Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 951

Zhao Hai returned to Space, Laura their face smiling face supine, although now they make the war with the Gemini clan and Aquarius clan, but aspect already by their control, therefore Lizzy and Megan did not need always to stare at the screento relax. Laura sees Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback smiles said : fantastic Elder Brother Hai, has not thought really that this matter such has been solved, Zhanyue this fellow also is really good to the critical moment, but can also firmly decide. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „” this fellow is very good, was good, do not manage them, matter that below we must handle, only then selects again, one ” the first Gemini clan and Aquarius clan tidying up, Lizzy, they have remembered, the key point gets so far as some Aquarius clan there Potion formulas much, does not need to be useful, first got so far as was saying. ” Lizzy nodded, Zhao Hai then said : second, must the O'Neal Clan person, making Pegasus Clan there go, I think that this Zhanyue they move toward Space, not that smooth must O'Neal Clan to puncture ji their. ” Laura they stare, Laura is puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, did you say really? Don't they dare? Didn't these Pegasus Clan people, agree?” Does Zhao Hai sneer said : agreement? That is because they have feared, but in Pegasus Clan most people are not willing to move now, you, when Jinsong these words will get up to do to use? Now in Pegasus Clan, what agrees to move is minority, but Jinsong they are the bystanders, is not unyielding in the Pegasus Clan there speech, but Zhanyue experiences after all are too few, if these are towing, he will not have the good means that today I am so quick, made God Race nine Great Elder retreat, in Pegasus Clan these will of the people was angry, thinks that I was capable of saving them, actually did not help, therefore they will certainly hate mesuch person, you did not give them some suffering to eat, they will be will not believe your. Lizzy and Megan nodded, a commanding a war this matter secure is they are doing, therefore directs the Pegasus Clan matter the O'Neal Clan person, but must they arrange to be good. Zhao Hai then said : third is we must support the different God Race matter, God Race nine Great Elder copes with different God Race not to be impolite, we must use this opportunity, God Race all Combat Suit, collects in Space, different God Race Combat Suitis we do not cope with their Supreme Elder, if also wants the means to get so far as. ” Several people nodded, but this third article did not have Lizzy their anything matterLizzy they, so long as commanding a war were good, coped with nine Great Elder matters, gave Zhao Hai. Laura at this time open the mouth and said: Elder Brother Hai was calling the present has the time, are we this Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk with Yama Ship about in together, lets Yama Ship fighting strength formidable, as the matter stands, will we cope with Ding Xin with ease they also a little? ” Zhao Hai nodded said : right, I this matter forgetting, was right, first puts in Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk Space, having a look at Space there to have any prompt.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, in Warehouse is putting Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk on appears in Space, but makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, in Space actually does not have any prompt sound to transmit, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai stare. However Zhao Hai decided that ” puts in Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk Universal Analyzer analysis well, thinks does, Zhao Hai immediately has put in Seven Star Locking Heaven formation diskUniversal Analyzer. After one procedure gets down, ” in Universal Analyzer transmits sound speaking sounds: Presently Seven Star Locking Heaven primitive formation disk, whether must carry on further analyzes, if must carry on further analyzes, will deduct hundred thousand gold coinsas the analysis expense. ”

Zhao Hai somewhat did not know whether to laugh or cryhe to turn the head to Laura said : you to add that really I died to ask for money, have a look, this not appears also died to ask for money compared with me. ” Laura they are jiao smileZhao Hai deep voice said : „the immediately/on horseback analysis.” The hundred thousand gold coins instantaneous exercise eliminates, before long Universal Analyzer there transmits sound speaking sounds: „ Analysis is completed, Seven Star Locking Heaven primitive formation disk, this thing is Cultivation World Unique Item, level, low, the raw material that uses has, Gold Essence, Silver Essence, mi soul fine stone......, The proportion is one-third / o .5 , Forges the method is the Cultivation World basic crafting method, Ran Han the formation 49 sets, Formation respectively is, puts Great Formation, shrinks small formationfloat......, Host decides to let Space, withdraws in Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk Space no minerals ” and production ore mother in Space, can produce the mineral lode slowly? If Host must withdraw mineralsproduction ore mother ” to deduct Host gold coins 10 million, whether Host must withdraw Formation that in Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk contains, such as must withdraw Formation, will deduct Host