Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 945

1 Zhao Hai look at this does Undead Creature, show a faint smile said :...... your excellency to be Underworld Skeleton King? don’t know do I have to guess wrong? ” That Skeleton King curious look at Zhao Hai, who deep voice said : „are you? Where is here? Why will you know my status? That said that Space rift is you opens?” Zhao Hai look at Skeleton King shows a faint smile said : I to be possible not to have that big ability, can open that to say Space rift, and surface speaks the truth, I do not want to open that to say Space rift, to be honest, feared that is any plane, does not want to open with Underworld Space rift, did you say?” That Skeleton King look at Zhao Hai, gently crooked tilting the head, obviously he to Zhao Hai very curious, his then said : you to is some meanings, you know that my Skeleton King, knows our come from Underworld, but don't you fear us probably? Were you so strong?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to my strength, I to really some confidence, what most important is, when your appears , I have outmigrated here all people, my family member, the friend of mine, all I cared that person who therefore has relationship with me, had been given to outmigrate by me, therefore you overturned the heavens in here, does not have no relationship with me, but your under the hand/subordinate, I have also taken away, I to you ten curiosity, want research well.” The flame in Skeleton King eye suddenly high several points, looked like he was angry probably, Skeleton King look at Zhao Hai, calm sound speaking sounds: „Can you turn into your slave us?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : „unable saying that but also was similar, I had the one type of ability, can all by Undead Creature that I caught, turned into my servant.” The flame in Skeleton King eye is brighter, his look at Zhao Hai said : humanity, I know that you are very strong, but can you die?” Said that Skeleton King both hands put in the cloak, after own carries on the back rub, when his hand when extended in his hand to be many two golden yellow axes, two wheel broad-ax. The axe edges of these two axes look like look like two huge semicircles, the diameter about one meter, is in curved sharp thorn axe surface is actually carving the skeleton design in the axe back, the shaft is looks like probably is Bone one by one. Zhao Hai looks at the Skeleton King appearance, shows a faint smile, shakes in hand Magic Staff, Magic Staff in turned into a sword instantaneously, the appearance of this sword, is the Tang Blade appearance. Skeleton King looked at Zhao Hai in hand sword one curiously, but he had not been saying anything but is the personal appearance moves, is similar to tornado same curled toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai presently Skeleton King vigor way very unusual, his whole person is continuously in two axes of revolving in the process of revolving, removed the bottom was brandished, axe originally belongs to heavy weapon, this was brandished, that is 1 or 2 hangs one jin (0.5 kg) weight, weight very astonishing. However to Zhao Hai their this levels, such attack has not sufficed to look, weapon weight regarding Zhao Hai them, does not have any use, Zhao Hai in hand Tang Blade keeps off toward the Skeleton King axe on. On Clang! tremendous strength audiences Tang Blade transmits, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, he has not thought that this Skeleton King attack strength so will be unexpectedly strong, by his strength, can feel that unexpectedly this strikes the strength to be huge, the strength that obviously this strikes has how in a big way, if changes into the average person, feared that is this strikes continually cannot block is God Rank Expert is also same. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, this Skeleton King strength obvious ratio general God Rank Expert, looked like has arrived on God Rank, but he has not actually used Domain, this made Zhao Hai feel very strange. However the opposite party does not need Domain he also to be naturally useless, blocked the opposite party to strike, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, immediately went toward retreat.

