Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 956

Beast God clan Patriarch stares slightly, puts out Message Fish to look, is Xiao Bingya that. Beast God quickly said: Xiao Bingya, what's the matter? What matter has?” Xiao Bingya one hear of Patriarch said that fainting that has almost not been mad, Xiao Bingya deep voice said : Patriarch, I want to know, why can today such treatment Mr. Zhao Hai? He is angry.” Patriarch one hear of Xiao Bingya with the expression that he spoke, cannot help but calm face said : Xiao Bingya, you must know that your status, you were Beast God clansman, you should consider for the people in clan wholeheartedly, but was is not helping a bystander.” Xiao Bingya anger sound said : Patriarch said that this saying is responsible to clansman in? Mr. Zhao Hai said that reason that God Race nine Great Elder, this time dispatches troops to attack we, because of our attack their Leo Continent, now God Race only remaining Leo Continent, they wanted attack we, lets we go to attack Leo Continent there turn back in order to help friendly forces, if we do not turn back in order to help friendly forces, their returned to Leo Continent there, will possibly go to the attack Leo Continent person us, eliminated, will this incur the big loss to the clan in? Patriarch have you thought?” Xiao Bingya spoke of finally, turning that ji moved has roared, if normally, he did not have such guts, in Beastman Race, level was very stern, he dares such to speak with Patriarch, that was the capital crime. However now Xiao Bingya somewhat is really unbearably angry, therefore such ji will move. Beast God Patriarch and another two Patriarch by Xiao Bingya to roar stares, then their cannot help but face changes, their very clear, what if Xiao Bingya said is real, if God Race now on remaining Leo Continent, that nine Great Elder asks them to go all out not to feel strange. However Beast God clan Patriarch recovers, his immediately/on horseback said : Xiao Bingya, do not say uselessly these, now Zhao Hai there how? Doesn't he want to help us really?” Xiao Bingya one hear of Patriarch said that this deep voice said : should the non- little while, so long as Patriarch your several asked mister mister definitely to go back, but Patriarch, you must quickly, otherwise Mr. Zhao Hai, if got angrythat our loss to be big. ” Patriarch one hear of Xiao Bingya said that deep voice said : was good, you and others my information.” Said that received Message Fish, then turned the head to other two Patriarch said : two, how did you see this matter?” Dwarf Race Patriarch said : „can also see that invites, the Zhao Hai strength is placed in there, invites him is not disgraced matter, if Zhao Hai really no matter this matter, what loss is we, moreover God Race nine Great Elder take him not to have meansyou to think that our different God Race does fight Zhao Hai? If we compelled the opposite him, regarding us, hundred harmed not to have an advantage. ”

Elven Race long although is arrogant, but she is not an idiot, she also nodded said : „our time matters, truly is related excessively, please go to Zhao Hai not to have anything, not having anything more important than the clansman life, so long as has the help of Zhao Hai, we can nine Great Elder drag in here, clansman to be able the Leo Continent person to give to tidy up, we on can obtain good Continent, but these vassal race on other Continent and we are on good terms, we were seeped toward that several Continent on by these vassal race, finally that Continent Our, does not fear anything. ” Beastman Race long also nodded said : that well, we invited him, these time in any case those who gained the maximum benefit was we.” Dwarf Race does not speak steadilyhis although some not happy, but he also knows that they such didare good for their brave clansman, he will not oppose that was clansman as good as the matter. Beastman Race long looked that they did not say anythinghe then nodded said : that well, we first prepare, when I relate Xiao Bingya, asked that their specific position, then in looks for them.” Dwarf Race long long also nodded with Elven Race, leave Beastman Race long room, after their returned to own room, immediately has put out Message Fish, wants to ask that the Zhao Hai there situation is such that Xiao Bingya said. But they have not thought that Xiao Bingya they now good like a person, just Xiao Bingya, when with Beast God Patriarch through the Message Fish speech, Ryder and Hertha sits in Xiao Bingya side, Xiao Bingya and Beast God clan Patriarch said anything, they naturally are also hear clear, they naturally impossible to let slip lian, their face are not quite attractive. When they received Message Fish, looked at one mutually, cannot help but sighed, Xiao Bingya look at their appearances, knew said : painstakingly „are really the accidents, I have thought our three clans were intimate, that thinks that met such selects the minor matter, all 1 u stuffing.” Ryder sighed, turns the head look at their said : two, told the sentence truth, after this motion, I did not prepare to go in the returned to clan, I prepared to follow side mister, my family member also then, I thought that followed side mister, compared in clan also comfortable, most minimum mister will not speak to me with the expression of that occupying a commanding position, moreover did not have that many manipulating strategically.” Ryder this saying, cannot help but lets Xiao Bingya and leaf Hertha child, they also slightly have the prestige in the clan, in the person by clan was called the talent, is their actually very clear, In the clan, the talent like them returns has plenty, reason that these talents have not become famous, what degree has not obtained, is not because these talents are not willing to try hard, is not because these talents cannot endure hardship, not because of Magic Beast or God Race attack, the talent in clan, more actually dies under planning of person on one's own side.

