Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 966

The changes of various Chapter 963 Space clans One hear of Zhao Hai said that in thinks that Zhao Hai this can probably also install under huge ship of many person, the song of solomon their understand, the song of solomon nodded said : well, depends on mister, mister can deal with the Leo Continent person at any time.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, bows to several people said : thanks a lot, my this begins, invites song of solomon Patriarch, gave you frontline soldier to send a letter, my this left.” The song of solomon also knows Space ability that Zhao Hai that mysteriously appears and disappears, he nodded, getting the people to get down from Zhao Hai on the ship, they get down, Zhao Hai immediately vanished in Libra Continent, to Leo Continent there. Zhao Hai appears in Leo Continent there, the horse has carried on attack to the Leo clan, Leo clan present situation not fantastic, in their clan when makes the war with different God Race, loses is not small, although they withstand Foreign God attack, but the price is also very big. They hope finally is hopes their Supreme Elder can come back, however their Supreme Elder have not come back, Zhao Hai actually came, this regarding their attack is very big. The people of Zhao Hai to these Leo Continent has not kept the hand, therefore the person of counter-attack, was all struck to kill, but these rebel, actually all was not received in Space. Such matter Zhao Hai has made many times, these Undead Creature were also the veterans, they also had the intelligence, therefore such fight, almost did not use Zhao Hai command(er). These different God Race armies, received the song of solomon their order, they have not participated in attack, but they actually saw Zhao Hai is big person to Leo attack, that easily accomplished same attack, looks at their backs to be cool, they are first time see such attack style, Zhao Hai undead army, lets their shocks very. Moreover those who most make them shock, probably some of their don’t know Zhao Hai in hand altogether many undead, Zhao Hai appears , then entire Leo Continent blots out the sky is undead, this lets their being startled extremely. Has the curious different God Race person to consider as finished, small town of hundred thousand person, Zhao Hai undead army, only used less than one hour to solve, in the city in not a living creature, no matter person or Magic Beast, all vanish from sight. Zhao Hai empties a city every time, different God Race army seizes a city, they presently advancing, cannot follow Zhao Hai attack. Most makes them feel what is surprised, what these Undead Creature probably are simply don’t know is tired, attack not to stop, in the evening has not stopped. A day passed by, they could not see Zhao Hai and fight of Leo Continent person, two days pass by, they have fought to get Leo Continent 50% cities, but has still not seen Zhao Hai and fight of Leo Continent person, Zhao Hai had ended the fight to be the same evidently probably.

Third day, the different God Race soldier, has seized, therefore Continent of Leo clan, but they still have not actually seen Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai walked. These different God Race soldiers, each and every one is surprised, disappeared to tell the song of solomon this, the song of solomon heard this information time, really being startled extremely, what now he regarding Zhao Hai strength Zhao was curious, a person, three days, God Race extinguishing, such fighting strength, having made him think that were cool on the back. Zhao Hai now in there? Zhao Hai in Space, he now has not been repelled by Space now, moreover Zhao Hai present, his present physical ability energy quantity, only about 1/10 of his original energy quantity, but this has not made his attack strength reduce, because of energy of his within the body, the quality ten times has actually continued compared with the original energy quality, in other words, his within the body energy quantity, is original energy that quantity time, Space will repel to him, but on this day regarding Zhao Hai, but must wait for for a long time. This Stellar Secret Art attack method, is really is very strong, can achieve this point unexpectedly, can look from this point, Stellar Secret Art, too be more than Cultivation Method that he practiced. Practices any Cultivation Method, your level wants to promote, has direct relationship with your within the body energy quantity, looks like one bucket of water, you only then pack the barrel, has completed duty, half bucket of water were incorrect. If Cultivation Method of Zhao Hai original practice, in puts the water toward welling up, Cultivation Method that Zhao Hai practices now, in barrel attire possibly was the mercury, was much heavier than the water. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai can the Space rest now well, therefore his returned to Space Villa there, look at Laura they have practiced in there. Such that Laura their practices really such as Zhao Hai thinks, is very slow, the Zhao Hai practice is slower, although energy of their within the body, was inferior that energy of Zhao Hai within the body are many, but they transform actually probably also to take the effort compared with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai will transform these energy to use three days , the time that Laura they used longer. Looked Laura they practice although is very slow, but does not have appears any issue, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, he now look at O'Neal Clan in the Taurus Continent there base. O'Neal Clan in Taurus Continent that base, has not constructed now, after all that base was too big, their Scouts, have actually sent out much, scout in all directions, but had not found Thunder Clan in their three clans any race Space rift, therefore Zhao Hai has not worried to move. The Zhao Hai present attention has put God Race Space there, these God Race when enter Space most from the beginning, is very unfriendly, they in the destruction that in Space goes all out, but now they to were good, entered along with the God Race people to Space , the God Race person in Space understand, God Race ended, God Realm there was not having God Race, all person God Race in here. After these people appoint, their suddenly present, this Space is very unexpectedly good, compared with God Race Continent on must, here not borrow to eat, moreover thing that in Continent various places, some churches, they can pick with oneself to there exchanges thing that oneself want, very convenient. But the here nobody slave they, has not managed them to collect taxes, Noble in these God Race, in this time war, were almost loses negligently completely, they lost to the God Race dominant ability, therefore these God Race people now really very free.

