Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 960

A dish magnificent Leir's words exit / to speak, he somewhat regretted, he also knows that * in matter possibly is not calculation that he said that therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that he does not have to say. At this time the song of solomon their five people also from in the room walked out, on the face of song of solomon to were 1 u stem from the smiling face, he smiled said : to Zhao Hai one mister, the song of solomon congratulates you in here, has not thought really that mister actually wanted ascend, was really enviable.” As soon as magnificent Leir listened to song of solomon saying that cannot help but one startled, turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one, he thinks Zhao Hai said matter about ascend, only then they know that now looks like probably not. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile to magnificent Leir, has given him a relieved look, then turned the head to smile said : „to the song of solomon ascend to return don’t know, song of solomon Patriarch this congratulated was really too early.” The song of solomon smiles said : not early, early, how God Realm here cannot be able to hold mister, when mister ascend time, must inform me, makes us attend the ceremony, if can see the ascend scene, my song of solomon this also calculates for a lifetime does not have lived in vain.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „a secure, if I want ascend, certainly informs Patriarch, invited feel relieved As soon as magnificent Leir listens to dialog between Zhao Hai and song of solomon, two eyes cannot help but twinkling brightly, then turned the head looking pensive to look at one to stand in the song of solomon and many behind Xiao Bingya their eyes, he understand, the song of solomon just they called in Xiao Bingya the room now, certainly was held responsible Xiao Bingya their matter about the Zhao Hai, but Xiao Bingya they also told the song of solomon, Zhao Hai want ascend, therefore song of solomon manner big change to Zhao Hai. However listens to the song of solomon the words, after Xiao, sub they told song of solomon Zhao Hai to want ascend, has not told the song of solomon, Zhao Hai can bring person ascend, this was because of Xiao Bingya their don’t know, Xiao Bingya they know that had not said. If Xiao Bingya their don’t know, that this matter does not have what well strange ”, if they know that had not said that that had one type of possibly, Xiao Bingya they are the Zhao Hai people. At the same time is thinking these mattersmagnificent Leir cannot help but has drunk liquor, after and other he put down wine glass, actually fierce one startled, he can affirm that Xiao Bingya they certainly were the Zhao Hai people. When magnificent Leir puts down wine glass, his understand a truth, Zhao Hai just has drunk liquor with him finally, made him have the feeling of being intimate withat heart even has produced to the song of solomon and discontentedly, had was intimate with his meaning, but Xiao Bingya they with Zhao Hai such long timein the Zhao Hai method, how possibly could not tidy up them, was having ascend to take the you bait in addition, Xiao Bingya they must submit to Zhao Hai. Thought through this point, magnificent Leir cannot help but looked at one, with Zhao Hai one that the song of solomon chatted, he presently Zhao Hai is really too fearful, he walked one step to have the point probably every time, moreover had you to know he had any point, probably did not have the means to prevent him, the matter that because he handled, only benefitted to be harmless to you, he all people knows that the person of his matterhas hauled in his benefit circle, so long as he had the benefit, all people can the minute to one cup of thick soup, otherwise to all person not advantage, Therefore all presently he has the person in any point, will not prevent him, instead attended the meeting to help him. This is as his ally, if as his enemy, what feeling that can be? Thinks that the God Race nine Great Elder appearancesmagnificent Leir has cannot help but had a shiver, is Dwarf God Race Patriarchhe is not certainly strange regarding God Race several Supreme Elder, when he sees God Race nine Great Elder, he was startled , if not Ding Xin they are using these Ultimate Weapon, he does not believe really that several people are God Race nine Great Elder, they already by inadequate human-shape that Zhao Hai suffered. Thinks of here, magnificent Leir immediately/on horseback decided that how regardless of cannot become the Zhao Hai enemy, after thinking through this point, magnificent Leir cannot help but turned the head to look at one with the song of solomon that Zhao Hai spoke , a face relaxed the smiling face to stand in nearby are many, cannot help but sighed at heart, he knows that Zhao Hai was impossible to regard the friend these two, but he also can only be now Zhao Hai in the friend of test, if he can help Zhao Hai Bao defend secret, Zhao Hai may become the Zhao Hai friend by him, if he cannot help Zhao Hai Bao defend secret, that he on. It is not the Zhao Hai friend.

