Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 950

The direction that Ding Xin dull look at Zhao Hai vanishes, some little time he recovers. A blood suddenly has spurted, this was given the air/Qi by Zhao Hai completely. Jin Ben they are also the face grey defeats, they know that one these time has defeated, removed the defeat of bottom, they were not having opportunity to cope with Zhao Hai. Jin Ben looked that Ding Xin swung the appearance that yu fell, immediately/on horseback has supported him, he being mad of not that fresh Zhao Hai, exactly said that now he could not be mad Zhao Hai. When you run into a well-matched match, because you cannot hit him, because he uses yin to seek defeats you to be angry strangely, when you presently your match simply is nothe who you can defeat with you completely not in a level, that person did not have the means to be angry. Perhaps with a word described that Jin Ben present mental state, that is, accepts fate! Now Jin Ben has accepted fate! Some little time Ding Xin breathed heavily air/Qihe to turn the head to look at Jin Ben evenly their eyes, sighed said :to end, we have misjudged, has not thought really that this Zhao Hai unexpectedly such, our God Race destroyed unexpectedly in in his hand. Jie Yu two eyes scarlet-red said : „” we do not cope with him, must cope with him, Ding Xin, we with oneself Sacrificial Offering, on please god make a move let us cope with Zhao Hai. ” Ding Xin smiles bitterly next step: Ok hasn't Jie Yu, you understood Zhao Hai? If on the god can cope with Zhao Hai, he make a move, had already met look at God Race by Zhao Hai destroying completely? Do not forget, he also wants to make us be provided Strength of Faith by him, moreover you think that Zhao Hai Yama Ship does come from there? That snatches from god there.” said : that Jie Yu does not vent spleen that now we what to do? Such is waiting?” Ding Xin shook the head said : now we to request reinforcements God Race already late, but actually the means that leave behind last bloodline to God Race.” Jin Ben they stare, puzzled look at Ding Xin, their don’t know Ding Xin said that what meaning this saying is, now they went back to rescue already without enough time, was that also God Race protect last bloodline? Ding Xin look at how many person of said : „hadn't you just carefully listened to Zhao Hai to speak? In his although expression has destroyed completely our God Race to be the same probably, but he said that 1 u a point, he said that he was coping with the Gemini clan and Aquarius clan, these two races had me to think that formidabe did not need me saying that these two clan minimum can delay the Zhao Hai several days time, otherwise Zhao Hai will not pester with us in here ”, but they added another matteryou have not actually paid attention to listen, he said that now the different God Race person is coping with the Leo clan. ”

One hear of Ding Xin said that Jin Ben their suddenly responded, their understand Ding Xin said that this saying was any meaning, they have fought these many years with different God Race, naturally knows that the different God Race level was what kind, different God Race was impossible that smoothly captures Leo Continent, moreover before they came, ” Leo Continent there person, but was suppressing at heart all at once, now different God Race collectswhen happen to undeserved target of angerthey want to tidy up the Leo clan in a short time, that was wants not to think. Gemini Continent and Aquarius Continent that there Zhao Hai copes with, they use to rescueagain are not far ”, moreover Zhao Hai they do not have the means to cope, the method that but different God Race, they cope with may be too many. Jin Ben several people of look at Ding Xindon’t know he was any meaning, Ding Xin deep voice said : „the present copes with Pegasus Clan already not any significance, our immediately/on horseback exited, to Foreign God Continent there extension extension well,” perhaps so long as our attack Foreign God Continent there different God Race these reinforcement will turn back in order to help friendly forces, so long as they as soon as added the help, our immediately returned to Leo Continent came up, defended Leo Continent ”, no matter Zhao Hai different God Racewill want to cope with alliance of our several peopleis not that easy, so long as we blocked their attack, Leo Continent was protect, our God Race last bloodline. protect. ” Jin Ben they nodded, but Jin Ben somewhat scruple said : what to do, if different God Race these reinforcement don't turn back in order to help friendly forces?” Decides shook the head said : not different God Race that this person is not Zhao Hai, looks like such that Zhao Hai said that saidhim strictly with Pegasus Clan these person of not any relationship, therefore we cope with Pegasus Clan, copes with Thunder Clan, Zhao Hai can not turn back in order to help friendly forces, but different God Race these people are different, different God Race these people, their roots in Foreign God Continent there, we go to attack they, they will certainly turn back in order to help friendly forces. ” Jin Ben they nodded, they also agreed that the view of Jin Ben, Ding Xin looked several people agreed that this nodded said : everyone/Great Clan to agree that we were not losing the time, let's go.” Jie Yu looked at Pegasus Clan these people, indignant did said : such walk? Such let off them?” Ding Xin deep voice said :, after „, is looking for opportunity to tidy up them they not to be in any case able to be inescapable, walks. ” Jie Yu looked at Pegasus Continent one bitterly, this their turn around followed Ding Xin. Zhao Hai looked that Ding Xin they walked, he also relaxed ”, if Ding Xin they do not walk, he has to with Ding Xin their proceed boldly, this not be does not do well this war that Zhao Hai wants to see directly ”, he ascend. Before Zhao Hai, reason that with Ding Xin they will saythe effect that many want, he must shift Ding Xin their hatreds to different God Race there goes to ” the present looks like, he has succeeded. Zhao Hai sits in own in the room monitors Ding Xin they, therefore Jinsong they and don’t know, Jinsong they now also on Zhao Hai Yama Ship, several people very anxious, feared that was killed by God Race nine Great Elder of ji anger.Just was entering Zhao Hai of room in this time from in the room walked out, he turned the head to look at Jinsong their eyes, showed a faint smile said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan did not need to be so anxious, God Race nine Great Elder leave Pegasus Continent here, everyone/Great Clan has not needed to be worried.”

