Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 940

Chapter 937 superior, lower position The O'Neal Clan here fresh matter, Zhao Hai knows, the matter that even Axe they said that Zhao Hai knows, but he has not cared, coped with the O'Neal Clan matter he to prepare, now he with the Sagittarius Clan person dogfight, not having the time too to care about these matters. Has to recognize, Sagittarius Clan these person of real very difficult entangle, the Sagittarius Clan here person, most major characteristics are their are quick, hit to run, played the guerrilla warfare with Zhao Hai, this made Zhao Hai want to cope with them becomes very difficult. But at this time, Jin Ben they, entered in person of Pegasus Clan Space, the Pegasus Clan Patriarch natural person has resisted fully, but the disparity in strength, making their simply they not have the means with Jin Ben. although Pegasus Clan this time was to make fully the preparation, like Thunder Clan, they had not been hit several to run by Jin Ben, however their also was very difficult they to produce anything to threaten to Jin Ben. Because of the resistance of Pegasus Clan compared with Thunder Clan much better, Jin Ben they want like coping with Thunder Clan be coped Pegasus Clan not to be impossible, after they put on Combat Suit, attack strength although very strong, however actually impossible lasting, but are well few in their people, is quick, attack strength, therefore other people have carried on attack after the Pegasus Clan army, immediately retreats, on their such several people, casually finds a place in any case, can rest well, Pegasus Clan person simply could not find them, and other they had rested, on can in one time come out to cope with Pegasus Clan. Does not want underestimated this way, nine big Supreme Elder attack, is very sharp, Pegasus Clan set out army to gather round several people surely, several people can also kill his seven to enter seven. It can be said that now nine big Supreme Elder in the Pegasus Clan here situation, is somewhat similar in the Sagittarius Clan there situation with Zhao Hai, they tied down. Must know Pegasus Clan is quick, in three big different race, Pegasus Clan is quickest , because of such, is adding on Zhao Hai to support them to include blood Thunder Clan Javelin, therefore Pegasus Clan can now with nine big Supreme Elder deal with. However Zhao Hai was actually had found to cope with the Sagittarius Clan method now, reason that before he has not dealt with the Sagittarius Clan person, because of his Space map, has not received Sagittarius Clan throughout to the map, therefore Zhao Hai did not have the means to find the positions of these Sagittarius Clan people, wanted to cope with them not so to be easy.

However passed through the several days time, Zhao Hai received in the Space map Sagittarius Continent throughout, as the matter stands, he can at any time where presently these Sagittarius Clan people, then put there to cope with them Undead Creature, and close combat. Has to recognize, the Sagittarius Clan person, although farfight ability very formidable, but must speak of the ability of close combat, they come compared with other Continent God Race people, must fall far short, these Undead Creature tidied up them to be more relaxed. When Zhao Hai full tidies up Sagittarius Clan, Axe their there complete recuperation was also good, prepared to carry on attack to crack defense line there, the Axe use, was George's that battle plan, was a pity that their battle plan, were has wasted, because Zhao Hai withdrew crack defense line there all people. Axe stands outside the crack not far the place, on the face calm look at Space rift, however his look was actually inferior that his face calm, in his look is passing excited of faint trace, but more is actually killing aura. Not wrong, was killing aura, Axe at heart that feeling was getting more and more intense, he felt Zhao Hai in Space rift behind, therefore he this attack, regarding as was his dealing a head-on blow to Zhao Hai. George stands in Axe side, this is the Axe request, Axe must in this manner, tell all people, George is his trusted aide, this Jeangeorges's excited. However he is look at Space rift there that somewhat worries about, although he is very confident to his battle plan, however works as at the last moment, must really with moment that his battle plan makes to fight, George somewhat is on nettles at heart, after all this is he proves own opportunity, if his battle plan very smooth, he has established own status in the heart of Axe, he on can become Axe true trusted aide, but if were defeated, that Axe is may give up very much his, any superior, will not have liked one to not any use. under the hand/subordinate. Axe looked at the time, he thinks the time to be similar, he turns the head to George said : George, transmitted orders the attack.” George nodded, take deep breaths, turns the head said loudly: Passes on the Young Lord military order, the attack!”

