Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 948

Chapter 945 arrogantly from dead/die to insanity Zhan Yifei look at Jinsong, yin calm face said : Brother Jinsong, what meaning is your this saying? You look down upon our Pegasus Clan person?” Jinsong shook the head said : is not, our Barbarian and Pegasus Clan also cooperated such long time, what strength the Pegasus Clan person was, I was very clear, but the wing flies Big Brother you now also outside don’t know is any situation, Mr. Zhao Hai extinguished central God Race now, Cancer God Race, Capricorn God Race, Sagittarius God Race, Taurus God Race, now is coping with several other God Race, but this situation, was known by the different God Race person, they also dispatched troops to cope with God Race, if God Race nine Great Elder know that this situation, they will not keep the hand, can full tackled Pegasus Clan, The wing flies Big Brother, do you have confidence to block nine Great Elder attack really?” Zhan Yifei Jinsong said certainly that cannot help but face changes, he has not thought that the Zhao Hai strength such unexpectedly extinguished several God Race unexpectedly. Zhan Yifei ten clear God Race that seeking revenge for the slightest grievance character, one, but makes them know that God Race there situation, they are certainly insane, when the time comes can the Pegasus Clan person block nine Great Elder attack? Zhan Yifei also really not too big assurance, after all God Race Supreme Elder prestige outside. The Dingshan look at Zhan Yifei appearance, deep voice said : wing flew Big Brother, the truth you told that reason that these days I have not arrived at Pegasus Clan to come, in being busy moving the clan to Mr. Zhao Hai Space, now our Barbarian person all moved in mister Space, environment very good in mister Space, entered in mister Space, not only did not need to go to war, but also in did not need to worry for the food and drink, no matter we wanted any thing, can make with own both hands to......” Let alone!” Has not waited for Jinsong to speak, by Zhan Yifei breaking, him looked at Jinsong one, deep voice said : your Barbarian is what kind, that is your Barbarian matter, our Pegasus Clan will be will not enter to Space in absolutely, gives Zhao Hai to work as the slave, what great God Race will have, their won't Supreme Elder until now, take us not to have the means?” Zhan Yifei has been listening to the Jinsong words, he had to the Jinsong words begins, but sees sitting that unemotionally in there Zhanyue, Zhan Yifei immediately changed the mind, his dark said : „, if present Zhao Hai enters to Space, that doesn't let the Zhanyue joke?” Because has thought of this point, therefore Zhan Yifei has interrupted the Jinsong words. Jinsong one hear of Zhan Yifei said that he has not given up, he sighed, wing flew Big Brother to Zhan Yifei said :, be honest with you, in the past, we dispatched troops to O'Neal Clan that helped mister cope with, now also entered Taurus Continent there, Space that possibly soon, they presently our three clans are, when the time comes the war will live, the wing flew Big Brother, wants to make entire Pegasus Clan fall into to this endless fight in really?” Heard Jinsong saying that Zhan Yifei face was uglier, his look at Jinsong said : „did Brother Jinsong this words take seriously? Zhao Hai did not say that he can keep off O'Neal Clan in Space rift there?” One hear of Zhan Yifei said that person cannot help but faces of these Pegasus Clan by, you were said you clarified have not given Zhao sea surface, suspicion Zhao Hai of everything, but to this time, remembered Zhao Hai to come, this facial skin was really also thick enough. Jinsong also at heart secret despising Zhan Yifei, but he has not displayed, he is only deep voice said : mister to compel nine Great Elder returned to God Race, was moving to cope with God Race to go all military strength, the garrison troops that Space rift there left behind were not many . Moreover the army that this O'Neal Clan adjusted returned extremely numerous, was given by the O'Neal Clan person.” Zhan Yifei look at Jinsong said : Brother Jinsong this is information in the share place must come?”

