Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 972
Qingcheng, belongs to O'Neal Clan rule big city, this city although cannot be the O'Neal Clan capital city, but in this cityhas the O'Neal Clan essential industry base, is one of the O'Neal Clan important cities. Zhao Hai this time target is here, although he can get so far as thing that these he wants with ease ”, but he does not want to make O'Neal Clan get suspicious, thing that he wants, he prepares to spend money to buy, but money that these hua exit, he prepares wanted leave the time, in arriving at bank, all takes carry back that some money. After Zhao Hai they went to the Yenking city, ” immediately looked for a good hotel to live, then Zhao Hai sized up the situation to the outside committee. Zhao Hai has plannedhim to buy these thing, does not want to cause the suspicion of person, that only then means that have a company in Yenking city here. Zhao Hai inquired the situation, Laura they were actually the driving separated motions, went to bookstore there to buy the book, all they served a need, could have a liking for the eye book to buy. Zhao Hai drives in the city to transfer several, all situations of general knowing the Yenking city, but he , to acquire a company is actually not that easy, he is unfamiliar with the people and place in here. When Zhao Hai returned to hotel time, Laura they also came back, they except for buying outside the massive bookshas also bought many clothes and so on thing. Zhao Hai to has not cared, after the book puts away, Zhao Hai they sit in Space, look at screen, screen last present appears is the Taurus Continent there situation, they use these Undead Creature to direct O'Neal Clan plan 1 very successful, in having about two days, the O'Neal Clan person can presently Pegasus Clan Space. The there matter does not need them to worry, Zhao Hai has then adjusted the Yenking city here map, Yenking city here worthily is an industrial city, every large or small factory finds at everywhere, moreover possibly is because present O'Neal Clan there needs massive Magic Armor and War Chariot/Tank reason, therefore these factory present business red fires. Situation that Zhao Hai frowns look at these factories, knit the brows to turn the head to Laura said : I to buy a factory in here, like this we can purchase thing that these we need through this factory, but now looks like business very good of these factories, feared that will be nobody will sell out, as the matter stands, we can only run the factory, this feared that will not be the easy matter. ” Laura nodded, before she has done businessregarding matter completely understand of here surface, although does business in Atlanta Continent here with Ark Continent there is different, but this keen business sense is almost same, wants to set up a factory in any place is not that easy. The Zhao Hai knitting the brows head, turns the head walking we to exit to Laura said :, I want to ask the person in this hotel, has a look at them whether to introduce to us, had the person to manage this specially. ” Laura does not have the means now, must nod, after several people of appears in the room, Zhao Hai immediately made a person of great hall manager hotel give please. Zhao Hai is still the best room that lives in the hotel, therefore the great hall manager in hotel does not dare to neglect regarding Zhao Hai, one hear of Zhao Hai called him, his immediately came. Zhao Hai looked at this great hall manager, his age seems like not small some hua to be white, but also is having the small beard, but beard repair does neat of , enter the room to bow said : what need to Zhao Hai mister to have?” Zhao Hai look at he shows a faint smile said : „I am people from other place heard that nearest/recent Yenking city here factory business very good does, therefore I think here does the business of factory however in here I am being unfamiliar with the people and placewants to ask the manager you to help in me, the person looked whether to the person to introduce some intermediates I want to buy a factory in Yenking city here, or run a factory not to know that the manager can help me? ” That manager immediately/on horseback said : mister invited feel relieved, our here had special makes this head-hunting company, I can be mister relate the best head-hunting company, invited mister feel relieved.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : so to trouble the manager, the price is not the issue, but the person wants to be able reliably, afterward I will not treat unjustly the manager. ” Manager immediately/on horseback bowed said : mister to be serious to Zhao Hai, was staff member of hotel, I was am impossible to accept any reward, this violated regulation, does not know when mister can see the person in head-hunting company?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : the quicker the better, but early, I do not look on tomorrow today.” The manager nodded said : well asks mister feel relievedI to complete within the shortest time, so long as relates, my immediately/on horseback informs mister. ” Zhao Hai nodded, wavedmanager then to draw back, when the manager retreatsLaura then to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, that what head-hunting company, really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I think that they, they specially do certainly this, do we want to go out for a walk? Like in the city, already will not rest generally in the evening, their nightlife are very rich.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that ” nod of happy, Zhao Hai then smiles Leads Laura their several to walk outward, asking the person in hotelto arrange horse carriage to Zhao Hai, walks outward. Zhao Hai has not spoken incorrectly , the nightlife of here person also is really very colorful, those who most let Zhao Hai happy is, here really has the field, in the evening the rabbit however can watch the sports match. Zhao Hai paid attention, the here sports match actually on football very similarrule very similar with Earth, Zhao Hai immediately invited the person in hotel, has booked several tickets to him He carefully listens Laura they to have a look at the sports match certainly. Before Zhao Hai , on Earth has not gone to the field to watch the sports match, before on Earth ”[] country football, that does not raisehim also not to have opportunity to go abroad, naturally did not have the means to go to the scene to watch the sports match. Zhao Hai is actually not hardcore ball mi, he can only be false ball mi, the matter in field he knows, but he does not have team that supporthe to watch the ball game, looks is a liveliness. However Laura they have not actually watched the sports match, may not have the football this type in Ark Continent there[ transports] moves, Ark Continent there has not managed to deal with according to law this sports match, like thinking, making one not study the military person to play soccer, the ball that plays in these Warrior eyes is a jokeyou, if makes a Martial Arts person play soccerfeared that is nobody has this time, has a that time they also to want many practice a while. Laura they also ten people of curiosity, in the evening has dined after the hotel, sits the hotel arrangement the car(riage) to go to the field, most makes Zhao Hai feel[ is popular] what exerts, two teams that tonight competesred devil team, called the red-clothed regiment, both sides were the teams of Yenking city . Moreover the mortal enemy, on the words with Earth said that this was one with city Derby.

