Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 967
The moon/month started, asking everyone/Great Clan to continue to support obviously, asked! After Laura their learn Stellar Secret Art, has given Karen them this Cultivation Method, but Karen actually does not like studying, disliked is extremely troublesome. Zhao Hai to has not gone to compel him, to be honest, Zhao Hai presently he, Stellar Secret Art probably suiting for attack, Karen he has not liked fighting, study study, other people did not study have been OK. Laura they have given Green them Cultivation Method, they have not taught Green them to practice in inside, after all they also just just understood. Looked that Laura they practiced, Zhao Hai immediately called the living room several people, asked after next several people of practice achievements, this nodded said :well, good that very you practiced, this several days I one really in being busy Space the matters of various clans, was similar, we who now is also busy should the preparation next plan. Laura look at Zhao Hai smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, was the preparation begins to Pegasus Clan? I looked that already should cope with them, Pegasus Clan these fellows, not well tidies up, will be dishonest.” less than showed a faint smile said : naturally, I also lost the patience to Pegasus Clan actually, but I complied with Zhanyue, otherwise, I will not be managing their, this several days I start has made some scout squads of these Undead Creature to O'Neal Clan carried on attack slowly, them toward Pegasus Clan there direct.” Lizzy look at screen said : Elder Brother Hai, did you move? What response is O'Neal Clan?” Zhao Hai gently knit the brows said : „to say the response of O'Neal Clan, but also really somewhat strange, they probably are the ten points[ is popular] exerts, so long as sees Undead Creature, immediately will pursue.” Lizzy one hear of Zhao Hai said that also knit the brows said : this likely is not the attitude that O'Neal Clan is used, they are not ting careful? This time is What happened? Zhao Hai also frowns said : „, this O'Neal Clan response some are not quite normal, I also feel very strange, but this to does not have no relationship regarding us, we happen to must direct Pegasus Clan there them, when the time comes knows that they wanted to do. ” Several people nodded, did Zhao Hai turn the head to look at several people of said : now I to want to go to Atlanta Continent there to have a look at you to think? ” Lizzy they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then on how many faces cannot help but liked said : Elder Brother Hai, do we want to go to Atlanta Continent there really? When leaves?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : present to go, you have forgotten, initially I gave Axe a piece Command Token, there have recorded many Atlanta Continent map, we can go to Atlanta Continent there directly understanding Atlanta Continent well. ” Laura look at Zhao Hai, facial expression strange said : Elder Brother Hai, weren't you will project on Atlanta Continent there to go the idea?” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that ” stares slightly, then he shook the head said : not to be impossible, Atlanta Continent there and Ark Continent here, situation completely different, I want to go to there to have a look, their Ascending Mecha what's the matter, that wants also turns over to Lu Wei to control, if there does not turn over to Lu Wei to rule whom that them is turns over to control, if they turn over to other person rules, rules their is who, among their these low grade plane, what relation hasthese is Zhao Hai wants to know.? ” Laura their static is listening to the Zhao Hai words, these that the meaning of their also understand Zhao Hai this saying, to be honest, Zhao Hai said that they also want to know, because of these matter relationship to their later life. Zhao Hai looked that several people do not speak, this smiles said : actually in Atlanta Continent there, we to can go to playing well to outside, Atlanta Continent there population extremely numerous, so long as we forged some ID Card, can walk in there at will.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that ” cannot help but two eyes one bright, to be honest, although said that Space here environment very good, however grew in the here dull time, they will also feel bothersome, moreover God Race their these places, they transferred, did not have attractively what, has traded new environment playing well also well. Zhao Hai looks at several people of appearances, cannot help but shows a faint smile said : you, if agreed that we make to look, what kind of?” Laura they nodded, Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, cannot help but show a faint smile, then a picture revolution, on the screen came out the picture on Atlanta Continent. The Atlanta Continent there situation, with Ark Continent or God Race here, there is not a Magic Armor world, can see all kinds of Magic Armor in there everywhere, these Magic Armor uses are also various, each Magic Armor use, some are not specially use the construction, some actually specifically are used for the dry farm work, these Magic Armor divisions of work very thin. To be honest, saw Atlanta Continent here, Zhao Hai has cannot help but thought of Earth, Atlanta Magic Armor Continent here, the car(riage) that the ground ran like automobile, naturally the child, these car(riage)s also use Energy Converter, what used with Magic Armor was with one type of thing. However automobile here energy in Energy Converter, actually not from Magic Beast[ body] in Magic Crystal withdraws, Energy Converter of automobilism, what inside stores up is the electric power.

