Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 953

Chapter 950 two manner, an issue Lizzy they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, then their immediately understand Zhao Hai is any meaning, different God Race these time calculated really sufficed the ghost, they want to make Zhao Hai make free labor, but Zhao Hai wants to use this opportunity, making different God Race owe him a favour, then managed different God Race to use for two days taking advantage of their Combat Suit, in this case, different God Race will not comply. If others, even if has borrowed Combat Suit, does not have any moving place, but Zhao Hai is different, he has Space, so long as has borrowed Combat Suit, receives toward Space, can produce seed, when seed has produced, they are giving back to different God Race Combat Suit, has been OK, as the matter stands took advantage turned into them. Thought of here, Lizzy several people have smiled, Laura was to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do we exit now Foreign God Continent?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, has been catching up toward Foreign God Continent, you did not need to be worried, was good, you rested, I went to have a look, Xiao Bingya they definitely has not gone to the room outside now.” Zhao Hai was saying while walks outward, to outside one looked, Xiao Bingya they are standing outside, does not have returned to their room. Xiao Bingya their this time is real extremely worried, they have not thought that God Race nine Great Elder, meet among suddenly to attack Foreign God Continent, this regarding them, absolutely is not good information. Nine Great Elder attack strength how, Xiao Bingya they have experienced, the Zhao Hai such strong person, does not dare with the it head confrontation, do not say other people. although said that different God Race there also three big Supreme Elder, Ultimate Weapon that they use, with God Race Supreme Elder, Ultimate Weapon that uses is the same, but in the population after is at the inferiority. Moreover Xiao Bingya they also present, level to Zhao Hai their this levels, has wanted in using the superiority in quantity copes with them, that is impossible, only then they the person with level can be their matches. Therefore Xiao Bingya their extremely worried, do not look that nine Great Elder this people do not have the multi- belts, but on the attack strength of their nine people, suffices different God Race to drink a pot. Do Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : not to enter the room to rest? feel relieved was good, will not have the matter, because before me, has not gone to Foreign God Continent there, therefore cannot use Space Transmission, we also can only hurry along like this slowly.”

although Zhao Hai said that is hurrying along slowly, however their advancing are actually not slow, Yama Ship after fusing seven must lock day formation disk, probably was quicker. But Xiao Bingya they have not actually noted this point, several people hear the Xiao Bingya sound, turns the head excessively, sees Zhao Hai, several people of immediately/on horseback bow to Zhao Hai said : mister.” Zhao Hai nodded, smiles said : to be good, did not need too to be worried, in your clan sent to attack the Leo Continent army not to withdraw, wants to come the attacks of this God Race nine Great Elder, was not very fierce is fierce, you did not need to worry.” Xiao Bingya one hear of Zhao Hai said that in the eye cannot help but flashes through one startled accommodates, his don’t know Zhao Hai these words had no intention saying that intended to say. In fact what in the clan hits was any idea, Xiao Bingya they knew, the people in clan have not hidden the truth from them, although Xiao Bingya they think that such use Zhao Hai was not quite good, but for the clansman benefit, they have not said anything, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai has pointed out frankly this matter. Xiao Bingya somewhat restless look at Zhao Hai, a smile of Zhao Hai face, looks like does not have with normally what difference, but is don’t know the misconception, Xiao Bingya felt that Zhao Hai looks in his look, Limans flashes. Xiao Bingya felt that own cold sweat one comes out, but he bows to Zhao Hai said : is, but mister should also know that must cope with God Race nine Great Elder, just by these ordinary armies anything has not done with, they are go back also useless.” Zhao Hai faint smile look at Xiao Bingya, said : „? I to have not thought of this point, was good, did not say this, according to our present, wanting several days can arrive at Foreign God Continent?” Xiao Bingya immediately/on horseback said : by our present, so long as with less than three days, can arrive at Foreign God Continent there.” Zhao Hai nodded said : you to give you people in clan to send the letter, making them probably tie down God Race nine Great Elder, God Race nine Great Elder suddenly cope with your different God Race, definitely is knows that you dispatched troops to cope with them, they coped with different God Race, for was makes your attacking forces retreat, fruit they presently your attacking forces does not have the retreat words, they possibly momentarily could returned to Leo Continent here, we lost opportunity that they destroyed.” Xiao Bingya one hear of Zhao Hai said that knows, Zhao Hai knows their plans completely, even guessed including the plans of God Race nine Great Elder, he somewhat cannot help but ashamed, lowers the head said : is mister, person of my immediately in the clan said.”

