Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 943
Chapter 940 O'Neal Clan worry To be honest, Fei'er they have not thought these, regarding them, that was too remote, what are these people? They are this plane Manager, is the absolute god, compared with God Race Supreme Elder also don’t know high existences of many level. However a little they are actually understand, two influential figure battle, their these unimportant people will certainly be affected, thinks that two King must go to war, they will be taking the treasure, arrives at Duel Arena to come up, chops mutually life and death? That is impossible, they will be hit by their under the hand/subordinate, but is very obvious, their these are that two influential figure under the hand/subordinate, looks like in that two influential figure, perhaps they also link, when under the hand/subordinate does not match, they are only the tools, collects the Strength of Faith tool. The Zhao Hai look at three people of appearances, then sigh said : present Ark Continent there, besides O'Neal Clan, Underworld Undead Creature and their Magic Beast also appears in Ark Continent there, Underworld Undead Creature and these Magic Beast, hides in Dark mist, in that Dark mist poisonous, and has filled Dark Energy, we go, is not the poison, was besieged dead by these Undead Creature, there Undead Creature, has Spiritual Wisdom, like the human, now Underworld Dark mist, almost must seize Aksu Empire, slowly, that Dark mist quick on will seize entire Ark Continent, can perhaps pass Space rift to enter to God Realm, When the time comes God Race feared that cannot block Underworld attack, do not say you.” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai let out a long breath said : because of this all sorts of reasons, I have to use some methods, allowing you to enter in Space, was most minimum, there was the absolute safety, you can in the life of there feel relieved, nobody meet attack you, you did not need to eat worrying of using.” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but also sighs said : this time I to help you keep off next nine Great Elder, because of me cannot full make a move, at most hit an evenness with nine Great Elder finally, but as the matter stands, the time delayed, what most important was, I in this Space, don’t know can also stay now on several days, if cannot allow you to enter to Space in as soon as possible, when some day my real ascend, you on completely, therefore I have to this bad plan, in your clan although lose like this seriously, but will not exterminate the clan., Most at least your civilization will inherit, in your clan will leave behind some Fire Seed/Allspark, like this, can show slowly, expand slowly.” Speaking of here, Zhao Hai stopped, looks at Fei'er their eyes, deep voice said : how I don't care you now to think that even if were you suppresses me to be also good, blaming me being also good, I was only me to think right.” The Fei'er three people do not speak, their understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, however has spoken the truth, their blame Zhao Hai, Fei'er did not shake the head really said : mister, this no wonder you, you have made contribution, this matter blamed us.” Dingshan their he nodded. Did Zhao Hai sigh said : „the present Pegasus Clan there matter to solve? Did you find out the means?” Zhanyue frowns said : mister, now the situation in clan, left my control, now Patriarch said that I must assassinate, is issuing a warrant for arrest in the entire clan, and because of his reason, therefore the people of entire clan now opposition mister, in adding on God Race nine Great Elder enters the merit now is not considered as that very fierce, therefore the people in clan maintain one point are also hoping that the nature entered Space to come on nobody, Zhan Fang Speaker was helping to do the work of clansman, the effect was not quite ideal.”