Right was the electric power, Zhao Hai also after paying attention to the Atlanta Continent here situation present, here person unexpectedly in electrification, moreover probably the time of use was not short. The origin of their electric power, just like the electric field on Earth, just in their electric fields, electric power that produces, not obtains by the bunker coal or other fever thing, but has used the water power, the wind power is adding on the Magic Formation necessary use, then the fresh electrical energy, melts the improvement the situation of that electrical machinery to be similar to Space Ricker, but also wants Advanced level compared with a Karen transform electrical machinery probably. After seeing these, Zhao Hai is really very shocked, his affirmation, Atlanta Continent here feared that turns over to Lu Wei to rule. Zhao Hai paid attention, several Space that now Zhao Hai knows, for example Ark Continent, for example Demon Realm, for example God Realm, these places, people although is also using some Magic Formation, but these Magic Formation level are actually very low, simply is impossible to form nice Magic Formation or the Magic mechanical system. Moreover Lu Wei in preventing that this person in his plane, research Magic Formation, likely is a Gnome clan, is not because this extinguished? Most makes Zhao Hai be what is surprised, he carefully was looking at Magic Formation, looked at Seven Star Locking Heaven formation diagram, he presently Seven Star Locking Heaven formation diagram, although said that was more complex than Magic Formation, but Formation like Seven Star Locking Heaven, with Magic Formation, is the complete two systems, even if Magic Formation research in profound, with Seven Star Locking Heaven such Formation, is completely different. Most from the beginning he thinks that Magic Formation and Seven Star Locking Heaven missed these many, when Magic Formation research to profound place, can research Seven Star Locking Heaven slowly. However now he has presently made a mistake, Magic Formation and Seven Star Locking Heaven is two completely different systems, looks like two parallel lines, is forever impossible to intersect. The product that Zhao Hai careful research, the Magic Formation method and Seven Star Locking Heaven, he presently these two Formation look like two different cultures with evolving, this result also lets Zhao Hai greatly surprised, let his affirmation, Atlanta Continent here, did not turn over to Lu Wei to manage. Laura Atlanta Continent on their look at screen, is greatly surprised, they have not thought that Atlanta Continent here can be this appearance. Some little time Zhao Hai their said :looks like to Laura this Atlanta Continent is really not simple, Laura, you clothes that pays attention to the Atlanta Continent here person to wear, according to the appearances of these clothes, manufactures, we transfer the extension to Atlanta Continent.

Laura they have complied with one, entire gods stared at the screen, the clothes that the look at Atlanta Continent here person wore, Zhao Hai was opening Warehouse, had a look in whether to find thing that he needed. Also let alone, in Warehouse one pile is tattered, he really had also found some useful thing, ID Card that several O'Neal Clan Magic Armor soldiers use. Zhao Hai takes to look at these ID Card, the content on this identification, on ID Card looks like very with Earth, is only detailed some, above has the picture of user, height, body weight, age, place of birth, even above also one seeks Magic Crystal. Zhao Hai called to find out a O'Neal Clan Magic Armor soldier that this ID Card, was Atlanta Continent every ID Card, that Magic Crystal, the function of equivalent to bankcard, inside recorded you to have how much money. In Atlanta Continent there, although has plenty Clan, but bank actually only then, this silver is walked to own stocks together by several Great Clan control, for is facilitates the Atlanta Continent here person to trade and live. Hears doing of this ID Card to use, Zhao Hai cannot help but acclaimed one, had this ID Card, Atlanta Continent there, the life truly facilitated. Zhao Hai look at that Magic Armor soldier said : „is that the Atlanta Continent person, no matter has arrived at there, so long as brought this ID Card to be OK? Your doesn't there have currency?” That Magic Armor soldier shook the head said : is not, our there has currency, has gold coins, silver coins, the copper coins three types, gold coins equal to ten silver coins, equal to hundred copper coins, the ordinary people live can make with these money, the silver on ID Card, only then in some banks subordinate in the industry to cause directly, normally must buy thing, must take from the bank money, then can use.” Zhao Hai nodded, waved that Magic Armor soldier returned to in Hell Space, then he was taking that body card card to Universal Analyzer there, has put in ID Card Analyzer. After one procedure gets down, in Analyzer transmits prompt speaking sounds: Presently Magic machine civilization unique ID Card, in has bankcard Cultivation Method, can Host imitate? If Host must imitate this ID Card, welcome imitate to the Universal Machine regulator, such as Host must save money toward this proof, saving money number, will deduct from Space gold coins.” a.