Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 949

Zhanyue one hear of Zhao Hai said that a face piece of grey defeat, some little time his clenching teeth of suddenly, fierce gaining ground look at Zhao Hai said : asked mister to begin, except Zhan Yifei, Pegasus Clan will have prevented clansman to enter on nobody as the matter stands to Space.” In Zhao Hai and Great Hall all people stare, all person nobody think that Zhanyue with Zhao Hai will even propose such request, this equal to publicly plotted a rebellion. Person who other person also dull look at Zhanyue in Great Hall, especially these Pegasus Clan people, the Pegasus Clan people in Great Hall are some have the status, these people can say that is look at Zhanyue grows up, what person regarding Zhanyue is, their completely understand, but actually nobody thinks that Zhanyue actually will say such words. At once, on Great Hall all vision centralized to the body of Zhanyue, Zhanyue moved also motionless look at Zhao Hai, deep voice said : mister, is not my Zhanyue must plot a rebellion, mister please think, if today mister the room in all did not oppose that entered the Space people to kill, my Pegasus Clan waited to exterminate the clan, compared with my clansman, this trivial several people of life, was considered as anything, asking mister to begin!” Zhao Hai has gawked, to be honest, he has not thought really must begin, his very clear, if he must tidy up Zhan Yifei is really too relaxed, but if he began today, will let Jinsong and Fei'er their pair many one layer worry, this regarding Zhao Hai very disadvantageous. What most important is, if this matter passes on, let other vassal races and different God Race knew, that later Zhao Hai will encounter many problems. In fact, Zhao Hai these days, when copes with these God Race, has met many vassal races, but these vassal races, the manner to Zhao Hai are somewhat neither cold nor hot, this lets Zhao Hai to different God Race also very has the opinion. If he meddles the Pegasus Clan matter to be known by these vassal races, perhaps these vassal races will look for the trouble of Zhao Hai in behind, this is Zhao Hai undesired. However now Zhanyue such asks him, he very had not complied, but in fact, Zhanyue such asks him now, he is beginning, the xing nature also changed. If Zhanyue did not ask Zhao Hai to begin this equal to is to interfere the internal affairs of Pegasus Clan, his equal to changed to rule Pegasus Clan, now Zhanyue such strives , was the Pegasus Clan person asks him to help on equal to, but xing nature completely different. Naturally, how other people saw this matter, that Zhao Hai really cannot control now, perhaps sang a two-man act in others opinion Zhanyue and Zhao Hai in here.

Zhao Hai has hesitated, turned the head to look at Jinsong one, Jinsong although was a straightforward Barbarian person however at this time, meaning of his actually very clear Zhao Hai. Jinsong deep voice said : mister, if kills one person, can save person of the clan, Jinsong also asks mister to begin in here.” Zhan Yifei sees this situation, one has flustered, he screamed that said : Zhao Hai, you dare you, if dares to move me, Pegasus Clan will not let off the person.” Zhao Hai look at won't Zhan Yifei, like looking at clown, his cold sound said : Pegasus Clan let off me? HaHaHa, my Zhao Hai feared that your Pegasus Clan is inadequate? If did not look that in their face your Pegasus Clan in Zhanyue I meddles may the slaughter completely, my Zhao Hai extinguishes the Human Race matter dry also few?” A Zhao Hai such saying, Zhan Yifei one was shocked, he is too clear, a Zhao Hai this saying pointis not false, his Zhao Hai clamps 6 from entry to God Race to the person who the present massacres, feared that adds more than his entire Pegasus Clan, moreover light will be God Race extinguishes several to care extinguishes Pegasus Clan. In this moment, before Zhan Yifei suddenly presently, these thing that clings, is such being nothing to speak, in the face of absolute strength, any authority, any status, but is seaside Shatta, a wave comes, anything did not have. Thinks of here, Zhan Yifei suddenly has knelt to Zhao Hai, said : invited mister spare my life, I am willing to bring clansman to enter Space.” Zhan Yifei such sitting faction, for all people not shame, to maintain a livelihood, Zhan Yifei does not have hesitant did. Zhao Hai look at Zhan Yifei, deep voice said : „the present thinks that saved us, late, to be honest, my sufficed you, you to think threatened my Zhao Hai really with a life of clan, my Zhao Hai will fear you, do not have a dream.” Said that Zhao Hai waves, the next quarter, Zhan Yifei head arrived at in his hand, all people had not seen hand how he moves. Does Zhao Hai turn the head to sweep these Pegasus Clan person one eyes, deep voice said : „the present also had that opposition?” These Pegasus Clan people, looked at Zhao Hai in hand that bloody head one, nobody dares to speak, look at that head, who wants to say a non- character.

Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, deep voice said : everybody agreed that was easy to do, got down the preparation, how I had a look at God Race nine Great Elder presently.” Said that Zhao Hai walks outward, Fei'er they, Zhanyue to remained hastily, Patriarch this dies, now in clan prestige highest was Zhan Fang, how Zhan Fang originally to say that was also Speaker, therefore now clansman look at he. But Zhan Fang with Zhanyue is one group, is adding on Zhao Hai now also in Continent here of wing, that this Pegasus Clan person naturally does not dare to have the dead stop, the matter of Pegasus Clan diameter Space relocation, is the official start. But at this time, Zhao Hai has revealed his Yama Ship, Fei'er, Jinsong they already on sub- Yama Ship, found two people to lead us in Pegasus Clan to them, several people expunged toward the God Race nine Great Elder lurking places. Now or daytime, is nine Great Elder activities of God Race time, Jin Ben they also with Pegasus Clan these person of deal with, they now have been making Fire Qi now, this Pegasus Clan person is really too skidding, simply does not make the war with them directly, but is entangling them, looks like one flock of flies, making them unable to withstand him to harass. Jin Ben their several people of these days must explode with rage, they know that they stay in here for day, their Continent, will be many a loss, but they actually cannot go back now, one, but goes back, their plans were slightly complete, sooner or later must die to the demon by Zhao Hai, therefore that feared that now was God Race there is all extinguished by Zhao Hai, they must insist. Without the means that Jin Ben they only to be able now oneself hatred at heart, releases on the body of Pegasus Clan person, therefore these days their attack to the Pegasus Clan was fiercer, but was actually given to cajole into by Pegasus Clan Pegasus Cavalry, the first attack is loud thunder but small raindrops. On this day in Jin Ben they with these Pegasus Clan Cavalry dogfights time, is resting Ding Xin suddenly that has not entered the war to see that even/including Chu has a [gold/metal] dot proximity fast, waits for these dot to be nearer, Ding Xin present, the point of that [gold/metal] , is Zhao Hai Yama Ship. The personal enemies meet, not in part of ones duty is jealous, sees Zhao Hai Yama Ship, the eye of Ding Xin one was red, but he does not have immediately/on horseback to carry on attack to Zhao Hai, but was among suddenly completely calm, he Yama Ship that used that the blood red eye to stare at approach, looked like was injured, wild beast that was preparing to revenge. Is staring at Zhao Hai, Ding Xin while deep voice said : everybody, lord appears , everyone/Great Clan has finally prepared.”

One hear of Ding Xin said that Jin Ben they stare, four size up, immediately presently Zhao Hai Yama Ship, several people one happy, then the personal appearance moves, immediately divides the position to stand, Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk in in hand, but Ding Xin has not actually participated in their formation arrangement, but offered a sacrifice to his Star Disk, prepared to after Zhao Hai was surrounded, immediately began attack he. Before long Zhao Hai on appears in Ding Xin in front of them, Zhao Hai decreased in the Yama Ship altitude, look at Ding Xin, shows a faint smile said : „the Ding Xin elder, we met, has not thought really that you suddenly will find out this kind of means to compel me to come, is not easy, but said that you also are really enough stingy, is putting own clansman, no matter, copes with me specially.” Ding Xin two eyes ice-cold look at Zhao Hai, cold sound said : Zhao Hai, your appears , we have not thought finally that your heart so is also ruthless, eye look at our Thunder Clan extinguished unexpectedly, but does not put out a hand, your line.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Ding Xin, I told you, you too have been serious yourselves, too they have been serious Thunder Clan, knows why I do look for you today? I am only tell you, now ten big God Race, only remaining Leo clans, Gemini clan and Aquarius greatly also, but the Gemini clan and Aquarius clan, Lou in attack, Leo clan there by different God Race attack, you were being said that in this case, will I give up coping with your God Race opportunity to come back to rescue Pegasus Clan? I am tell you today, even if were you today Pegasus Clan extinguishing, I will not put out a hand, I must give to extinguish your God Race, you believe really that Pegasus Clan was so important regarding me?” Ding Xin look at Zhao Hai, coldly smiles said : Zhao Hai, you think that you can also get away today? formation arrangement!” The Ding Xin voice just fell, Jin Ben their immediately moved several, eight people stood according to the position, simultaneously started in hand Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk. In Ding Xin starts seven days lock day formation disk, Ding Xin also starts own Star Disk, Zhao Hai saw this situation, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he has not moved, he is waiting for Ding Xin their next movement. Really, Jin Ben they after starting Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk, immediately has let loose formation disk, returned to the Ding Xin side, but Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk stops in in midair, disperses intermittent seven color radiance. After the side that Jin Ben their returned to has decided that immediately has put on own Combat Suit, prepares the Star Disk together use with Ding Xin. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, has smiled suddenly, then Yama Ship roves in Seven Star Locking Heaven in the formation, before long however transferred from Seven Star Locking Heaven in the formation, then Zhao Hai waves, took in Space the Seven Star lock, then Zhao Hai look at Ding Xin they, show a faint smile said : everybody, Seven Star Locking Heaven, has seen below, now accepted below no talent, another day will be accompanying you to play, HaHaHa, everybody, in again!” Said that Yama Ship vanishes in Jin Ben they at present. a.