Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 946

Laura has not thought really that Zhao Hai really also has such thoughts, her puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „can this be good? Elder Brother Hai, when do you have such thoughts?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : when just with these Skeleton King wars, that Skeleton King to reminded me, if Underworld and Atlanta Continent in the gang, does not turn over to Lu Wei to manage, after our ascend, will leave also Lu Wei, perhaps meets ascend to come up to the domain of Lu Wei enemy, when the time comes Lu Wei wants to cope with us is not that easy. ” Laura nodded said : „, if is really such, that was best, this arrives is worth trying, but Elder Brother Hai you now[ body] increase that in energy not also keeping? Moreover here so many matters have not been solved, what to do if suddenly ascend has been possible? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile „that said : I said also only to be regards backup plan to calculate You think that Atlanta Continent is so good, I have this idea, as far as possible toward this direction did walked, now we must do, these matters that we want to make before completed walk. ” Laura nodded, how turns the head, now Lizzy that looked at screen there to progress they in the person who command(er) these Undead Creature are coping with the Pisces large clan. Zhao Hai and Laura were not worried that by Lizzy and Megan method, that many Undead Creature ” the Pisces clan is also not having Supreme long to help in command(er), they must cope with the Pisces clan are really too relaxed. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, Lizzy and Megan tidy up the Pisces clan to come are the matter have not spentpresent Zhao Hai to bring several Continent Undead Creature, copes with Continent, that result was naturally self-evident. Looked that Pisces Continent here did not have what issue, Zhao Hai to turn the head to Laura said : Pisces Continent here not to have the issue, should we think the next step plan?” Laura look at does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : what to do that Elder Brother Hai you to prepare?” Did Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : present different God Race not to go out of the soldier? We also complete, momentarily supports the preparation of different God Race, has the help of different God Race, we cope with nine Great Elder to come, should be the inadequate any issue, so long as we have tidied up nine Great Elder, immediately begins to O'Neal Clan, now Underworld there started restless yu to move us to make own plan quick pointgood. Laura nodded said : Elder Brother Hai I to look that thisnow our in hand military strength also suffices, was inferior that we one time cope with two Continent, as soon as possible solved the God Race here matterwas naturalLeo Continent there to leave different God Race, so long as God Race these Supreme Elder know that other God Race were extinguished, Leo Continent there was receiving different God Race attack, they will certainly ask when the time comes us who different God Race did accountsto tidy up them, took their Combat Suit. ”

Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head that we simultaneously to cope with two Continent to Laura said : well, after Leo Continent, is selecting Continent to begin. ” In Zhao Hai, when research his next target, O'Neal Clan there is worried for this time matter. Before Dark mist there, is only the expansion that Dark mist keeps, Undead Creature of there surfacehas not come out from inside, but now is different, now these Undead Creature came out from inside, moreover fighting strength is very strong, this is also only a squad ”, if these Undead Creature come out are morethey to deal with? Because has thought of this point, in the Aksu Empire defense line here O'Neal Clan personimmediately looked like in Clan to carry on the report the here situation, was waiting for the answer of Clan, defense line here all people in this processhas been careful, everyday evening's guard posts also increased much. These person very clear, Undead Creature in daytime fighting strengthon certain degree, will receive to reduce ”, but in night, their fighting strength will actually be strengthened, before these Undead Creaturedid not come out from Dark mist, now them has also killed from Dark mist, daytime came out so to be difficult to deal with, if they came out in the evening, what that can be? Has thought of these, the O'Neal Clan northern defense line here person, was careful They do not want to become under the Undead Creature blade the ghost. Now O'Neal Clan delivers a letter the ratio original was quicker, this profits in an arrangement of Patriarchin Aksu Empire defense line here and God Race Space rift there, this south-north, O'Neal Clan has constructed all the way many relay station type supply point in this, a little anxious lettercan send out the Magic Armor pilot to deliver a letter, ” pilot in the process of delivering a letter can rest well in that skin relay station, Magic Armor also be able to change energy in there. Reason that Patriarch such does, for must make their communication conveniencebe Patriarch, he is too clear, this communication had regarding Clan is important. When that report puts on the O'Neal Clan Patriarch table, Patriarch has tarriedhe never expected, north defense line there, imagined compared with him earlier has had an accident, this made he final one hesitant also vanish cleanly.

