Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 958

Sitting of Zhao Hai calm on the deck chair on deck, this deck chair is he makes intentionally, is putting small table on side of deck chair, on small table suspended one cup of green tea, Zhao Hai in hand was taking a book in look at, could not say free and unfettered to be comfortable. This deck chair is Zhao Hai makes specially with Staff, he had thought this type of deck chair sits very comfortably, now happen to makes to sit, makes different God Race these people know that he was not worried for that matter. Laura they have not been standing outside, instead to is Xiao Bingya they respectfully stands in the one side, three people really more and more respect to Zhao Hai now, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will really have such mysterious Space, to be honest, they wish one could to move to Space the people in entire clan now. In this time, on Zhao Hai suddenly in appears a smiling face, the book that he read is only a relationship Magic Formation book, reason that and no big deal, Zhao Hai looked that did to different God Race three Patriarch looks. Now reason that Zhao Hai smiles , because he knows that three Patriarch came, but Zhao Hai has not set out, still partly lies down in there, in hand is taking a book, probably some simply don’t know people came. Before long the space flew one group of people, the Xiao Bingya responsibility these person, turned the head to Zhao Hai said : mister, came.” This is Zhao Hai reaches an agreement with them ahead of time. Zhao Hai has not thought wants, because the previous time matter on retaliation different God Race, gave them a lesson to result, does not need to be unforgiving, after all Zhao Hai must cooperate with them, before has not achieved the point, Zhao Hai he will not stand goes too far, after waiting to achieve the point that did, that may not say. Zhao Hai has put on the book small table, has stood, direction that look at three big different God Race fly, now three big different God Race were very near to them, Zhao Hai wields, Yama Ship immediately flew, moved forward to meet somebody toward that group of people. Quick Zhao Hai arrived at these different God Race front, what lead is three different race people, what intermediate station is a Lion Race person, in his left hand look at Dwarfright hand is standing a Elf woman. That three people are sizing up Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai look at three people, both sides have not spoken, some little time, that Lion Race person bows to Zhao Hai slightly, on his waist has hidden the a piece steel plate probably, probably each curved next centimeter, very strenuously will be the same ” can say that he is only raising slightly of slightly, the Beast God clan Patriarch song of solomon has seen Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai said : „.” Compared with him, that Dwarf to is very polite, he bows said : Dwarf God Race magnificent Leir to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai.” That Elven Race woman also bows said : to see Mr. Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai.” This Queen Elf manner to Zhao Hai compared with Beastman Race Patriarch in some, be longer than Dwarf Race actually must miss on some, making him unable to clarify him to do.

Zhao Hai can only look from the manner of these three people, three people of that are more intimate to him, but Zhao Hai this has not had the good feeling to Dwarf Race Patriarch, three big different God Race, want to split up now them, is impossible. Zhao Hai also bows said : Zhao Hai to see sub- position to three people not to think that three came personally, welcome drink two cups to on the ship. ” Said that one side of Zhao Hai body, asking them to embark, three people looked at Zhao Hai one, noddedto fall toward Yama Ship on, to Yama Ship on, Zhao Hai waving gently, in the deck immediately left a chair. Zhao Hai asked them to sit down, his door opened, Laura they from in the room walked out, in hand of everyone took one to tow the plate, dragging in the plate to put the food and wine. Sees this situation, three different God Race Patriarch were onethis obviously already prepared, after three people cannot help but turned the head to look at Xiao, sub their eyes, Xiao Bingya they swung swinging gently, three people of face cannot help but single layers, turned the head look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai saw certainly in their such petty actions the eye, the Zhao Hai look at three people, show a faint smile said : 1 three, below in here must to three say that sorry, previous Foreign God Continent time, I was only the temporary indignation, turn around walked, waited for one there I to regret, but has been embarrassed, he he, has not thought three Patriarch today to personal came, Zhao Hai was ashamed.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that on the face of song of solomon piece of arrogant , on magnificent Leir's face is actually piece of ashamed , but on many faces does not have the expression, however in her eye actually flashes through sly . Looks at these three people of expressions, Zhao Hai on generally knew what's the matter, the song of solomon listened to Zhao Hai saying that thinks Zhao Hai admitted defeat, but as soon as magnificent Leir listened to Zhao Hai saying that was actually thinks Zhao Hai was satirizing them, but many thoughts, Zhao Hai now could not have guessed. The song of solomon looked at Zhao Hai one arrogantly, deep voice said : Mr. Zhao Hai this time has helped us, we should not do went too far, but was because God Race really made finally is too fierce, therefore we specially careful, to was makes mister misunderstand, the song of solomon looked like mister to apologize in here.” What although he said is the apology, but a face arrogant appearance, that likely is the appearance of apology. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Patriarch this also to safely to consider, Zhao Hai completely understood that Patriarch this time looks for me, what matter has?”