magnificent Leir let out a long breath, to Zhao Hai to one glass of liquor, has done, then laughs said : „the mister this liquor flavor is really good, whether don’t know mister delivers me some, if later cannot drink mister this liquor, I feared that was the evening cannot sleep.” This saying although looks like probably in wanting the liquor, no big deal, but in the words is actually passing meaning of being intimate with, if he does not regard the friend Zhao Hai, he possibly does manage Zhao Hai to want the liquor? Can you manage a stranger to want the liquor? magnificent Leir must tell Zhao Hai in this way his manner, he believes that Zhao Hai can understand, because Zhao Hai is a smart person. Really, Zhao Hai one hear of magnificent Leir said that the smiling face on face cannot help but deeper, he laughs said : Patriarch to like, I deliver you some, this liquor is not good thing.” The song of solomon and many to have not suspected anything, because they know that Dwarf Race is a drunkard, is adding on magnificent Leir the manner to Zhao Hai is very good, therefore main point liquor also no big deal. When, piece of Continent appears in the sea level of distant place, green and luxuriant face , having been making the person spirit shake. magnificent Leir has stood, has referred to that piece of Continent of distant place, to Zhao Hai said : mister, there is our Dwarf Race Libra Continent that is, there is various entire God Realm minerals richest places, God Race nine Great Elder, reason that attacks us, is the weapon that because the Beast God clan and Elf God Race uses is almost we build, so long as has tidied up us, that will cope with another two clans more relaxed.” magnificent Leir this saying song of solomon and many to have not arrived right, what because Hua Duo Leir said is right, the different God Race three large clans, they are existence of mutual interdependence, the Elven Race lord produce the grain, the Dwarf Race lord produce the weapon, but the Beastman Race there lord produces to do to ride with the meats or Protective Equipment, therefore three races are arrive at the interdependence relationship. However, is a Dwarf Race quite important point, because no matter Dwarf Race or Beastman Racetheir grain can basic achieving be self-sufficient, even if were the difference cannot miss many, because they were God Race Expert, therefore Ran Protective Equipment regarding them, did with generallyis not big, but good weapon, was very big to their help, can let they many killing enemies. Therefore almost the God Race first attack, first attack Dwarf Race this point, but three large clans leave is not far, so long as Dwarf Race here has difficultanother two clan immediately to help, therefore Dwarf Race here has been safe. Zhao Hai nodded said : Dwarf Race weapon I am knows that very good, when Ark Continent, I have made many vitalities with Dwarf Race, at that time, because three big different race under instigation of Radiant Church, basically did not communicate, finally I have done a good business, attains Prairie to trade Beastman Race Milk Wine Dwarf Race weapon, is using the Elven Race artwareto attain Human Race there to trade some living materials, is using these living materials to go to Beastman Prairie and Dwarf Race there changes the iron hardware, he he. ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that magnificent Leir they have gawked, clamps 6 there matters regarding Zhao Hai in Arkthey also real don’t know, now one hear of Zhao Hai said how they felt Zhao Hai probably is Merchant. Three people of somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, shows a faint smile does not have the mistake that said : three people guess, I in Human Race there am Merchant very qualified Merchant, I not only do business with Human Race, does business with Beastman Racedoes business with Elven Race, does business with Dwarf Racedoes business with Sea Race, entire Ark Continent, I have not made the race that they have done business, only then type, one type of is the Radiant Church person, they are also Human Race, but I have not actually done business with Radiant Church, because I am Dark Magician, one does business with them, they will want to burn me., Second is Dragon Race, because Dragon Race is the God Race running dog, therefore I have not done business with them, third is Magic Beast, because they do not have thing to do business with me. ”

