Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 944

Lu Shiming calm look at front Dark mist, he is first north frontline squad Commander, therefore was also remained, moreover continuously very entrusted with heavy responsibility. Lu Shiming very clear, Clan very attaches great importance to north defense line here, moreover he also knows that the present situation, in Clan prepares to cope with the Dark mist method, simply is useless, in expansion that adding on Dark mist here keeps, this to the Yu Clan clan, is a very severe test, does not do well, Clan these time really compensated loss. But walks Lu Shiming not to have the means that like, only then Dark mist of appears in Innate Yin Land, appears in here, is in itself a very strange matter, do not say that this Dark mist will also expand, this felt strange. Lu Shiming was worried really very much, moreover don’t know why, he felt that today the special worry, always has the one type of fearful and apprehensive feeling. Lu Shiming very believes that this feeling, this feeling is not he has since birth, but after that time is injured has seriously, this type feels very strange thing, but is actually[ really] actual balance, moreover this feeling has also helped Lu Shiming good several times, after he becomes the War Chariot/Tank pilot, has encountered the several times danger, he with this feeling, evades. However today this dangerous feeling, is unprecedented, this makes Lu Shiming fearful and apprehensive, staggers the person of Shiming together patrol, very strange, because today Lu Shiming appears very anxious. Lu Shiming does not have the means to explain to them, even if said that may not some people believe that therefore Lu Shiming can only prepare at times, to be advantageous the situation of suddenly dealing with momentarily can live. although Sun also high hanging in the space, this is also a day of hottest time, but walks Lu Shiming to feel cold, often breaks into sweat. In this time, their front Dark mist, the tumbling of suddenly, Lu Shiming was more anxious, what is strange, his heart actually calm, he knows that his feelingDark mist here had the matter to live in time fulfilling. Lu Shiming has not thought that also has not waited to have a look to live any matter in there, but is revolution of War Chariot/Tank, the straight round trip expunges, moreover War Chariot/Tank mentioned quickly. Lu Shiming such procedure, makes with the people who his together comes out very puzzled, but these time with the person who in Lu Shiming comes out, has Tai Wu oneTai Wu puzzled look at Lu Shiming said :Shiming Big Brother, why your What happened? toward the return route, Dark mist there lived the situation now, Should we remain to be right? ” Lu Shiming shook the head said : not to be good, has the danger.”

He just said that in staring at a following situation Mecha pilot suddenly in calling out in alarm one, Lu Shiming and Tai Wu was busy at but actually looking toward War Chariot/Tank back mirror, but the situation of entering their view, made them one tarry. Sees from Dark mist, flies one group of people, ” should not say that is one crowd of Undead Creature, these Undead Creature all are golden yellow , seems like the gold casts probably. The skeletons of these golden yellow are riding with their same golden yellow skeleton Magic Beast, their in hand is taking golden yellow weapon, looks like formidable might is extraordinary. But in these Undead Creature middle, is actually one crowd of almost transparent skeletons, the appearance of these skeletons are similar to the skeletons of these [gold/metal] , but they look like Advanced level. In this crowd of Undead Creature most, is actually a car(riage), this is a very unusual car(riage), the entire car(riage) is made by Bone, spells by pieces transparent Bone, put together an appearance of car(riage), but met a trainwas four nearly as transparent as Undead Creature. In this car(riage), sits Undead Creature ”, but this Undead Creature, is not quite same to other Undead Creature, the body of this Undead Creature puts on full body armor! Not wrong, is full body armor, ten points li is bright, golden yellow full body armor, distant seems, probably is yellow golden becomes, words that but you must carefully look, presently, this full body armor will be the same with that car(riage), is spells by pieces small Bone, but puts together full body armor Bone, is one type of golden yellow translucent Bone. But the hard helmet of this person, shoulder pad armor, the elbow position, the position of knee, is protective shield that is made by Skull of golden yellow , looks like, not only protection capability lou, and fierce fearsome. But Mecha actually very special of this person, that is Mecha that golden yellow translucent Ox-head made of bone becomes, two ox horn from his two shoulder positions, refer to sky slantingly, looks like competitive. In his back, is actually a cloak, but the nearby of this cloak, is not neat, has probably put on for a long time, had the fragments to be the same, not only this has not made him look like falls compels, conversely, instead to increased the feeling of one type of vicissitudes to him. On his hard helmet has mask armor, but his mask armor opened now, his static sitting in there, two groups of golden yellow the fire of spirit soul, flaming is burning in his eye socket, to person one type of huge constriction. But makes these Skull of his hard helmet, probably is one type of Beastman Skull, that Skull other although places look like probably are the person, but the head has two horns, this has increased his aggression.

