Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 962

Chapter 959 exquisite sneak attack look at Jie Yu that Zhao Hai laughs they, deep voice said : my continuously not understand, you, since suppressed different God Race Supreme Elder, why did not go to attack they, if Ding Xin can suppress their such long time, let your at will attack, feared that was different God Race several Supreme Elder, was already extinguished by you, now I knew, so long as the reason they walked into the mountain attack, immediately will break the suppression that decided that HaHaHa, three elders, have not helped in a big hurry.” Three different God Race Supreme Elder, hear Zhao Hai this saying, cannot help but laughs, Beastman Race that Supreme Elder smiles said : Mr. Zhao Hai to be really uncommon, at the fierce struggle, can unexpectedly present this point, great, two, we begin.” Said that he threw toward Ding Xin, but another two actually simultaneously flies toward Jin Ben, was prepares to cope with Jin Ben evidently. Jin Ben looked that they flushed somewhat to fluster, his personal appearance moved, immediately ran up to that several in Yama Ship dogfight several people, prepared to cope with Yama Ship about several people of strength, the great scorpion also had that two different God Race elder. But when this, Ding Xin is also the personal appearance moves, join to this war circle, Supreme Elder of that Beast God clan, naturally also turn around came attack Ding Xin they. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but complexion slightly changes, the meaning of his very clear that three different God Race elders, although said matter that they handle now, looks like wrong does not have, they want the first enemy who focuses on tidying up can tidy up, however looks like in Zhao Hai, this is only a reason, feared that is also one must not exposed to the light the reason. This must not exposed to light reason is, they want to borrow the strengths of God Race several elders, making Zhao Hai be injured, this was they won God Race nine Great Elder, Zhao Hai was impossible becomes their threats. However different God Race three Great Elder have this meaning, Zhao Hai had to be vigilant to these three people, but Zhao Hai naturally not by oneself continuously dangerous situation, therefore he has not made the great scorpion participate in the there regiment, but lets great scorpion turn around, join to his regiment, there is join of great scorpion, the Zhao Hai pressure cannot help but one light. Zhao Hai pressure one light, he cannot help but laughs wildly one, strengthened the merit potential, was adding on team in hand that ever changing weapon, Jie Yu they one falls leeward. Ding Xin they see this situation, complexion cannot help but changes, but they did not have what card in a hand to use now, normally Ding Xin their there, should be Ding Xin they falls leeward, after all Yama Ship can block four Supreme Elder attack, different God Race three Great Elder cope with another two elders, should not be a problem, but the fact is actually not this. Because there is join that decides, the God Race nine Great Elder attack strength one was strengthened probably, unexpectedly different God Race three piece of Great Elder compelling in leeward, if not Yama Ship, they feared that now was dangerous.

Zhao Hai also noted this situation, but he did not have what saying that he reinforced the in hand offensive, they gave to compel Jie Yu more distressed. Jie Yu pressing has not gasped for breath by Zhao Hai, Jie Yu is the air/Qi results in complexion to be red, roars again and again, the counter-attack of going all out, however the disparity of strength is not only depends on goes all out to make up, Jie Yu they slowly have been at completely leeward, in every ten moves, they can return two moves to be good. In Jie Yu they fall to the leeward time completely, the Zhao Hai personal appearance actually spatially however from their sides vanished, the next quarter in appears , appears with has touched dogfight Pisces clan Supreme Elder in that greatly behind, in hand Magic Staff turned into a great hammer, a hammer hits in carrying on the back of that Supreme Elder. Wise Sier with great scorpion dogfight, attack although of great scorpion is not weak, but also takes wise time not to have the means at once, moreover he knows that Zhao Hai they were being entangled by Jie Yu, does not have what threat to him at once, therefore his complete spirit placed has coped touches the body greatly, has not actually thought that suddenly came by Zhao Hai. Wise Sier felt after own, carries on the back a great strength to transmit, his muscle although vibrated several within the shortest time, melted part of strengths, but he feels that this hammer, hitting to crack his Bone, at this moment, his actually suddenly felt that power of vibration, struck toward his internal organs, he never expected, Zhao Hai really also had this, in one [say / way], his internal organs in an under struck smashing, a blood clamped is being broken puffed out, but long-tail that at this moment, touched greatly, under one. Jabbed into his throat. But Zhao Hai after hitting a wise Sier hammer, personal appearance immediately/on horseback vanished, waits for him in appears , appears in Jie Yu their nearby. Zhao Hai these stems from unexpected of all people, they have not thought that Zhao Hai when fights just with them happy, meets suddenly make a move to steal dragon wise Sier. When they stare, Zhao Hai has gone well, wise Sier died in Zhao Hai and that is only great the scorpion in hand, returned to their front. Jie Yu got angry him to roar again and again, going all out to Zhao Hai attack, first make a move, was the life for life style, Zhao Hai at once only then the labor of resisting, did not have the strength to hit back. But at this moment, that was only great scorpion to kill, but wise Sier vanished in Space rift, at this time Supreme Elder of Leo clan, has to Doppelganger cope with the great scorpion.