But at this time Skeleton King attack already continuous wells up toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai then presently, Skeleton King such revolving attack, not only for the attack strength of attack axe, makes his attack turn continuously, link Jing Rikou, tight connected, so long as you have drawn back one step, has drawn back, complete is at leeward, now Zhao Hai is this situation, the Skeleton King axe looks like tornado, gathers round Zhao Hai to spin, probably must spin him arrives at inside, strangles is the same. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows that cannot such drag, his thoughts move, in hand Tang Blade turned into a giant shield instantaneously, stood in his front, has blocked Skeleton King continuous attack. Skeleton King has not thought that Zhao Hai will use this move, he has not thought that opposite party weapon, can turn unexpectedly is so big, Skeleton King attack has not stopped, the tornado is still gathering round Zhao Hai to spin, is seeking for the Zhao Hai flaw. Zhao Hai is lifting big shield, another in hand actually suddenly appears blood red Ghost Head Broadsword, Ghost Head Broadsword, but one type of thick-backed great blade, weight also heavy, this naturally is also hand Blood Staff changes the blade, Zhao Hai grasps the shield, hold the blade, brandishes a sword to attack toward Skeleton King. The Skeleton King attack rhythm was disrupted finally, at this moment, the Zhao Hai being generous shield protects itself, has hit toward Skeleton King, Skeleton King will unable to bear draw back several steps, Zhao Hai seize the opportunity will jump in the future, jumped out beyond the circle, the big shield and Ghost Head Broadsword vanished, restored the Blood Staff appearance. The Zhao Hai look at Skeleton King appearance, shows a faint smile said : your excellency, I currently have the matter, does not want to fight with you, later waited to have the time, certainly in looked like your excellency to ask for advice.” The personal appearance moved vanishes. although they fight few gather, but Zhao Hai actually felt, this Skeleton King strength very formidable, if he wants to tidy up this Skeleton King also to spend turns trick/hand and foot, therefore he retreated directly. But time that they fight very short, is adding on Lu Shiming they, by these Undead Creature attack, therefore they have not noted the here situation. Skeleton King looked at Zhao Hai to vanish, spirit soul in his two eyes burnt down exuberantly, obviously he had gotten angry to ji by Zhao Hai, he looked at not far away with these golden skeleton dogfights Tai Wu they, the hand moved, the axe vanished in in his hand, then he waved, a squad Crystal skeleton flew from skeleton Battalion, direct Lu Shiming they threw. Lu Shiming they are to run now cannot be inescapable, hit cannot repel, can only drag, they also know that here to the city that their large unit is stationed is not very far, hopes the person who Encampment wants can see their here situation, supports them, otherwise they were dangerous. The idea of Lu Shiming is the right present their Encampment there person, already present here situation, thousand people of Magic Armor squads, toward their here flew, to support them.

However at this time, these Crystal skeletons also rushed to nearby them, had attack to them, this begin the exchangeTai Wu their at heart is one cool, they have not thought that these Undead Creature attack such violent they unexpectedly cannot block unexpectedly ”. Quick, four Magic Armor were given by Crystal Undead Creature has wrecked, falls to the smashing that the ground removes, inside person naturally could not live. Tai Wu looked at this situation, immediately makes all people the bomb throw they were bringing, has resisted these Crystal skeletons, was waiting for reinforcement. On Lu Shiming War Chariot/Tank, has this type of bomb, he also keeps is shooting this type of bomb, this hands over bomb very fast that they shoot, extremely numerous, to has kept off these Undead Creature, but has not actually caused too serious damage to these Undead Creaturebut their reinforcement also came at this time, both sides quickly on dogfight in together. Makes such big move, O'Neal Clan other person of impossible don’t know, quick, large quantities of Magic Armor and War Chariot/Tank opened from in the city, has killed toward here. Skeleton King in returned to bone car(riage)looks at this situation, knows that today cannot ask to be good, he waved ”, therefore Undead Creature has been quickly separated from the battlefield, slowly has drawn back toward Dark mist in ”, but O'Neal Clan person although wants to pursue, has not actually asked. Skeleton King they to Dark mist are not very far, before long drew back returned to in Dark mist, O'Neal Clan had several Magic Armor also to pursue in Dark mist, but arrived in Dark mist, attack strength immediately/on horseback of these skeletons increased, quick these Magic Armor hitting. O'Neal Clan War General looks at this situation, has to order to retreat, after returned to in the city, his immediately had written a report the here situation, sends for with quickly has delivered to Patriarch. After Zhao Hai returned to Yama Ship, Laura immediately/on horseback welcomed, to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, situation how? That is really Skeleton King? His strength how?” Zhao Hai nodded said : evidently is Skeleton King, his strength is very strong, even if God Race here Supreme Elder, uses Ultimate Weapon, not necessarily is his match, moreover I suspected that they like O'Neal Clan, possibly do not turn over to Lu Wei to have jurisdiction.” They was saying while entered the room, Lizzy they these Undead Creature are dealing with the Pisces Continent person in command(er) now, they must deal with the Pisces Continent there person to be simpler now, because they were also many many Sagittarius Undead Creature, these people make from Sagittarius Continent there, is the Sagittarius Clan person with, now they naturally were Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, Zhao Hai also wield their attack strength in a big way, therefore the Pisces Continent there person, simply could not block Zhao Hai attack.

