Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 957

Naturally this pledge is also not that safe, this pledge most important manufacture medicine method, is the person of this oath compared with your and other low level. One but level high you, momentarily can broken go to this pledge, a point use does not have, therefore this pledge is also not that perfect person. However this pledge is ten is actually in charge to use regarding Zhao Hai, has Space, so long as later makes Xiao Bingya they enter to Space in stays previous some time, they in having any will betray his possibility, because some Space will make the guarantee, therefore Zhao Hai dares to restrain them with this pledge. This Heart Demon Oath word is not the God Race here original product, but is Lu Wei to God Race one type of Cultivation Method, the person who the person who this Cultivation Method must vow and accepts the pledge also uses, will otherwise not produce the results, this is also a Lu Wei control God Race method, God Race besides managing Lu Wei calls the god, other matter about Lu Wei cannot walk outward. Lu Wei is just right to God Race with this pledge in here, because the God Race person has the fetter of Law of Space, they are forever impossible to practice to compared with Lu Wei formidable, therefore the God Race here person, must be Lu Wei keeps his all secret, collects the Strength of Faith matter including him, in God Race here, only then a small number of people know that Lu Wei collects Strength of Faith in their here. However although most God Race person don’t know Lu Wei are comes God Race Continent here to do, but Cultivation Method of this set of demon pledge actually has spread at heart, therefore knows in God Realm here many people. Xiao Bingya they also know certainly, but they have not thought that Zhao Hai will let them presently this pledge, this seeks the pledge to be very strong regarding strength low person binding force although, but will not let that person of 100% being obedient, in other words, you, so long as achieves the matter in pledge, other on completely it doesn't matter. For example, if you vowed for that person keep secret, the matter that so long as do not keep secret you said that you completely were[ from] bythat person has not ordered your authority, if even you used any method to kill that will not be affected by the pledge, this was also one type of relieves the method of pledge, can say that this was one does with the flaw similarly huge pledge. Xiao Bingya they have not thought that Zhao Hai thinks restrains them with this pledge, to be honest, this pledge probably was too loose. Do Zhao Hai look at Xiao Bingya several people of appearances, show a faint smile said : What happened? not to want?” Xiao Bingya shook the head hastily said : not, wants, I want, to invite mister feel relieved.” Ryder and Hertha also nodded. The Zhao Hai look at three people of appearancesshowed a faint smile said : „, you vowed, after ending the oath, you were my Buda Family people, I will make Laura they lead you to have a look to arrange your places.” Xiao Bingya they complied with one, immediately/on horseback started in a low voice read Incantation, Zhao Hai are also starting to read Incantation, four voice of person slowly gathered probably in together, before long Xiao Bingya started to read their pledges, these pledges turned into characters unexpectedly, floating slowly on their heads ”, but the body of Zhao Hai actually departed three small devils, these three small devil bodies braved green the flame, threw directly toward these characters, before long called to enter in the belly these characters, then small devil slowly hidden entered to Xiao Bingya their bodies. In ” the entire pledge was completed. Laura they first time see this scene, they cannot help but somewhat stare, but the pledge had been completed at this time, they then recover.

Zhao Hai look at Xiao Bingya three people of said : „, later you are my Buda Family people, starting today called me Young Master, Laura, your several led their three to go to Space to have a look, each every in Space had a look, do not hide the truth from them. ” Laura complied with oneto turn the head to three people of said : your three with let's go.” Three people complied with one, Zhao Hai have waved, appears Space rift, several people have gone. look at several people have gone, Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile saying that to be honest he has not thought, Xiao Bingya they in this case, will be determined with him, but this is also the good deed, Zhao Hai looked, these three person abilities have, moreover a little that not only they display, why had not displayed as for them, Zhao Hai and don’t know, but this is unimportant, so long as they are willing to become his under the hand/subordinate are OK. Zhao Hai turn around returned to his room, he has believed that the Beast God clan they can look for them, Beast God clan these fellow although management are somewhat odd, but they can with God Race fight of such long time, not be the fools, they after weighing the advantages and disadvantages, will certainly come back to look his. Laura they are bringing Xiao Bingya they to enter to Space in now, place that their first going, naturally was among the Ark feast. Laura also like Zhao Hai said that like Xiao Bingya introduction of their very detailed Space here all, but also made their three go to three big different race there to look, has a look at three big different race present living conditions. Xiao Bingya all in they dull look at Space, they have not thought really that will really have the so mysterious place, here simply is Utopia in their heart. Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in own house, O'Neal Clan on look at screen, once for a while will change to Leo Continent there to have a liking for one, he believes that these go to the attack Leo Continent different God Race person, knew the matter that in their clan battles against, from their sounds, may finish to look at the choice of their clansman. Leo Continent there different God Race army, not any sound, their attack, has not retreated, but defended several urban motionless places that were snatching. Saw that this situation Zhao Hai knew, different God Race can look his, if different God Race does not look for him, certainly will make their armies return, otherwise waits for nine Great Elder to come back, these armies were complete, now these armies have not moved, indicated that different God Race had confidence to cope with nine Great Elder, by the different God Race present strength, wants to cope with nine Great Elder, the means that only then, asking him to become an official. although said that strength to Zhao Hai this level, already not with the matter that the quantity can solve, that feared that is they are sieged by the millions and millions army, they can also kill thoroughly from encircling, but do not forget, by God Race nine Great Elder also has different God Race three Supreme Elder in look at, so long as they tied down by the different God Race army, so long as different God Race can not count the casualties, leaves behind several God Race elders to have the possibility. However different God Race most Elite armywent to attack Leo Continent now, wants to achieve nine Great Elder constrains, these ordinary armies, were almost first did not say happy of strength could not achieve ”, was the willpower strong and weak, can directly affect the result. Moreover Zhao Hai also believes that if three big different race person a little brains, they certainly will not work with him with this method, because of use crowd method, the casualties was too big ”, moreover they also impossible to leave behind God Race nine Great Elder, later will also welcome the God Race endless retaliation, God Race Supreme Elder that these go on livingwill become their Nightmare.