The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head of gently, must say that sometimes this friend is more difficult than to deal with the enemy, if the enemy, Zhao Hai can dispatch troops directly, catches in them Space, but this friend, to was not instead good to begin. Dingshan said : our Barbarian Patriarch can enter to Space in a soft voice over the two days came, Patriarch spoke of the time he to go to Pegasus Clan there to urge Pegasus Clan Patriarch personally, hopes that he can enter Space.” Zhao Hai sighed said : this to fear that lightly was not quite easy, may not succeed, but tried, this, my nearest/recent did not have the too much time to take care your here matter, do as you please, hopes that God Race nine Great Elder, after hearing different God Race information, will shift target, otherwise your situation dangers.” Zhanyue several people are also with a heavy heart, the situation of present, they are point means do not have, even if present Zhao Hai has the time to help them, the matter is not quite good to be solved, after all Zhao Hai cannot make a move, the Pegasus Clan person, catch in Space. The Zhao Hai look at three people, deep voice said : was good, your here matter I knew, I must to the matter that you said that also said that I must go back to prepare to cope with the matter of Pisces clan, did not stay in here, you were careful that Zhanyue, you must try to find some solutions as far as possible, let the person in your clan, entered to Space.” Zhanyue nodded, Zhao Hai personal appearance flashes, vanished in Space, waited for Zhao Hai to walk, Zhanyue turned the head to Fei'er said : Fei'er, you said what mister said was real?” Fei'er nodded said : 80% real, before the O'Neal Clan there situation you also had to see, moreover God Race ruled God Realm here long time, if they really if agreed that person research Magic Formation, feared that was God Race there Magic Armor, feared that will not compare the O'Neal Clan there difference, but you contacted such long time with God Race, their Magic Formation progress a little? Therefore I believe what mister said is real, if said like mister, if our three clans do not enter to Space, that sooner or later must exterminate the clan.” Zhanyue and Dingshan also nodded, they also believe that the Fei'er words, by the strength that Zhao Hai shows, if not good for them, Zhao Hai can definitely , no matter they, they believe that Zhao Hai simply does not lack them, Ark Continent and Demon Race there person, Taurus God Race these people, believes that entered in Space, Zhao Hai can also miss their this people. But is this, Zhanyue more worried that now Zhao Hai has shown the way to them, but his clansman does not walk, this was makes Zhanyue don’t know say that really any was good. Hall of Zhao Hai from Space in returned to Yama Ship, Laura they, Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, how your suddenly thinks that must they say these to Zhanyue, told them to be good these matters?”

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : they already to begin to have suspicions, told them to be also good, they also enter in Space in any case now, if they wanted leave, that also no big deal, want to leave just leave, by that time may no wonder I.” Laura nodded, he knows that Zhao Hai to real, Zhao Hai that Zhanyue they said because of this situation, agreed really made three clans move into to Space, must say that three clans moved into to Space, did not have what help regarding Zhao Hai , can only provide some Strength of Faith in later, now, is a use does not have. Lizzy looked at a screen, the screen last present is putting the Space rift there situation, she turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, now O'Neal Clan entered to Space , do you prepare to cope with them? Can think the means to direct Pegasus Clan there them?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, happen, making them hand over to fight, how happen to makes me have a look at Magic Armor most strong attack to strike the strength, Magic Armor that currently O'Neal Clan uses, is God Rank, remembers that resembled Axe saying that in their Clan, on God Rank Magic Armor, I to experience, what on God Rank Magic Armor was.” Did Lizzy nod said : that present? Do we want to go to attack their base? Let them not have the means the base constructing?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to make them construct, now the O'Neal Clan day does not feel better, we first tidied up the Pisces clan.” Zhao Hai this saying said in cursing O'Neal Clan, the O'Neal Clan day does not feel better, O'Neal Clan Patriarch sits in own study room, in his house is suspending a letter, this letter is north them defense line there War General writes. North defense line there, although he has made the arrangement, moreover strong cannon has transported, however in this letter, War General of north defense line told him, strong cannon regarding these Dark mist defense capability completely difference, even if were they have used the fierce flame, that Dark mist was still expanding, does not have a meaning of stopping, in other words, their beforehand arrangement, simply was useless. But this is the matter that O'Neal Clan Clan most is worried about, north there, if cannot defend, what to do they can? These Dark mist rates of spread are almost constant, will not reduce speed because of any matter, should not be careful this type leisure good that some few words said that does not fear slowly, fears the station, if he stops once for a while, that said fortunately that their this puts the expansion that keeps, area that world expands also really many.

If that Dark mist is expanding according to this type, then in less than several months, will threaten them, this lets Patriarch headache. In this time, a suddenly sound of footsteps is transmitting, then the voice of servant conveys said : outside Patriarch, Young Patriarch has the express to deliver.” Patriarch one hear of servants said that cannot help but stares, then face changes said : quickly takes.” The servants have complied with one, pushed the door to walk, has delivered to front of a letter Patriarch. Patriarch received to look at one, the above fire seals, this opened the letter, he thinks that Axe suffers setbacks in the front attack, writes a letter to request reinforcements, after he crosses the letter, facial expression cannot help but one happy, then immediately/on horseback carefully looked, after waiting the letter looks, Patriarch cannot help but the letter puts on the table, then laughs. This letter sends is really is too the time, he is being the Clan back defense line matter worried now that but this letter happen to made him think of one type of solution. Now Patriarch believes really that Axe is the O'Neal Clan luck, he unexpectedly present not compared with Ark Continent small Continent . Moreover the there environment is also better than Ark Continent, this regarding O'Neal Clan, absolutely is a good deed. roa.