Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 942

Chapter 939 makes a clean breast! When the Zhao Hai preparation attacks Pisces Continent, Fei'er they also busy was similar, three people are sitting in Space, in their front, is putting small table, on small table is suspending several cups and several small side dish. Dingshan drank liquor, left smell of alcohol said : „the mister liquor to be tasty, our Barbarian liquor did not have the mister liquor such to suffice the vigor.” Fei'er has also drunk liquor, then he smiles bitterly said : why don’t know, I felt that this liquor is a little bitter.” One hear of Fei'er said that Zhanyue has also smiled bitterly, he drinks this liquor, about tasting does not think the pain, Barbarian soon all shifted to Space in now, a loss does not have, but their Pegasus Clan now is actually any situation, but also cannot reach an agreement. This several days busiest could say that was Zhanyue, he helped Barbarian was entering Space, in the everyday night the time at the same time, but must go to Pegasus Clan there to wait for Zhan Fang, asks the situation in their clan, busy serious. However now in the clan the there situation is not good, don’t know why, God Race nine Great Elder attack strength is not very strong, this gave in the clan these people to hope probably that originally some people wanted to enter Space, but saw this situation, they changed the mind. Now entire Pegasus Clan, enters the population in Space, but also the insufficient hundred thousand household, this is the place that Zhanyue most worries, he will not believe God Race nine Great Elder to let off them easily, God Race nine Great Elder slowed down attack, nothing because of two points \; first, to look like Zhao Hai will exert pressure, letting mister can returned to here, with their duel, two probably make them maintain this hope, when the time they will strike fully. However Zhanyue now in Pegasus Clan there, is a status of criminal, his simply does not dare the 1 u surface, but the Zhan Fang authority by the big limit, in adding on him is Speaker, the although rallying point has, however the true real power does not have many, in also the hopeful situation, the Zhan Fang rallying point is really limited. Because of this all sorts of reasons, Pegasus Clan talented person many are not therefore willing to enter Space, but this is Zhanyue most was worried that gets down according to this situation show, finally Pegasus Clan enters the Space population, possibly might as well Thunder Clan were many. Dingshan look at their appearances, sighed said : two brothers, we also can only be completely the human affairs now, listened to the destiny, this, Zhanyue, you related with mister, said to mister the here situation that if possible, asked mister to come back to help you, no matter what, cannot make your Pegasus really extinguishing by nine Great Elder.” Zhanyue has smiled bitterly next step: I want to relate mister, but mister there also becomes serious, moreover on my clansman such performance, mister will possibly be helping us?” Zhanyue just said that Zhao Hai on the sound conveys said : how you not to try to know I will not help you.”

Three people stare, turn the head to look, is Zhao Hai, three people see Zhao Hai, said : that ji of immediately/on horseback face moves mister, did you come back? How did you come back?” Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, showed a faint smile said : I just to know that your here situation, came back, now I prepare opposite party Pisces Continent, but did your here situation, need me probably?” Zhanyue one hear of Zhao Hai said that immediately kneels next step to Zhao Hai: mister, Zhanyue asked you, you must rescue my clansman that although their has plenty fault, but asked mister to help me.” Said keeps kowtows to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai waves, making Zhanyue get up, this then said : I also know in your clan any situation, but is I wants to help you now, your clansman may not use, moreover I told you, now I moved with the Pisces Continent person began, but different God Race there also dispatched troops to cope with Leo Continent there, but the different God Race person, has not arrived at Leo Continent there now, when they and Leo Continent person exchange hands, that God Race nine Great Elder feared that will retreat.” Fei'er three people of puzzled look at Zhao Hai, why don’t know Zhao Hai said that retreats? God Race nine Great Elder have achieved this situation, will they possibly draw back? Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, show a faint smile said : I to cope with God Race, God Race can spell with me, but different God Race join, that flavor changed, different God Race join, possibly lets God Race nine Great Elder, shifts the hatred to their bodies, perhaps when the time comes they will cope with different God Race.” Fei'er they nodded, but they also know that this is only one type of is possible, varying real, different God Race with God Race hatred although very big, but now Zhao Hai is not small with the hatred of God Race, God Race nine can Great Elder, give up coping with them, turns the head to cope with different God Race, this no one said certainly. However Zhanyue to knows that what the Zhao Hai beforehand those words said is real, Pegasus Clan Patriarch, this time can be in front of his clansman to say many Zhao Hai malicious remarks, Pegasus Clan these person and Zhao Hai also does not have too many contacts, they might believe these words very much, now Pegasus Clan these people, the impression to Zhao Hai may are not quite good. Even in present Pegasus Clan, but also appears to the Zhao Hai hatred phenomenon, Zhao Hai to Pegasus Clan