Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 964

Combat Suit just put in Space, in Space immediately transmits prompt said : „to presently in ten Two Star place Combat Suit Libra place Combat Suit, Aries place Combat Suit, constellation virgo Combat Suit, ten Two Star place Combat Suit collections entire.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback also took Star Disk, Star Disk just put in Space, in Space immediately transmits prompt speaking sounds: Special use Fig. formation disk to make up, the formation disk known as astrolabe, may all with star suitable formation, weapon and other material join in, making it more formidable, Host may unifies Seven Star Locking Heaven formation disk and astrolabe, and unifies the astrolabe and Yama Ship, Yama Ship may use Strength of Stars, to break world all with stars related Formation, unifies Dao Lotus and Yama Ship with Host, the Yama Ship strength will be further strengthened, may use the strength of world myriad things, receives all kinds Formation, broken all kinds Formation, may unifies Yama Ship and Host Magic Staff, Yama Ship in only will not exist in the shape of plate, may be at will imaginary. Shape.” Zhao Hai one hear of this prompt sounds are the great happiness, he never expected will have such good deed, but this good deed has not ended, in Zhao Hai happy time, in Space in one time transmits raises speaking sounds: Because in the astrolabe has star strength, in Space increases the stars, in all Space can the appears star, Space be further complemented, Space Level Up to 100 levels, met the low grade Cultivator Space standard, Host has been possible to purchase ordinary background 50, low grade Cultivator background ten, Universal Analyzer and Universal Manufacturing Machine liter extremely to the Intermediate level standard, may analyze to make low level Cultivator weapon and thing, Host may assign some Space region to be time 1st level adds region, at present Host may then add region time in addition is 10 : 1, note: The time adds and speeds up crops to be mature, speeds up crops to be mature, will only make crops mature, the time adds, not only may make crops add maturely, but may also increase the crops year, grows Heaven and Earth Treasure, Host may also the period of revolution add region, adds in region to practice for one year in the time, equivalent to practices for ten years to ask Host to meet in ordinary region in the strength.” Zhao Hai happy has tarried, he never expected, Space so will be unexpectedly powerful, one made him rise 100 levels and became low grade Cultivator Space, this regarding him, absolutely was the good deed, especially that time added the function, had to him in a big way uses. Now in Space has plenty thing can become Heaven and Earth Treasure, but unfortunately, these thing need many years to grow into, now had the function that this time added to be able the big reduction time. This has not ended, after this prompt sound spreads, in Space resounds prompt speaking sounds:, Has in astrolabe special Item to start because of the astrolabe complement, special Item is high level Cultivator Cultivation Method, the Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Secret Art, this Cultivation Method is divided into the use the cultivation method, the attack method, the aiding method three types, such as Host lets Dao Lotus and astrolabe unifies, Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations definitely Level Up is highest level Cultivator Cultivation Method Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula, whether Host can unifies Dao Lotus and astrolabe?” Zhao Hai laughs, he was really too happy, the special reward that he never expected, Space said before can be one set of Cultivation Method unexpectedly, this regarding him was really too important. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : union, union, all unifies, Cai'er, does immediately/on horseback calculates to have a look at Universal Machine and Analyzer Level Up ask for money, if Level Up does not ask for money, you are calculating that has a look to buy that 50 ordinary Space and that ten low level Cultivator Space, wants how much money our in hand money enough.” Cai'er immediately/on horseback has complied with one, but at this time Zhao Hai in hand Magic Staff also vanished, Zhao Hai felt that from oneself[ body] on Dao Lotus had a strength to pass to Space, then in Space spread a even bigger strength, entered on his Dao Lotus, in Zhao Hai regarded to look at Dao Lotus, he on Dao Lotus with original was presently different he, before Dao Lotus seemed is only a Eight Trigrams shape, very mysterious lotus, however present Dao Lotus changed a type, was still Eight Trigrams opens in Dao Lotus, actually transferred in the Dao Lotus under Yin-Yang pond, Not to stop is rotating, along with the rotation of Yin-Yang pond, strength of the Heaven and Earth, was drawn Zhao Hai[ body], but in the Dao Lotus sky, appears void, has selected the point scintillation of star light in void, often has the star light to fall into on Dao Lotus from void, but the Dao Lotus hua petal looks like by the breeze is also moved to be the same, is shivering gently, appears jiaonèn is incomparable. Then Zhao Hai felt that hundred of their top of the head meet xué there that villain,[ really] was solid, probably is breathing slightly, simultaneously Zhao Hai also felt that own spiritual force was more formidable. But became in that Gold Core of his dantian place was also bigger, the scintillation dazzling golden light, his whole person was receiving the baptism to be the same probably, whole body did not have one not to be uncomfortable.

