Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 968

Zhao Hai one hear of Analyzer prompt sound, has cannot help but criticized one, this Analyzer is not thing, first time makes thing to him, must receive money, these time walks excessively, saves money toward that bank card, must buckle from Space unexpectedly, what his mother is how a matter. However Zhao Hai also knows that Analyzer said walked, is impossible to change, he must collection [say / way] Manufacturing Machine there, give him and Laura they every has made ID Card, ID Card of everyone has saved hundred thousand gold coins. Zhao Hai and don’t know Atlanta Continent there gold coins purchasing power how, therefore he has saved hundred thousand this sandwich digit. Has not waited for Zhao Hai to take ID Card to go to the room, Laura they from in the room walked outto Universal Machine thereZhao Hai looked that Laura they come out, knows that he wants to do, his does immediately/on horseback make the clothes to Laura said :? Saw clearly the style of that clothes?” Laura nodded said : to favor, their there clothes do not have anything specially, was not very attractive.” Said that arrived at Universal Manufacturing Machine thereto choose clothing manufacturethen to draw the designs of several clothes, making Manufacturing Machine make several clothes. After waiting for the clothes system to be good, Laura their immediately has changed the clothes, but Zhao Hai actually does not need to trade, he puts on that clothes that but in Space produces, this type of clothes can transformation, so long as told the style of Zhao Hai clothes, his clothes can transformation. Waited for several people to wear the clothes, Zhao Hai then nodded said : to walk, we went to Atlanta Continent there to have a look.” Laura they nodded, Zhao Hai returned to in the room, looks for the side that a nobody paid attention to the map, with Laura their appears on Atlanta Continent. Several people of appears on Atlanta Continent, looked at all around one, here also is really very good, the environment is not very badthis to arrive makes the Zhao Hai somewhat accidenthe think that Atlanta Continent here person, what show is Magic-Mechanical Civilization, the effect on the environment will be very big, now looks like is actually not, what environmental protection of Atlanta Continent here is very good. Reason that Zhao Hai said that is because level to their this levelsregarding the change of all around environment is very sensitive, the quality of this environment, Zhao Hai, so long as inspires can know. Laura around they also curious look at, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, we walked, but do not forget to here, we must speak the Atlanta Continent language. ” Laura they noddedcarry on to talk in the Atlanta Continent language, their Atlanta Continent language, already study after a period of timestandard. Several people of appears places arein O'Neal Clan a small volume of city, so long as they will transfer several curved appears on the main street in city. The main street in this city, crowded very livelycar(riage) extremely numerous on roadLaura their curious look at in all directions, Zhao Hai is also also sizing up all around, but he in watching the funhe is looking for the bank.

Looks all around does not have the bank, Zhao Hai to arrive around a pedestrian, to that person of gave a salute said : 1 mister, the bank in city in that? I just from outside area, want to take a money.” That person looked at Zhao Hai onelong Zhao Hai was too ordinarynot any special place, but cloud poor business conditions clear temperament, making the person look that has the one type of favorable impression to come, therefore that person of immediately/on horseback said : bank, is very near, you have proceeded following this road, then turns right, in stepping onto for about five minutes can see.” After Zhao Hai noddedthat person expressed gratitude likely, leading Laura they to proceed to walkseveral people to walk while is sizing up all around, can look athere is a business street, the both sides of road are all kinds of trades, very popular noisy, Laura they proceeds, while around curious look atseveral people chirp were chatting, caused well person surprised on road. Several people may be very attractive big beautiful women, this turning head leads high naturally. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, but follows side them, around smile look at, but has brought in an all around man piece of envying look. Atlanta Continent here is not the place of monogyny, in here, so long as you are richyou to marry many wives, therefore on Zhao Hai their ID Card, has marked each other relationship. This is also characteristics on Atlanta Continent ID Card, have you married, who the wife is, on ID Card, will have the demonstration. Several people walked for more than ten minutes, saw the bank, this bank cultivates to was very beautiful, Zhao Hai looked, the name of bank also very had the characteristics, Magic Armor Bank. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, leading Laura they to walk toward the bank, in this bank very stylish ” the entire hall had about five meters highin interior decoration resplendent and magnificent, in the inside of bank, was a row of counter, lined up in the counter there has plenty person, the left hand of hall was a rest hall, sits many people in rest hall there. Near the right hand of hall, is actually a room, in the room writes one line of characters: Reserved lounge. In in front of the door of expensive soldier restroom, stands two pretty females to serve staff. Zhao Hai wants not to think that walks toward the reserved lounge in directly, that two female customer service personnel looked at Zhao Hai to walk, bowed said : to welcome mister to visit to Zhao Hai, asking mister to show ID Card.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, has put out ID Card, that female customer service personnel received Zhao Hai ID Card to look, gave back to Zhao Hai said : to be unfair to mister ID Card, you cannot go in your this are not a VIP card. ”

