Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 941

Chapter 938 will certainly find you! Axe somewhat intense look at crack there, what his don’t know this time fight result can be the same, but a little he can affirm, the situation in battlefield is fast changing, everyone don’t know next quarter will live anything, although George's that battle plan does is very good, however at the matter that the battlefield lives, is not you can want to obtain. Axe has to participate in the fight, in fact in the risk, he has experienced a fight point are also many, it can be said that had fought many battles, but he does not have command(er) such large-scale doing war, but also because has participated in the fight, therefore his very clear, in the battlefield, anything may live. George and Axe same anxiety, this attack , if not smooth he, will not be big regarding the influence of Axe, he can organize the second attack again, but regarding George, is actually a disaster, because he will lose Axe to his trust, regarding not, no matter what may background George, he wait to spend one's last years in this scout squad Captain position, possibly links this position, he cannot preserve. Under their gazes, these Mecha and War Chariot/Tank has crashed in the crack, Axe and George's breath stopped instantaneously, some little time two talented people recover consciousness, but two eyes is actually motionless look at crack there. One minute passed by, in the crack does not have any sound of fight, five minutes passed by, inside does not have any sound of fight, ten minutes, a half hour passed by, inside still does not have any sound to pass on. Axe cannot bear turn the head to George said : George, immediately/on horseback to send for having a look, what's the matter, why a sound does not have, are we carrying on silent attack now?” George has complied with one, just about to arranges, flew from the crack in black spots suddenly, this was Magic Armor, George's moving does also to stop, his immediately arrangement protected Axe. Axe looked that George responded like this, he cannot help but nodded, his attention, what are more was centralized to the body of that Magic Armor, he wants to know, in the crack lived anything, why a sound did not have. That Magic Armor has flown before long a Axe surrounding 500 meters place, was hit to block, then that Magic Armor immediately fell the ground, Mecha opened, jumped out a person to come from inside, after determining status, that person was brought Axe nearby. Axe look at that this person he is certainly impossible to know that this is only a messenger, that messenger arrives around Axe, to Axe good military salute said : report, Young Patriarch, lion commando unit, the second squad messenger, Bill presents the order of Captain, carries on the tactical situation report to Young Patriarch.” Axe nodded said : „saying that inside what's the matter? Why a sound?” Bill immediately/on horseback said : reported Young Patriarch, inside simply did not need to fight, we do not have presently any enemy in inside, now we broke through the crack mi fog, inside situation was somewhat unexpected, Captain wants to ask Young Patriarch to have a look, Young Patriarch went to there to understand at a glance what's the matter.”

Axe stares, then nodded said : well, I have a look.” George quickly said: Young Lord, please allow me to ask a few words.” Axe turned the head to look at George one eyes, smiles said : George, what matter did you have? Asked.” After George expressed gratitude, turns the head look at Bill said : Bill, you do not have the present enemy, but also had the enemy been given to eliminate by us? Also, you asked Young Lord to go, was inside complete control? Inside whether absolute security?” Bill immediately/on horseback said : „the present was unable definitely to eliminate the enemy, simply does not have the enemy, inside terrain had been destroyed by Magic Cannon complete urging, therefore cannot look, inside by complete control, the absolute security, was invited feel relieved.” George then nodded, turns the head to Axe said : Young Lord, I arrange War Chariot/Tank, looked lets modified tiger War Chariot/Tank delivers you to go.” Axe regarding George's performance very satisfied, he nodded said : well, you arrange, was right, a while goes in my together, I to have a look, inside has anything, can make them so surprised!” George complied with one, turn around walked, before long modified tiger War Chariot/Tank stopped Axe, George from War Chariot/Tank later, was Axe opens the vehicle door, Axe then entered in the car(riage), George also along with walking, War Chariot/Tank has expunged toward the crack. Before long War Chariot/Tank entered in the crack, enters to crack George on the knitting the brows head of gently, then his in a soft voice to Axe said : Young Lord, this mi fog original was paler, originally the visibility of this mi fog less than three meters, now the visibility crosses ten meters.” Axe stares, then does he turn the head look at George said : you to affirm?” George nodded said : „to affirm absolutely, Young Lord, I enter in Space personally good several times, to inside situation completely understand.” Axe gently knit the brows said : „the mi fog to vanish, has been representing, did the here enemy retreat? Did they presently our army to here, retreat?”