gold coins 1 million! ” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, turned the head to look at Laura their eyes, Laura their understand Zhao Hai was any meaningSpace has asked for money, saw the balsam pear face of Zhao Hai, Laura they the young lady has smiled getting upfortunately these days, in Space has deposited a lot of money, in adding on the Demon Realm there gold ore, Ryan in the Ark Continent there business, therefore in Space the present to is not short of money. Zhao Hai sighs said : buckle buckle you not to buckle. ” Issuing an order of Zhao Hai, thousand 1 million gold coins, was deducted. Zhao Hai sighed, the intention movedhas fed in Space Yama Ship, Yama Ship just entered Space, Space immediately transmitted prompt speaking sounds: Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk may merge with Yama Ship, may increase Yama Ship fighting strength, Yama Ship may increase the trapped enemy ability, whether Host does merge?” Zhao Hai stares, he thinks that these time meets the hua money, has not actually thought that Space these time to does not have to propose money the matter, the Zhao Hai great happiness, immediately/on horseback said : merge.” Issuing an order of Zhao Hai, Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk, immediately flew to Yama Ship, in that flash that Yama Ship approached, Seven Star Locking Heaven formation diskunexpectedly integration slowly to Yama Ship on, on Yama Ship above dodged flashes dazzling white lightand other white light to vanish, Zhao Hai in looking at his Yama Shippresently Yama Ship changed a type, on the Yama Ship both sides broad sides, each front were many four disc, these eight disc looked like eight wheel, stood in the Yama Ship both sides. These eight formation disk naturally are Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk ” the present stands in the Yama Ship both sides, the rotation that formation disk keeps, entire Yama Ship suddenly has the feeling that one type of has moved fast, probably stops in there, but does not stop likely in there, making the person unable to settle on his specific position. Zhao Hai knows that ” this is fruit that Formation produces, has these seven formation disk join, entire Yama Ship seemed like more mysterious. The Zhao Hai intention moves, Yama Ship walkedseveral people not to embarkfrom Space stands in outboard, look at Yama Ship. Beforehand Yama Shiptastes to the feeling of person just positively, resplendent and magnificent, but now Yama Ship were many one type of faintly recognizable temperament, flutters in there, looks like piece of phantomlooks like the mirage is the same. said : that Laura two eyes shines good is really fantastic, is really attractive. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, Yama Ship already appears under their faces. Laura stands in on the ship, looked, the somewhat discouraged words, look like in on the ship do not have differently what, does not have the meaning.

Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good do not manage himto walk, we must carry on our plans, LizzyMegan, the Gemini clan and Aquarius clan there matter on give you, must as soon as possible has tidied up them, do not forget the formula. ” They noddedturn around to enter roomZhao Hai to look at their one eyes, shows a faint smile Turned the head „the plans to Laura said : to be similar told Xiao Bingya this information themtheir these days in the on the ship practice quickly practiced silly. ” Laura smiles said : you, if did not say that” I almost forgot them, just Yama Ship and formation disk fused time, haven't they come out? Won't they have the matter? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, feel relieved, does not make them hear outside sound is right just right, wecannot make them hear to words that Zhanyue they spoke, their don’t know was better. ” Laura nodded said : „” their don’t know to be better, now I thought their several to you am more and more loyal, but in matter to their clanthey was very carefulthis matter, if made them know, they will certainly tell them in the clan, perhaps also will have any not good idea to the person. ” Zhao Hai sighed said : I not to have the means that I always felt, God Race these 13 Divine Artifact, if gathered, will have very big help to us. ” Laura nodded to comfort Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai do not think well that many, we after ascend, the enemy in waiting for us, such as were wanting our real appears any accident, the person in that Space was complete. ” Zhao Hai sighs said : „” the present our danger, is not our matterswe everything was carefully good. ” Laura nodded said : Elder Brother Hai you to say us, if can choose the ascend place, electsto elect in Atlanta Continent there in Underworld there? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, if real electing, we go to Atlanta Continent there, Underworld there is Undead Creature, even if were ascend the past, looked is not the good way of doing things.” Is Laura nodded said : that we to the Owne happy Clan multi- understanding select Elder Brother Hai now rightwe release that several O'Neal Clan Undead Creature, asks that theyAtlanta Continent there does have the ascend legend. ” Zhao Hai has gawked, then nodded said : right, I to have not remembered this, good to ask. ” Said that his hand wieldedthat three O'Neal Clan Magic Armor pilot Undead Creature on appears in his front, bowed said : to see Young Master to him.”

