Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 955
Zhao Hai also saw Xiao Bingya their expression, but Zhao Hai has not said anything. Greeted Xiao Bingya their, sat in the deck. Before long Meg puts out eating that various types wanted respectively from in the room, set out on the table, Zhao Hai they got up the liquor to Meg but actually, and other Laura they sat have put down, Zhao Hai then held up wine glass to Xiao Bingya said : Bingya, today's situation person resentment saw, this matter also no wonder I, but no matter what, God Race nine Great Elder I will not let off, your feel relieved was good.” Xiao Bingya can also say anything, they also can only smile bitterly, to be honest, Zhao Hai has not said from now henceforth in no matter also their different God Race matter this, very much has given them the face, no matter what who in this case, by like this allowance, mood not. After Zhao Hai has drunk one glass of liquor, then said : we in here, not only looks for us in the wait for you different God Race person, similarly, to prevent God Race nine Great Elder leave, here to Leo Continent must by sea region, so long as we in here , etc., did not fear that God Race nine Great Elder ran, even if were they give up attacking Foreign God Continent, we can also block them in here.” Xiao Bingya nodded, has held up wine glass to Zhao Hai said : mister, sorry, my don’t know will also live such matter, asking mister to excuse me.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, this idea is not you leaves, wants to come your youngster unable to think that such brain remnant idea comes, was good, eats meal, these days you have been practicing, practice how?” One hear of Zhao Hai mentioned this, three people of cannot help but spirits shook, must say that nearest/recent most let their happy, practices the matter in this aspect, their present strengths have achieved God Rank Expert Peak, half foot stepped into on God Rank Expert boundary, just in their clan, knows that the person of this matter were not many. Must say that they also really have many advantage with Zhao Hai, most at least their practicepractice in clan be quicker than them on. Three people also know that they in the clan, are impossible like on Yama Ship, the relieved practice, in the clan also has all kinds of matters, some duty, the people of their these Junior Captain ranks must meet, every time meets time duty, will lose their practice time, but these duty have no alternative but to meet, will otherwise be punished, but is different in Zhao Hai here, they almost do not have matter, so long as were responsible for communicate in Zhao Hai and clan on can, like this they on having in a big way the time was used to practicethis regarding them is really the good deed of wishing for earnestly.. After having eaten meal, Xiao Bingya they returned to their in the room, they wanted in person communicate with clan, asks that the person in clan, why can have today such matter. Zhao Hai has not managed them, after having eaten meal, his returned to in Space, sits drinks tea in there, the look at screen ” the screen last present demonstrates is also not the different God Race Continent there situation, but is O'Neal Clan that base. What that base construction of O'Neal Clan is very quick, although they will not use Magic, but they have massive special Magic Armor, these Magic Armor specially to construct to design, therefore does this to live, very convenient.

That base very enormous that they establish, the location has levelled, besides base that central there Kaess builds again ahead of time, other places, now also in start Stage, this is prepares for later. O'Neal Clan all commodities started to migrate toward Taurus Continent here, was good because of that said that Space rift was teaching country there brightly, three surrounding seas ”, therefore O'Neal Clan moved easily also. O'Neal Clan Patriarch does not have immediately to leave, he also keeps Rosen Empire there, must wait till was similar, he who moves will leave, after all a strategic shift of Great Clan, is not that easy. Laura sits in Zhao Hai side, has drunk tea, this turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, are we waiting in here? What doesn't do?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : now our anything not to need to do , etc. was good because of here, has the several days rest time, now to be honest, here, can be looked to glance by us and west was fewer and fewer.” Laura also nodded, now no matter God Realm here, is other places, almost did not have them to be have a liking for eye thing, they in here , etc., for was that 11 Combat Suit and Ding Xin that Star Disk, so long as took these thing, God Realm here, did not have no thing to be worth them paying attention. The Lizzy also look at O'Neal Clan movement, some little time she turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you said that O'Neal Clan can have that ascend Magic Armor?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „ the present to return don’t know, now what they begin is only God Rank with God Rank following Magic Armor, these Magic Armor regarding us, were not useful, these Magic armor are almost same . Moreover the material is not special thing, after is Advanced level Magic Armor, the request is higher. Laura nodded said : „, now in our Space has saved many Magic Formation, these Magic Formation we did not have the means to digest, wants the place that these Magic Formation use to use, is not a Magic Armor matter.”

