Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 947
Actually God Realm various clans, have their characteristics, although they are called the god varieties. However the characteristics between their clans are actually various, Gemini Continent is the twin are many, Aquarius Continent will apply drugs, Central Continent there person most atmosphere, Leo Continent person most aggressive wait / etc., these are race characteristics, a little characteristics display outside, some characteristics actually display on character. Before Zhao Hai regarding these was not completely understand, in has fought after God Race each every race, Zhao Hai has understood, various God Race Continent people, did not have one to be good to deal with. Central Continent person very imposing, however same they arrogance, regarding these ordinary offending, they possibly does not care superficially, will put out the status of Central Continent person to come, because they are the Central Continent people, therefore they can not care about that to occupy small offending. After Zhao Hai has destroyed Welcoming Heaven Palace, the Central Continent person on crazy, because of arrogance them, cannot bear such attack, looks like Prince, suddenly by a beggar according to the ground, pulled out several big mouths to be the same, like this insult they cannot bear. Saw different God Race and Leo Continent there person exchange hands, Zhao Hai did not have one to gather the busy meaning, he must make the matter that different God Race meddled make nine Great Elder know, he happen to using these days, Gemini Continent and Aquarius Continent tidying up. although said that Gemini Continent and Aquarius Continent in God Race here are very hard to deal with corner/horn , but regarding Zhao Hai, not necessarily formidabe many, Gemini Continent will be very difficult will actually entangle, but Aquarius Continent regarding Zhao Hai, did not have the too big danger. The Aquarius Continent there person, most is good at uses Potion, but Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate is actually Undead Creature, these Undead Creature regarding Aquarius Continent these Potion, majority of are actually the immunities, therefore Aquarius Continent there looks like in Zhao Hai, very good copes with Gemini Continent is actually very difficult copes. The Gemini Continent there twin brothers, among them the tacit understanding, is makes person very difficult to ponder over, they Might that collaborates to wield crosses general three people of Might absolutely, therefore Zhao Hai majority of attention, centralized on Gemini Continent. Gemini Continent there person although very difficult deals with, but Zhao Hai deals withactually is also handy, after all he occupies in the population superiorly. But at this time, the Barbarian person moved in Space completely, to settle down good Pegasus Clan person also and nine Great Elder dogfights. In this moment, nine Great Elder use Combat Suit unable the long-time shortcoming to manifest, like Zhao Hai his command(er) these Undead Creature, almost can day and night carry on attack, in this regard, nine Great Elder have not managed the Law Idol ratio, characteristics that because their this types must stop once for a while, therefore their attack to Pegasus Clan is not very smooth.

Nine Great Elder truly some overestimated itself, in their opinion, why a Zhao Hai person can make the chaos their nine people not to be good entire God Realm. But they had actually forgotten a point, Zhao Hai side counted by the 100 million Undead Creature, but they have nine people, the disparities in these nine quantities, are not good to make up. Person who does not have Pegasus Clan is their matches, however the Pegasus Clan person must tie down their nine people, does not need to pay many good prices. several times Pegasus Clan person when with nine Great Elder to war, reason that will have that big casualties , because they regarding nine Great Elder characteristics not very familiar, nine Great Elder attack strength are very strong are however unendurable, this point Pegasus Clan person and from the beginning and don’t know, but hit several times they to know the Pegasus Clan person also had fought many battles, they may not be the fool nature can find out the means to cope with nine Great Elder. Some time of then downward coming, Pegasus Clan copes with nine Great Elder methods is to tie down them, ties down them with the lineup of one type of very loose show, making nine Great Elder be strong not to cause, gets a meeting, nine Great Elder must rest, therefore Pegasus Clan these days loss is not very big, this also makes Pegasus Clan Patriarch had the confidence. But at this time, Barbarian Patriarch and Zhanyue their brothers-in-law arrived at Pegasus Continent, several people of appears place Zhanyue room, Barbarian Patriarch after entering to Space, regarding entering the decision of Space, in did not regret that the environment in Space is really fantastic, is also better than their there on many, this lets Barbarian Patriarch is really very happy, therefore clansman simple to settle down under one, immediately then Zhanyue they to Pegasus Clan Continent. Zhanyue such worries , because he knows that they did not have the too much time, now O'Neal Clan entered to Space, but Zhao Hai with the God Race dogfight, even if Pegasus Clan these time has blocked nine Great Elder attack, their immediately must face O'Neal Clan attack, said honestly that Zhanyue may not have the confidence, Pegasus Clan to block O'Neal Clan attack. Knows these, therefore Zhanyue wants to enter by own clansman quick point to Space, Zhanyue knows, why Zhao Hai does has sufficed many, now Zhao Hai does not help, a point cannot blame him. These time with Barbarian Patriarch, besides Zhanyue their several people, only then 20 Barbarian guards, but they come out from in the room of show monster, immediately attracted the attention of Pegasus Clan person, many Pegasus Clan people have encircled. Zhanyue is actually the person who look at these of surface fearless encircle, his deep voice said : that goes to circular one quickly, said that Barbarian Patriarch puts up.”