This is also Zhao Hai and person battles, place that most profits, his under the hand/subordinate more hits, but the enemy more hits are less, in this case, he naturally greatly is in the upper hand. Looks at Lizzy their wholly-absorbed appearances, they have not gone to disturb them, in the room looked for a place base to get down, Meg has offered the tea to Zhao Hai, Laura then said : Elder Brother Hai, why did you say? How you know that they possibly don't turn over to Lu Wei to manage?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : this is only one type of felt that you think, what Lu Wei is very obvious was gives God Race to manage this piece of Space, therefore he wants to let God Race bit by bit, in all plane before this piece of Space, conquer, is the Underworld strength, notably was stronger than God Race, if Underworld were also turns over to Lu Wei to manage, he fully will also support God Race? Space only needs Royal Family, but for clarity, God Race is Royal Family of Lu Wei support, if Underworld turns over to Lu Wei to manage, that status God Race, this probably not quite had been right? Moreover haven't you noted? God Race here and person battle, basically will support Domain, even if other races in Space, after achieving God Rank, with the person battles, will support Domain, this probably is a Space common feature of Lu Wei jurisdiction, but that Skeleton King must with I battle, he has not actually supported Domain.” Laura nodded, then that Elder Brother Hai your meaning to Zhao Hai said : is? Because God Race changed Ark Continent Law of Space, therefore lets Ark Continent plane, has been connected with other plane, but also connected two not to turn over to plane that Lu Wei had jurisdiction over?” Zhao Hai nodded said : ten to have ** is this, if this is really the case, the Cultivation World there situation, possibly imagines us is more complex, you think that Lu Wei does not permit God Realm here person research Magic Armor, but Magic Armor is the one type of machine civilization product, can general infer from this point, Lu Wei possibly with has relationship with Magic Armor, or similar machine civilization has a grudge, therefore he does not want to see in Space that have jurisdiction over, appears any and machine civilization related thing, but the Underworld there situation on was complex, Underworld there almost all energy. Is Darkness, is poisonous, I remember that in Cultivation World there, some cultivated an demon saying, but cultivated demon and Lu Wei they such ordinary ascetic , has a grudge, now these three plane actually link in together, this feared that will not be any good matter.” Laura knit the brows said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that this matter likely will cause the chaos that Cultivator carries together?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „to cause the Cultivation World chaos my don’t know, but from this matter, we can infer, Cultivation World there also divides the influence, but the person who our these ascend come up, feared that comes up from ascend at that moment, the body got the mark of some influence, but we and Lu Wei have a grudge, our ascend comes up, in others opinion, actually with Lu Wei one group, when the time comes, feared that is we not only need deal with chasing down of Lu Wei, deals with the Lu Wei personal enemy.” Zhao Hai one said that Laura face cannot help but changes, anxious said : Elder Brother Hai, we what to do? Can't on such ting? After our ascend, the aspect of faces, not difficult?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Feared that can be this, but I to am want to take a look, whether we in Atlanta Continent or Underworld there ascend, after there ascend, we can evade Lu Wei temporarily has chased down, so long as temporary evades chasing down of Lu Wei, with the Space ability, I thinks that we can quickly in the Cultivation World there coming to a stop foot, when the time comes is Lu Wei wants to cope with us, is impossible.” a.