Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 970
Zhao Hai look at Laura their tense appearances, at heart and guilty, simultaneously he also received oneself at heart that unnecessary train of thought that his understand, oneself present each action, relationship not only, but also relationship to Laura they. No matter he thinks of the life on beforehand Earth, he could not go back, now he was not that Zhao Hai on Earth, he was Zhao Hai Buda, Buda Family Patriarch, Laura their husband. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback tidies up the mood, look at Laura they, shows a faint smile said :, is all right, I have thought in Ark Continent there, when I was matched in Black Wasteland, I have a dream have not thought that will have such one day, he he.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura they also relaxed, does Laura smile said : this not to demonstrate Elder Brother Hai your ability? You are relying on your effort, arriving bit by bit today.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „ By me, is not relying on Space, does not have the Space words, Perhaps my Zhao Hai to the present also anything is not, possibly now does not have including Buda Family. ” Laura look at Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not, Elder Brother Hai, I do not believe that if were other people obtained Space, but may not have is so good, can say that you who you did have utilized Space extremely, moreover your very low key, do not forget, Space did not have these many mysterious abilities most from the beginning, if other people obtained this Space, will not be most from the beginning low-key, Elder Brother Hai, Space was a tool, doing that a tool can play with limited, finally determined the destiny, the person of use tool.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be good, does not need to comfort me, Space unified with me, what reason no matter because, in any case I was very happy, was good, did not say that this has thought that what car(riage) you do want to buy? Actually this car(riage) our also it will not take long, when Atlanta Continent here uses, after we have achieved the point, ” must go back, when we go back, these thing had more than enough. ” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also understand Zhao Hai has been all right, several people of immediately/on horseback discussed that look at Laura they chirp the appearance, Zhao Hai have cannot help but smiled, Laura they all are centered on him are revolving now, all, for him, his happy their also happy.Vehicle was stopping in this time, the driver from the car(riage) later, their opened the vehicle door to Zhao Hai, after Zhao Hai walks, that driver to Zhao Hai bows said : mister, here is speeds along the armored car big store, here has armored car of various brands, various scales also has mister to be able in the vehicle type that here chooses you to like. ” Zhao Hai nodded said : thanks.” The hand moves, has put in five gold coins the hand of that driver, after that driver bows the expression of gratitude, stands by the car(riage). Zhao Hai turns the head look at this to speed along the armored car big store, this big store real very stylish

What is different from other these stores, outside of this store, almost does not have any advertisement, is only in in front of the door of store, puts one is looking like very ancient armored car. Succinct of entire big store design, atmospherelooks like Noble that makes the element to install to dress up, his although wears most common clothes, but that noble temperament actually covers unable to show. Zhao Hai cannot help but acclaimed said : well light to look at this appearance, knows that this big store was very goodwalks, we went well chose several car(riage)s. „” Laura several people have cheered one, when first runs toward the big store, Zhao Hai also shows a faint smile, but he has not run, but entered slowly has bought the field greatly. Zhao Hai just entered the big store, immediately has one to serve staff to walk, she wears a dress, is not that ten points xing feeling dress, this clothes dress although makes her look like li is very bright, but actually not xing feeling, but makes people feel that she is astute. That female customer service personnel bows to Zhao Hai slightly said : mister hello, welcome, No. 215 customer service personnel at your service.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : hello, getting me to look at your here abundant.” That female customer service personnel nodded said : well, mister please come with me, does not know that what car(riage) mister must look, ordinary home car(riage), commercial vehicle, race car, Recreational Vehicle (RV)?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : I want to take a look at Recreational Vehicle (RV) first, I like myself opening Recreational Vehicle (RV) to travel in all directions.” That female customer service personnel immediately/on horseback said : good, asking mister to come with me.” Said that directs Zhao Hai toward marrying the surface walks. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, is seeing Laura they in all around look at all kinds of race cars, has to recognize, the race car truly look like dazzles and cool, very appealing eyeball. Laura they saw Zhao Hai to walk, immediately has encircled, Laura to Zhao Hai said :, Elder Brother Hai, I had a liking for a car(riage), did we buy to be good?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : you happily difficult to buy, I must have a look at Recreational Vehicle (RV).”

