Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 10 - Chapter 973

Zhao Hai calm listens to the Bruce Willis words, in the words that Bruce Willis spoke anything not to let his not understand place, it can be said that very straightforward, even also said in the trade dives, rule! Such diving and rule will manifest in any place, the Yenking city is an industrial base, factory making money of here, this point is almost the entire Magic Armor Continent people knows, moreover almost all industrial bases, almost with some war industry somewhat relations. Like a place, O'Neal Clan possibly can't controlthey the feel relieved letting bystander gather together here in own in hand? Is impossible, that equal to was makes others double-edged sword taking away he made to fight with. Because of this, therefore Yenking city here all large factories, are almost control in O'Neal Clan in hand, even if not O'Neal Clan direct control, is control in these to their Clan absolutely loyal vassal Clan in hand, only then they meet feel relieved like this. Bruce Willis said, on static look at Zhao Hai, he presently sitting of Zhao Hai face calm in thereprobably was pondering that his words, his cannot help but somewhat is at heart anxious. Bruce Willis although is the person in head-hunting company, but his itself does not belong to the head-hunting company actually, he is that type to have the skill, but had not actually found the person who opportunity displays, the head-hunting company knows that his can, after obtaining his approval, kept in his material own company ”, so long as some people look for the profession manager, the person in head-hunting company will give Bruce Willis opportunity. Naturally this opportunity is not who gives, if these cannot achieve person of Bruce Willis requestthey not to help Bruce Willis introduce. But what these time looks for head-hunting company is the manager in hotel, this hotel in Yenking in the city is very famous existence, the head-hunting company does not dare to offend, therefore asked Bruce Willis to act. Bruce Willis has also wanted to look for one to show oneself talent opportunity, after head-hunting company there introduced Zhao Hai situation, he is also holding the mentality of trying, coming hotel here to see Zhao Hai. After having thought through these, Zhao Hai turns the head look at Bruce Willis said : Will mister I to ask you, if asked you to help me run a factory, needed many start funds!” Bruce Willis one hear of Zhao Hai said that ” cannot help but one then one happy, he clearly early is prepared to this issue, therefore opens the mouth on said : minimum three million gold coins, many five million gold coins were OK.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : Will mister I am very satisfied regarding your reply, I can you five million gold coins, making him go to set up a factory I for me not to manage directly, meets give you will manageme to you tenth the stock 10% stocks factory hundred meeting is the primitive stock, will manage the aspect I not to meddle ”, but sometimes I will help me buy up some thing through this factory, I hope that you can help my full handling, don’t know you have this confidence. ”

Bruce Willis was shocked, the meaning of his understand Zhao Hai, the meaning of Zhao Hai ishe leaves certainly five million gold coins to open a male factory, then he did not managegave back to the Bruce Willis 10% stocksremaining all gives Bruce Willis, he was only waiting for drawing bonus. Has such good deed? Bruce Willis felt at once one are such as in the dream must know that their these profession managersare become the managers of main that Grand Duke department, that also seeks Advanced level to work, but if said like Zhao Hai, he not only working ” the shareholder in company, no matter in that company, 10% primitive stocks, was not a small digit this equal to is world falls the meat pie. look at Zhao Hai said : that Bruce Willis two eyes shines, what mister said is really?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I never to crack a joke at this matter, if you agreed that our immediately can sign is an agreement I will then project on your account money, the remaining matters hand over give you, my what will not manage, what kind of? ” Bruce Willis deep looked at Zhao Hai said :, good to ask mister feel relieved, mister so to trust me, my Bruce Willis this life gave mister. ” Zhao Hai laughs, turns the head to ask the manager to help to manager said : to find an attorney to come, I must sign an agreement with Will mister.” The manager has complied with one, envies looked at Bruce Willis one, turn around walked. Looked that the manager walkedBruce Willis look at Zhao Haito smile said :, why did mister so believe me?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I not to believe you, I believe me, I believe that my eye I believe my feeling, moreover speaks the truth with you, 5 million, regarding me are not the extraordinary big digit, if you dare to betray me, he he, I will make you know that what is better to die than living! ” Bruce Willis one hear of Zhao Hai said that ” look cannot help but shrinks, then he nodded said : „the meaning of my understand mister, invited mister feel relieved, I will not disappoint you.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : person to handle the factory to be OK by all means that so long as you were not deliberately gave to swallow the money in factory, was not deliberately makes the factory go bankrupt, if were fault on normal management I am will not blame your, did business, has to gain cultivates, this very normal. ” Bruce Willis showed a faint smile said : you saying that like mister, I also confident invited mister feel relieved to myself, this 5 million handed over my in hand, I guaranteed, less than one year of time, can make mister you recover the investment, moreover after deducting my drawing bonus, recovered your complete investment. ” Zhao Hai laughs said : you to have this person of confidence well on, if you have such confidence, waits till for one year later, I am giving you 5% stocks, this can write in the contract. ”