Moreover the God Race person presently, in this Space, you have not been able to do the misdemeanor, you cannot snatch others' thing, cannot steal others' thing, cannot beat and scold others at will, will otherwise be punished. These God Race people see with one's own eyes, a God Race person wanted to bully lost old person of mature man, the woman and child, next day that person vanished, had vanished for one month, waited for one month later he in appears , in front of people, people presently his thin and pale was not good, when the people asked he went to there time, on his face a immediately appears frightened facial expression, said that anything is not willing to say one went to there. Afterward had stolen others thing person, vanished for seven days, when he in appears , the facial expression with that person, after had been almost asked that he said that he went to there, he was closed in a room, in that room, only then the a little bit light, nobody with the speech, all around did not have a point voice, although there did not lack eats, but was closed in that place seven days, simply was sadder than seven years, from then on, in him is not willing there. In Space, such matter also has many, has been the person of misdemeanor, received is closed the punishment of dark room like this, some circumstance are serious, for example strong, jian, murder, was executed directly, but what sounds queer, person who all receives the punishment, presently has not been who grasps them, they felt after one have done the misdemeanor, on by Transmission to a that dark room, moreover immediately was closed, then a sound on announcing their indictment, then also announced to their punishments, then the sound vanishes, they. Only can lonely staying in that small black room, but that small black room is not big, is less than five square meters. By a person such propaganda that these subject to a penalty, the small black room became God Race Space here by existence of person terror, even some people rather die, is not willing by Guan Xiaohei Room. However the issue is, so long as they entered the small black room, the authority that dies did not have, so long as they as soon as has Qi chart of suicide, immediately will be imprisoned by the whole body, cannot put forth a strength, clean that the body original strength can also vanish, making them want to commit suicide does not have the means. After many people by Guan Xiaohei Room, God Race Space here one on calm, was almost turned into the high moral standard in society, the situation of law and order prevail. These God Race people must do now, is the everyday exiting practical training, picks enough many thing, then uses these thing, received exchange thing that some want, the daily necessities, the book, anything has, does not have weapon. Most from the beginning enters Space these God Race people, has been used to such life, they felt that such life, compares probably was also better, but also is relaxed. However this does not mean that they have forgotten to the hatred of Zhao Hai, because they have not forgotten to the hatred of Zhao Hai, therefore Zhao Hai does not have appears in God Race Space there, he is paying attention to these God Race people, having a look at their life to be what kind. The life of God Race there is very good, Zhao Hai looked at several other Space, life also very good of there people, best naturally Ark Space there, there people now person is very good, even may the beginning appears novel, appears thing like short movie, this be Zhao Hai wants to see. Ark Continent there person, in seeing Zhao Hai after outside projection, has produced to this method curiously, liked the research person, immediately starts to carry on research, finally they presently, are advantageous for some Magic Formation, can achieve this type to record the shade, was attaining other places to show, but these intelligent, naturally has thought must write down some story, then looked for some people to deduct the story, this has formed some small short films, likely was most movie from the beginning is just same, these small short film was silent. However is so, made the life of Ark Space here person more colorful, at once, in Ark Space formed Magic Formation research to be hot unexpectedly.

This situation is Zhao Hai likes certainly seeing that the just by Wild Dragon Island there person carries on research, after is limited, the entire Continent people are happy difficult research, the result that yields will be very astonishing. Compared with Ark Space here, Demon Race Space there is actually another appearance, the Demon Race person does not like research Magic Formation, they like research all kinds of plants. Possibly before is, Demon Realm there lacks the plants reason, the Demon Race Space here person, each very liked research plants, Zhao Hai for sometime has not seen the Demon Race Space there situation, these time looked at the situation in Demon Race Space, was startled, he has not thought that in Demon Race Space, turned into a plants kingdom unexpectedly, each household of Demon Race others around the house, were planting all kinds of plants. Zhao Hai can look, they plant these plants to not to eat , because likes. However their such plants, to were makes in Demon Race produce special profession, demon Medicine Master! Before Demon Race here, does not have this profession, because before , in Demon Realm there, almost all plants is poisonous, has deadly poison, they naturally do not dare optional touches these plants. However is different in here, here plants also has plenty, moreover almost does not have poisonous, therefore some Demon Race people start research many plants, even appears tasted all various grassy plants the Shennong same character. Zhao Hai is also glad to see that regarding this situation, so long as they like, went to research to be good at will, moreover Zhao Hai also decided the reward the system, people in these Space, no matter the research was divided any new Magic Formation, or new species medicine, no matter were useful, so long as were new and odd thing, they will be rewarded, with according to the difference of thing, reward thing was also different. Zhao Hai the error, further ji in Space the enthusiasms of various clans, a Gnome clan, their clan probably was especially inborn lives for research Magic Formation, since knows the character, after learn some simple Magic Formation, Gnome clan almost all people started to carry on research to Magic Formation. Looks at their this frantic appearances, Zhao Hai is really happy extremely, is also richer to a reward of Gnome clan. A Gnome clan does not care regarding food and drink very much, regarding place that they live, they do not care very much, they like research Magic Formation, in family pendulum almost is and Magic Formation research related thing. Compared with their several clans, Thunder Clan and Barbarian have that Space that Pegasus Clan is, must miss on were many, because they just entered Space, did not have complete to settle down to be good, in adding on the Pegasus Clan person, slowly is not willing to move toward Space, therefore there appears somewhat chaotic. Zhao Hai to does not have too many caring regarding this situation, he has not gone to there to gesticulate, he does not want to several clansman one type of, he to interfere their impressions, after all the situations of three clans are somewhat special. After Zhao Hai extinguishes the Leo clan third day, Laura their also completed the study Stellar Secret Art First Layer, naturally, but practiced the good merit route, energy of their physical ability, to Stellar Secret Art First Layer cultivate until Great Perfection, but also fell far short. roa.