Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 971

When Zhao Hai their leave big store, is opening Recreational Vehicle (RV) leave, before Zhao Hai on Earth was to drive, the Atlanta Continent here car(riage), started Earth there be simpler than \; first, because of here road very wide, two because of the here car(riage), basically was the automatic files, third was, here car(riage), almost against hit automatic Magic Formation, so long as you opened this Magic Formation, your car(riage) on can not need to be worried that can live the traffic accident, naturally, you have also been able to switch off this Magic Formationor do not install this. Magic Formation. Zhao Hai has certainly installed this Magic Formation, moreover he has also carried on some slight modified to Recreational Vehicle (RV), making Recreational Vehicle (RV) comfortable, Recreational Vehicle (RV) added on eight race carsaltogether hua Zhao Hai more than 1 million gold coins. However this also let Zhao Hai understandin Atlanta Continent here, gold coins how bought goes all out, these gold coins purchasing power were very strong. Zhao Hai drives returned to the hotel, sent back the room in hotel, immediately drove leave this city, he has bought the car(riage) in this city, but also has deposited a lot of money, this will likely bring to the attention of some people, Zhao Hai does not hope that this situation lived, therefore he must go to other places. in the city comes out, Zhao Hai Magic Armor pilot let out in O'Neal Clan, making him drive, Zhao Hai has bought a map before going out of town, their present points, are the next city. Zhao Hai theydo not have immediately/on horseback to enter Space after the leave city, they want to understand that puts down Atlanta Continent here, very well, very wide that the Atlanta Continent here road cultivates, like their like this big Recreational Vehicle (RV), on ordinary public vehicle, can permit four parallel. Zhao Hai from the beginning and don’t know they so are why wide, he who the road cultivates was asking that O'Neal Clan that Magic Armor pilot, has asked later Zhao Hai understand, reason that originally these groups cultivate is so widefor runs War Chariot/Tank to use. Zhao Hai Recreational Vehicle (RV) although is very big, but compares not to have the War Chariot/Tank width with War Chariot/Tank, ” most can abandon allow two War Chariot/Tank like the road parallel, three are not good. Zhao Hai by their look at road both sides scenery this road is really very good, both sides have planted some protective forests . Moreover the Atlanta Continent here environment is also good, can see some forest and meadow everywhere, this scenery to is is very good. Quick, day getting dark of slowly, Zhao Hai made the car(riage) stop, tonight they prepare to rest in Recreational Vehicle (RV). It is not Zhao Hai does not want to go to Space to rest, but is Laura they must rest in Recreational Vehicle (RV), they want to feel, the rest in Recreational Vehicle (RV) is anything felt that Zhao Hai naturally also agreed. Kitchen of Meg in Recreational Vehicle (RV) has completed the dinner, after Zhao Hai they have had the dinner, outside the car(riage) looks has met the star, this returned to in the room rest.

Also let alone, the room in this Recreational Vehicle (RV) also is really very good, very comfortable, Zhao Hai today with Meg with resting, why them to does not have to hug in together slept. Midnight time, Zhao Hai suddenly woke, because he felt that has some people proximity fastZhao Hai to stare, his immediately woke to meet to begin to move, they shifted in Laura Space, he also entered in Space, look at screen. Zhao Hai feels proximity very fast of these people, moreover these people do not drive or are driving Magic Armor probably, but like Ark Continent there Warrior fast is approaching. Zhao Hai noted this point to stare he to know from O'Neal Clan there, Atlanta Continent here Magic Armor Continent, did not permit Warrior or Magician close they generally is hostile relationship, Warrior and Magician, if ran up to Magic Armor Continent to come up is also very dangerous don’t know these people wants to come to do. Zhao Hai just entered to Space not long after, Recreational Vehicle (RV) outside came several Warrior, these Warrior saw that the roadside Recreational Vehicle (RV) was oneseveral Warrior gathers nearby Recreational Vehicle (RV), careful looked to measure this Recreational Vehicle (RV), in which sighed two said : „is really an attractive car(riage) Head, the person on vehicle what to do? ” These Warrior put on black warrior cloth, carries on the back at the back of Rapier, on the face also uses black the head covering, only 1 u leaves two eyes. Another Warrior said : do not cause complications, do not forget this time duty, walks.” That Warrior has complied with one, envies looked at Recreational Vehicle (RV) one, this with that Warrior leave. Zhao Hai has countedthese Warrior altogether ten people, they spend very fast, has almost equivalent to Ark Continent there seven to arrive at the 8th level Warrior strength. Zhao Hai look at these people, cannot help but slightly stare, by the strengths of these people, what storm they are impossible to turn in Magic Armor Continent here, do they come here for what? Is good because of these people continuously along road moving forward, therefore Zhao Hai has been paying attention to these people, quick ” before these people entered Zhao Hai, that city that came out, in Magic Armor arrow 6 here, the city did not have city wall, therefore these Warrior, very relaxed entered in the city. After in the city, their immediately in the city transferred several, then went into an inhabited area, entered a household of resident home, that household probably specially to aid their,