Jie Yu at this time also to attack that Zhao Hai went all out, his first attack, was tries, anybody knows that such attack impossible time to be long-time, but all people presently, Jie Yu the attack, have not been compelling toward Yama Ship there Zhao Hai. When Zhao Hai to Yama Ship that then getting closer and closer, the suddenly Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, stopped in in midair, not in retreat, but at this time, Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff was turning into Rapier to puncture toward the throat of Jie Yu, but the fist of Jie Yu actually struck toward the chest of Zhao Hai. Looks at beginning of Jie Yu, probably is or awfully, simply does not look at Rapier that Zhao Hai punctures, must be hit by own fist on the body of Zhao Hai is the same. If such attack traded to do just, Zhao Hai will certainly take back Rapier change the maneuver, but this time he did not have. Zhao Hai Rapier proceeds to puncture, simply has not managed the fist that Jie Yu attacks, in the Jie Yu eye cannot help but appears a flurry, his just going all out style was installs actually, he in the gambling, he bet Zhao Hai, when at winning side, will not go all out with him, therefore he pretended to with the appearance that Zhao Hai went all out, but this time he actually bet wrong. Reason that Zhao Hai pretends not to dare with the appearance that Jie Yu goes all out, actually to direct itself here, he can tidy up the hand of Jie Yu, is coping with Ding Xin they. Opportunity that Zhao Hai this move chooses very accurate, Jie Yu change the maneuver late, he only has been able look at his throat helplessly to hit now toward Zhao Hai Rapier on. Sees this situation, Jie Yu cannot be attending to with Zhao Hai goes all out, fist although that he strikes cannot change the maneuver, however his personal appearance is actually going all out of wants avoid Zhao Hai Rapier, but he has actually forgotten, Zhao Hai in hand Rapier can transformation, when he must make way Rapier, before Rapier sword tip actually suddenly, turned into an appearance of shovel, was turned into the blade edge sharp, this weapon God Realm here no Handy Shovel appearance. Jie Yu in dark green pressing, can evade sword tip, actually does not evade Handy Shovel, his first one has hit on Handy Shovel, the entire head one was cut, because he clashes is too quick, his fist hit on the shoulder of Zhao Hai, but strength actually only then original five layers did not arrive. But Zhao Hai actually with the strength of this fist, the body opens, one crashed in Ding Xin in their war circle Ding Xin they already to note Jie Yu their situation, looked that Jie Yu compelled toward their here Zhao Hai, their understand plan of Ding Xin, therefore Ding Xin they also prepared for momentarily lost raid Zhao Hai. Has not actually thought of Zhao Hai when style that in the Jie Yu use goes all out, started to plan him, he looked that Jie Yu their there compels toward Ding Xin him, knows that plan of Jie Yu, he pretends the don’t know appearance, waits is this opportunity.

Decides them to look that Zhao Hai one shovelled the head of Jie Yu, but he was also struck by Jie Yu toward their here came, their two eyes cannot help but red, Jin Ben and another two Supreme Elder, under immediately spatial make a move, struck toward the back of Zhao Hai. But at this moment, among Zhao Hai personal appearance actually suddenly vanished, when he, was by just posture, but his appears place, was actually with great scorpion dogfight Leo Patriarch old behind, moreover his in hand Magic Staff turned into one to strengthen Rapier of version, appears in in his hand, Rapier sword tip will have referred to the future, to the head of Leo clan Supreme Elder, currently the body of Zhao Hai is having also to touch the momentum that the language that struck, in adding on his appears place, Leo clan Supreme Elder very close, this sword straight jabbed into the cerebellum of Leo clan Supreme Elder But the front great scorpion also used this opportunity, giant pincers one head of Leo clan Supreme Elder cutting, the Zhao Hai personal appearance drew back, stands carrying on the back of great scorpion, the hand has wielded the Leo clan Supreme Elder corpse and Combat Suit vanished in in midair. Then Zhao Hai has moved by the shoulder that Jie Yu hits, steps on great scorpion straight Ding Xin they to kill, but Ding Xin they have actually tarried, they have not thought that within such short time, Zhao Hai has killed three people, Ding Xin their eyes one was red. However Zhao Hai has not actually given their excited opportunity, the personal appearance moves, join to Ding Xin their war circles, this Ding Xin they one fell leeward, did not have including turning over opportunity. In the Ding Xin eye has flashed through the despair of silk, his personal appearance moves, suddenly stopped in in midair, deep voice said : Mr. Zhao Hai, please call a halt, I had the words to say.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance has decided that attack of next quarter Yama Ship and great scorpion also stopped, three big different God Race Supreme Elder see this situation, stopped, God Race remaining several Supreme Elder also stopped, gathered the Ding Xin personal maidservant... Are more, address