Zhanyue one said that these Pegasus Clan people have gawked, they do not think that Zhanyue will say at this matter hurriedly . Moreover the build of Barbarian person was good to recognize, therefore these Pegasus Clan some people immediately people ran to be circular. But other Pegasus Clan people have one type of complex look look at Zhanyue, before prestige of Zhanyue in clan was very high, many Pegasus Clan people very much favored Zhanyue, but now Zhanyue is a criminal, moreover after the vigorous propaganda of Patriarch, now Zhanyue became Pegasus jian, wholeheartedly wants who Pegasus Clan turned into others slave. Zhanyue saw the looks of these people, his point does not care, after that and Zhao Hai has talked, Zhanyue wants to open the child, looked like Zhao Hai said that how he did not care about them to see his, so long as he made himself to think to the matter, the visions of these people, relationship regarding Zhanyue did not have, he must do was made itself to think to the matter. Zhanyue they have not stopped, walks toward the Pegasus Clan royal palace, they just arrived at Pegasus Clan royal palace in front of the door, saw Pegasus Clan Patriarch to arrive at palace in front of the door to greet Barbarian Patriarch, no matter what, Barbarian was their allies, was a strength strong ally, Pegasus Clan Patriarch this face must give. Saw Barbarian Patriarch, Pegasus Clan Patriarch immediately welcomed, said : of face smiling face Brother Jinsong, did you have the time to arrive at our here to come? Quick in requests personally.” Pegasus Clan Patriarch, simply has not looked to stand in nearby Zhanyue, probably this person simply does not exist to be the same, his such manner, has indicated his present idea. Jinsong look at Pegasus Clan Patriarch appearance, was laughs said :wing flying brother is really too polite, how to dare to be exhausted you to come out to greet them to walk toward the royal palace in personally. Before long sat to Great Hall on, person who in Great Hall some Pegasus Clan have the status, was waiting for welcome Jinsong in there, moreover after Great Hall also displays banquet Zhan Yifei please Jinsong sit down, this returned to on the seat of honor, had the servant to serve food. After waiting for the dish to come up, Zhan Yifei has held up wine glass to Jinsong said : Brother Jinsong, you can come our Pegasus Clan today, I really am very happy, what a pity the time dark green presses, my some are underprepared, to excuse me.” Jinsong shows a faint smile, holds up wine glass said : I to know that Pegasus Clan now is at very special period, the wing flies Big Brother to prepare this degree, went out of my unexpected, the wing flew Big Brother not to use politely.” Zhan Yifei proud laughing said : Brother Jinsong said that the there words come, any God Race Supreme Elder, I look also mediocre, they cannot pose the too big threat to the present to our Pegasus Clan, is really insufficient is the worry.”

Jinsong shows a faint smile, has not spoken, but raises glass, has done one glass of liquor with Zhan Yifei, but Zhanyue is actually calm of face, he knows that Zhan Yifei that words said listens to him, but he does not care, now some of his pitiful Zhan Yifei, his simply don’t know lived any matter, but also thinks own control all. Zhan Yifei looked at unemotionally Zhanyue, he knows that he cannot be what kind of Zhanyue, but he thinks that this Zhanyue returned to here comes, wants to make Jinsong help him ask favor, lets him from new returned to Pegasus Clan, Zhan Yifei has planned, he will agree that makes Zhan Yifei returned to Pegasus Clan come, this can demonstrate his magnanimous. After drinking liquor, Zhan Yifei came straight to the point to Jinsong said : Brother Jinsong this time, will not ask me to drink specially? Brother Jinsong has any matter, please say.” Jinsong look at Zhan Yifei said : solid does not believe that wing flying brother, I already want to come Pegasus Clan, but the matter in nearest/recent clan are too many, therefore had not found the time, today looks for the wing flying brother, only then a matter, I hope that the wing flying brother, can agree, as soon as possible moves Pegasus Clan to Mr. Zhao Hai Space.” A Jinsong this saying exit / to speak, Zhan Yifei one was shocked, he never expected, Jinsong these time is works as the persuasive speaker unexpectedly, this with his expectation big opposite, after Zhan Yifei has gawked one next, face one on yin sank, look at Jinsong said : that he decides Brother Jinsong, won't you be will be cracking a joke? Why can I enter to Zhao Hai Space in? God Race Supreme Elder takes me not to have the means now, why can I enter in Space? Gives Zhao Hai to work as the slave!” Brute strength spear|gun look at Zhan Yifei said : wing flies Big Brother, can you block God Race nine Great Elder by you really? Now nine Great Elder did not have fully, one words that but they attack fully, that will not look like now is so relaxed.” a.