After Zhao Hai nodded said :has tidied up God Race nine Great Elder, our target have one, Atlanta Continent there ascend Magic Armor. Laura nodded said : is, I also think that we should go to Atlanta Continent there first, if that ascend Magic Armor to us really useful, that naturally is best, if useless, I think that Magic Armor, regarding us , will be very certainly useful.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, I also think that reason that I do not have to go to Underworld there first , because I felt that Underworld there has the strangeness, before I with his Skeleton King, in Underworld there possibly is not anything, but the Atlanta Continent there situation is different, therefore I prepare to go to Atlanta Continent there first.” Megan puzzled frowning said : Elder Brother Hai, you meant that Skeleton King in Underworld isn't top existence? But you did not say that Skeleton King strength, has not missed compared with God Race Supreme Elder, if Underworld there so many Expert, they can also be really cultivate straight Lower Realm?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : this point my also don’t know, I felt that Underworld there is not that simple, therefore before the completely safe preparation, I do not dare to enter to Underworld there goes, I felt that enters Underworld not to compare the Cultivation World difference, possibly also danger.” Megan they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that was the face single layer, although Zhao Hai said that he had one type of to feel, but near their these Zhao Hai pillows person actually very clear, Zhao Hai the felt sometimes really very accurately. Laura nodded said :that well, after we here matter has gotten through, goes to Atlanta Continent there to have a look, Elder Brother Hai, when we begin, the O'Neal Clan person, Directs toward Pegasus Clan there, I really am angry now. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to consider as finished, does not want to look that they walked, does not need to be angry, was good, rest well one, crosses several days, if really with God Race these people to, definitely is a tough battle.” Laura smiles said : „is tough battle does not use our make a move, you can solve, good Elder Brother Hai, rests, here had us to stare on the line.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that well, I take a bath, rest well.”

Said that Zhao Hai walks toward the Hot Spring pond on turn around. What is completely different from the Zhao Hai here leisurely and carefree appearance, different God Race there does not have means such calm, three big different race Patriarch gathered together, discussed how must cope with front aspect. Beastman Race other Patriarch look at two Patriarch said : two, do the names see this matter? Does Zhao Hai such response, what meaning delimit?” Dwarf Race Patriarch deep voice said : two, I said before that our plans are invalid, Zhao Hai this time is helps our gangs, you must to him demonstration of authority, be now good, the person was mad ran, I did not have the means.” Elven Race long looked at Dwarf Race long one, deep voice said : was good, now said that this is useful, said it, we are need Zhao Hai to help us cope with nine Great Elder, but if no Zhao Hai, nine Great Elder have come attack we? said it, now nine Great Elder biggest enemies are not we, but is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai now soon God Race exterminating the clan, nine Great Elder came attack we, but wants to compel Zhao Hai to come, shouldn't he come?” Dwarf Race long deep voice: I to know that what busy we have helped Zhao Hai? Can probably help us depending on who? Yes, is we relates with these vassal races, making their together revolt, but you also knew, the result of that rebellion is loud thunder but small raindrops, what in this border is busy has not added on, Zhao Hai does not need us to help, he can also cope with God Race, in this case, you think that Zhao Hai will feel us?” Beastman Race long coldly snorted said : was good, does not want the long other people's spirit, extinguishes our power and prestige, now the matter lived, we should think now how must look to help us Zhao Hai, I think that this good opportunity, Zhao Hai should not to give up this time opportunity, Zhao Hai also understand, God Race nine Great Elder, are he biggest enemies, to deal with this enemy, he can give up many thing, therefore he when clearly know our plans, supported us, so long as we in please Zhao Hai, he certainly let us come back..” Elven Race long actually knit the brows said : „, or this, we asked first submit for correction Hertha they, what performance Zhao Hai now is, having a look at us also to have opportunity to come back Zhao Hai, do you look?” Beastman Race long nodded said : „to ask that they follow not to be short in Zhao Hai time, Zhao Hai should they not be what kind.” Another two also nodded, in this time, in Beastman Race Patriarch Message Fish has been broadcasting the sound. a.