Said that Xiao Bingya three people of returned to their in the room, the Zhao Hai look at three people of appearances, have shown a faint smile, reason that he just said that many \; first, to strike Xiao Bingya, two must borrow the mouth of Xiao Bingya, him knows that different God Race plan this matter told different God Race, let different God Race person understand, your plans I knew. For those not Zhao Hai likes being overly proud, but at times, such does must, if you do not make the opposite party know that they will be playing any acrobatics, the opposite party will only regard a fool you, but not grateful you, when you will tell him obvious, I know that your plans, this time I will be help you help, that opposite party will meet grateful you, Zhao Hai such did. Xiao Bingya returned to in the room, immediately has put out Message Fish, deep voice said : Patriarch, Patriarch, you in?” A low and deep sound conveys said : Bingya, what matter, did Zhao Hai agree?” He Xiao Bingya has some not to pass at heart quickly, he listens, Patriarch said Zhao Hai, in the expression does not have meaning of the respect, this lets Xiao Bingya at heart is uncomfortable. However Xiao Bingya or said : Patriarch, Mr. Zhao Hai knows probably our plans, just he said that we attack the Leo Continent person not to withdraw . Moreover the meaning, is striking me probably, but he decides to help us, is catching up toward our there, but he said that please must tie down God Race nine Great Elder, God Race nine Great Elder, reason that this time attacks us, wants to make us attack Leo Continent there army retreat, if we do not draw back, they momentarily may leave to retreat, such loses these time excellent. Coped with nine Great Elder opportunity.” Has not thought that Patriarch one hear of Xiao Bingya said that actually coldly snorted said : how works, I do not need you to teach, you said to Mr. Zhao Hai that invited his feel relieved, nine Great Elder, I will certainly entangle them in here.” Xiao Bingya face sinks, but he complied with said : is, Patriarch, I had certainly the words.” Said that Xiao Bingya receives his Message Fish. Xiao Bingya with the dialog of their Patriarch, Ryder and Hertha also listened in the ear, their face agreement was unattractive, now they is a body, Patriarch to Xiao Bingya impolite, naturally was also to his impolite, this made them feel completely losing face. Three people with Zhao Hai such long time, regarding their clan for offering very big, three people have thought they in clan, was considered as on is the character of that speech, but now looks like, in the clansman eye, their still anything is not. Makes three people feel what is indignant, a Zhao Hai strength that strong person, to their times, is very polite, speech also very friendly, moreover Zhao Hai treats his under the hand/subordinate, never has the excessive expression, even if his under the hand/subordinate these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai treasuring.

Compared with Zhao Hai, their Patriarch such response, is really makes them feel fearful, some little time Xiao Bingya turns the head look at Ryder and Hertha, sighed said : Patriarch too to visit him really high, he thinks really can plan mister, I looked that mister already knew their plans probably.” Ryder forced smile said : mister, if is really the person who that type plans casually, feared that is also exactly less than today, hopes that in this clan do not make any excessive matter to come, otherwise different God Race really has troubled, feared that will march into to the God Race footsteps.” Xiao Bingya sighed said : to consider as finished, did not say that this, mister has made the matter that we did we also do in any case, then the matter toward that aspect show, did not turn over to us to manage.” Ryder forced smile said : we to manage, ability that what a pity, our simply has not managed, ok, allows nature to take its course.” Did not have sound leaf Hertha suddenly said : „, if one day, people of mister in clan turned into hostile relationship, you do help the people in clan help mister?” If this issue early some time asked that Xiao Bingya they affirmed immediately said naturally is helps in the clan, but leaf Hertha such asked now, Xiao Bingya they how, as soon as entered actually don’t know to say. To be honest, their hearts toward own clansman, but Patriarch their such handling matters methods, are disappoint them very, moreover matter that Zhao Hai handles these days, they looked in the eye, matter that Zhao Hai these days handled, although superficially probably with different God Race not big relationship, but indirectly has actually helped different God Race very big busy, in this case, the person in their clan, not only don’t know grateful Zhao Hai, counter- to also Zhao Hai, when the fool same use, this was their means is accepted by Xiao Bingya. Leaf Hertha looked that they do not make noise, she has cannot help but smiled bitterly, to be honest, she does not have the answer now, because does not have the answer, therefore leaf Hertha asked Xiao Bingya they, has not actually thought that has not gotten the answer from their there. Three people were at once silent, mood incomparable complex, they only hope that Zhao Hai forever do not turn into that day of enemy with their clansman. roa.