Bruce Willis look at Zhao Hai, sighing said : suddenly I really suspected now you are that Great Clan successor, otherwise you why such doesn't work as money money? That is 5 million, you have given me 10%, is five hundred thousand, if adding on 5%, that was seven ten fifty thousand gold coins, seven ten fifty thousand gold coins, even if were small Clan One year feared that cannot gain these money. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : money thing, you forever gain do not play, if this 15% stocks, can trade your loyalty, with many gold coins, on the value that this 15% stocks give, not?” Bruce Willis deep looked at Zhao Hai one, laughing said : suddenly „, if such as some people look like you to think that our these profession managers is more relaxed.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : is not all profession managers by Bruce Willis!” Said that they looked at one mutually, laughs. Some little time two talented person calm, but they were actually live one clearheadedly the feeling of pityingBruce Willis look at Zhao Hai said :, mister, I have not asked you, what thing do you want to buy through the factory?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : I want to buy one set of Energy Converter production line, some Magic Armor, naturally, civil, if can buy military was better.” Bruce Willis nodded said : this to arrive is not the difficult matter, Energy Converter production line, on the main road the has plenty place enjoys . Moreover the general factory will have this production line, was not difficult to buy Magic Armor saying that these civil Magic Armor you wanted many me to buy ”, but military Magic Armor, can buy, but the quantity will not be many. ” Zhao Hai stares, then happy said :, oh, but can also buy military Magic Armor, what level?” Bruce Willis said : below God Rank can buymilitary Magic Armor, generally obtains the black market to buy, therefore in the price will be more expensive. ” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : money is not the issue, so long as you can buy have been OK, but remembered these matters unable to affect the factory, that was meeting the goose that lays golden eggs. ” Bruce Willis nodded said : to ask mister feel relieved I to have the discretion. ”

Was saying, the hotel manager led an appearance refined person to walk, knows after introduction Zhao Hai of manager that this person of in the city most famous advantage weighed attorney line of attorneys , was coming for that agreement that Zhao Hai said specially. Zhao Hai has not wasted breath, said itself to with Bruce Willis decide the content of vertical agreement directly, after waiting for that attorney to write, Zhao Hai looked, presently does not have what issue, has inscribed own name, his these time wrote the Zhao Hai two charactersnot to write the Zhao Hai Buda name. He when comes Atlanta Continent, that fake ID Card of manufacture, above writes is Zhao Hai this namedoes not have the Buda two characters. After waiting for the agreement to write, Zhao Hai took one, Bruce Willis took one, another has put attorney line of there, this agreement official activation. Zhao Hai led Bruce Willis to go to Yenking in the city Magic Armor Bank, went to the VIP suite directly, this Zhao Hai went to the VIP suite not to meet any stopcustomer service personnel of VIP suite looked at a Zhao Hai bankcard, immediately warmly Zhao Hai to welcome in the VIP suite. To the VIP suite, great hall manager immediately of bank walked, he bows to Zhao Hai said : mister, am I the line of business great hall manager, don’t know have something to work for you?” Zhao Hai looked at this manager one eyes, put out own ID Card to give him, then deep voice said : 1 from my ID Card, transferred five million gold coins to this mister card.” Bruce Willis has also put out own ID Card, gave the great hall manager, the manager took two cards to walklike the VIP suite, number don’t know of everyday account transfer had many, five million although were not a small number, but that manager also had to see excessively, therefore he has not been startled. Before long the manager took two ID Card walked outto hand over in the Zhao Hai two manpower two cards, then misterhas handledto Zhao Hai said : please ask that what you also did need to serve?” Zhao Hai has not replied his words, but turned the head look at Bruce Willis said : to be good, money already give you remaining looked your, you went first, I must handle a point other matter. ” Bruce Willis complied with one, turn around walked. a.