Should Zhao Hai close one's eyes, is enjoying this baptism the time, in Space in one time transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently in Space has many Spiritual Artifact, Spiritual Artifact level is too low , to promote Spiritual Artifact level, has Spiritual Artifact of Artifact Spirit to have, the book, the spear|gun, the sword, the hammer, the stick, the bow, the whip, six special level promotion, because of having existence of Artifact Spirit, Spiritual Artifact may the direct command(er) artifact fight, but will revere from Host absolutely realizes.” Zhao Hai has not thought that today's pleasantly surprised will really have these many, in this time, Yama Ship was vanishing from Space, Magic Staff flew from Space. Zhao Hai took up Magic Staff to look, on Magic Staff appears symbol of ten Two Star places, in the Magic Staff top, actually is not the appearance of original skeleton, but turned into a lotus appearance, this lotus had seven hua pistils, the peak of each hua pistil, was a shape of small star, but also in shivering gently, but these seven hua pistils also according to the Seven Stars of the Big Dipper shape arrangement, before were not likely, became the circular arrangement. In Magic Staff also has stellar scintillation probably, looked like very beautiful. Zhao Hai happy look at Magic Staff, Magic Staff wields, Yama Ship also in appears , Yama Ship also had beautiful, on the hull still ten eight layers Hell reliefs, but broad side both sides wheel same formation disk actually turned into 12, on each formation disk, constellation design formation disk in rotation of keeping, the constellation design on formation disk is motionless throughout. In the below of ship, actually was not the sea water, but was huge lotus, this entire ship was places on huge lotus to be the same probably, in lotus below, was the blue water spray, in the water spray also a little stellar scintillation, the entire ship looked like looks like the masterpiece of heaven. look at Yama Ship that Laura their two eyes shines, they have not thought that Yama Ship unexpectedly will become such attractive. Zhao Hai wielded Magic Staff, these formation disk suddenly on broad side flew, then in the flash, ten Two Star place Combat Suit, flew to come out he from formation disk, each Combat Suit by their constellation attribute appears , but they can actually the fluctuation shape at any time. Zhao Hai nodded, they got up Yama Ship with Laura, Combat Suit turned into formation disk, returned to the both sides of broad side, other on the ship places to did not have too many changes, but on the ship all the wind chimes of hanging, turned into a lotus appearance. Zhao Hai stands in on the ship, thinks that then his intention moves, Laura they presently, Yama Ship immediately changed in another appearance, turned did not have the Level Up beforehand appearance, this made Laura they also some puzzled.

However the Zhao Hai intention is moving, Yama Ship actually turned into true lotus, could not see an appearance of ship, saw these, Zhao Hai then nodded, Yama Ship really had Magic Staff such, ever changing ability. Laura they saw these also understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, their also face[ was popular] look at this huge lotus that exerted, this lotus divided ten eight layers, they stand in lotus most top layer now, in lotus below, was having the blue water spray to tumble, but on each level lotus, was carving ten eight layers Hell reliefs, happen to and lotus hua petal layer was the same. On the lotus first hua petal point, is small, small wind chimes, but the appearances of these bells actually turn into each and every one the shape of small bell crotch. Does Zhao Hai satisfied nod, turn the head what kind to Laura their said : „? Later we did not want Yama, we used this, did you look?” Laura immediately/on horseback happy nod said : good, fantastic, Elder Brother Hai, this is good, was too attractive.” Lizzy they also[ is popular] nod of exerts, two eyes does not listen to look at that in all directions directs. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : walks, we enter the level, I to have a look, what Cultivation Method that any Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Formula is.” Laura they nodded, with enters the room with Zhao Hai, in the room to does not have what change, only crossed this in the room Space to clamp probably, was higher, Zhao Hai they looked at all around one, not having too many changes, Zhao Hai they to enter the villa, then Zhao Hai deep voice said : Cai'er, made me have a look that Cultivation Method.” Cai'er has complied with one, then Zhao sea surface on appears a book, this book just appears in the Zhao Hai front, a villain on appears on the book cover, the villain had bowed said : to see Young Master to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai stares, but his immediately responded, his curious look at that villain said : „are you that Level Up book? Um, you are God Race bestowed Radiant Church Divine Artifact, now you already Level Up, should the new names, I think after you, called Records of the Treasured Scripture.”

Villain happy bows said : thanks Young Master to bestow the name to Zhao Hai.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : you to come out because of that Cultivation Method record in inside? Turns to make me have a look.” Records of the Treasured Scripture complied with one, precious book opened, big writing appears in the Zhao Hai front, Zhao Hai careful look at these writing, these writing arrangements reorganized, handwriting very neat, the character was not small, making the person look like very comfortable. Zhao Hai cannot help but nodded, the character on careful look at book. Written is Cultivation Method, is level practice method of Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Secret Art. Zhao Hai look at Cultivation Method, while keeps is estimating the Cultivation Method concise place, after waiting for this First Layer Cultivation Method Zhao Hai to look, he present an issue, according to this Cultivation Method on said that he strength, can only exempt the strong study First Layer content now, in First Layer Highest Level to Cultivation Method, but must miss much, this cannot help but makes Zhao Hai be startled. a.