Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 952

Does Chapter 949 make me make free labor? Axe static sitting in War Chariot/Tank, outside the look at base that land, can look, these lands very fertile, the air be also better than Ark Continent there, however when happy, Axe somewhat is also angry. They have not met anything to resist in canyon defense line there, since they send for scout all around situation starting, these scout squads have met attack, attack their is Undead Creature. This situation makes Axe somewhat be worried, but more is actually annoyed, these Undead Creature quantities are not many, but is quick, moreover by person command(er) very good, with them, as soon as battles, immediately walks, does not pester absolutely, to be honest, such attack regarding Axe their threats is not very big, but also makes the plan of their scout receive very big hindrance. several times scout has not succeeded, Axe has also lost heart, he also dropped the plan of foreign scout, wholly-absorbed has built up the base in there. Mentioned also strangely, they constructed the base in here, these Undead Creature instead to will not run attack they, this made Axe somewhat puzzled, he also told his father this situation. Axe also knows from his father there that north Ark Continent Dark mist there appears strength very formidable Undead Creature, Clan had decided shifted toward their here the key point of show, moreover in the near future, his father will bring in Clan the important person to arrive at his here. Axe hears this information to be worried about and happy, worry is the Dark mist there situation, but happy is, if Clan the center of gravity of show toward their here shift, his equal to has set up a great merit, this may absolutely be a good matter for him. Is thinking in Axe these matters time, the War Chariot/Tank gate suddenly was knocked two, Axe turned the head to look, was George, Axe opened vehicle door look at George said : George? How did you arrive at here to come?” Axe War Chariot/Tank, stops now outside the base, he comes out to relax, therefore looked that George ran here to come, Axe was somewhat surprised, he had already told, if did not have what important matter, do not disturb him, a while he went back. George bows to Axe said : Young Lord, the Clan elder group comes, this time they have presented the life of Patriarch, comes our here inspection, so long as they inspected, Patriarch will possibly move toward our here.” Axe one hear of George said that this heavy ritual, he nodded said : that well, we go back.” Said that jumped down from War Chariot/Tank, walks toward the base. Actually this inspection walks an interlude, O'Neal Clan these elders, very clear, what now Clan faces is what aspect, the north is not static, Clan also does not have the good means to cope, therefore moves to the south is inevitable.

Is adding on the Taurus Continent here environment is really very good, although here has also experienced some flames of war, but the flames of war the past few months, although here big lands nobody has managed, but grass long is very long, this natural appearance instead to appealing. The elders roll are not dull in here, they want immediately/on horseback to tell Patriarch the here situation, after they walked, Axe immediately made the person order to expand the base. When Axe is busy expanding the base, Underworld Dark mist there also had the sound, a Dark mist there expansion ratio next time, moreover to evening, these Undead Creature, but also outside will take the initiative running up to Dark mist moved, moreover range getting bigger and bigger that moved. In this case, O'Neal Clan has to draw back is drawing back, the relocation, is imminent, O'Neal Clan Patriarch, had decided that immediately/on horseback moves. Good Ark Continent here originally is not their native places, therefore they prepare also very fast, but these their originally builds the relay station, has not actually removed, O'Neal Clan Patriarch, but also wants to monitor the Underworld Dark mist sound with them. When O'Neal Clan prepares to move, Zhao Hai and war between Gemini Continent and Aquarius Continent, was near the end, in fact the fight of Aquarius Continent there had ended, the Aquarius Continent person is good at Potion of use, the majority is not useful regarding Undead Creature, therefore they defeat was quicker, now is also only supporting on the remaining Gemini Continent people. But the fight of Leo Continent and different God Race is still continuing, the tendency of different God Race most from the beginning attack is very fierce, but the Leo Continent person has actually blocked their attack, drew the mire of war different God Race. Different God Race wants to call God Race by Zhao Hai attack flustered time, their suddenly dispatches troops, profits, but they have not thought that was meeting to suppress a lot of air/Qi Leo clansman, their attack by Leo clansman withstanding. Leo clansman this withstands their attack, that matter was not quite easy to do, Foreign God Continent is not near to Leo Continent, their logistics supplies, depend entirely from the rear area ship, under this sentiment, their supplies on inevitable appears issue . Moreover the cost also goes up. Different God Race did not have the good means regarding this situation, this war they, if did not hit, these investments of that earlier period have wasted, gave up the loss being too big, but if then hit, a short time they really could not have taken Leo Continent. Actually most from the beginning with the Leo Continent battle time, different God Race was not quite right that the Leo Continent here person, already had prepared probably regarding the war . Moreover the here person each every goes to war, the complete different life, this makes the loss of different God Race also very big, this is causes them to attack the disadvantageous primary cause.