In the eye of song of solomon flashes through angry , he believes that just apology very much has given Zhao sea surface, now Zhao Hai is still installing with him silly, that really should not. However the song of solomon also knows, now does not offend Zhao Hai time, therefore he has said :, this time three of us come, is asks mister to go to Foreign God Continent there, gets up with our clansman alliance, together copes with God Race nine Great Elder, doesn't know mister what do you think?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally to agree that this time, to God Race nine Great Elder, before coping with nine Great Elder, I have a request, wants to ask three to comply first, doesn't know three what do you think?” Three people looked at one mutually, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai will open the mouth to negotiate the terms at this time with them, the song of solomon gets angry at heart, but he restrains by force his temperament, invited mister mantra to Zhao Hai said :.” Zhao Hai deep voice said : is this, these time copes with God Race nine Great Elder, if has killed them, their Ultimate Weapon have become the position of thing ownerless, I, is not greedy, who that God Race elder is kills, his Ultimate Weapon turns over to anyone, wants to come this point three not to oppose?” Three people looked at one mutually, finally nodded, although they also want to obtain Ultimate Weapon of these God Race elders, but they actually also know, if not accept Zhao Hai this condition, Zhao Hai feared that will not cooperate with them, therefore three people accepted the request of Zhao Hai finally. The however three people also know that this is not the request of Zhao Hai, his request cannot be such simple, Zhao Hai then said : I, like research these thing, God Race level weapon finally is also within, I mean, if I in this fight, obtained several God Race Ultimate Weapon, I please discuss with three, can exchange research our in hand Ultimate Weapon one, naturally, includes Ultimate Weapon in three clan, includes my in hand this Capricorn demon Ultimate Weapon, if everybody. Complies, after that I these finally level weapon research, I my in hand some Ultimate Weapon, will give everybody, my does not remain, including my in hand the Capricorn clan Ultimate Weapon.” Was saying Zhao Hai while waves, in deck were many Ultimate Weapon, is Capricorn Combat Suit. Zhao Hai this saying although said very irritable, but song of solomon three people, has understood the Zhao Hai words, Zhao Hai wants to let 13 Ultimate Weapon in his hand. This made three people very awkward, but thinks after Zhao Hai, that condition that said that three people felt that this life intent does, because Zhao Hai in all Combat Suit with his hand takes the price. Must know that Zhao Hai in hand has an demon to castrate Combat Suit of clan, this they are know that even if Zhao Hai in this time war, Combat Suit could not obtain, considers his in hand this Combat Suit to take the reward to be enough.

Song of solomon look at Zhao Hai said :, mister prepares research several days, doesn't want to receive on together research all Ultimate Weapon?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : naturally is not, I can research, this notice that the time my in hand had several Ultimate Weapon, if my this God Race elder has not killed, we with in hand the Ultimate Weapon as arriving at pressure, research, if I have killed a God Race elder, I with in hand two Ultimate Weapon as arriving at pressure, two two research, and so on, no matter my in hand had several Combat Suit, my research time absolutely three days, don’t know several what do you think?” the you person, this proposition was really too the you person, the song of solomon they considered as finished, presently this is one has to gain the business of non- compensation, how they possibly let off this opportunity, did three people look at one mutually, look at Zhao Hai said : mister this word have taken seriously?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have lies certainly, three invited feel relieved, in any case your in hand will always maintain over three Combat Suit, what three did have to be good to fear?” Three people also nodded, the song of solomon looked at their one eyes, they have also selected 0.1 to him The head, song of solomon then said : so, presses the office that mister said.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, three agreed that I was also saying anything, our immediately walks, God Race these to run, please three let your guards also arrive at on the ship to come.” Three people looked at Zhao Hai one, looked at their guard, their guards add to have the thirty thousand person, these do three many arrive at on the ship? Can Zhao Hai this ship install under? Zhao Hai also saw three people of doubtful huo, he smiles said : three to order, feel relieved, my ship installs under.” Three people nodded, waved, making their guards embark. Under three people of dumbfounded gazes, Yama Ship is a bottomless pit is probably same, thought in this thirty thousand person the ship, three people looked at curiously these guard dull places , was really everyone has the single room, this was makes them be startled really. a.