The person in hall just noticed that Zhao Hai leads several women to come, moreover walks toward VIP suite there directly, is paying attention to Zhao Hai, now one hear of that female customer service personnel said that cannot help but has laughed. Originally puts on an act, but also wants to enter the VIP suite, you do not have 1 million deposits, but also wants to enter the VIP suite, this is from that drill fool, I thought that several women are also he deceive?” Right, right, I look am also” several beautiful women, I thought you with that foolwith Elder Brother I, Elder Brother I was perhaps richer than him. ” Hears these sounds, Laura their cannot help but face one beautifully, the each and every one air/Qi results in face to be red, if not Zhao Hai waved, they almost must begin to these people. Expression that Zhao Hai has not been angry, but to good female customer service personnel said : 1 Sister Bo, I to know custom this time I come, for and my several wife Level Up becomes the distinguished guest to oneself, don’t know this business handles in the hall, can handle to the VIP suite in? ” One hear of Zhao Hai said that in hall all people have gawked, then the people in hall cannot help but looks outward, they want to take a look, Zhao Hai drew several car(riage) gold coins to come, otherwise how possibly one will become a distinguished guest several people of Level Up. But outside they looked at outside one, actually presently after some dead/die home cars, not any car(riage) of detaining utilization, the person cannot help but in a low voice dead/die language in hall, on although most person also faces is having the smiling face, but some smart people were actually not speaking at a venture. Also has the Chu tool in Atlanta Continent here, but these tools are also not extremely numerous, person who in hand generally grasps is having the status, therefore Zhao Hai has not driven to draw gold coins to come, equal to he does not have the means to become a distinguished guest several people of Level Up, conversely, if Zhao Hai real Level Up has become the distinguished guest, that represents his status not to be absolutely simple. That female customer service personnel one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then said :mister please with me......, Zhao Hai nodded, is leading Laura their several, entered the VIP suite with that female customer service personnel, all people in hall pay attention to the gate of VIP suitewhat result to have a look to be, if Zhao Hai real Level Up is successful, the person in that bank certainly respectful, if he who he deliversdoes not have Level Up to be successful, that staff member also not to his polite, certain will catch up to come out him, must knowbehind the Magic Armor Bank influence to be possible not to be small, if Zhao Hai has deceived them, they will be not polite.

Zhao Hai enters this expensive soldier room immediately to feel that here differences, the VIP suite here environment is also better than outside, here is also even playing the gentle music, sits is not likely the hall there hard chair, but is the soft sand. Zhao Hai several people under the influence of female customer service personnel, sat sand there, female customer service personnel immediately has provided several cups of drink to several people, after the drink took, ” that female customer service personnel bowed said : 1 to ask mister to wait a bit to Zhao Hai „, our manager immediately.” Zhao Hai noddedhe to think more and more Atlanta Continent here like Earth, first called on looks like, this let his is really hundred tastes is at heart mixed. The Zhao Hai drink has not drunk several. ” A middle-aged man walked, this person wears a clothes very official profession attire, although not very magnificent, but actually shows astute capable temperament to come, this man arrives around Zhao Hai, bows said : to welcome mister to visit to Zhao Hai, am I the manager in bank, how much money don’t know mister these time must deposit?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : my these time to make a big business, the opposite party actually not through the bank money to me, instead to gave my some gold brick, don’t know I have been able to save these gold brick to the bank in?” As soon as that manager listened to Zhao Hai to sayquickly said: Naturally, mister please enter heart gold brick to save to the bank, we will help mister you convert gold coins, will not have any mistake absolutely. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, where do I want to put gold brick?” That manager bows said : to ask mister to come with me to Zhao Hai, do several women rest not to know to be able in here? ” Zhao Hai stood got up said : to walk.” The hand signal that manager immediately/on horseback has made invitation, Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura their said : Laura, gives me your ID Card, I also deposit money to your card some.” Laura they have complied with one, has given Zhao Hai their ID Card, after Zhao Hai received ID Card, this walks toward the VIP suite in that manager. That manager leads the way in front, is respectful appearancehe now complete believes that Zhao Hai will not be a simple character. a.