George face heavy nod said : of perhaps is this, is unfair to Young Lord, my battle plan has wasted the Clan about ten thousand shells.” Axe smiles said : this it doesn't matter, now have we seized here not? This cannot blame you, your battle plan very perfect, do not care.” George then nodded, before long War Chariot/Tank flushed from the mi fog, clashes from the mi fog, Axe and George stayed in there. appears before them, is a piece of giant plain, the distant place can see the mountain, on the plain many trees, the here environment is very steadily good. At this time on this piece of plain, was stopping many Mecha and War Chariot/Tank, naturally before was, attacked, Axe some little time calm got down, his look at this piece of plain, on the face immediately 1 u left the smiling face, then smiling face getting bigger and bigger, getting bigger and bigger, before long turned laughs. But George also by the Axe laughter, making to recover, his also look at this piece of plain, why nature understand Axe smiles, such on big lands, will have many commodity, many minerals, many population, if can this lands to conquer, that O'Neal Clan certainly become Atlanta Continent first Great Clan. George immediately/on horseback said : congratulates Young Lord, Young Lord present a piece not compared with Ark Continent small Continent, contributes to the great merit to my O'Neal Clan, Young Lord, you look at this matter telling Patriarch as soon as possible.” Axe one hear of George said that the even bigger sound that smiles, smiles while said : present also don’t know this piece of Continent in a big way, right that but you said that we should this information telling father as soon as possible.” George immediately opened the vehicle door, Axe jumped from the car(riage), before this time, several were leading the War Chariot/Tank team and War General of Magic Armor team attack has also encircled, reported like Axe tactical situation, they have not run into any enemy in here simply, naturally did not have what good report. Axe looked at an all around environment point, nodded said : to inform the following army, immediately/on horseback to transport the commodity, builds the base in here, with quickest, constructs the base, constructs the scout squad, to all around carry out reconnaissance.” That several War General immediately have prepared, Axe is face excited look at this piece of Continent, Axe suddenly thought that oneself initially decides to enter to Ark Continent that Space rift, is really the most correct decision that this whole life makes, since entered Ark Continent, oneself certainly were in luck. Ark Continent there was needless saying that then they present that unknown dangerous Space, although there very dangerous, however there commodity also very rich, now present this piece of Continent, this regarding O'Neal Clan, absolutely was the good deed.

Quick, in Ark Continent there O'Neal Clan follow-up unit fast entered in Space, started in the here construction base, Scouts also to send, Axe has sent for giving his father to deliver a letter, reported the here situation. After arranging these, Axe sits in War Chariot/Tank, look at these busy people, actually live a heroic spirit at heart, George stand in Axe side, his also ji very moves at heart, his very clear, this Space present, means anything regarding Axe, that means that he status in O'Neal Clan reliable, but his status with when water rises, the boat rises with it, will also think of these, he cannot help but excited. Some little time Axe said : George, you said that the crack there enemy, did run up to there? Why don't they resist us in here?” Just is thinking George of fine deeds, as soon as listens to Axe such to ask that one sobered, his knitting the brows head, some little time turns the head to Axe said : Young Lord, I think that they are noticed certainly our reinforcement came, thinks that here could not defend, therefore gave up here, prepared to cope with us in this piece of Continent, I thought that we must be careful a point to well.” Axe nodded said : to have this possibility, moreover I suspected certainly that this matter, has relationship with that Zhao Hai that my initially meets, you reminded everyone/Great Clan, first made stand guard, to the enemy with do not may the opportunity of name.” George complied with one, turn around walked. Axe turns the head the look at Taurus Continent distant place, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, I know that you in here, are waiting for me, I will certainly find you, you will deceive me to pay the price for you.” Zhao Hai of look at screen, showing a faint smile said : suddenly interesting, this fellow also wants to ask me to revenge unexpectedly, I am not I cannot pour the time now, I to want really with your playing well.” Laura sits in there, smiles said : not to need you to begin personally, is only these Undead Creature suffice their bothersomely, good Elder Brother Hai, now Sagittarius Continent here our tidied up was similar, do next we cope with there?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to go to Pisces Continent there to be good.” roa.