Ryder they do not think, this world Darkness such, thing when they with more deep of this world contact, they understand are also more, thing that because understands were many, therefore they handle affairs, is overcautious, does not dare to be been too conspicuous by oneself, by bore a grudge, when the time comes yin their, they ended. To be honest, person who has the ambition to these, the matter that they possibly this planning regards is one type of plays amusingly, you have won, you can the get promoted wealth, you lose, you only then die our. But Ryder they are actually not such person, they are that Fenqing, wholeheartedly wants to make in the clan the show expand, therefore they to this planning not being able to get used to seeing, they already lived the life that sufficed this type to plan mutually. However they do not have the means to divorce from this life, because they stepped into this circle, entered the person in this circle, only then the one type of person can be separated, deceased person. Even if your authority in high, so long as you enter child circle, you cannot guarantee that can the whole body draw back, can draw back, is the deceased person. However Ryder looks at understand now, currently has opportunity, enabling him to divorce from such life, that with Zhao Hai, by the Zhao Hai strength, does not fear the retaliation of different God Race, moreover they followed in the Zhao Hai side also for sometime, believes that to Zhao Hai completely understand, therefore he will say such words to Xiao Bingya and leaf Hertha. The Xiao Bingya look at Ryder appearance, deep voice said : you may think, what is this knowing on behalf of you? If you such have done, first did not say the people in your clan to be willing to put you, can mister receive you, is willing, for you offend Dwarf God Race, these matters have you thought?” Ryder nodded said : I to think, tomorrow I said this matter to mister, if mister agreed that the matter in clan, I am trying to find the solution.” Xiao Bingya look at Ryder said : considers as finished, this matter was I to mister said that Hertha, you must also be counted one.”

Leaf Hertha look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : well, naturally must also be counted one me, can this matter be able to leave us? I looked that does not use, when tomorrow, looks for mister now.” Her voice just fell, hears the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : HaHaHa, several, did not need to look for me, I came, HaHaHa, I and other this day waited for a long time.” Three people stare, actually saw that Zhao Hai walked from outside of room, three people stare, has stood hastily, bows to Zhao Hai said : mister, how did you come?” The Zhao Hai look at three people of appearances, after showing a faint smile said : I to hear your words, came, what's wrong, was very surprised? Do not forget, you now on Yama Ship, so long as I think that on this Yama Ship any point sound, cannot hide the truth from me.” As soon as three people listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, the Zhao Hai look at three people of appearances, showed a faint smile said : I not to listen secretly you to speak frequently, but today is an exception, I know that you will certainly relate with your Patriarch, I want to know that what manner in your clan was, to be honest, this manner a little disappointed me, but you, I to really very happy.” Xiao Bingya three people of somewhat embarrassed said : said that mister was agrees with us with mister?” Zhao Hai smiles said : agreement, naturally agreed that after this fight, you go to receive on the ship to come your family members, I will arrange them, feel relieved.” Xiao Bingya look at Zhao Hai, actually some indefinite said : mister, can you ask you, did you arrange Demon Race and these God Race people to there? Listens to the meaning in your words, you have not arranged them to Ark Continent there probably, did they go to that?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this is we biggest secret, you asked today, I told you, I arranged to know to me them, moreover absolute safety place, you , to go, I can also to lead you to have a look, but you must to your Heart Demon Oath, without my permission, unable to say absolutely this matter.” Zhao Hai also present, strength to their this level time, the binding force of Blood Oath to person already very low, but he knew fortunately this Heart Demon Oath word, restraint of this Heart Demon Oath word to the person is very big, so long as is person of the practice, so long as this Heart Demon Oath word, if your has violated the pledge, possessed by the Devil will die! a.