Before Zhao Hai had asked them the matter about Magic Armor, therefore they are also not first time meet, Zhao Hai nodded said : you to hear, Atlanta Continent did there have a ascend saying?” That three Undead Creature also nodded, the Zhao Hai spirit shakes said : you, said that” what the legend of Atlanta Continent there about ascend is? ” That was selected Undead Creature that arrives, nodded said : is, Young Master, in Atlanta Continent there, the legend about ascend is divided into three types, is corresponding our three Continent separately, the Warrior Continent there person, heard that is so long as practiced a certain degree they to be able among own Battle Qi stroke of Space Breaker, went ascend to God Realm, Magic Continent there was also similar, so long as they practiced a certain degree, can strike Space Breaker among own Magic, went ascend to God Realm, but our Magic Armor Continent here situation was somewhat special, our here person practiced was spiritual force, moreover our ascend and Magic Continent Different with Warrior Continent, our Magic Armor Continent person, if thinks that ascendmust reply on the Magic Armor strength, on our Magic Armor Continent, has been preserving several very formidable Magic Armor, these Magic Armor were called ascend Magic Armor, these Magic Armor is not quite same as Magic Armor that we use, attack strength formidable ”, moreover operate also difficulty, whenever some people thought one can operate this Mecha timehand in the application on can several Great Clan likely, several Great Clan on will test him, by his operate our Magic Armor Continent best Magic Armor, Fights with the person, only then passed through the person of test, is entitled, tries to drive that several Magic Armor, if his strength incorrect words, even if were wants to drive that several Magic Armor unable to drive, one, but they have driven that several Magic Armor successfully, will welcome Heavenly Tribulation, so long as pass through Heavenly Tribulation, they have been able ascend, to hear that they were only person ascend, ascend Magic Armor will also remain. ” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head what you to make up to other two said : abandoned?” The other two shook the head, Zhao Hai waved, delivered returned to An Jianli them. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : looks like must go to Atlanta Continent there, wanting the ascend words to fear that must arrive at Magic Continent or Warrior Continent there. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : „” this not to be easy, it seems like that this ascend I have not imagined is so simple, has the words of time, we want Atlanta Continent to have a look. Laura nodded, Laura suddenly turns the head to Zhao Fa said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that we can Hyatt Continent there have a look, finding the way to get so far as their ascend Magic Armor, having a look at you to drive, if you can drive that to put up ascend Magic Armor, you can ascend, so long as your ascend, our equal to ascend you did say? ” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but two eyes bright said : this arrives is good means that haven't I thought of this means? Good means that good, after that and other here matters have been solved, we try, have a look whether Magic Armor Continent there ascend Magic Armor stealing, if we can steal to try these Magic Armor, that was better, if can succeed well not to have.” Laura nodded said : to walk has not thought ofamong ascend really however also so many methods. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : this possibly to have relationship with the practice way of person, practice Cultivation Method is different, the ascend way is different.” Laura noddedthen Zhao Hai to enter the room. a.