Ticket that Zhao Hai they buy on stand not on reserved seats, Zhao Hai has believed that watches the sports match on the stand is most satisfying. Zhao Hai they were Atlanta Continent 8 : 30 pm arrived at the sports match, but the sports match was nine points starts, Laura their some[ was popular] exerted entered fieldto enter the field with Zhao Hai, Laura they are shaken, but time also a half hours of although leave match entire field by red seizing. Before the entire field is a singing soundLaura them, that has seen this scene, enters the shock could not speak, before Zhao Hai, to has seen this scene on the television, however was actually first time saw in the reality, some[ was popular] exerted. Quick Zhao Hai found own seat, what their seats are very good is in the front of standto sports match very close, can let their short distance sees the elegant demeanors of these star players. At exactly 9 : 00, the sports match starts the sports match on time from the beginning, the entire field seemed like detonated was the same, you could not be hearing any sound except for the team songs of two teams, even if were the person of speaks you not to listen to you clearly. However waits for the sports match to open kicks, Laura they somewhat were disappointed, they may also be Expert, has seen Warrior and Magician of these jumping fences and mounting roofs, cannot have a liking for the football competitions of these average people comfortably. However under the atmosphere infection in scene, several people to also sees the interest widely different, one sports match 90 minutes, are the half time and about overtime time also two hours, in a half hour of adding on them being ahead of time, they altogether stayed in the field were less than three hours. In these three hours, these ball mi have not stopped their singing sound, the team songs of two teams so are from beginning to end loud and clear throughout, this is makes Laura they admire really. Waits for Zhao Hai they to sit to the car(riage) in the time, Laura could not bear rub ear said : too frantic, these people were really too frantic, Elder Brother Hai, you said that they did not have learn Battle Qi, why did not have the learn military they to stand sings three hours of song unable to feel tired in there each and every one also[ is popular] serious that exerts. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this perhaps is the football charm, we are very difficult to understand that regarding them, football possibly is one type of Faith.” Laura said : looking pensiveElder Brother Hai, you said that we can also in Space to play this type[ transports] moves? thing that now in Space can play burst to be deficient. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this not to be easy, first did not say other, in Space did not say that other race had feared is these Gnome strengths, can compared with these player, they compete? I look or consider as finished. ” Nod of Laura must not bear, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not said anything, reason that he today watches the sports match, wants to make Laura they understand the life style of Atlanta Continent here person, will let Laura they a little later this type and the Ark Continent there completely different life. Atlanta Continent here on most similar Continent with Earth, Zhao Hai wants to make Laura they understand that some Atlanta Continent here, after this perhaps them, will have common topicalso to let the Zhao Hai feeling and Laura they are more intimate.

A night does not have the words, next day several people ate the hotel to deliver to the in the room breakfast, the great hall manager in hotel lead a person to arrive at the Zhao Hai room. The manager bows to Zhao Hai said : mister, this is the profession manager who the head-hunting company recommends, these matters that mister said that he can help you achieve.” A manager saying ended, that person of immediately/on horseback bowed to Zhao Hai said : mister hello, Bruce Willis saw mister to be able for mister to serve, was my being honored. ” Zhao Hai look at this profession managerhe today looks like over 30 years old, an appropriate weargou of handling, the two eyes none remaining does not sparkle ” an astute appearance. Zhao Hai look at Bruce Willis said : hello Will mister please sit down. ” Expression of gratitude of Bruce Willis politeness, this sat getting downhe not to have extremely in the cautious appearance, this let Zhao Hai very satisfied. Is a profession manager, with person communicate is the first important matter, but a cautious person, does not have the means well and person communicate, he will not be one as good as the manager. The manager has stood in Zhao Hai does not have leave, manager understand, Zhao Hai to decide that must hire Will, can say Will now in interview Stage, if interviews he unable to pass, the manager must change a person. Zhao Hai look at Bruce Willis said : Will mister, has the request manager of don’t know person told you?” Bruce Willis immediately/on horseback said : is mister, the manager had told me, you want to purchase a factory in Yenking city here, or open a male field.” Did Zhao Hai nod said : what don’t know Will mister to suggest?” Bruce Willis said : mister, please I speak frankly that I think mister wants to purchase the factory in Yenking city here now is the non- wisdom, Yenking City here Now business very good of Factory Nobody meets to be willing to hand over, these that even if willing to hand overwill also start out a very high price, therefore wants to purchase a factory now, is not very cost-effective. ” Zhao Hai nodded, he has thought of this point, therefore he beckoned with the hand, hinted Bruce Willis then saying that how Bruce Willis looked at the Zhao Hai appearance ” then said : mister, if wanted itself to run a factory to was feasibleYenking city here is an industrial citythis then factory has plentyin here, not only O'Neal Clan with these factory cooperation, even if other Clan people will also run up to here to carry out some cooperation, therefore here ran the factory is very feasible, what workshop but don’t know mister must open. ” Zhao Hai look at Bruce Willis said : what opinion do you have?” Bruce Willis said : my opinion is, if the mister in hand fund permits well runs a medium factory, in Yenking city here, the present factory is not big is small The big factory, is some vassal Clan in O'Neal Clan and their Clan control, if you must run a big factoryto capture the business with them, they feared that will cope with you with the O'Neal Clan strength, if will run a small factory, can only meet some slightly lives, making money will be very difficult, will therefore run a medium factory to be most appropriate. ” a.