After receiving the report of Axe, O'Neal Clan Patriarch, but also somewhat hesitates, must take risk really Axe new present that Continent, no matter what, on that Continent, already present enemy, they such brave going rashly, if like entering to Ark Continentthat not awkward? However this letterlets O'Neal Clan Patriarch, thorough setting firm resolve, must the key point of Clan, shift toward south. Reason that O'Neal Clan Patriarch such does , because south there to of the supreme headquarters of their family is nearer, therefore he wants to shift toward south the key point of Clan, in adding on Dark mist there was really too dangerous, that was Innate Dark mistInnate Dark mist dangerous, Patriarch knows that but the Axe new present that place, does not have presently the too big danger, there was one piece is not smaller than Ark Continent Continentvery heavy of this point regarding them must. Therefore O'Neal Clan Patriarch after receiving the northern defense line there letter, immediately sending out old person in Clan, went to the Axe present Continent there observation. O'Neal Clan Patriarch regarding Axe some feel relieved, after all Ark Continent here, is not considered as very successful that Axe does, after he listened to the Zhao Hai words, ” on running returned home early, does not have to go to Ark Continent to have a look personally, if he personally will go to Ark Continent to look atO'Neal Clan perhaps not to fall into to most from the beginning that awkward aspect. although decided that unfolded toward south, but regarding the surveillance of north defense line here, O'Neal Clan has not actually relaxed, these Undead Creature fighting strength were too strong, they must be careful that was good. When the O'Neal Clan there preparation moves toward God Realm, the different God Race army also arrived at Leo Continent here, the nearest/recent Leo big border here atmosphere is more and more tight, because, since by Zhao Hai attack, their has felt suffocated at hearthas wanted to wait for Zhao Hai to come Leo Continent, they surely give a Zhao Hai lesson. However Zhao Hai in Leo Continent, has not actually believed that other God Race Continent, was extinguished, this also makes Leo Continent people feel that more and more heart startled, they have not thought that the Zhao Hai strength so will be unexpectedly strong. However the Leo Continent person, does not have to forget one is a God Race person, their fire fever are more prosperous, he has prepared to with Zhao Hai go all out, but at this time, different God Race attack came. God Race and different God Race originally has a grudge, but now the Leo Continent here person is not feeling well, the different God Race person, seize the opportunity has actually attacked, this lets the Leo Continent here person, was angry, a war launched between Leo Continent and different God Race. The different God Race person was three bites the radical Continent allied armies, the total of army 50 million, Leo Continent here actually occupies completely at the right place at the right time, the quantity of army were similarly many, what different God Race came was the army, but Leo Continent here was actually the Sea Race help, therefore both sides at once no one how anyone.

Zhao Hai regarding their here situation naturally is also knows that now entire God Realm here other Continent extinguishingZhao Hai has been preparing to cope with Gemini Continent and Aquarius Continentexcept for Leo Continent on only remaining Gemini Continent and Aquarius Continentby Zhao Hai now. Zhao Hai carefully had understood after Gemini Continent and Aquarius Continent situation, finally presentlyoriginally these two Continent, are in God Realm two Continent that is difficult to deal with. Zhao Hai has this not to be presently strange, he before regarding the God Realm here situation was not completely understand, his don’t know God Realm here each every race was good at anything, only then his true after these person of exchange hands, he knows that God Realm here each one races were good at anything. Said that Gemini Continent and Aquarius Continent here is difficult to deal with , because these two races have the very unique place in God Race here, just likes Gemini Continent, they also really do right by this name, the Gemini Continent here person, twin's probability probably on the person on compared with other Continent high many, in the average ten families, five will give birth to the twin descendant, such probability, is really makes people dumbfounded. But because these twins together grow up, together practices martial artsin adding on twin's inborn tacit understanding, this lets their fighting strength, compared with other people on many, therefore in God Realm hereGemini Continent, is one of the recognition very Continent that is difficult to deal with. But Aquarius Continent there, is another quite Continent that is difficult to deal with, they to do not have that many twins, but Aquarius Continent there is actually gives people a hard time in God Realm, Potion that the best places of various Potion manufactures, they manufacture is all sorts of strange and unusual, all kinds of functions emerge one after another incessantlysimply only to limit to using the toxin with Detoxification, or enhances cultivation level, governs healing to get sick at these common matterstheir Potion also has plenty very strange function. Also because their medicines to ”, therefore Aquarius Continent here person ”, in God Realm is existence that nobody is willing to provokelooks like Dark Magician on Ark Continent is also same. a.