Jinsong they stare, their naturally don’t know Zhao Hai can monitor Ding Xin they, Therefore their some cannot believe that Zhao Hai words, to is Fei'er is actually complete believes that Zhao Hai words, he is longest with the time that Zhao Hai contactson all sorts of magical things regarding Zhao Hai, he very found that therefore he does not suspect Zhao Hai. Therefore Fei'er cheers, then look at Zhao Hai smiles said : mister to be fierce, with just a few words these different God Race making.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: That is so easy, you told that is also today, I am yesterday, I told them that they may not retreat, the person of yesterday different God Race person also not with Leo Continent person exchange hands I, if told them that they will not retreat. ” Fei'er noddedhis look at Zhao Hai said :mister, these that you said real? Now in God Realm, only remaining Gemini clansAquarius clan and Leo clan? ” Zhao Hai nodded said : naturally real, I had already told you, so long as you enter to Space, I can let loose trick/hand and foot, person who God Race these people are not behind have O'Neal Clan that I most am worried, the Underworld person, these arewhen God Race nine Great Elder that I most am worried cope with you, I have been ready, you enter Space, even if the person cannot entire go , can also send few people to constrain nine Great Elder, other person enters to Space, I tidy up several God Race in there, when the time comes in this. information release goes, the different God Race person will definitely not sit by and do nothing, they will certainly dispatch troops, they dispatch troops, the God Race nine Great Elder hatreds will shift, your here also on will be when the time comes safeyour simply not to have the big loss, what a pity, has not thought that ” matter finally actually noisily became this appearance. ” Fei'er is also ashamed of face, he bows said : to be unfair to mister to Zhao Hai, I disappointed you.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this no wonder you matter originally is not your mistake, you have made contributionyou to hope that saw own clansman was killed? Goodnot saying that this matter, the matter lived in any case, do not want to be too many, walkshelps Zhanyue. ” Several people noddedZhao Hai to harness Yama Ship to arrive at the Pegasus Clan royal palace, Zhanyue they now also in the royal palace, looked that Zhao Hai they came back, these Pegasus Clan person one face intense look at Zhao Haidon’t know this Zhao Hai acting result is what kind. Zhao Hai looked at Zhanyue their eyes, showed a faint smile said : God Race nine Great Elder to retreat, you can the preparation of feel relieved I probably go back, the there also has plenty matter wanted me to process, I was not many remain. ”

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhanyue they cannot help but relaxed, but in these Pegasus Clan people, an indignation of part of facesthey thought that Zhao Hai some went too far, he acts obviously such a small little while's matter, finally made Pegasus Clan receive such big loss, moreover gave to close on in Space them. Zhao Hai also saw the expressions of these people, he has not cared, he turns the head to Zhanyue said :, Zhanyue the here matter hands over give you, if also has any matter, contacts me, I momentarily help you. ” Was saying Zhao Hai has swept these Pegasus Clan person one eyes unintentionally, these Pegasus Clan people cannot bear the low head. These people are very clear, although Zhan Yifei is not in the clan strongest Expert, but is Patriarch, his strength absolutely is not weak, has achieved on the God Rank strength, however such strengthactually cannot block including Zhao Hai one move, even his rebel movement has not done, directly was killed, Zhao Hai such strength, real is felt the heart by them startled, They feared. The meaning of Zhanyue understand Zhao Hai, he has not said anything, but nods said : to Zhao Hai is mister, your words I have rememberedme as soon as possible certainly moves clansman to Space. ” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to look at Jinsong and Zhan Fang their eyes, then slightly bows to them said : two, the Pegasus Clan here matter, please more than two have taken the trouble, must with quickest moves the Pegasus Clan here people to Space, following enters me to fear that did not have the time to take care the here matter, God Race nine Great Elder coped with different God Race, I tidied up the Gemini clan and Aquarius clan, must collaborate to cope with nine Great Elder with different God Race Supreme Elder, hoping us to collaborate, can extinguish nine Great Elder, otherwise. Troublesome matter. ” Jinsong and Zhan Fang return salute said : to invite mister feel relieved hastily.” Zhao Hai noddedpersonal appearance flashesto vanish in the Pegasus Clan royal palace. a.