Jinsong said : Mr. Zhao Hai said that what's wrong, what issue has?” Zhan Yifei laughs said : to have the issue, naturally has the issue, has the major problem, why I believe the words that Zhao Hai spoke perhaps, he intentionally said that to deceive in us Space.” Jinsong stares, he never expected Zhan Yifei will actually say such words to come, at this time, Zhao Hai will deceive them with such words? What in this person of head actually thinks is anything. Jinsong anxious said : wing flies Big Brother, I believe that Mr. Zhao Hai will not be will deceive with this matter our, if the O'Neal Clan person came, you what to do?” Zhan Yifei waved said : is the O'Neal Clan person comes to be also what kind, I do not believe that they will be stronger than God Race nine Great Elder, nine Great Elder we have blocked, but also feared that O'Neal Clan, Jinsong, when your Barbarian also turned into the coward, was frightened several words sneaked in Space, has become others slaves, you also felt all right to urge me.” Jinsong one hear of Zhan Yifei said that cannot help but face changes, Zhan Yifei this saying may , was not only insulting him, was in the insult entire Barbarian person, how this enabled wing Jinsong to bear. Jinsong two eyes stares, one has stood, look at Zhan Yifei said : Zhan Yifei, do not give to be concerned about face, does your Pegasus Clan strength, how come compared with the God Race each every race? Mr. Zhao Hai extinguished that many God Race, must cope with you, is not easy as pie, is he worthwhile at this matter deceives you? Did you also too high look at you? You think that you are any thing.” One hear of Jinsong said that on the face of Zhan Yifei cannot help but 1 u left has sneered said : what? to say I was anxious? Good, if Zhao Hai wants to extinguish our Pegasus Clan, makes him come, I wrinkle the brow, is not the Pegasus Clan person.” The appearance of Jinsong look at Zhan Yifei that rascal, a air/Qi pain, some little time he calm, has sneered at heart was looking at Zhan Yifei one: I think that Mr. Zhao Hai did not have time waste on your body, left O'Neal Clan and Underworld person copes with you, we walked.” Said to stand up, turn around walks toward outside. In this time, Zhan Yifei suddenly deep voice said : was actually fearing that Jinsong, you do want such to walk?” Jinsong fierce turn around, body killing aura wells up crazily, look at Zhan Yifei said : that he decides what? Zhan Yifei? Do you also want to keep here me today?” The Zhan Yifei look at Jinsong appearance, sneers said : is, I will not keep here you, but Zhanyue actually cannot walk, he is our Pegasus Clan person, moreover person who our Pegasus Clan issued a warrant for arrest, he cannot walk.” Jinsong look at Zhan Yifei, sneers said : Zhan Yifei, your warrant for arrest what's the matter, you are clearer than anyone, Fei'er and Dingshan had also issued a warrant for arrest by you, are you must stay behind them? Zhan Yifei, is not my Jinsong looks down upon you, if Zhanyue they must assassinate you, you think that you can live really the present? Is short suspends your Patriarch power and prestige before me, today Zhanyue I must carry off, are you what kind of?”

Zhan Yifei look at Dingshan, sneered said : do not forget, whose domain this was, you dare such to speak to me in my Pegasus Clan, don't you want to walk really?” Dingshan laughs said : my Barbarian not to fear death, regarded dead in battle is one type of is honorable, what? do you want to use to threaten me? You are having a dream.” These guards who at this time outside of big show, Dingshan brought also gathered, flushed toward Great Hall from Great Hall outside, Pegasus Clan these guards naturally did not comply, both sides lived the conflict. The Pegasus Clan person in Great Hall looks at this situation, stares, then each and every one face becomes very difficult looked, if Jinsong had an accident in here, that Barbarian will certainly not comply, Pegasus Clan really should not have the outbreak of war at this time with Barbarian. Also at this time, these Pegasus Clan talented people in Great Hall present, Zhan Yifei the complete insanity, turned into one now arrogantly from dead/die Lunatic. In this time, in suddenly Great Hall appears a person, this person of black Magic Robe, has not looked like any losing face place, but his appears in Great Hall, in Great Hall one peaceful, the vision of all people centralized to the body of this person. This person of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai appears in Great Hall, he looked at other Zhan Yifei and Pegasus Clan person one eyes, deep voice said : has not thought really that my Zhao Hai careful, but you actually such thinks my Zhao Hai, HaHaHa, making you give me to work as the slave? My Zhao Hai presently in hand, considers the Undead Creature quantity soon to cross 1 billion, do I want you to give me to work as the slave? Your Pegasus Clan person also really thinks highly of himself, good, you do not want to enter Space, I