Axe satisfied look at George, George's that battle plan, seems like very good, but Axe also knows that he is also only rookie Commander, he does not dare easily on use that battle plan, therefore Axe gave his father to be competent to that several that he sent that plan, command(er) has made War General that fought, making them look at that battle plan. Very good, in that War General after looking at that plan, thinks that plan very perfect, this let the use of Axe feel relieved that battle plan, he was also simultaneously careful regarding George. But makes Axe more satisfied, is George in his front performance, George in his front performance very good, has the discretion very much, like just, Axe Jeangeorges transmitted orders, George this can say: Transmitted orders, attack!” All people know the order of this certain Axe, but will sound actually not to compare passes on the Young Lord military order, attack!” Comfortable. Axe is rookie Commander, therefore his needs to increase own prestige, these time comes command(er) to attack Space rift here, actually Axe simply has not helped, battle plan is George writes, but the audit program, is several other War General does, arranges how to attack, is he discusses the decision with several other War General, can say that Axe must do, is issues one to do to fight the order, is such simple. However the Axe hope can through a fight, enhance own prestige, therefore he hopes that all people know, this fight is he in command(er). Axe after experiencing something, like general young man, is not own labor work, does not want absolutely, looked like in Axe that was too silly, he was superior, superior may not worry, so long as he will choose a person were good, this time battle plan was George does, but George was he digs, this was enough, only with this point, he on can occupy the merit, this on was superior. This is also his father teaches him, superior, before has not obtained enough prestige, if you want the means to increase your prestige, when your prestige was unshakeable, you in do not need to increase your prestige. But now when Axe needs to increase own prestige, therefore he to this aspect settling on, if George said that transmitted orders, attack!” The words, his Axe existence feeling will be fallen to lowly, this is not Axe wants to see. But a George saying passed on the Young Lord command, the attack!” That this is different, these had pointed out he is the Commander status, making all combatants know that this fight is Young Lord command(er), so long as this fight won, he in the hearts of these people, will have certain status, this on is the prestige.

Because of knowing this point, therefore Axe regarding George's performance very satisfied, but before George , thought that to say. George is a very intelligent person, what status of his very clear Axe in O'Neal Clan is, this Young Lord, because before liked take risking, therefore has been talked into ignores a proper occupation, the reputation in Clan was not good, but well, him was the Patriarch wife's eldest son, has not violated any wrong, in addition young, therefore the position of his first successor, nobody can vacillate. However these time in the Ark Continent issue, this Young Patriarch to is makes all people be startled, the although basic reason lies in he likes take risking, but regarding the O'Neal Clan person, dares first to enter to this unknown Space, this itself needs very big courage, therefore some people in Clan, had a new look regarding the impression of this Young Lord much, moreover does from Patriarch present moving, the most important matter that must full training this Young Lord, in this case, this Young Lord probably handle, on is enhances own prestige, George. After thinking to be very long, this has thought of this transmitting orders way. After passing on has made, George looked at Axe, on the Axe face is having the faint smiling face, looks like very satisfied, George cannot help but one happy, he knows that oneself just transmitting orders, let Young Lord very satisfied. Along with issuing an order of Axe, the attack of O'Neal Clan also started, first is Magic Cannon attack, O'Neal Clan Magic Cannon, is big compared with Magic Cannon that Zhao Hai they use, naturally, Might has also been no comparison between them, moreover their Magic Cannon, do not shoot energy light beam, but uses the shell. Uses Magic Cannon of shell completely, the nature with that Magic Cannon that Zhao Hai uses is different, Magic Cannon that O'Neal Clan uses, seems like more like the cannon on Earth, just on the shell, is carving many Magic Formation, in the ball pot, is not the blasting explosive that installs, but is the one type of Magic medicinal powder, doing of this type of Magic medicinal powder with is similar to the blasting explosive, but actually compares the common blasting explosive explosive force to be stronger, lethality even bigger. Now here altogether has 1000 Magic Cannon, along with issuing an order of Axe, these Magic Cannon immediately left an intermittent roaring sound, bunch of flames, emits from the crack, Axe satisfied nod , after five rounds bombing, the fire stopped, War Chariot/Tank and Magic Armor like measuring one flock of ants and mosquito threw toward the cracks. roa.