magnificent Leir they have smiled, but they were more curious in the Ark Continent there status regarding Zhao Hai, can Merchant, have today such status? Can have today such strength? How he achieves. Just is thinking, they entered Libra Continent, Zhao Hai looked at all around one, presently on Continent piece of calm, probably does not have what fight to live, did he cannot help but puzzled turning the head look at magnificent Leir three people of said : not to see God Race nine Great Elder? They not in here?” magnificent Leir has smiled bitterly next step: They naturally, Dwarf Race that but our Dwarf God Race wants with Ark Continent that is the same, the custom lives in cavern, after nine Great Elder to Libra Continent here, has destroyed several of us Yamanaka Castle, because in cavern, therefore cannot see from outside.” Before song of solomon also deep voice said : „, they never have to do this, God Race Supreme Elder very arrogant, their former simply disdained in cavern, but this time they actually departed from the norm, nine Great Elder engaged in guerrilla warfare with us in cavern, therefore the majority of fights, lived in cavern.” Zhao Hai nodded said : their this not to have the means that this time they only came these nine people, other people have not come, they have to do, moreover they do not want to waste too many energy, therefore enters the hole murder, is the best means.” Several people nodded, this God Race nine Great Elder forms of combat, truly lived very big change with before, it seems like suffers a loss in Zhao Hai there ate the reason. Is thinking time, the mountain of distant place, suddenly with a bang sound has blasted out, then several human-shape flew from the mountain. Zhao Hai looks, immediately/on horseback deep voice said :is nine Great Elder, with Supreme Elder of three clans, several, please disembark, the following fight, I did not have the means to consider three.Said that Zhao Hai waves, the song of solomon they get down from Yama Ship, Xiao Bingya they have also gotten down, their guards thirty thousand get down, their simply had not seen how these guards are come out from on the ship. When they still in dumbfounded, Zhao Hai threw toward battlefield there. Both sides that battled, naturally also saw Zhao Hai, saw Zhao Hai to come, on three Supreme Elder cannot help but faces of different God Race one happy, they they are being besieged by Ding Xin now, now Zhao Hai came, happen to can save them. But Ding Xin they see Zhao Hai, stares, then on face one happy, then on the face changed several people of immediately gathers in together, prepared to cope with Zhao Hai. But that three saving of different God Race Supreme Elder from fighting circle is separated from somewhat is also strange, they to Ding Xin they far a point, has not actually depended toward Zhao Hai here.

Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but at heart criticizes, these different God Race Supreme Elder were really too stupid, was faced with an archenemy, they also made such performance, this did not clarify told the enemy, they not concentric? This is used. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, Ding Xin sees the different God Race Supreme Elder movement, two eyes twinkling brightly, quiet such as in the water look left happy . Zhao Hai slowed down Yama Ship slowly, stopped in Ding Xin their front hundred meters places, different God Race several Supreme Elder, stopped between Zhao Hai they and Ding Xin them by the left position, three groups of people became a triangle stand in in midair. Ding Xin look at Zhao Hai, two eyes flood the dreadful hatred, deep voice said : Zhao Hai, has not thought that your actually appears , such hated the person of heart like you, can help different God Race unexpectedly, this is surprises me very, your look at Thunder Clan exterminated the clan by us does not have make a move, why these will time run to help different God Race?” Ding Xin this saying is nothing less than the toxin, this saying is telling different God Race Supreme Elder, Zhao Hai absolutely is a heart cruel-hearted spicy person, his look at Thunder Clan exterminated the clan by them, but does not have make a move to rescue, now saves them, certainly has any point. Zhao Hai look at Ding Xin shows a faint smile said : to know perfectly well that cannot hit you, actually runs to spell with you hardly, wasn't I too stupid? However now the situation is different, I am adding on different God Race three Supreme Elder, I have confidence you keep here, several, you in the day that God Realm ran amuck to the end, later God Realm here belonged to different God Race.” net spear|gun tongue sword, Ding Xin instigated Zhao Hai with the words with different God Race relationship, Zhao Hai backhandedly has challenged their armed forces, told different God Race, has solved nine Great Elder, later God Realm here was their different God Race runs amuck. Ding Xin corners of the mouth did 1 u leave one to sneer said : „? How I thought that if has solved us, this God Realm was your Zhao Hai world!” Ding Xin is not easy to deal with, was a sword punctured. a.