Laura their said : Recreational Vehicle (RV)? Good, we first have a look at Recreational Vehicle (RV).” Said that several follow in Zhao Hai behind, walks toward the big store in that customer service personnel. That customer service personnel to is some surprised, the beautiful woman who Laura their several may not see much, but these beautiful women really have relationship with Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai wife, this is really makes her be startled evidently probably, because Zhao Hai looked like too ordinary. This female clothing/taking strength has not thought that Laura they are for money with Zhao Hai in together, Laura their although very beautiful, but on them Ran that Noble temperament is actually the person cannot install, the clothes that although this female customer service personnel wears, making them appear very capable, but a little can actually affirm that her body may not have Laura their such temperament. although that customer service personnel to Zhao Hai very curious, but she had not asked that these are not she should care, if her too talkative, will bring to oneself troublesome. Zhao Hai arrived at Recreational Vehicle (RV) there with that customer service personnel before long, Zhao Hai looked, he presently, Atlanta Continent here Recreational Vehicle (RV), on Recreational Vehicle (RV) compared with Earth wants to be bigger, here Recreational Vehicle (RV) was not unexpectedly smaller than War Chariot/Tank many, this is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised. Laura they somewhat surprised look at these Recreational Vehicle (RV), they have not thought that will see such big car(riage) in here unexpectedly, these car(riage)s they have seen on the screen. Zhao Hai sees these car(riage)s, in thinks that Atlanta Continent here, well there Ark Continent and in the place is wider than much streets, on understand what's the matter, it seems like Atlanta Continent here Magic-Mechanical Civilization show also want Advanced level more than Earth on. That, customer service personnel arrives at silvery bright nearby Recreational Vehicle (RV), „ mister please look to Zhao Hai said :, this car(riage) is O'Neal Clan armored car produce, strength sign Recreational Vehicle (RV), this Recreational Vehicle (RV) is divided into three layers, in each level has about Space one hundred 25 square meters, in First Layer is a miniature parking lot, high 1.5m, parking lot ground automatic toward extending shrinking, you must stop toward the parking lot, so long as the First Layer floor, extends, so long as you stop the car(riage) to the floor on, the floor can[ from] by to the withdraw to car(riage) , the entire parking lot can stop. The floor of berth eight, each car(riage) is, can extend alone, you can from the Second Layer floor, only meet to descend to the car(riage) that by you must drive, very convenient. Second Layer is the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, a fitness car(riage), a miniature swimming hall, all application facilities, one should be complete, moreover inside all chairs, become with the high level Magic Beast leather, sits comfortably. Third Layer is the bedroom altogether has six bedrooms, in each bedroom the bathroom of bringing, in the bathroom, can carry on simple taking a bath. This is the normal three layers design, in the uppermost of car(riage), is not the simple vehicle roof envy, there is a 1 u day small[ broad] field, you can open a road day above the small party.

Car(riage) both sides glass can open, moreover can get up, forms a small solar awning, you can in the evening, stop the car(riage) in there, enjoys the picnic. The material that the automobile body uses is the higher alloy copper extremely, not only has strong anti- jolt capacity, but also this car(riage) is not heavy, on the vehicle provides many Magic Formation, but also has used the War Chariot/Tank motive, horsepower very strong, do not think this car(riage) very big, car's actually does not compare the common car(riage) to use small armored car to be slow. The tire of vehicle, is made of the specialty elastomer, even if the common nail is impossible to grip broken, the cushioning ability of automobile body also takes War Chariot/Tank as the standard manufacture, even if will be you runs in the rugged mountain road will not have the issue. ” A customer service personnel saying was giving Zhao Hai them to develop to play the part at the same time, the function of vehicle, but Laura they were actually shocking look at this Recreational Vehicle (RV), now their understand, why this car(riage) calls Recreational Vehicle (RV) finally, this simple was the house that can move, compared with this car(riage), they in horse carriage that Ark Continent there sat, simply was thing that the primitive man used. Zhao Hai to does not have too many shock, Recreational Vehicle (RV) of this Recreational Vehicle (RV) although on compared with Earth is big, wants Advanced level, but Recreational Vehicle (RV), not having the what friend to distinguish. After that customer service personnel said that Zhao Hai deep voice said : other car(riage)s with this were the same?” That customer service personnel immediately/on horseback said : is not, mister, this Recreational Vehicle (RV) is we buys in the field most Advanced level one, other can't compare with this in function, moreover this car(riage), was O'Neal Clan just pushed, moreover limited the quantity produce.” Zhao Hai nodded, to that customer service personnel said : tenon standard?” This customer service personnel one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, her understand Zhao Hai such asked that is interested to this car(riage), her immediately/on horseback said : „the price justice of this car(riage), so long as five hundred thousand gold coins must by, moreover our company can also free handles the license plate of vehicle for you, installs according to your request, carries on modified to the vehicle, this is also free.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is very good, that booking this car(riage), Laura, don't you like the race car? Has a look, we packing in that parking lot.” That customer service personnel one hear of Zhao Hai said that happy, her immediately/on horseback said : good, mister, please come with me, I am several woman selections will let their satisfied race cars.” a.