immediately took in the familythen to close that several people. Zhao Hai is paying attention to these people for a while, said that must be lucky he is a careful person, he before the city, drives today specially, almost transferred ” the entire city to receive in the Space map in the city all places, therefore he can see the motions of these people. After that several people entered room, immediately picked off headgearMaster of room to see them, has given their document, then said : good, you very punctual, at this time your ID Card,” remembers Clan duty with place that you lived, must clear off O'Neal Clan nearest/recent to do. ” That Warrior of lead received the document, fast looked at one, nodded said :, asked feel relieved to give us to lead that several Warrior leave that room. Hears here, Zhao Hai does not have the interest to listen, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, is Magic Armor Continent here internal strife, that did not have no relationship with him. Regarding these Warrior status, Zhao Hai does not need to look up also to guess, certainly was on Magic Armor Continent that Great Clan Dead-soldier, although said that Magic Armor Continent here person, generally used Magic Armor, but obviously, some matters were actually not Magic Armor can achieve, like matter that these Dead-soldier must handle, therefore these Great Clan will train some Warrior not to have as Dead-soldier well what strange. Not for good, in this time that he comes, suddenly in the room has been hearing a squeal Then Laura they several rooms opened, several people wore the night clothes to run, they came out to look that Zhao Hai was sitting in the living room the look at screen, several people cannot help but gawked, Zhao Hai look at several people of typeshave shown a faint smile said : to be good, all right, went back to rest, just several Warrior approached our Recreational Vehicle (RV), my don’t know they wanted to do, therefore shifted in you Space, now was all right.” Laura they are the appearances that has a lingering fear, how many people arrive at the Zhao Hai side, Laura startled soul undecided said : Elder Brother Hai, what's the matter? Why Magic Armor Continent will here have Warrior?” Zhao Hai look at Laura their appearancesshowed a faint smile said : feel relieved to be good, was all right, that several Warrior possibly were on Magic Armor Continent other Clan Dead-soldier, the O'Neal Clan nearest/recent sound, has brought to the attention of these Clan, therefore they sent for observing, all right, did not close our matters.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that ” then relaxed, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyesto smile said : 1 to be good to go back to rest. ” The hand movedseveral people appears in Recreational Vehicle (RV).

Laura they looked at all around one, has not cared, lay down ang to rest, they also after the person of magnificent scene, just that although somewhat frightened them, but their immediately has adjusted. Next day on q together comes, Laura their each and every one is still the full of vigor appearance, after having had the breakfast, downward a city left. Zhao Hai sits in the vehicle roof, look at car(riage) both sides scenery, felt that also is really very good, Laura sits in the Zhao Hai side Elder Brother Haito Zhao Hai said : „, in having about three hours, we can arrive in the next city, according to the map on, that city should call Yenking, there is also big city, we should be able to buy many thing in there.” Zhao Hai nodded is all kinds of Magic Armor that said : now we need, Energy Converter production line, the Atlanta Continent here situation, these thing can buy at will, but we can buy, is only some civil Magic Armor, military fearing cannot buy Energy Converter production line to be able to buy, but the price should not be cheap. ” Laura nodded said : issue is, in the situation of wanting in not pay attention, mass buys up these thing, feared that is not that easy, Elder Brother Hai, I look at this, we first buy the book that can buy, is buying other thing.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, book is the key, best in going to some secret places, gets so far as some outside does not have, research about Magic Formation, these thing to us is most important.” Laura they nodded, the meaning of their teacher understand Zhao Hailooks like Ark Continent there, some Martial arts extremely, outside great, does not want to come Atlanta Continent here, some special Magic Formation, is the non- to divulge to an outsider, they want to obtain these Magic Formation, needs to go to some special places to steal is good. Lizzy said : most essential matter about that ascend Magic Armor, but can obtain that Ascending Mecha information in there?” Zhao Hai also knit the brows said : looks like this is not that easy, later we must many receive the Space map to monitor some cities, hopes that can obtain any useful clue.” a.