Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 954

After Xiao, sub they said anything, Zhao Hai all knows that original Zhao Hai will not monitor Xiao Bingya they, however at this time, Zhao Hai actually has to such do. Looked that three people were silent, Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura said : Laura, how do you see this matter?” Laura shows a faint smile said : to is good deed, can look from this matter, they the diameter had a mind toward Elder Brother Hai now you, but cannot put down their clansman, but Xiao Bingya their clan, the Patriarch manner, is makes three people somewhat unable to bear.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to think really that the different God Race person oneself the character, dares such to plan me unexpectedly really now, interesting.” Lizzy somewhat indignant said : Elder Brother Hai, what to do can we then? Like this person, we should not help them.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : we to know in any case their plans, they also know now we knew, we did not have the means change to plan, I looked at this, planned not to need to stop, in any case we also in using them, helping our together cope with God Race nine Great Elder, our final points were Combat Suit, I think that had a look whether also to receive in them Space, no matter what, they with us were also some relationship, moreover with Ark Continent three big different race was same race, but looks at their present appearances, feared that was we are wants to help them, they. Will not agree.” Lizzy nodded said : Elder Brother Hai, you are tenderhearted, like the person, our simply should not manage him, you must manage them, has a look at the appearances of Pegasus Clan these people, saw that their I am angry.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, has not said anything, he knows what Lizzy said is right, he has this tenderhearted problem, naturally, this type tenderhearted is only on the other hand. Laura smiles said : well Lizzy, do not seek vengeance, if Elder Brother Hai is really that heart such as the person of iron stone, he was also not Zhao Hai, Elder Brother Hai present O'Neal Clan started to move toward Taurus Continent there, should we take an action? ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to worry, first made their to settle down get down was saying that we have made Axe they know in any case, Taurus Continent there had their enemies, this was OK.” Laura nodded said : that to make them prepare some time, I look at the person at a moderate pace appearance of Pegasus Clan there, feared is few months was impossible to move to complete, the time was also in any case sufficient. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, had not said that anythinghe knows Laura is angry at heart, Pegasus Clan these people, disobeyed these words wielding Yang Feng yin to pinnacle, their relocation, with the turtle described that was quick. In the following same day time, all are the wind even waste, different God Race army and Leo Continent army, but also confronts ” both sides to take the opposite party not to have the means in Leo Continent there, but Zhao Hai their two days time, actually entered in hurrying along to pass. Yama Ship is quick, compared with Xiao Bingya anticipated must early a day arrive at Foreign God Continent, Foreign God Continent that they arrive at firstAries Continent, is Continent that Beastman Race is, is in the Xiao Bingya clan. Zhao Hai stands on Yama Ship, look at distant place that vast Continent, cannot help but shows a faint smile, he to wants to know how this Beastman God Race personwill treat him.