am not blocking you, you do not enter do not enter, do not have anything to be great.” Zhan Yifei saw that Zhao Hai stares, he had also seen Zhao Hai one time before, when copes with Taurus God Race, Patriarch of their three large clans have paid a visit Zhao Hai one time, has met with Zhao Hai, to be honest, he impression to Zhao Hai was not quite at that time good, because Zhao Hai looked like is really too ordinary, ordinary characteristics, this has not been he looks down upon the Zhao Hai place. However he has not thought that Zhao Hai meets suddenly appears unexpectedly in Great Hall, Zhao Hai appears , Zhan Yifei has gawked, then is actually two eyes one bright, probably was capture the Zhao Hai handle was the same, his look at Zhao Hai, shouted: Zhao Hai, you said that you have been capable of rescuing us? Do you actually stand in one side look at? You said that yes or no? Zhao Hai look at Zhan Yifei, showing a faint smile said : suddenly Zhan Yifei, you are very intelligent, what a pity, your intelligence has not used the place, good that you said that attacks you from God Race nine Great Elder most from the beginning, I can at any time helps you, but I do not want such to do.” A Zhao Hai this saying exit / to speak, Pegasus Clan these person of with a bang sound randomly opened, Pegasus Clan these people have thought Zhao Hai does not have the time to save them, now a Zhao Hai such saying, on equal to was recognize, he wanted with God Race nine Great Elder, compelling them to enter Space, this xing nature may not be different. Zhan Yifei proud looked at Dingshan and Fei'er their eyes, sneers said : your recognize to be good, said that you must use the hand of God Race, closes on in us your Space, is right?” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I must borrow the hand of God Race, compels in you Space.”

Zhan Yifei laughs said : Jinsong, Fei'er, Zhanyue, saw? This is in your mouth that has been helping your Mr. Zhao Hai, HaHaHa, was too funny.” Does the Jinsong look at mantle, sneer said : funnily? This matter we already know that mister such makes also has him unable the difficulties, now outside, not only has God Race nine Great Elder, O'Neal Clan, besides O'Neal Clan, Ark Continent there appears Underworld Space Dark mist, there Undead Creature, was strong compared with God Race fighting strength, except for these, in God Race that god, must cope with us, you think that with the strengths of our several clans, can block attack of these people really?” Speaking of here Jinsong to stop, he turned the head to look at other Pegasus Clan people in Great Hall, deep voice said : former and Mr. Zhao Hai together coped with Taurus God Race the time, we can not need to dispatch troops, but just does not want to receive mister great kindness, therefore we must dispatch troops, wants in front of mister, there are many some rights to speak, mister has not said anything, he respected our decision, was after the war, the losses of our three clans were very big, at this time, we were also strange mister, strange mister agreed with us to dispatch troops, was been too big by our losses, everybody., You said honestly that you have trusted mister really completely? In afterward? Heard that God Race must attack us, we also said that we leave mister together to dispatch troops to cope with Taurus God Race, has great kindness to mister, mister should save us unconditionally, I only want to ask you, why?” Why spoke of here Jinsong look at their said : mister to save us? We do not trust mister, but also strange will mister, facing such ally, you act to save him?” These Pegasus Clan people static is listening to the Jinsong words, right that they have to recognize, Jinsong say, they have not trusted Zhao Hai probably, why also to make Zhao Hai save them. Jinsong looked at their one eyes, said : is this, mister also continuously in silently is helping us, our three clans because of the Taurus God Race war, strength/Origin Qi damage severely, has to returned to own Space the recuperation, if not mister, we can stop such long time? Army of God Race retaliation feared that already arrived, finally to the present, you are still suspecting mister, is really laughable.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head to Jinsong said : Jinsong Patriarch, you were needless saying that why Zhan Yifei is not willing to enter Space, he was clearer than anyone, I was only have not thought that Pegasus Clan other people were also unexpectedly same as him, bright clearly know what's the matter, actually did not pretend understand, such race, my Zhao Hai also disdained to rescue, making them run its own course.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhanyue immediately/on horseback kneels nearby Zhao Hai said : mister, asking you certainly to request to ask our Pegasus Clan, otherwise we played.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: In this case, what to do can I? Has been unfair to Zhanyue, I am being strong do not cause now.” roa.