But if must ask Zhao Hai make a move not to be different, the Zhao Hai strength is placed in there, is adding on their different God Race three Great Elder, they can definitely the God Race nine Great Elder this stingers, from their body thorough wiping out, the fools know how as the matter stands must elect. Moreover Zhao Hai also considers as finished, he believes that different God Race will certainly look for them in nearest/recent Thought of here, Zhao Hai cannot help but rub rub own Staff, his Staff last present has symbol of Capricorn place, he hoped on his Staff to be able symbol of appears 12 demon places. After several hours, Laura brought Xiao Bingya they walked outXiao Bingya from Space they now more respectful to Zhao Hai, they had looked at Ark Space, has looked at Demon Race Space, has looked at Sea Race Space, Gnome Space and God Race Space. Simultaneously Laura also told them three, reason that Zhao Hai has not come to accompany himis because Zhao Hai cannot stay the too long time in Space, otherwise, he in came out from Space on direct ascend. Just heard this information time, Xiao Bingya they felt really very surprised, although God Race here was spreading rumor about ascend ”, but they have seen truly, was one time does not have. Now heard that Zhao Hai possibly wanted ascend, they were really very surprised. But original Zhao Hai is prepares to make Xiao Bingya they many transfers the extension in Space, but Xiao Bingya their these time comes out, had the matter to Zhao Hai say that Beast God clan Patriarch with Xiao Bingya with Message Fish hold a conversation, he asked Zhao Hai present position, was the preparation meets Zhao Hai evidently personally. Because of this information, therefore Xiao Bingya they walked out from Space, waited for Xiao Bingya to say after this matter, does Zhao Hai turn the head to smile said : that you to Xiao Bingya to say me now in that?” Xiao Bingya nodded said : „saying that but I said is not here, what I said that Young Master in the Taurus Continent direction, is believing that they will look for Young Master toward there.” Zhao Hai satisfied nod said : good, work pretty good, he he, in what kind of that in Space visits? Has place that what especially likes? In the future the family member came, arranged to be good to there them.” Xiao Bingya smiles said : Young Master, my fellow I wants to arrange in Wild Dragon Island there, happen to they can also add on busily, do you look?” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, you want to arrange to be good in there, Wild Dragon clan there although very relaxed, but does not raise the idler, so long as they found themselves the matter that likes handling on the line.” Xiao Bingya nodded said : this point to invite Young Master feel relieved, our family's person, is not the senior official, is not Noble, if no nothing doing, they instead do not attend the meeting happily.” Zhao Hai smiles said : actually you should already present, in the Space city, Jobs is done was the method of one type of disappearing demon time, even if were the people does not want to work, he will have the food, warm that put on, but you, if thought to live better, must work, this was the one type of movement, was one type of urges on, otherwise did not become has raised pigs.” Xiao Bingya they nodded, does Zhao Hai turn the head your three people to want the person in own Clan to receive to three people of said : Space? If only this, I can you three Command Token, making you meet the person, after your family, so long as you use Command Token, opened Space rift to allow your family members to enter Space, what kind of?”

The Xiao Bingya three people have gawked, then they to Zhao Hai bow peak said : Young Master, our also request.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to say.” Zhao Hai general guessed correctly Xiao Bingya their request, Xiao Bingya they, after getting so far as the situation in Space, certainly wants to make many clansman enter to Space, after all the environment in Space is really fantastic. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, Xiao Bingya bows said : to Zhao Hai Young Master, we want to make many clansman enter to Space, you look?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to allow more people to enter Space I to not to oppose, but as the matter stands, will offend Patriarch of your three clans, in this case, I do not want the conflict with them, this, do not make the too big noise to come, most at least is coping with God Race nine Great Elder these days, do not make the friend big noise to come.” On three faces one happy, complied with one, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile, waved said : to get down the rest, this several days you must live in on the ship.” Three people have complied with one, turn around leave the Zhao Hai room, returned to their room. Waits for three people to walk, Laura turns the head to smile said : to congratulate Elder Brother Hai to Zhao Hai, double adds to help, the strengths of these three people are good, the management ability also calculates, training well, can be the good talented person.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile to is not this that said : I care, actually their such talented people, in Space return has plenty, I want to make them help me take the different God Race person to enter Space.” Laura they also nodded, now the race in Zhao Hai Space were too multi-, Ark Continent, Sea Race Continent, Demon Race Continent, these three Continent people, are almost the horse gaze to Zhao Hai now, so long as Zhao Hai issues an order, what talented person does not have, but wish makes many different God Race enter Space, that only then two means that one type of made Xiao Bingya they go to pull people, another one type of made Undead Creature snatch the person, what now Zhao Hai uses before was , the one type of method, the latter one type of method, Zhao Hai was also can use when necessary. Said to Zhao Hai in Xiao Bingya, he different God Race these person to toward Taurus Continent that route goes to the time, Yama Ship turned the head to expunge toward that route there, Zhao Hai must go to there to wait for different God Race three Patriarch. Is good is not far because of these two routes, is adding on Yama Ship, Zhao Hai arrived before long toward that route there that Taurus Continent goes, then stopped Yama Ship, static is waiting for different God Race three Patriarch. However was a pity, when Zhao Hai the darkness has not waited till different God Race three Patriarch, but Zhao Hai to has not worried, took in the Space map from Leo Continent to the Foreign God Continent route by him in any case, even if God Race nine Great Elder wants to run cannot be inescapable. a.