this is in the crack the troop dispositions of all enemies?” George shook the head said : to be unfair to Young Patriarch, I cannot guarantee that attack very fierce of enemy is fierce, moreover we also presently, the opposite party has some tall people, prepares with the Magic Armor close combat, feared that tied down by them, therefore our first time scout, do not dare extremely in thorough, but the crack there situation, should not be wrong, the crack following situation did not say.” Axe nodded is very right, now is not the worried time that said : you do, good, said that their attack strength how?” George nodded, is pointing at the map, deep voice said : Young Patriarch, in the crack there enemy, what use is one type of compares Inferior level Magic Cannon, looks like volume very enormous is heavy, the migration is not flexible, the attack strength also can only be general, but the quantity is numerous, compared with is difficult to deal with, moreover they have one type of crossbow arrow, this crossbow arrow Might is not worse than Magic Cannon, Might that crossbow arrow explosion produces, even is stronger than Magic Cannon, a point that is most difficult to deal with, their all cannoneers and archer, are organize by Undead Creature, moreover these Undead Creature strength on is not weak.” Axe frowns said : „the opposite party is uses Undead Creature as the cannoneer unexpectedly, do they in the person with north that piece of Dark mist have what to relate inadequately? Do you have to calculate, wants to break through the defense line of opposite party, how many military strength do we need?” George thinks that said : needs 1000 Magic Cannon probably, 200 War Chariot/Tank, 1000 Magic Armor, if sets out these military strength, we can casualties control in 100.” Axe has selected eyebrow said : oh, do you such have confidence?”

George nodded said : although saying that don’t know behind their defense line is anything, but can look from their attack strength, their attack strength must miss on some compared with Magic Armor, in adding on this Space rift although is not small, but is not big, in a here time is impossible to suspend under many armies, we cannot time xing sending out too many armies carry on, but, the opposite party is similarly impossible to send out too many people to defend, therefore there are 1000 demons on to be enough, we can use Magic Cannon to cover the fire of xing first, completely suppression they., In using War Chariot/Tank and Magic Armor coordination advances, can end the fight within the nearest/recent time, even if the opposite party wants to send out reinforcement, we can also in their defense line there, establish our defense line, blocks their attacks with our Magic Cannon and War Chariot/Tank.” Axe nodded, said : good, good, goes back to write a detailed doing war to report to me, I will let a several War General research your report, if feasible, let's do it according to your advice, you are familiar compared with our any person to here after all.” George although plans are deep, but one hear of Axe said that he is also covering unable to show liking on oneself face, to Axe said loudly: Yes, Young Patriarch, thanks Young Patriarch to promote!” Axe patted George's shoulder said : I to promote you, you had such strength to be good, was good, prepares, was right, has remembered, later asked me Young Lord to be OK.” George is happier, did not want underestimated such a change of name, Young Patriarch this name was all people can call, but Young Lord this name was actually not, in O'Neal Clan, only then these were very good with O'Neal Clan relationship, had been through repeatedly several generations, even dozens generations of old retainers, can such call Axe, Axe Jeangeorges such calls him now, on equal to was recognize his status, this regarding George absolutely was the good deed. George happy said : is, Young Lord, my immediately manages.” Said that to a Axe ritual, turn around was walking. although leave Axe room, but George still ji very moves, in his family does not have any influence, can say that he can reach today this situation, depends entirely on his fighting, but these years, in the lower-level work of army, George the O'Neal Clan situation very had found, do not have any background person like him, if have not hired oneself that big influence, this is for a lifetime impossible the head. Now Axe such favors him, his equal to had found a biggest backer, what backer has, is better than Young Patriarch, that will be future Patriarch, when he will be Young Patriarch with him, that future may from the feudal official of dragon, the day that his flying reed will ascend not be far. The Axe look at George's back, shows a faint smile, in true after contacting the Clan matter, Axe understand, trains some can believe under the hand/subordinate how importantly. Yes, in Clan has some loyal and devoted old officials, because their qualifications are old, therefore their sometimes, does not buy this Young Patriarch account very much, but able new person like George, was being pressed by these old officials, very difficult over, opportunity that so long as he raises one's head to them, George they will be loyal and devoted to him, his in hand also had own strength, speech wainscot also unyielding some. These matters are his father tell him, these time knows that he must come here, his father to send in several Clan specially young, able, because does not have no background, was being pressed by these old officials, the status is not very high young War General, like this facilitates Axe command(er), similarly, convenient in winning over of Axe. Regarding his father for matter that he handles, Axe very grateful, he knows that his father this is paving the way for him, so that after him, can smoother becoming Patriarch. Thinks of here, Axe cannot help but lightly sighs, the meal that turn around returned to own bedroom, the servant delivers has not eaten. Next morning, Axe just had had breakfast, the sound that hears the servant conveys said : from outside Young Master, George Captain interview.” Axe nodded said : to make him come.” The servants have complied with one, before long two eyes red George walked from outside. although his two eyes has covered entirely the blood thread, however his facial expression actually extremely stimulated, saw Axe, George immediately/on horseback bows to Axe said : Young Lord, battle plan I have completed, please glance.”

The Axe look at George's appearance, face sinks said : George, are you yesterday have not rested in the evening, has been busy to the present?” George looked that Axe face is not quite attractive, cannot help but stares, quickly said: Yes, I feared by mistake the Young Lord matter, therefore yesterday the last evening had caught up with an evening, finally completed battle plan.” The Axe look at George's appearance, sighed said : George, later, this battle plan I do not worry to want like this, you had no need such busily, must take care own health, you only then protected your body, can more strove for me, when the time comes, I do not use you time, your body is not good.” As soon as George listened to Axe saying that at heart cannot help but a loosen, then was actually move, his some sobbing to Axe said : was, Young Lord, George has taken down, George thanked the care of Young Lord.” Axe nodded said : to leave behind the report, you go back to rest, rest well, in looked for me after eating meal, goes.” George has complied with one, has put on the report the table, to Axe gave a salute, turn around walked. When George walks, Axe then took up George's that report carefully to look, looked at a while, on the face of Axe cannot help but 1 u left the smiling face. very good that George's battle plan, makes, very detailed, considered the matter in aspects, in George's battle plan, their combat processes, was divided into several parts, the first part, the attack, made a great effort in one, the match broke through in the Space rift there defense line. Part 2 seizes, seizes the opposite party defense line, defends the defense line, blocks counter-attack of opposite party. Part 3, exploits the victory, after defense line there defends, immediately Magic Cannon and War Chariot/Tank adjusts, then carries on attack toward inside, must break through the mi fog of opposite party, has a look at behind the mi fog is anything. Can say very beautiful that this plan makes, the first step Qing very analyzed, moreover George also calculated, the first general idea needed many military strength, needed how long, the route of motion, the level of carrying on, if encountered the opposite party intense resistance time, what tactic should use, this all, he considered, Axe real very satisfied. Axe has not thought really that he just has given George small opportunity, but George has actually given him a such big pleasant surprise, although this is only a report, but from this report, can actually see many thing, such good that this report makes, this showed that George has the energy of series soldier, this regarding Axe, absolutely is very important. Thousand armed forces are easy, one will strive for difficultly, no matter in there, has the series armed forces person, was ten reinsures the expensive talented person, Axe regards as important to George. roa.