The Xiao Bingya three people with Laura they stand in the Zhao Hai side curiously, Laura they to are sizing up that piece of Continent, but Xiao Bingya they are actually somewhat anxious. Their leave Continent already quick one year of timethese days they have followed in the Zhao Hai side, how has not returned to the clanalso in the don’t know clan now. However thinks that Patriarch to their manner, Xiao Bingya cannot help but were at heart many yin haze. To Continent getting closer and closer, arrived at the Continent stand guard area, normally the person in Continent, should already presently they, but a person does not have, no matter greets, comes stand guard, a person does not have. Xiao Bingya face was uglier, he turns the head to be unfair to mister to Zhao Hai said :, possibly is the Continent here guard posts position, by God Race nine Great Elder eradicating, will therefore not have presently us.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, he already knows that the people of Beast God clan have presently them, but already present they, Beastman Race these people, want probably to him demonstration of authority, therefore nobody has come out to greet them. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, Yama Ship just entered to the Aries Continent land range, from ground one flies a troop person, these people have composed Circle Formation, encircled Yama Ship in the middle. Looked at such posture, Zhao Hai has cannot help but smiled, he has not proceeded to clash, but stopped Yama Ship, saw a play same look look at these Beast God clans with one type of. Also is really the Beast God clan, they also do not have much difference with Beastman Race, but is their strengths is stronger. Xiao Bingya they are not the fools, sees this situation, the people's in immediately understand clan in having what idea, Xiao Bingya their face change, they have not thought that the people in clan will make such matter to come unexpectedly, this did not clarify has hit the face of Zhao Hai. Thought of here, Xiao Bingya cannot help but turns the head to look at Zhao Hai one, actually from the Zhao Hai eye, presently sentiment of the teasing, noted Zhao Hai the look, the heart of Xiao Bingya downward sinks, Xiao Bingya had to see Zhao Hai such look, he has seen, this was Zhao Hai in opposing the enemy, the experience met the appears one type of look, each Zhao Hai appears this look time, with the person hostile person, will not have finally the auspicious day. Thinks of here, Xiao Bingya immediately turns the head to clansman said loudly that these encircle: Everybody, you, but greets Mr. Zhao Hai? Below Wolf Race Xiao Bingya, has seen everybody.” Xiao Bingya said that wants to let his these clansman, in the stair following his words gets down, this has also given the Zhao Hai face, will not make clansman lose face. What Xiao Bingya thinks is very good, was a pity that he does not have that big face in clan himself, but also wants to let clansman to Zhao sea surface, that is cracking a joke simply. Therefore a Xiao Bingya this saying exit / to speak, these people not only has not diverged, instead to left Yama Ship near several steps. Then Lion Race person walked out, this person of leather armor, in hand is taking Great Sword, giant lion's headlooks like formidable might is uncommon, but he looked that in now the Xiao Bingya look is having disdaining, but looks in the Zhao Hai look, is bringing pondering.

This Lion Race person stands in therelook at Zhao Hai said : we presents the order of Patriarch, observes the suspect in the here platoon and others, anybody, wants to enter Beastman Continent to accept the inspection.” here naturally is Aries Continent, but after Beastman Race occupied here, has said here is Beastman Continent, therefore this Lion Race talented person said that must enter the Beastman Continent people to accept the inspection. Zhao Hai look at this Lion Race person, shows a faint smile original Beastman Continent really has such regulationto that Lion Race person said : „, does not know below that has affronted, does not want to enter Beastman Continent below, in light of this leave.” Said that these Beastman suddenly presently Yama Ship vanished from their encirclement rings, waits for Yama Ship in appears , arrived at Beastman Continent outside, the round trip walked. Looks at Zhao Hai such doing faction, that Lion Race person has gawked, then one was scared, they have thought Zhao Hai many responses, just likes indignant, for example is resigned to bad conditions, but has not thought that Zhao Hai meets turn around to walk, moreover before one leaves their encirclement ringthis has let him, prepares the good script, one lost the use. What most important is, but Zhao Hai this time helps them oppose the enemy, but three big different God Race Patriarch, think, when is together with Zhao Hai, in winning side position ”, therefore they prepare to Zhao Hai come demonstration of authority, but how Zhao Hai real turn around walks, was not taking care their here matter, they must alone facing God Race nine Great Elder attack, has spoken the truth, three big different God Race people, could not have blocked God Race nine Great Elder. Zhao Hai comes out from the encirclement ring, flies on the turning the head round trip, only ship is not quick, but Laura they, come out from that encirclement ring in Zhao Hai, has smiled not to relax, Zhao Hai this type does not press the way that the sign principle plays a card, wants to come these Beastman is ten thousand never expected. Xiao Bingya they somewhat awkward look at Laura they, he real don’t know must say that now any was good, simultaneously he also by anger filling up. Is Patriarch makes him ask Zhao Hai to help, now Zhao Hai came, they actually make such one, this makes the face of Xiao Bingya put toward that if on the wool by face were not keeping off, Zhao Hai presently, Xiao Bingya present face , looks like thoroughly ripe tomato is certainly same. Ryder and face also ten awkwardness of Hertha, they know that this matter possibly is not an idea of Beast God clan clan, certainly is three clans reaches an agreement, must to Zhao Hai demonstration of authority, therefore their face also be very difficult looks. Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, showed a faint smile said : to be good, your three did not use such expression, I know that this matter with your it doesn't matter, in you, you did not need to think mistakenly embarrassed, I to know now that what character Patriarch of your three clans were, why the idea of talent could think, HaHaHa.” although Zhao Hai in ridiculing their Patriarch, but Xiao Bingya they, have not actually been mad Zhao Hai, what they now fresh is in the clan the air/Qi of person, especially Patriarch air/Qi. Laura they have also stopped the laughter, Laura smiling said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that their three Patriarch can in invite us?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : that to be possible not to say certainly, how looked at nine Great Elder attack strength, if nine Great Elder attack strength very formidable, they could not block, they can ask us, if nine Great Elder were present at work does not strive, they will not ask us.” Laura smiles said : possibly to be how present at work does not strive, nine Great Elder now have suppressed a lot of fires, moreover they want attack different God Race three Continent, making their armies turn back in order to help friendly forces, therefore I believe that they will certainly not keep the hand.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I also to think actually, this God Race nine Great Elder the chess walks is very right, they come attack different God Race, if different God Race three Great Elder cannot block their attack , can only be ordering makes them turn back in order to help friendly forces in the frontline Elite soldier, such Leo Continent there crisis has relieved comfortably, if the different God Race person does not make these soldiers turn back in order to help friendly forces, their immediately/on horseback kills returned to Leo Continent to come up, about their nine strength of people on adding on Leo Continent these God Race person, gives to extinguish the different God Race there army in Leo Continent there, the Leo Continent there crisis naturally also has relieved as the matter stands, moreover different God Race also meets strength/Origin Qi to damage severely, but they have not calculated me probably, this makes me somewhat puzzled.”

Perhaps Laura shows a faint smile said : they to believe that you were given to tie down by God Race other Continent, not having the time to manage them, therefore they so will do.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this to arrive has the possibility, ok, this copes with nine Great Elder good opportunity in any case, if has missed this opportunity, was difficult to look with the fear.” Laura nodded said : „, now nine Great Elder also study intelligently, they presently we are not good to cope, therefore did not separate Jane Du to move absolutely, we want to cope with them not to be easy. Zhao Hai nodded said : „, it seems like several Great Elder, these time wants to give God Race, preserved bloodline, the brave soldier broke the wrist, to was some courage.” Zhao Hai they were saying, while toward forward flight, but Xiao Bingya they are actually anxious toward Aries Continent direction look at, they the people in their clan in meets Zhao Hai, please go back Zhao Hai. They are but disappointed, the people in their clan had not come out, probably Zhao Hai walked walked, is different from other people relationship. Zhao Hai has not cared about these, his hand wields, Yama Ship slowly downward falls, finally fell in the sea, stopped on sea surface, like an ordinary ship. Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura their said : good long time not well relaxed, we in here rest several days, well relaxed, no matter what matter, you did look what kind of?” Laura shows a faint smile said : well, we are good long time not well relaxed, Sister Meg, made two good vegetables quickly, we with Elder Brother Hai drinking well two cups.” Meg complied with one, turn around ran in the room. Xiao Bingya looks at Zhao Hai such performance, don’t know is this happy or should worry that what his happy is, Zhao Hai although leave Aries Continent, but has not walked away, here is very near to Aries Continent there, no matter Aries Continent there lived any matter, Zhao Hai can rescue at any time, Xiao Bingya understand, this is Zhao Hai gives their opportunity, what to do if their also don’t know must, that Zhao Hai fear that will be really will not be managing them. But worries is actually, the person in their clan, probably to the arrival of Zhao Hai was not such being careful, Zhao Hai leave Aries Continent such long time, they have not sent for looking, this was really some does not make sense, Xiao Bingya feared Zhao Hai vitality, but tube matter, that different God Race must suffer a loss. a.