His static standing in that bone car(riage), personal appearance often, but that imposing manner announced in all people probably likely that he is a King, the King in all skeletons. Lu Shiming saw this team of Undead Creature cannot help but storms, then his face big change, sped up the car(riage), expunged toward Aksu south. Quick these Undead Creature presently they, a squad gold skeleton flushed toward them, Lu Shiming also opened the War Chariot/Tank vehicle door at this time, Tai Wu their several people fast enters to own Magic Armor, shoots up to the sky. Lu Shiming has been paying attention to their situation, he just they said to Tai Wu, making them do not leave War Chariot/Tank to be too far, was near to War Chariot/Tank, War Chariot/Tank can also to them the support, if were far from War Chariot/Tank, that troubled. Tai Wu they have also experienced actual combat, how therefore they regarding fight, has the attainment, they with these Undead Creature close combats, they after flying, immediately projects energy light beam with the hand of Magic Armor, strikes toward these skeletons. However made Tai Wu the matter of their accident live, these Undead Creature unexpectedly very flexible, unexpectedly one on shunt Tai Wu their attack, fast they have depended toward Tai Wu. Tai Wu they stare, then one startled, they have not thought that these Undead Creature unexpectedly such flexible, moreover very fast, Magic Armor that is proud, does not cast off these Undead Creature unexpectedly. Tai Wu their immediately fired at bomb, after with a bang sound loud noise, these golden skeletons flushed from inside, has not been injured unexpectedly, saw this situation, Tai Wu stares. At this moment, several energy light beam long jabs in Undead Creature, that golden Undead Creature, the personal appearance shook fiercely, then falls toward the situation. Tai Wu they stare, lower the head looked, energy light beam that in War Chariot/Tank shoots, several people of cannot help but blushing, immediately/on horseback started with many Undead Creature deal with. But at this time these Undead Creature also noted War Chariot/Tank in ground, immediately/on horseback branched out ten people to come direct War Chariot/Tank to throw, Lu Shiming is driving War Chariot/Tank dashing about wildly, first successive runs to these Undead Creature that at the same time keeps is shooting energy light beam, but had been careful these Undead Creature that do not have to be hit, but is one by one has let. Almost all people note, that falls to ground Undead Creature, has not died, just the fire of his spirit soul the hit that flash has some gloom, but when he falls the ground, in the ground suddenly appears Space rift, that Undead Creature one has fallen into the crack, then the crack vanished.

although most people have not noted this point, but the person actually noted, was that sits Skeleton King in bone car(riage), that skeleton looked at the place that these golden skeletons vanished, has probably gawked, then he has stood, slowly has arrived at side of vehicle door, stood a Crystal skeleton nearby vehicle door opened the vehicle door to him hastily. Skeleton King one step from car(riage), he seemed like going downstairs to be the same, gradually downward was walking, but the entire skeleton team also stopped the child to get down, skeleton that only then these they pestered with Tai Wu, but also was fighting, other skeleton motionless standing in there, looked like statues is the same. Before long Skeleton King fell in ground, he arrived at the place that golden skeleton vanished, the careful look at ground, map there anything did not have, even did not have energy bo to move, this made Skeleton King somewhat puzzled. In this time, suddenly together Space rift appears in there, then a person has been take risking from the crack, but Skeleton King on static standing in there look at the person of appears before him, moves has not moved. Magic Robe of this wear black , in hand is taking blood red Crystal skeleton Magic Staff, a face temperate smiling face person, however his status did not say to understand, he was Dark Magician. This person of Zhao Hai, when these skeletons one comes out from Dark mist, Cai'er told Zhao Hai the here situation, therefore Zhao Hai in paying attention to the here situation, was seeing that golden skeleton fell from the space, Zhao Hai could not bear that skeleton receives the Space city, Space although has also transmitted the prompt sound, but actually very short, but said that in Space all kind of Cyborg-type the one of the anti- attack abilities of object in time were strengthened. But then that Skeleton King movement, was makes Zhao Hai produce curiously, therefore he decided to come to be able personally this Skeleton King. look at Zhao Hai that Skeleton King decides, Zhao Hai is also sizing up Skeleton King, to be honest, this eye-catching skeleton, he first time sees, at this moment, Skeleton King actually looks like Zhao Hai to leave spiritual wave to move, this spiritual wave moves is not used for attack, but wants to speak with Zhao Hai. This situation Zhao Hai has also experienced, therefore he does not have point being startled, immediately/on horseback contacted with own spiritual force and opposite party, this contact, Zhao Hai immediately feels one old, but actually does the competitive sound convey said : „you are who? Did you get so far as there my under the hand/subordinate?” a.