there, said that now he wants to help Pegasus Clan cope with nine Great Elder, feared that is the Pegasus Clan person will not make Zhao Hai help, they did not do with Zhao Hai to are good. Regarding this situation, how Zhanyue don’t know has also handled, his clearly know that is a blind alley, does not have the ability to prevent Patriarch, this feeling lets his very uncomfortable, now he only hopes really God Race nine Great Elder like Zhao Hai said that can shift the hatred to different God Race there goes. Zhao Hai sat table there, has put out wine glass, to oneself one glass of liquor, then turned the head look at three people of said : to sit but actually, I said my true idea to you.” Three people also sat, look at Zhao Hai that decides, the Zhao Hai look at three people, deep voice said : present Taurus Continent Space rift defense line there has fallen into enemy hands, the O'Neal Clan Magic Armor army flushed, I am organizing Undead Creature to tow them, therefore Dingshan, you must let moving that your clansman enters to Space.”

Dingshan nodded, he saw newly O'Neal Clan these Magic Armor attack strength, to be honest, he did not have the confidence to block. Zhao Hai then said : also the matters I must tell you that I possibly wanted ascend.” As soon as three people listened to Zhao Hai saying that was face changes, the ascend matter they were know that no matter their races, had the ascend legend before, God Race there also has plenty ascend legend, therefore three people, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that he wanted ascend, being startled, but changed mind thinks, this in reason, Zhao Hai strength in that pendulum, if in their here and God Race there, who had qualifications ascend, that on non- Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, deep voice said : God Race has in one god, is the Cultivation World person, but our these Space, are turns over to God Race that the god to manage, he uses God Race to help him collect some volume of supine strength, my although don’t know this Strength of Faith, has any advantage to them, but can affirm that this Strength of Faith regarding them, very heavy wants, but in this god, twice was defeated by me successively, but God Race by such miserable that I tidy up, can say that I in the god with God Race this have had the unresolved hatred.” Three people are listening to the Zhao Hai words, they first time heard Zhao Hai to say this, reason that being startled, Zhao Hai look at several people, deep voice said : I being probable made your three clans enter to Space, was thinks, when my ascend, led the past you, making you in receiving God Race that the god manages, you thought not to have, if my ascend walked, but you still kept here, you also had relationship with me, we gathered to cope with God Race, your also equal to was offended in God Race that. The gods, will he let off you? When the time comes you can only wait to exterminate the clan.” The Fei'er three people of bodies shake, then the face great change, they naturally have thought that fearful situation, Zhao Hai look at three people of said : I know, your three people also present, this time I am with the hand of God Race, your three clans closing on in Space, but I such do, cannot, if my initially said this to you, you do not believe that even if you believes that your clansman do not believe.” Three people have smiled bitterly, they really had also thought of this point before, since they can enter Space freely, their understand, if Zhao Hai wants to help them cope with God Race nine Great Elder, he completely has that ability, but Zhao Hai has not actually done, he probably in borrowing the hands of God Race nine Great Elder, closes on in them Space. although has thought of this point, but stems from the trust Zhao Hai, they have not said anything, in their opinion, the Space here environment, is also better compared with their family, making their clansman enter Space not to have anything not to be good, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai allows them to enter Space, really also has this reason. The Zhao Hai look at three people of appearances, forced smile said : I really am capable of coping with God Race nine Great Elder, but I actually did not dare make a move, because of me presently, my present immediately wanted ascend, energy of my within the body, started to be repelled by this Space, if my full make a move coped with God Race nine Great Elder, certainly can defeat them, but such my possibly immediately wanted ascend, your three clans can only keep in this Space.” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai sighs said : you, if kept in this Space, that waited for that your three clans, can only exterminate the clan, my Yama Ship, fighting strength how, you also saw, in God Race that the god, weapon like Yama Ship, many, all can definitely probably to God Race two, so long as God Race took weapon like Yama Ship to cope with you, your simply did not have including rebel opportunity, therefore I did not dare make a move, I can only hide God Race nine Great Elder, I feared me one, but with his full beginning, that I on ascend You also ended.” The Fei'er three people looked at one mutually, they to have believed Zhao Hai words, they see Zhao Hai most from the beginning time, Zhao Hai may not have to use Yama Ship, if Zhao Hai has Yama Ship most from the beginning, simply does not need to fear that God Race and Demon Race, with two clan deal with such long time, the Yama Ship ability, will not go against heaven's will. Dingshan stands to bow said : Dingshan to vow in here to Zhao Hai, my Barbarian person, starting today, presents mister for the god, the mister xiong lapel, making Dingshan ashamed.”