The Zhao Hai time is also paying attention to their here situation, he knows that God Race nine Great Elder went to different God Race Continent there, he wants to have a look, these different God Race people, what response were hearing this information are. When Zhao Hai they are busy these matters, the moving official start of O'Neal Clan, entire O'Neal Clan in the Ark Continent here person, started to build up toward Taurus Continent. Zhao Hai naturally also knew this situation, but he has not moved now, he, so long as O'Neal Clan to settle down were good, their definitely not continuously nest in that base, they, so long as expands outward, he can direct toward Pegasus Clan there the O'Neal Clan person. The moving work of Pegasus Clan there is not very smooth, before is Zhao Hai such that said that these Pegasus Clan people, at heart are angry to him, although under his threat, they agrees to move, but this relocation, is makes person egg very hurt. Zhanyue naturally also knows this situation, but he actually does not want to trouble Zhao Hai, moreover this time matter, is he asks busy that Zhao Hai is helping, Zhao Hai can help also has helped, if he was unable to handle this matter, then before Zhao sea surface, he did not have the face. Zhao Hai also knows certainly the Pegasus Clan there situation, but he has not coped with Pegasus Clan in make a move, he knows that words that comes is incorrect comes, will only let the Pegasus Clan person, to his dislike, does not do well can also, Zhao Hai does not hope that this situation lives. Also in three days, Gemini Continent person, finally by Zhao Hai tidying up, Zhao Hai also with ease, he now and other information, when having a look at God Race nine Great Elder to begin to different God Race. Zhao Hai believes that God Race nine big long begin to different God Race, different God Race there will certainly tell Xiao Bingya them this information, at that time he naturally also knew. God Race nine Great Elder, has not let Zhao Hai , etc. the too long time, Zhao Hai tidied up the child Continent person two days later, Xiao Bingya suddenly looked for Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai made Xiao Bingya enter the room, Xiao Bingya immediately/on horseback asked mister certain request to ask our different God Race to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai looks at the Xiao Bingya appearance, knows that what he is thinking, did he show a faint smile said : Bingya? What matter lived? No rush, slowly said.” Xiao Bingya has stabilized the mood, deep voice said : mister, why don’t know, God Race nine Great Elder, suddenly attacks our Foreign God Continent, attack violence of , our different God Race three Great Elder are resisting, asking mister to help our that.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I knew, our immediately leaves, this catches up toward your there.” Xiao Bingya happy complied with one, turn around walked. Xiao Bingya walks, Lizzy immediately turned on the monitor screen, monitors on the screen, demonstration the situation of Leo Continent there, the different God Race army, to does not have what response. Does the situation on Zhao Hai look at screen, turn the head different God Race army there the person to Lizzy said : not to receive information? Didn't they prepare to turn back in order to help friendly forces?” Lizzy shook the head said : „should not, different God Race there, should have Message Fish, they dispatch troops to take Message Fish, I think that now they were received certainly nine Great Elder to attack their information, but they have not turned back in order to help friendly forces, but at this time Xiao Bingya rescued our make a move, I think that the plan of different God Race was, making us begin with their three big Supreme Elder together, kept their there God Race nine Great Elder, but they were calling this opportunity, let the Leo Continent here army, has tidied up the Leo clan at one fell swoop.” Zhao Hai stares, then he to smiled got up said : „saying that different God Race wants to make me make free labor to them, HaHaHa, interesting, planned my head to come.” Lizzy look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what to do do you look now? Do we also help the Foreign God variety?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : gang, why does not help, not only need help them, but must help to very end, must keep different God Race there God Race nine Great Elder, was calling this opportunity, we happen to use different God Race three big Patriarch, God Race nine Great Elder, except that do not forget, our target are only Combat Suit, other is unimportant.” Lizzy nodded said : well, my understand your meaning, Elder Brother Hai, did we such make different God Race take such big advantage?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Leo Continent there, does not have thing that what we need, they want to give them and that's the end, happen to make them owe us a favour, as the matter stands, we, if uses several days taking advantage of their Combat Suit, they should not oppose?” roa.