Fei'er with Zhanyue is also same, two have also stood, face ashamed salutes to Zhao Hai, they had also suspected Zhao Hai before, now a Zhao Hai such saying, they really feel very ashamed. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : to consider as finished, actually these matters also blame me, if I do not cope in God Race that most from the beginning the god, will not have these matters, do you sit, present me for the god, this I don't care, you are completely free, Faith is free, you like Faith anyone, on Faith anyone, I will not manage.” Fei'er three people of face ashamed sat, Zhao Hai then said : Taurus God Race these time uses Magic Formation, changed Ark Continent there Law of Space, lets the Ark Continent there Space barrier, the collapse that keeping, O'Neal Clan came from Atlanta Continent, their Atlanta Continent there, originally is a piece Continent, afterward because of a war, a piece Continent, turned into three, these three Continent respectively do not believe that has a piece Continent to study Martial Skill specially, is called warrior Continent, another a piece Continent person specializes in Magic, is called Magic Continent, but finally this, is Magic Armor they, Their there person, use is Magic Armor, looks like O'Neal Clan such, but O'Neal Clan, is only on that Continent, big Clan, moreover I suspected that this Atlanta Continent, possibly will not turn over to God Race that the god to manage.” Three people of somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, is Fei'er said : how mister thinks?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : my this by wants also to have the reason, you had certainly heard a matter of Gnome clan, a Gnome clan had exterminated the clan by God Race, reduced to the slave, they can being together with God Race peace, why among suddenly exterminate the clan before.” Three people of look at each other in dismay, they have not thought before really this, they have believed before that is the God Race ambition is too big, therefore such will do, now listened to Zhao Hai saying that probably also had the secret facts. Reason that Zhao Hai looked at three people of said : God Race destroys completely a Gnome clan, is in God Race that the order under god, because Gnome clan strict research leaves that simple Magic Armor.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Fei'er stares, Fei'er beforehand insight that simple Magic Armor, has not managed Law Idol to compare with O'Neal Clan Magic Armor simply, why in God Race that can the god destroy completely a Gnome clan? Zhao Hai looked at Fei'er deep voice said : issue on appears in here, my suspicion also starts to suspect that from here, in that god, because Gnome clan research left that simple Magic Armor, must destroy completely a Gnome clan, does not let them in research Magic Formation, research Magic Armor, can Atlanta Continent there Magic Armor that Advanced level, but in that the god has not actually managed, isn't this matter is not normal? Therefore I guess that Atlanta Continent there, should not turn over to God Race that the god tube, but is because Ark Continent there Law of Space was changed, the Space barrier collapses, can therefore be interlinked with Atlanta Continent, if this is really the case, that Atlanta Continent can there, have one like God Race on god Manager? If Atlanta Continent there also has such Manager, he present the Ark Continent here situation, both sides have been able to live the conflict, they one, but hits, what is that consequence?” On the side of Zhao Hai several issues, asked Fei'er their face continually change! roa.